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Terence Crawford May Fight Manny Pacquiao In April 2016

Posted By: Tyrone Tyson on 10/25/2015

Junior Welterweight fighter Terence Crawford entered Saturday's fight with a 26-0 record and 18 knock outs. He had to defeat Dierry Jean hoping to convince people he would be worthy of fighting Manny Pacquiao in Pacquiao's final bout which will take place in April of 2016.

Jean surprised with the first few punches in the opening round. After the first two rounds of this fight you could tell Crawford wsa going to win the fight because he had more stamina than Jean. Crawford landed 83 punches and he also threw more punches than Jean which is why he won.

Jean was more promising than I thought he would be by making it to 10 rounds. My first impression of Jean was that he was a joke, a disgrace, a tiny buff version of Hollywood actor Kevin Hart. Crawford had to earn this win, but it wasn't surprising that Crawford won when you consider he was the more aggressive and more disciplined fighter.

Many people will tell you boxing is about the fighters with the best attack. Some will tell you it is about having the best defense. Having a good way to attack your opponent and defend yourself is vital. At the end of the day, a boxers stamina is the key variable in determining who will win a fight.

Crawford had more stamina against Jean tonight. Will Crawford have more stamina in 6 months from now after fighting Pacquiao in his final career fight assuming Pacquiao agrees to fight Crawford. We'll see. Stay tuned to find out more about this fight and keep up with teh latest updates from Draft Utopia.