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2015 MLS Power Rankings

Posted By: Will Keleher Last Updated: September, 7, 2015

  1. Chicago Fire: The Chicago Fire are a team without any talent or identity. Without a star forward, midfielder, defenseman, or goalie, the Fire will be irrelevant until at least 2018.

  2. New York City F.C.: New York City F.C. spent the entire offseason getting designated players and huge Free Agents. New York City F.C.'s attempt to copy offseason strategies that Chelsea and the New York Yankees use every offseason clearly backfired. I guess money can't buy you a championship.

  3. Orlando City S.C.: Orlando City S.C. may have a playoff team with Kaka and Cyle Larin. The absence of those two this weekend along with the worse defense in the MLS makes Orlando City S.C. a bottom 3 team at the moment.

  4. Real Salt Lake: Real Salt Lake lost a lot of talent in the 2015 Offseason. I think losing everyone they had is why they are the worst team in the Western Conference.

  5. Philadelphia Union: The Philadelphia Union were supposed to have a lot of talent heading into this season. Like New York City F.C., the Union have been one of the biggest disappointments in the MLS.

  6. Colorado Rapids: The Colorado Rapids lost DeShorn Brown. Now the Rapids have needs at forward and defense. They cannot keep their starting goalie unless they give the Union their first round draft pick which also hurts.

  7. Montreal Impact: It's amazing that the Montreal Impact are still in the MLS Playoff picture. Some how the Impact hold the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference with as little talent as they have.

  8. Toronto F.C.: Toronto F.C. beats the teams they are expected to beat in the Eastern Conference. Still they lose to playoff teams that are vastly superior to them. Since July 25, 2015, Toronto F.C. is 0-5-1 against playoff teams with more points than them.

  9. Houston Dynamo: The Houston Dynamo were one of two teams to move to the Western Conference after New York City F.C. and Orlando City S.C. became MLS teams. If the Dynamo were in the Eastern Conference, they would win at least one playoff game because the team appears to be that complete on paper. Some of their forwards outside of Will Bruin have underperformed, but they are facing far tougher competition in the Western Conference.

  10. San Jose Earthquakes: The San Jose Earthquakes were supposed to be a one man show led by Chris Wondolowski. The Earthquakes are playing much better than expected.

  11. Portland Timbers: The Portland Timbers appeared to be a very complete team heading into the regular season. Losing their left winger gives the Timbers a hole they have to fill.

  12. Sporting Kansas City: Sporting Kansas City was once a powerhouse in the Eastern Conference. The Western Conference is much tougher so I'm not sure how far they can get.

  13. F.C. Dallas: F.C. Dallas started 4-0-0 and was the last team to lose in the regular season early in the year. Since then they are 9-8-5. F.C. Dallas still deserves a home game in the playoffs, but this team is more suspect than people realize. If you asked me whether F.C. Dallas or the Seattle Sounders is more likely to lose at home, I'd go with F.C. Dallas because of the improvements both the Timbers and Sporting Kansas City made. Seattle is one of the best teams at home except when they are playing the Los Angeles Galaxy and this isn't even up for debate.

  14. New England Revolution: Last years Eastern Conference Champions are clicking at the right time. The Revolution are 5-0-1 dating back to July 18, 2015. People forget the Revolution were the last team to win a game in the 2015 Regular Season which is why this team has only 40 points right now. I don't think the Revolution will win the Eastern Conference, but they could beat D.C. United, if D.C. United overlooks them. Right now I give D.C. United a slight edge over New England, but I would not sleep on the Revolution.

  15. Columbus Crew S.C.: Last year the Crew were awesome on defense and lacked a forward that could get them 10 goals in the regular season. This season the offense is there as Columbus Crew S.C. leads the Eastern Conference with 45 goals scored with 17 coming from Kei Kamara. The defense is too undisciplined this year as the Crew have surrendered 47 goals. If the Crew can play defense like they did last year during the 2015 MLS Playoffs, they have an outside chance of upsetting my favorite team which happens to be the New York Red Bulls.

  16. Seattle Sounders: Even with all the talent they lost, I still believe that the Seattle Sounders are a top 5 team in the MLS. If they draw the 3 seed and get to play the Vancouver Whitecaps in the second round of the 2015 MLS Playoffs, they could secure a rematch with the Los Angeles Galaxy in the Western Conference Finals.

  17. Vancouver Whitecaps: The Whitecaps have so much depth on defense this season that it's not even funny. If the Los Angeles Galaxy or Seattle Sounders doesn't make the MLS Cup, the team representing the Western Conference will be the Vancouver Whitecaps. This team has 1 quality left back, 4 quality center backs, and 3 right backs that would be considered starters on any other team. Having that much depth on defense gives them a fighting chance to get to the MLS Cup. If Darren Mattocks and Octavio Rivera step up at forward, this team could go all the way.

  18. D.C. United: Chris Ransom predicted that the D.C. United would lose to the Los Angeles Galaxy back in March in his Los Angeles Galaxy Season Preview. The D.C. United are inferior to the New York Red bulls and you'll find out why in if you keep reading.

  19. New York Red Bulls: I'm gonna give you guys five reasons why my Red Bulls are the best team in the Eastern Conference even though we are ranked second in the Eastern Conference in points at the moment. Sure we lost Theirry Henry, but my Red Bulls still have Bradley-Wright Phillips who has 13 goals and 7 assists this season. Second, the New York Red Bulls have 4 players that rank in the top 25 in assists, no other team in the MLS has 4 players that rank in the top 25 in assists. None of those players have 10 assists, but this is a very disciplined team that is difficult to game plan against because of the variety they bring. The D.C. United don't have a single player that ranks in the top 25 in assists. Third the D.C. United have scored 35 goals and have allowed 34 goals. New York Red Bulls have scored 43 goals and have only allowed 28 goals. Fourth, nearly 80 percent of the D.C. United's goals came at home with 27 goals scored in the Nations Capital and 8 goals scored on the road. The New York Red Bulls have 22 home goals and 21 road goals. Finally, the New York Red Bulls defeated the D.C. United as a 4 seed in last years 2014 MLS Playoffs. The Red Bulls have had D.C. United's number as of late and to be honest, I'd much rather face the D.C. United than the New England Revolution who could knock out the Red Bulls once again assuming they got by D.C. United after we took care of D.C. in last years playoffs.

  20. Los Angeles Galaxy: Even without Landon Donovan, the Galaxy are still the best team in the MLS. Robbie Keane has stepped up big the last two years. The Galaxy were smart to use the MLS Super Draft to build their defense before becoming an MLS powerhouse with Donovan and Beckham a couple of years ago. To top that off, Bruce Arena is the Bill Belichick of MLS coaches as Arena has won 5 MLS Cups while appearing in 7 which is more then the 4 Super Bowl wins and 6 Super Bowl appearances Belichick has with New England. Sure you could take the Super Bowls he won with the Giants into account, but Arena is just as big of an influence in the MLS as Belichick is in the NFL As a Giants fan all I have to say is that Arena didn't use Spygate or deflate any footballs to win his championships which makes him a million times better than Belichick by default. In all seriousness, I think the Galaxy have incredible depth at center back along with some elite starters at left back and right back. They may not have the depth the Whitecaps have on defense, but the Galaxy have more experience with their defense plus the Galaxy offense can score consistently unlike Vancouver who is suspect to getting goals at times.