Draft Order NFL: Projected Records 2019 NFL Draft Order: Round 6: 174. Arizona Cardinals: 3-13, 175. Pittsburgh Steelers (from Oakland Raiders): 4-12, 176. San Francisco 49ers: 4-12, 177. New Orleans Saints (from New York Jets): 4-12, 178. Jacksonville Jaguars: 5-11, 179. Arizona Cardinals (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers): 5-11, 180. New York Giants: 5-11, 181. Buffalo Bills: 6-10, 182. Denver Broncos: 6-10, 183. Cincinnati Bengals: 6-10, 184. Detroit Lions: 6-10, 185. Green Bay Packers: 6-9-1, 186. Atlanta Falcons: 7-9, 187. Carolina Panthers: 7-9, 188. Tennessee Titans: 9-7, 189. Cleveland Browns: 7-8-1, 190. Minnesota Vikings: 8-7-1, 191. Baltimore Ravens (from Tennessee Titans): 10-6, 192. Pittsburgh Steelers: 9-6-1, 193. Baltimore Ravens: 10-6, 194. Green Bay Packers (from Seattle Seahawks): 10-6, 195. Houston Texans: 11-5, 196. New York Jets (from Chicago Bears): 12-4, 197. Philadelphia Eagles: 9-7, 198. Cincinnati Bengals: 6-10, 199. Indianapolis Colts: 10-6, 200. Los Angeles Chargers: 12-4, 201. Kansas City Chiefs: 12-4, 202. New Orleans Saints: 13-3, 203. Los Angeles Rams: 13-3, 204. Detroit Lions (from New England Patriots): 11-5, 205. New England Patriots (Compensation Pick): 11-5, 206. Washington Redskins (Compensation Pick): 7-9, 207. Pittsburgh Steelers (Compensation Pick from Los Angeles Rams): 13-3, 208. Tampa Bay buccaneers (Compensation Pick from Philadelphia Eagles): 13-3, 209. Minnesota Vikings (Compensation Pick): 8-7-1, 210. Cincinnati Bengals (Compensation Pick): 6-10, 211. Cincinnati Bengals (Compensation Pick): 6-10, 212. San Francisco 49ers (Compensation Pick): 4-12, 213. Cincinnati Bengals (Compensation Pick): 6-10, 214. Kansas City Chiefs (Compensation Pick): 12-4

2019 NFL Mock Draft: Final Mock 7 Rounds

Round 6

Chris Ransom follow @DraftUtopia Last Updated: April 25, 2019.

  1. Arizona Cardinals: Blace Brown, CB, Troy

    Arizona gets a nickel corner to compliment Patrick Peterson and Robert Alford. Blace Brown may not be starter material, however I'd argue he's got enough ability to push for a nickel corner spot on an organization that is dependant on Peterson and Alford at cornerback with no depth behind those two corners.

  2. Pittsburgh Steelers: Kevin Givens, NT, Penn State

    I had a second to third round grade on Givens at one point. Then I did his film cut versus Pittsburgh and saw how awful his tape was. At this point, he'd make a solid backup to Javon Hargrave as a nose tackle for Pittsburgh.

  3. San Francisco 49ers: Kingsley Keke, DT, Texas A&M

    San Francisco gets another defesive tackle for depth. Kingsley Keke is a solid depth addition at this point in the sixth round.

  4. New Orleans Saints: Keegan Render, C, Iowa

    Keegan Render could be a future starter for New Orleans despite being a sixth round pick. I wasn't satisfied with what New Orleans did to replace Max Unger. They may be stuck at center until they find a new center through the draft.

  5. Jacksonville Jaguars: Chris Slayton, DT, Syracuse

    Jacksonville got Taven Bryant in the 2018 NFL Draft to replace Malik Jackson. Some defensive tackle depth for Jacksonville this late wouldn't hurt. I like Slayton enough to be a future starter on Jacksonville at some point. He'd be a third or fourth rounder in any other year that didn't have as much depth at defensive tackle as this class.

  6. Arizona Cardinals: Tytus Howard, RT, Alabama State

    Tytus Howard is a top 5 run blocker in this class and that's probably why Daniel Jeremiah has a second to third round grade on him. His pass blocking and lackluster foot speed along with the fact that he's a pure right tackle is why I have him graded this low. He probably goes earlier than this because people put more stock into DJ's opinion than mine, but this is the earliest I'd get Howard.

  7. New York Giants: Ben Banogu, RE, TCU

    New York grabs more depth off the edge. They run a hybrid defense which requires both 4-3 and 3-4 pass rushers off the edge so the Giants can never have enough rushers off the edge.

  8. Buffalo Bills: Gardner Minshew II, QB, Washington State

    The Buffalo Bills get their backup to Josh Allen. Gardner Minshew II cannot be any worse then Nate Peterman even if Allen somehow got placed on injured reserve in 2019.

  9. Denver Broncos: Chase Hansen, SS, Utah

    Denver gets someone who can play outside linebacker and safety on either side. Chase Hansen is a remarkable blitzer despite his suspect coverage.

