MLB Power Rankings 2017 MLB Power Rankings: 30. San Diego Padres.

2017 MLB Power Rankings

Emily Rosario Last Updated: February 8, 2017.

  1. San Diego Padres

    San Diego has Wil Myers. That's their only good player. The Padres have one of the lowest payrolls plus they have bombed the last three MLB Drafts. With Colorado and Arizona making rapid improvements with their batting lineups its now beyond evident that San Diego is at a disadvantage in the NL West.

  2. Cincinnati Reds

    Cincinnati is another team that is much worse than their record indicates. Nick Senzel is the only promising prospect in their system. An aging Joey Votto cannot anchor the Reds forever. Anthony DeSclanfani isn't great, but he offers some promise and optimism as a #1 starter down the road.

  3. Minnesota Twins

    Minnesota has Brian Dozier who they are rumored to be trading, an overpaid Joe Mauer, a promising yet inexperienced Byron Buxton at center fielder, and pitching that is bad in both the rotation and the bullpen. The Twins also have a lot of prospects that are extremely talented in their farm system. Minnesota enters 2017 as the worst AL team. Despite all the glaring holes, they are in a weak AL Central division that is wide open outside of Cleveland plus they have their share of integral role players despite being the doormat of the American League.

  4. Philadelphia Phillies

    The Philadelphia Phillies showed promise to begin the 2016 season. The Phillies are in a pretty dire state right now and I expect them to take a step back in 2017.

  5. Milwaukee Brewers

    Outside of Ryan Braun and Jonathan Villar this Brewers team is very suspect. I expect the Brewers to be a bottom five team in 2017.

  6. Tampa Bay Rays

    Even with the trade of Logan Forsythe to the Los Angeles Dodgers, Tampa Bay still has Evan Longoria at third base and Brad Miller converting from shortstop to second base. You also brought in Matt Duffy to compete with Tim Beckham at shortstop so you still got depth at shortstop even with Miller converting plus Franklin at first base. Tampa Bay is a terrible team with some of the worst starters who have their moments when healthy. This infield is sound enough defensively to help these starting pitchers give up 3 runs compared to the 4 from last year. The Rays also have the most underutilized closer in Alex Colome who had a 1.91 ERA and 37 saves in 2016.

  7. Chicago White Sox

    Jose Quintana, James Shields, and Carlos Rodon were all promising in 2014 and 2015, but the other two pitchers outside of Quintana struggled. Quintana has to adapt from being a #2 to a #1 starter with Shields moving up from #3 to #2 and Rodon moving up from #4 to #3 coming off a down year. The Chicago White Sox have the best bullpen among any of the bottom 10 teams so even if these pitchers give up 1 or 2 less runs compared to 2016 it could still end up going a long way when you consider that the White Sox benefit from playing in the AL Central.

  8. Miami Marlins

    The Miami Marlins just have one of the worst teams on paper this year. Without Jose Fernandez this is easily a bottom 8 team once again.

  9. Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim

    The Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim have Mike Trout and a bunch of other quality bats. I think their pitching sucks though which is why its hard for me to look past them and say their not the worst AL West team.

  10. Oakland Athletics

    The 2017 Season will be another rebuilding year for Oakland. At the same time the additions of outfielders like Rajai Davis and Matt Joyce to compliment Khris Davis may pay off. Same could be said for Jed Lowrie at second base. The Athletics aced their 2016 MLB Draft after nailing their 2015 MLB Draft and got the right short-term Free Agents to bring in while their prospects continue to develop. Oakland also has guys who have Championship experience on the Midland Rockhounds who won the Texas League in back-to-back years in AA.

    Pretty soon the Athletics will have Oakland all to themselves with the Raiders moving to Las Vegas and Golden State heading towards San Francisco where the Warriors new stadium will open in 2019. Oakland will go through some growing pains in the next two years as an MLB franchise, but will show a lot of promise to the point where they could put themselves in contention for the AL if all of their rookies are called up by the time the new Athletics stadium opens whether it be in 2020 or beyond. The Athletics are not a contender by any means. At the same time, the Athletics have a decent batting lineup, and if Sonny Gray reverts to his 2015 form, the Athletics can make the AL West race exciting until the Raiders preseason starts.

  11. Pittsburgh Pirates

    Outside of Gerrit Cole and Jameson Taillon it feels like this Pirates rotation is completely depleted. That's why the Pirates came in at 20.

  12. New York Yankees

    The New York Yankees ended 2016 on a high note. I think they could take a huge step back in 2017 though.

  13. Baltimore Orioles

    The Baltimore Orioles playoff appearance was a total fluke. I doubt they meet last seasons expectations.

  14. Atlanta Braves

    Atlanta will be more competitive in 2017. I doubt we get a playoff appearance though.

  15. Arizona Diamondbacks

    Arizona has some great batters. The pitching is a different story.

  16. Colorado Rockies

    The Colorado Rockies are going to make a rapid improvement over the next few years before ascending into contention. The Rockies have a solid core of batters but won't take that next step with pitching until Kyle Freeland and Riley Pint are called up.

  17. Detroit Tigers

    Detroit has a quality team. I think they have a chance to contend in the AL Central if the other pitchers compliment Justin Verlander.

  18. Seattle Mariners

    Seattle could be a sleeper. It comes down to whether Felix Hernandez makes a recovery in 2017.

  19. St. Louis Cardinals

    St. Louis has quality bats. I'm not sure the pitching steps up though.

  20. Kansas City Royals

    Kansas City could end up doing really good or really bad. We'll have to see what happens with lots of members on the Royals 2015 World Series team in contract years.

  21. Toronto Blue Jays

    Losing Edwin Encarnacion will take a toll. I think the Blue Jays are still good enough to get back to the AL Wild Card, but not good enough to make it back to the ALCS for a third year in a row.

  22. Washington Nationals

    Washington has a good 1-2 punch in their rotation with Max Scherzer and Stephen Strausburg. I like their batting lineup as well. I'm not sure I can trust Dusty Baker as a manager though.

  23. Texas Rangers

    Texas had a good team last year. The reigning AL West Champions should find a way to return to the ALDS as a wild card. I doubt they can get to the ALCS though.

  24. San Francisco Giants

    San Francisco got to the NLDS since they had Madison Bumgarner in the one-game playoff. I am uncertain if they have the batters to make a deep run.

  25. New York Mets

    The New York Mets are a top 3 NL team if Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, and Noah Syndergaard can all stay healthy. The Mets have good batters and outstanding pitching when healthy.

  26. Houston Astros

    Houston has a lot of quality bats. If Dallas Keuchel can have a rebound season then the Astros could be a top 5 team in the MLB in 2017. Houston has so many young bats in place.

  27. Los Angeles Dodgers

    The Los Angeles Dodgers have a lot of talent. You can argue they are the most complete MLB team outside of the Cubs. The Dodgers just have a tendency to choke in October.

  28. Boston Red Sox

    Cubs over Red Sox is my early 2017 prediction. Boston got swept by Cleveland in the 2016 ALDS and the Tribe didn't even use Salazar or Carasco to add insult to injury. Boston could rebound, but Cleveland has earned the right to be second for the time being.

  29. Cleveland Indians

    Cleveland is the defending AL Champion. I'm not sure they will repeat, but if they can win the AL they may end their drought in 2017. I think Boston gets revenge on the Tribe in 2017 even with the addition of Edwin Encarnacion.

  30. Chicago Cubs

    The Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series after trailing 3-1. Chicago has everyone except Aroldis Chapman coming back, but they replaced Chapman with Wade Davis who is a much younger closer.

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