MLB Power Rankings 2017 MLB Power Rankings: 30. Philadelphia Phillies 22-46.

2017 MLB Power Rankings

Emily Rosario Last Updated: June 19, 2017.

  1. Philadelphia Phillies 22-46

    The Philadelphia Phillies have 4 pitchers in their starting rotation with an ERA of 4.00 or higher. They need to use the 2018 Free Agency period and the 2018 MLB Draft to improve the pitching. Philadelphia could not have picked a worse time to have bad pitching with 2014 first round pick Aaron Nola beginning to look like a huge bust. The 2018 MLB Draft is still 51 weeks away, but it's more hitter friendly than pitcher friendly right now which is why the Phillies may continue to have pitching problems in 2018 and beyond unless they land someone big in Free Agency.

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  2. San Francisco Giants 26-45

    San Francisco does not have Madison Bumgarner back until at least after the 2017 MLB All Star Game. They are putting Johnny Cueto on the trading block at the 2017 MLB Trade Deadline and they had their worst MLB Draft in 15 years to top that off. All 5 of the Giants pitchers have an ERA of 4.00 or higher.

  3. San Diego Padres 28-42

    San Diego has Wil Myers. That's their only good player. The Padres have one of the lowest payrolls. With Colorado and Arizona making rapid improvements with their batting lineups its now beyond evident that San Diego is at a disadvantage in the NL West. Madison Bumgarner's injury is the only reason this isn't the worst NL team.

  4. Cincinnati Reds 29-39

    Oh how the mighty have fallen. Cincinnati was in first place a month ago. Now they are in last place again after losing 9 in a row plus their team ERA of 5.03 is worst in the MLB now.

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  5. Miami Marlins 30-37

    The Miami Marlins just have one of the worst teams on paper this year. Without Jose Fernandez this is easily a bottom 8 team once again.

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  6. New York Mets 31-37

    The New York Mets are a top 3 NL team if Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, and Noah Syndergaard can all stay healthy. The Mets have good batters and outstanding pitching when healthy. Syndergaard has a back injury that keeps him on the DL until July where as Harvey got suspended by the team for 3 days. Looks like the Mets are playing more like the 2016 Mets then the 2015 Mets after starting the season on such a strong note.

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  7. Pittsburgh Pirates 31-38

    Outside of Gerrit Cole and Jameson Taillon it feels like this Pirates rotation is completely depleted. Starling Marte got suspended for PED's as well. The Pirates are another team like the Reds that may be entering a rebuild soon.

    Previous Rank 22nd

  8. St. Louis Cardinals 31-37

    St. Louis has quality bats. I'm not sure the pitching steps up though. They have too many players on the DL to be a threat. I said that last month about the Cardinals with too many players being on the DL and now they've imploded as a result.

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  9. Atlanta Braves 31-37

    Atlanta's batters have been a little disappointing. The Braves have pitched better as of late, but this team is still a work in progress.

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  10. Chicago White Sox 31-37

    Chicago's starting pitching is worse than last month plus Carlos Rodon is on the 60 day DL list. The Chicago White Sox bullpen has also gotten worse after a strong start to begin the year. Chicago's closer and set up pitcher are doing well, but only one of Chicago's four middle relievers is pitching well right now. Chicago had the best ERA among AL teams a month ago, but now they are 17th among MLB teams in ERA.

    Previous Rank 13th

  11. Oakland Athletics 31-38

    The Athletics were 21 in my first two MLB Power Rankings. They swept the New York Yankees despite being 31-38 this season. That's why the Athletics moved up in my rankings despite having arguably a borderline bottom 5 record. One thing Oakland ranks in the top 5 in is home runs. That is why they swept the Yankees and that's what is keeping them in games.

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  12. Detroit Tigers 32-36

    Detroit has a quality team. Verlander hasn't been as sharp as of late. That's why the Tigers move down to 19.

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  13. Seattle Mariners 34-37

    Seattle could be a sleeper. The Mariners have disappointed though and have problems winning on the road.

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  14. Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim 36-37

    The Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim have Mike Trout and a bunch of other quality bats. I think their pitching sucks though and with Trout on the DL it's hard to buy this team when they are 36-37.

    Previous Rank 18th

  15. Toronto Blue Jays 33-35

    Toronto began the year 3-14. Toronto is 30-21 since that point though. Toronto ranks now 7th in pitching and they have good batters, but they just need to put things together.

    Previous Rank 27th

  16. Kansas City Royals 33-35

    Kansas City is getting much better play from their batters as of late. At the same time, they have a losing record so its hard for me to say they belong in the top 15 right now.

    Previous Rank 30th

  17. Baltimore Orioles 34-34

    The Baltimore Orioles are struggling. Manny Machado has really underperformed after Baltimore got off to such a strong start. The Orioles came in at 14 this month as a result.