  10. Cincinnati Bengals: Terrell Hanks, ROLB, New Mexico State

    Terrell Hanks is a 4-3 right outside linebacker like Vontaze Burfict. There's no guarantee he'd start right away in Cincinnati. Hanks did well on tape in 2018 and had a solid week at the 2019 Senior Bowl. New Mexico State's linebacker is a terrific bargain for the Bengals in the sixth round.

  11. Detroit Lions: Jalen Jelks, ROLB Oregon

    Jalen Jelks can play 4-3 right outside linebacker or 3-4 right outside linebacker. Detroit runs a hybrid defense so Jelks will be an asset in the Motor City regardless of whether he starts or is utilized as a backup at this point in the sixth round.

  12. Green Bay Packers: Corey Ballard, CB, Washburn

    Green Bay gets another cornerback for depth. Corey Ballard did well at the 2019 Senior Bowl and had a strong 2019 NFL Combine. Green Bay has a lot of talented young corners, but Ballard is someone who could push their current starrting cornerbacks even harder. My closing argument for Green Bay selecting Ballard is that he is a steal as far as value goes in the sixth round.

  13. Atlanta Falcons: John Cominsky, LE, Charleston

    Atlanta gets a defensive lineman for depth. John Cominsky can play defensive end or defensive tackle with his versatility.

  14. Carolina Panthers: Austin Bryant, LE, Clemson

    Carolina gets a starting defensive end to compliment 4-3 right end Mario Addison. The 6-6 280 lb defensive end had 14 tackles for a loss and 8 sacks in 2018. Bryant projects best as a 4-3 left end and may be an upgrade over everyone on Carolina's defensive line considering that Julius Peppers retired.

    Carolina gets Austin Bryant here. Bryant is a project pass rusher at 4-3 left end. The fact that he challenged Boston College right guard Chris Lidstrom, who I am really high on does say a lot though.

  15. Tennessee Titans: Ed Alexander, NT, LSU

    Tennessee gets another nose tackle for depth with this sixth rounder from LSU. Tennessee feels like a team that could use some depth at nose tackle.

  16. Cleveland Browns: Cameron Smith, MLB, USC

    Cleveland gets a backup middle linebacker for depth. Cameron Smith may lack the athleticism to start in the NFL. However, you could argue this is the right range for USC's former tackling machine who provides solid insurance for Cleveland.

  17. Minnesota Vikings: Shareef Miller, LE, Penn State

    Minnesota grabs the best player on the board. Shareef Miller is highway robbery at this juncture. Plus he makes a super special awesome replacement to Brian Robison as a depth player behind Everson Griffen and Danielle Hunter.

  18. Baltimore Ravens: Jesse Burkett, C, Stanford

    Jesse Burkett is a nice backup center. He can play well as a backup under Bradley Bozeman.

  19. Pittsburgh Steelers: Riley Ridley, WR, Georgia

    Pittsburgh gets another wide receiver because they may need two wide receiver. Riley Ridley is the younger brother of Calvin Ridley. He doesn't have Ridley's speed or route tree, yet he's still considered a day 2 prospect mainly due to playing in the SEC.

  20. Baltimore Ravens: Oshane Ximines, 3-4 ROLB, Old Dominion

    Baltimore gets a pass rusher here who relies on his speed. Ximines is a sack artist, but he relies on his foot speed rather then his rip and swim moves. Most have a higher grade on Ximines. I see a day 3 pick from an intangibles standpoint despite seeing someone who may have day 2 athleticism. Finally, I also feel media members are overemphasizing the athleticism of Ximines and looking past some of his more evident flaws on tape. Maybe my assessment of Ximines will be wrong, but something didn't add up when I paid close attention to the edge rusher from Old Dominion.

  21. Green Bay Packers: Elijah Holyfield, RB, Georgia

    Green Bay obtains another running back for depth. The backup to DeAndre Swift in Georgia's backfield is the son Evander Holyfield.

  22. Houston Texans: Xavier Crawford, CB, Central Michigan

    Houston grabs a second cornerback for depth here. Xavier Crawford is a bargain at this point in the sixth round.

  23. New York Jets: Sean Bunting, CB, Central Michigan

    New York obtains another conrerback for depth. Sean Bunting is a premium bargain at this point in the sixth round.

  24. Philadelphia Eagles: Jamel Dean, CB, Auburn

    Philadelphia adds another cornerback. Jamel Dean is a terrific bargain at cornerback in the sixth round.

  25. Cincinnati Bengals: Jordan Brown, CB, South Dakota State

    Cincinnati gets another cornerback for depth. Jordan Brown did well at the 2019 Seniro Bowl and the 2019 NFL Combine.

  26. Indianapolis Colts: Iman Marshall, CB, USC

    Indianapolis grabs another cornerback for depth. Iman Marshall provides fantastic value this late in the sixth round.

