NFL Power Rankings 2017 NFL Power Rankings: 32. Cleveland Browns, 31. San Francisco 49ers, 30. Jacksonville Jaguars.

2016 NFL Power Rankings

Tony Mario Last Updated: December 13, 2016.

  1. Cleveland Browns 0-13-0


  2. San Francisco 49ers 1-12-0

    You know you suck when you lost like that to the Jets.

  3. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-11-0

    How are the Jaguars doing so poorly? The Jaguars are officially eliminated from the 2017 NFL Playoff Picture.

  4. Los Angeles Rams 4-9-0

    This team must be really confused about everything right now. They seem like they don't know what they're doing anymore. Back to St. Louis.

    Previous Rank 26th

  5. San Diego Chargers 5-8-0

    San Diego may join the Rams in LA next season. At least the Chargers have some stability which is more than you can say about the Rams.

    Previous Rank 24th

  6. Chicago Bears 3-10-0

    The Bears have been eliminated from the playoff picture. Chicago is a team that will have a lot of rebuilding to do on offense in 2017.

    Previous Rank 28th

  7. Philadelphia Eagles 5-8-0

    Jason Peters is healthy at left tackle. Lane Johnson finally got suspended. Philadelphia went 0-3 against NFC East teams on the road and 0-4 against NFC North. The good news is the Eagles get home games against the NFC East against Dallas and New York in weeks 16 and 17 with Lane Johnson back. Right now the Eagles are on the brink of being eliminated from the NFC Playoff Picture.

    Previous Rank 19th

  8. New York Jets 4-9-0

    Maybe you guys should play San Francisco every week.

    Previous Rank 29th

  9. New Orleans Saints 5-8-0


    Previous Rank 21st

  10. Buffalo Bills 6-7-0

    Rex Ryan probably went out & hired a couple of hitmen during the bye week to go hunt down the refs during the Seattle game. The Bills are 2-0 now back at 6-5 since the bye week where Rex Ryan hired hitmen. Now the Bills are 6-7 on the year.

    Previous Rank 17th

  11. Indianapolis Colts 6-7-0

    The Colts are 6-7, but have been too inconsistent on defense to move up in my rankings even with their win over the Titans and road win over the Packers. Losing Andrew Luck on Thanksgiving killed their momentum. The Colts face the Jets and can return to .500 with a win.

    Previous Rank 25th

  12. Arizona Cardinals 5-7-1

    With Larry Fitzgerald retiring and Michael Floyd arrested plus an aging Carson Palmer at quarterback. Maybe it is time to start rebuilding.

    Previous Rank 23rd

  13. Carolina Panthers 5-8-0

    Maybe the Carolina Panthers are coming back to life. Theres always next year.

    Previous Rank 22nd

  14. Cincinnati Bengals 5-7-1

    The Bengals have a talented squad. Andrew Whitworth was awful at left tackle against the Giants. Right end Michael Johnson only has 1.5 sacks so the Bengals have to find a new left tackle or a new 4-3 right end.

    Previous Rank 27th

  15. Baltimore Ravens 7-6-0

    The Ravens are no longer the top dog in the AFC North. They picked the wrong time to fall behind with their home finale on Sunday before road games against Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.

    Previous Rank 16th

  16. Tennessee Titans 7-6-0

    The Titans are 7-6 and have faced tougher opponents. However, it feels like their window of opportunity has passed. I like their defense better than the Colts even though they got swept by the Colts. I'll up if they can beat the Colts team that is much stronger then when the Colts defeated the Titans at Nissan Stadium from the first meeting.

    Previous Rank 20th

  17. Houston Texans 7-6-0

    Houston is still the favorite to win the AFC South. The Texans survived the war of attrition with only the Titans in week 17 keeping them from another AFC South Title.

    Previous Rank 15th

  18. Minnesota Vikings 7-6-0

    Minnesota does not have Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback, Adrian Peterson at running back, Matt Kalil at left tackle, Andre Smith at right tackle, or John Sullivan at center. This is not the Vikings team from last year and this defense cannot carry the Vikings forever.

    Previous Rank 14th

  19. Washington Redskins 7-5-1

    Washington moves to 14 because of road losses from Arizona and Dallas. Washington is on the outside looking in with two of thei final three games at home.

    Previous Rank 10th

  20. Miami Dolphins 8-5-0

    Miami did well. Ryan Tannehill's injury keeps them out of the playoffs.

    Previous Rank 9th

  21. Seattle Seahawks 8-4-1

    They don't look like the same team without Earl Thomas.

    Previous Rank 8th

  22. Green Bay Packers 7-6-0

    See Pittsburgh.

    Previous Rank 18th

  23. Pittsburgh Steelers 8-5-0

    If they get to the playoffs look out.

    Previous Rank 13th

  24. Atlanta Falcons 8-5-0

    At least they did one good thing this week. They helped the Rams realize that Fisher doesn't seem to be taking them anywhere.

  25. Denver Broncos 8-5-0

    The Broncos may beat Pittsburgh if they are lucky. They won't do squat against the Patriots this week or in Gillette Stadium if they even get that far.

    Previous Rank 6th

  26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8-5-0

    WERE PROBABLY THE MOST UNDERRATED TEAM RIGHT NOW! I figured they were on there way up soon but it looks like its even earlier then I thought. I was expecting it probably starting next year. Winston is looking better. Maybe FAs will actually want to come & play for them now being they're showing signs of life.

  27. New York Giants 9-4-0

    The Giants have a winning record thanks to their defense back at full health. The Giants could beat Detroit and Seattle before falling to the Cowboys in the NFC Championship after possibly sweeping them in the regular season.

    Previous Rank 5th

  28. Detroit Lions 9-4-0

    Calvin is ready to come out of retirement. They're winning.

    Previous Rank 11th

  29. Oakland Raiders 10-3-0

    See Kanas City.

    Previous Rank 2nd

  30. Kansas City Chiefs 10-3-0

    Kansas City/Oakland would make a good playoff matchup.

    Previous Rank 4th

  31. Dallas Cowboys 11-2-0

    Romo was actually probably celebrating the loss. He might still have a chance at playing this year. They didnt look like the same team.

    Previous Rank 1st

  32. New England Patriots 11-2-0

    New England is now 11-2. The Patriots watched Brady surpass Peyton Manning in career wins.

    Previous Rank 3rd

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