NFL Power Rankings 2017 NFL Power Rankings: 32. New York Jets 0-2-0, 31. San Francisco 49ers 0-2-0, 30. Chicago Bears 0-2-0.

2017 NFL Power Rankings

Tony Mario Last Updated: September 19, 2017.

  1. New York Jets 0-2-0

    I wonder what NY team will win first. Maybe the Giants don't want to make the Jets look TOO BAD. There's always the Rangers & Islanders if the Jets & Giants are both garbage. The Knicks will remain trash like the Jets and Giants. The Yankees look like they will get back to the playoffs and New York City F.C.. is looking like a team that will get a first round bye in MLS even though I don't care for soccer. The point is these New Yorkers need to realize the Jets are terrible and that there are other options.

  2. San Francisco 49ers 0-2-0

    The 49ers are still terrible. San Francisco fans don't deserve to watch their NFL team be one of the leagues worst once again and to add more insult to injury the Giants are now the leagues worst team in the MLB.

  3. Chicago Bears 0-2-0

    Good luck with the Cubs Chicago.

  4. Cleveland Browns 0-2-0

    The Cleveland Browns actually turned the corner in the 2017 NFL Draft. They got a generational pass rusher in Myles Garrett, and a rookie quarterback that is starting right away for the first time since Tim Couch in DeShone Kizer. Garrett is still out for 2-4 weeks and the Browns released their best cornerback Joe Haden who signed with Pittsburgh who is Cleveland's biggest rival. The Browns are just a mess right now and they look like a bottom five team.

  5. New Orleans Saints 0-2-0

    Their D is still pathetic.

  6. Indianapolis Colts 0-2-0

    They SUCK without Luck.

  7. Los Angeles Rams 1-1-0

    The Rams won their first game. They let down their fans by losing to Washington. I'm not blaming the Rams for losing this game though since the fans showed no gratitude with shitty attendance following a blowout win over the Colts.

  8. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-1-0

    Way to support your state after a disaster Jaguars. Everyone else won.

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  9. Cincinnati Bengals 0-2-0

    Maybe time to call Kaepernick? Dalton's teammates no longer respect him and are demanding Kaepernick. He's their type of player, too!

    Previous Rank 23rd

  10. Los Angeles Chargers 0-2-0

    Roberto Aguayo might be getting a call. Who would've thought that?

    Previous Rank 21st

  11. Buffalo Bills 1-1-0

    Buffalo traded all their assets for draft picks. They need to beat Denver without Garrett Bolles unless they want to guarantee themselves a top 10 pick.

    Previous Rank 20th

  12. Houston Texans 1-1-0

    They might of found their MICHAEL JORDAN! Irvin compared Deshaun Watson to Jordan get it?

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  13. Washington Redskins 1-1-0

    Washington has a lot of talent on both sides of the ball. With their GM gone this team may not be the same. Kirk Cousins lost DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon so he could struggle this year without those two. Terrell Pryor and 2016 first round pick Josh Doctson have to step up.

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  14. New York Giants 0-2-0

    This team has looked horrible so far.

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  15. Minnesota Vikings 1-1-0

    This team will do nothing with no QB.

    Previous Rank 15th

  16. Tennessee Titans 1-1-0

    The Titans have enough talent in place to win the AFC South. I doubt they make it past the wild card round even if they win this division though.

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  17. Dallas Cowboys 1-1-0

    Looks like SOMEBODY was suffering from too much smoking in Denver Sunday. I'm talking to you Awuzie.

    Previous Rank 5th

  18. Arizona Cardinals 1-1-0

    Arizona has Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald back. David Johnson may be out until the Cardinals home finale on Christmas Eve against the New York Giants on Christmas Eve so that's my big reason for moving Arizona down.

    Previous Rank 19th

  19. Miami Dolphins 1-0-0

    Miami did well in 2016. Ryan Tannehill's injury keeps them out of the playoffs this year. Miami barely got in without Tannehill last year.

    Previous Rank 16th

  20. Philadelphia Eagles 1-1-0

    Carson Wentz had hardly any time to make throws against the Chiefs. Philadelphia should rebound versus the Giants though.

    Previous Rank 8th

  21. Green Bay Packers 1-1-0

    Green Bay is my pick to win the NFC this season. They got creamed by Atlanta once again. They will be lucky to get the final wild card the way they are playing right now.

    Previous Rank 4th

  22. Detroit Lions 2-0-0

    Detroit got Ziggy Ansah back from his injury. The Lions control first place in the NFC North which comes as a huge surprise.

    Previous Rank 17th

  23. Seattle Seahawks 1-1-0

    Seattle beat Detroit in last years playoffs. That's why they come in at 10 for now despite the 1-1 start.

    Previous Rank 12th

  24. Carolina Panthers 2-0-0

    Maybe Julius Peppers made that much of a difference to that defense. He's back so lets see what Carolina does moving forward without Greg Olsen.

    Previous Rank 13th

  25. Baltimore Ravens 2-0-0

    Are the Ravens actually back?

    Previous Rank 14th

  26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-0-0

    Tampa Bay probably could've won that game with just Nick Folk with the way Chicago looked.

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  27. Denver Broncos 2-0-0

    The Broncos have a defense that can get this Broncos offense which lacks a quarterback a wild card spot. Denver will lose to the AFC West winner though if they manage to squeak into the wild card. They have a shot if Siemian played like he did in week 2 versus Oakland in two weeks.

    Previous Rank 9th

  28. Kansas City Chiefs 2-0-0

    They just embarrassed the Patriots at home. Kansas City showed they could play like a top 5 team in the NFL.

    Previous Rank 7th

  29. Oakland Raiders 2-0-0

    Oakland lacks the linebackers to make the AFC Championship. Oakland can finally win a playoff game though if Derek Carr gets the Raiders to the wild card again and plays.

    Previous Rank 6th

  30. New England Patriots 1-1-0

    Looks like Pittsburgh, Oakland, & KC will give them a good run.

  31. Atlanta Falcons 2-0-0

    They don't look like they're suffering from much of a hangover so far.

  32. Pittsburgh Steelers 2-0-0

    Pittsburgh has their best roster since Super Bowl 43. They have to get by the Patriots though. Even with the additions of Vance McDonald, J.J. Wilcox, and Joe Haden they still don't have enough. If this team had a 3-4 middle linebacker to replace Timmons this team would be a favorite in the AFC. Watt showed he could be the man without Bud Dupree or James Harrison. The depth the Steelers have with their pass rush is off the charts. Pittsburgh has the best chance to dethrone the Patriots if their roster is at 100%, and the crazy thing is they just may win the AFC and Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota if they can secure home field.

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