Draft Order NFL: The Green Bay Packers have two first round picks in 2019.

Josiah Ray's 2019 NFL Mock Draft: Debut

Round 1 Picks 1-16

The 2019 NFL Draft is going to be an interesting class. Right now my lock for the top pick is Missouri quarterback Drew Lock.

Josiah Ray Last Updated: June 12, 2018.

  1. Miami Dolphins: Drew Lock, QB, Missouri

    Even with Tannehill returning Miami have alot of holes. From a lack of recieving options to a average OL, to a middling defense, nothing stands out on this team. I feel they could lose every game, obviously they wont. But they will likely be underdogs every week.

    Enter Drew Lock. A polished passer with great awareness, very clean off the field and has a strong drive, so Miami will be fine I don't expect off field issues here, start with the QB at #1, rebuild over the next few years. I'm expecting a new front office and possibly coach. Miami needs to blow the team up if they want to avoid being a stagnant bottom 10 team for the next decade.

  2. Cincinnati Bengals: Jarrett Stidham, QB, Auburn

    How long will they accept mediocrity is the big question here. After posting the 2nd worst record in the league, falling behind Cleveland.

    That is the end of Dalton and Lewis, they should have 64 mil in cap space so they can make some moves under a new group and direction. If they cut or trade Dalton they save 16 million, also if they cut Glenn (who they did just trade for) they add another 10, so they could potentially have 90 mil in cap space.

    At this point the decision is QB or defense, with Ed Oliver the clear cut best. Dalton has been above average at best and if they have the #2 pick that means he's most likely gone. So qb is far more likely.

    Especially with Geno Atkins on the roster. Stidham is a great QB that has the it factor. He's a winner and provided stability to Auburn giving them their best season in years despite a mediocre defense and heavy injuries all year.

    Give him A.J. Green and some time to develop and hes a franchise guy. He's very pro ready though, similiar to Lock. Even if they keep Dalton, I expect Stidham to start week 1.

  3. New York Jets: Ed Oliver, 3-4 RE, Houston

    With a franchise QB in Darnold the jets can focus on BPA and giving him help. While Trey Adams is a good pick here and possible. Oliver is too good to pass.

    This is a player that will be top 5 at his position week 1. He should have been drafted top 5 after his freshman season. He's arguably the biggest slam dunk pick you can make defensively in the past 5 drafts.

    Getting Oliver will give the Jets a legit defense. And while I have NE in playoffs this year. As Brady ages and the team around him is looking worse and worse.

    It's very likely that next year the AFC east will be wide open. Add in the fact that Darnold and Allen will have a year already to develop I can see both teams (bills and jets) pushing them. May only take 9 or 10 wins to clinch the east so adding a stud like Oliver may be the key that locks up the division.

  4. Arizona Cardinals: Trey Adams, LT, Washington

    Arizona really lacks OL and have a shot at one of the best tackle prospects in years. Adams would go top 5 had he been in the draft last year but elected to stay. He will anchor their OL for years, very important since they drafted Rosen who has had injuries before.

  5. Washington Redskins: Deebo Samuel, WR, South Carolina

    Washington really lacks a electric playmaking #1 WR, they have Doctson who is ok and added Richardson from Seattle but they seem more like role players. Smith can be the guy there for at least 3 more years and the defense isn't horrible, also they have a beast in Guice.

    Adding to the WR group should be the key focus this next offseason and being able to pick the 1st wr at 5 is a great opportunity. Deebo is a elite WR that reminds me of A.J. Green, hes versatile and has great hands and quickness hes a good fit to be a #1 WR his rookie year getting at least a thousand yards.

  6. Denver Broncos: Nick Bosa, RE, Ohio State

    Tampa has a poor year again, coaches get fired, Winston still hasn't developed, while QB could be a option I think Winston deserves 1 more year to prove himself. Bosa is a stud pass rusher and many have him going #1 overall (which I think is ridiculous) however hes a clear top 5 talent so adding him will put their D on the next level, and give a franchise pass rusher.

  7. Detroit Lions: Devin White, 3-4 MLB, LSU

    Jarrad Davis hasnt developed really so Lions go for Devin White who I think has flashes of Patrick Willis. He has extraordinary leadership traits and was a key leader at LSU going into his sophomore year. While I see him as a pure Mike linebacker he can play any spot, is great vs the run with amazing instincts, and can even pass rush. They can push Davis over to OLB or even White at OLB. I see him as a franchise piece that will keep their D near the top for years.

  8. Oakland Raiders: A.J. Brown, WR, Ole Miss

    Bryant is a #2, Nelson is old and in ny opinion a product of Rodgers, cooper is good but he doesnt dominate as a #1 WR. They add A.J. Brown who can give them the best WR group in the league possibly and a #1 WR with reliable hands and a great combo of route running, speed, and hands.

    At worst for Oakland hes their #1 and Cooper and Bryant are solid role players. At best cooper lives up to his draft stock and established himself, and AJ Brown gives them a NASTY WR duo (with Bryant in the slot).

  9. Tennessee Titans: Josh Allen, 3-4 MLB, Kentucky

    Josh Allen is a great ILB but is versatile to play any LB spot in any type of defense, Tennessee has Woodyard but hes getting up there so Allen is a solid replacement and can complement Rashad Evans last years pick giving them a solid LB group.

  10. Dallas Cowboys: Ahmmon Richards, WR, Miami FL

    Dallas have no #1 WR. Richards can fill that role with his speed and route running.

  11. Seattle Seahawks: Jonah Williams, LT, Alabama

    Seattle has a mediocre OL so picking a elite tackle in Williams is great for them. Russell Wilson finally gets a blue chip left tackle to protect his blindside for the first time since he had Russell Okung playing at a high level early in his career.

  12. Cleveland Browns: Rashan Gary, LE, Michigan

    Cleveland has a elite player that probably should have gone earlier fall into their laps, Gary is a stud at getting to the QB and perfectly complements Garrett. I can see Cleveland having a top 5 D after this pick if he plans out.

  13. Houston Texans: Greg Little, LT, Ole Miss

    Houston has one of the worst OL groups in the league and that's a huge reason why Watson got hurt. They cant afford it again so it should be a huge priority, little is a elite tackle with size strength and footwork, honestly Little and Williams are so good if they went top 5 I wouldn't be surprised so getting him at 13 would be a huge win for this front office and I'm sure Watson will be cheering if he hears his name called.

  14. Baltimore Ravens: Alex Bars, RG, Notre Dame

    Notre dame has had a top 3 OL for the past 4 or so years, with most of those being the #1. Last year they had the best and while that can be attributed to McGlinchey and Nelson dont forget about Alex Bars. Bars performed at a very similiar level to both and had a elite rating from PFF. He's a very solid pick and is pro ready.

  15. Buffalo Bills: Bryce Love, RB, Stanford

    Lesean McCoy will be 30 years old so getting love as his replacement will make alot of Bills' fans happy. He can complement McCoy his first year then when shadys contract runs out let him hit FA and roll with Love. Or even keep him and use both to compliment each other. I like this fit a lot.

  16. Kansas City Chiefs: DeAndre Baker, CB, Georgia

    They passed on Peters and while they added people, they were above average at best. Baker can be a elite corner giving them a Marcus Peters type to lock down opponents #1s especially in the AFC west which has loads of talent at WR on every team (except KC of course).

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