  27. Los Angeles Chargers: Terry McLaurin, WR, Ohio State

    The Los Angeles Chargers get a wide receiver for depth. Terry McLaurin did well at the 2019 NFL Combine.

  28. Kansas City Chiefs: Johnnie Dixon, WR, Ohio State

    Kansas City gets a young wide receiver who reminds me of Tyreek Hill. Johnnie Dixon had the best 40-time at Ohio State even though he was a team captain as well as slot receiver on Ohio State.

  29. New Orleans Saints: Carl Granderson, LE, Wyoming

    New Orleans gets another defensive end for depth. Carl Granderson is a nice addition for depth behind Marcus Davenport this late in the sixth round.

  30. Los Angeles Rams: Olisaemeka Udoh, RG, Elon

    The Rams get a right guard and right tackle for depth. Udoh is someone who can kick slide into the right guard spot on the Rams.

  31. Detroit Lions: Maxx Crosby, 3-4 ROLB, Eastern Michigan

    Detroit grabs another 3-4 pass rusher for depth. Maxx Crosby is quite the bargain at this point.

  32. New England Patriots: Marquise Blair, FS, Utah

    New England got this compensation pick at 205 thanks to Dion Lewis signing with the Tennessee Titans. New England can use this pick to add more talent to their squad.

    New England gets a successor to Devin McCourty. Marquise Blair took over for Marcus Williams at Utah, who has been solid with the New Orleans Saints so far. Blair is raw, but with the proper training could thrive as a successor to McCourty down the road.

  33. Washington Redskins: Marvel Tell III, FS, USC

    Washington got this compensation pick at 206 thanks to Ryan Grant signing with the Indianapolis Colts along with the Oakland picking up Ryan Grant for 2019. Ryan Grant is a running back/wide receiver.

    Washington gets a safety here. Marvel Tell III would make a nice free safety for depth.

  34. Pittsburgh Steelers: Jon Baker, C, Boston College

    Pittsburgh got this compensation pick at 207 thanks to Kareem Martin signing with the New York Giants. Arizona originally had this compensation pick before trading it to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    Jon Baker goes to Pittsburgh. In Pittsburgh he is groomed to be a backup center to Maurkice Pouncey.

  35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Eric Dungey, QB, Syracuse

    Tampa Bay got this compensation pick at 208 thanks to Beau Allen signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This pick originally belonged to Philadelphia, but they gave it back to Tampa Bay for DeSean Jackson.

    Eric Dungey is a perfect backup to Jameis Winston. I did a film cut of Dungey a while ago and love the idea of him being a backup to Jameis Winston.

  36. Minnesota Vikings: Wes Hills, RB, Slippery Rock

    Minnesota got this compensation pick at 209 thanks to Teddy Bridgewater signing with the New York Jets. New York managed to turn that signing into a third round pick while Minnesota got supplicative value.

    Minnesota needs running back depth behind Dalvin Cook with Latavius Murray. Wes Hills out of Slippery Rock would be the first rock solid draft pick for Minnesota since Brandon Fusco.

  37. Cincinnati Bengals: Justin Hollis, LOLB, Oregon

    Cincinnati got this compensation pick at 210 thanks to A.J. McCarron signing with the Buffalo Bills. Then Buffalo cut A.J. McCarron as Cincinnati got this pick for basically nothing.

    Cincinnati basically takes another linebacker for depth. Justin Hollis is a great addition here.

  38. Cincinnati Bengals: Paul Adams, RT, Missouri

    Cincinnati got this compensation pick at 211 thanks to Andre Smith signing with the Arizona Cardinals. Arizona ended up cutting Andre Smith and Cincinnati ended up re-signing him before letting him go. Basically Cincinnati gave up nothing to get this pick.

    Paul Adams is a good backup right tackle. He can fight for a roster spot here since he is the best player on the board.

  39. San Francisco 49ers: Dre Greenlaw, ROLB, Arkansas

    San Francisco got this compensation pick at 212 thanks to Aaron Lynch signing with the Chicago Bears. San Francisco got a compensation pick for this move.

    San Francisco gets a 4-3 right outside linebacker for depth. Dre Greenlaw is the best outside linebacker on the board at this point in the sixth round.

  40. Cincinnati Bengals: Demarcus Christmas, DT, Florida State

    Cincinnati got this compensation pick at 213 thanks to Chris Smith signing with the Cleveland Browns. Cincinnati getting better value with this compensation pick once again.

    Cincinnati obtains defensive tackle depth. Demarcus Christmas is an absolute steal this late in the sixth round. He'd probably be a fourth round pick in any other draft class, but falls this far due to how deep and stacked the defensive tackle group is.

  41. Kansas City Chiefs: Sean Krepsz, C, Nevada

    Kansas City got this compensation pick at 214 thanks to Bennie Logan signing with the Tennessee Titans. Kansas City got this extra pick.

    Kansas City gets a center for depth now that Mitch Morse is gone. Sean Krepsz is the top ranked center on my board at this point to wrap up the sixth round.

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