    Previous Rank 6th

  18. Minnesota Twins 34-33

    Minnesota had first place in the AL Central for a lot of May. The Twins got swept by Cleveland in Minnesota so that's why they came in at 13 and only moved up one spot despite having a winning record.

    Previous Rank 14th

  19. Texas Rangers 34-34

    Texas had a good team last year. The Rangers got swept by Cleveland early in the season and while they have rebounded, they still trail Houston by 11 games at this point and will likely be competing for a wild card spot. Yu Darvish is anchoring this Texas rotation right now.

    Previous Rank 25th

  20. Chicago Cubs 34-34

    The Cubs are still the team to beat in the NL Central in my honest opinion. The Brewers starting rotation has been able to match the Cubs ERA wise and Brewers lead the NL Central by 2 games. If the season ended today the Cubs would be on the outside looking in. The Brewers may have a better ERA among pitchers in the starting rotation, but the Cubs still have the lowest ERA among any NL Central team.

    Previous Rank 8th

  21. Tampa Bay Rays 37-35

    The Rays have been more competitive this year than people realize. They are 8th in batting average, 6th in the AL in runs scored, 2nd in the AL in home runs, and 5th in the AL in ERA. Their injury prone players have stayed healthy. If this continues the Rays may make the AL Wild Card game.

    Previous Rank 17th

  22. Milwaukee Brewers 38-33

    Outside of Ryan Braun and Jonathan Villar this Brewers team is very suspect as far as batters go. The pitching has stepped up though which is why the Brewers come in at 9.

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  23. Boston Red Sox 39-30

    There are 6 teams with team ERA's below 4.00. Boston is one of these 6 teams, but David Price and Rick Porcello have been inconsistent so the Red Sox move up one spot and come in at 8.

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  24. New York Yankees 38-29

    The New York Yankees ended 2016 on a high note. They swept the Cubs at Wrigley Field. At the same time their pitching is inconsistent and they got swept by the Oakland Athletics.

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  25. Cleveland Indians 36-31

    Cleveland has Kluber back and they've won 5 in a row. This is the only team with a stable pitching rotation that can take off outside of the Houston Astros. You look at the 6 MLB teams with ERA's below 4.00 the two with the most consistent rotations are Houston and Cleveland in the AL. While the Yankees and Red Sox both have ERA's of below 4.00, those teams have had inconsistent play from their starting pitchers. This is also an issue with Cleveland this year, but it wasn't an issue with Cleveland in October which is why the Tribe get the benefit of the doubt for now.

    Previous Rank 7th

  26. Arizona Diamondbacks 44-26

    Arizona has some great batters. They swept Cleveland too which is why we have 3 NL West teams in the top 5 plus Arizona has the best ERA in the NL after the Dodgers even with Shelby Miller out for the year. Arizona has remained lethal even without Shelby Miller, but even if this team gets lucky versus the Dodgers with Greinke outpitching Kershaw in a one-game wild card, this team will be an easy out for someone like the Washington Nationals.

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  27. Los Angeles Dodgers 44-26

    The Los Angeles Dodgers have a lot of talent. You can argue they are the most complete MLB team outside of the Cubs and their top ranked ERA shows this. The Dodgers just have a tendency to choke in October.

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  28. Colorado Rockies 46-26

    The Colorado Rockies had early success against the Dodgers and deserve to be ranked third. The Rockies struggled at the beginning of last week, but bounced back to retake the lead in the NL West. Colorado doesn't just have the best record in the National League, they also have a higher batting average and runs scored than any NL team. They rank third in their division in ERA behind Arizona and the Dodgers, but are also third among National League teams in ERA with a better ERA than the Nationals.

    Previous Rank 4th

  29. Washington Nationals 42-27

    Washington has a good 1-2 punch in their rotation with Max Scherzer and Stephen Strausburg. I like their batting lineup as well. I'm not sure I can trust Dusty Baker as a manager though. I was really torn on whether to give the Nationals or the Rockies the top spot in the NL because I'm torn on both teams. I looked at the season series and found out the Nationals lead the season series 3-1 with one 4 game series played. Washington outscored Colorado 46-29 averaging 11 runs a game versus the Rockies.

  30. Houston Astros 46-24

    Houston has a lot of quality bats. If Dallas Keuchel can have a rebound season then the Astros could be a top 5 team in the MLB in 2017. Houston has so many young bats in place. With the Nationals getting a cupcake NL East along with the 4th best ERA in the National League and Houston impressing with what appears to be a pretty complete team on paper, the Astros enter May as my top ranked team and the winning streak they had earlier in June validated why I made the Astros my #1 ranked team a month ago. I got some criticism for not putting the Yankees or Nationals atop the list, but Houston's winning streak in June which was 11 games long validated why this team is so complete on paper right now because the Astros are 1st or 2nd in the American League in every single category and that's a sign of a future World Series Champion.

    Previous Rank 1st

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