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2022 NFL Draft Rumors

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Draft Utopia's 2022 NFL Draft Rumors page posts rumors and live tweets about news related to players in the 2022 NFL Draft. I'll be posting reality check or smokescreen below the best tweets I see. Send us your tweets and we will embed them to help you get more followers.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check Detroit has no tight end depth behind Eric Ebron. Bob Quinn was on New England when the Patriots put Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez together. Eric Ebron was part of the Martin Mayhew regime even though he's had success with the Lions. Detroit is going to take a tight end in the first three rounds. It comes down to whether David Njoku impresses at the NFL Combine since I see him as a second round tight end.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check Jacksonville should get a cornerback for to start next to Ramsey in Free Agency, then get a strong safety at 4 in the draft with Jamal Adams if Jonathan Cyprien does not return. I also think Jacksonville will draft a cornerback on day 2 or day 3 for depth to challenge Aaron Colvin for the nickel role.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check Ok so the Titans are going defense at 5. If Jamal Adams goes to the Jaguars at 4 then that means the Titans will take Malik Hooker at 5 by this logic. That also means they will take the top receiver on the board at 18.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check Multiple teams are reporting this and Jason Bantle has the Bears taking Kizer at 3 in his new mock. Even though I have a second round grade on Kizer, my opinion is pretty irrelevant at this point since John Lynch came away impressed with Kizer.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check I'm guessing Denver will either take O.J. Howard or Ryan Ramczyk my third best offensive tackle behind Cam Robinson and Julie'n Davenport at 20. Ramczyk was a guy I thought was a seroius left tackle before his injury, but I went back and watched his tape versus Michigan, Ohio State, and LSU. Ramczyk gave up some easy blocks plus he needs to get stronger. I can see the Broncos taking Ramczyk at 20 to be their starting left tackle though since they released Russell Okung.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Smokescreen All this injury does keep a team from taking Foster in the top 5. This injury isn't as bad as Malik Hooker's injury plus Hooker could still go in the top 10 ahead of Reuben Foster. Even if Foster dropped he's still going to be picked somewhere between picks 11-16 with New Orleans, Arizona, Indianapolis, and Baltimore all being possibilities. The reality is this injury may not affect Foster at all, and it could cause Foster to fall to Indianapolis at the very worst since I doubt the Colts pass on Foster after releasing D'Qwell Jackson.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Smokescreen There is a good chance the 49ers switch to a 4-3 now. Taking Jonathan Allen here is a bad selection though because Allen is best suited in a 3-4 defense. Allen would thrive in Chicago or Tennessee as a 3-4 defensive end. Allen would absolutely bust as a 4-3 defensive end in San Francisco or a 4-3 defensive tackle in Jacksonville. Even Solomon Thomas would be a better scheme fit for the 49ers than Allen if they moved to the 4-3. Taking Watson or a wide receiver second overall is the smartest thing San Francisco can do.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check Neither do I. Peppers will be seventh in my new safety rankings.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check That's fantastic news for Davis. He should probably end up being the top middle linebacker after Reuben Foster.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Smokescreen I think the 49ers will target a quarterback in Free Agency that is a veteran for the short term as well as a quarterback in the 2017 NFL Draft assuming they miss out on Cousins and Garoppolo. I don't think the player they target will be Jay Cutler even if the Bears release him. Something tells me that player they target at quarterback would either be Matt Schaub or Mike Glennon. Schaub is familiar with Shanahan's offense plus Glennon is a guy I can see John Lynch falling in love with. Signing Matt Schaub or Mike Glennon to a one-year prove it deal until Deshaun Watson or Patrick Mahomes develops is something I can see since I don't see Trubisky going second to the 49ers.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Smokescreen I'm probably in the minority here, but I actually disagree on the 49ers taking Trubisky second overall if the 49ers miss out on Cousins or Garoppolo. The 49ers scouting department may try to sell General Manager John Lynch on Trubisky, but I see Lynch going all Kevin Costner on the 49ers scouting department by pointing out how Trubisky is the real life version of Bo Callahan because Lynch's alma mater Stanford embarrassed Mitch Trubisky and North Carolina in Stanford's bowl win. As crazy as it sounds, I could still see the 49ers taking Deshaun Watson or Patrick Mahomes second overall if either stands out during the throwing drill at the 2017 NFL Combine. The other option would be to draft Clemson wide receiver Mike Williams second overall.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check I see it playing out like this exactly as Morgan described. I know for certain that the 49ers will take a quarterback a 2 if they fail to land Cousins or Garoppolo. What I don't know is who they will take second overall.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check I honestly see more upside in Everett as well. I'd much rather have Everett than Njoku.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check The Texans will look at a developmental quarterback in the 2017 or 2018 NFL Draft.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Smokescreen I doubt any teams in the 12-15 range need left tackles. I'm calling smokescreen on this. Miller is now saying the same thing about Garrett Bolles even though his tape is worse than Ramczy's. At the same time a team could take Bolles higher than expected simply cause he bench pressed well. Bolles displays worse blocking strength on tape than Ronnie Stanley, but a team may reach for him if he bench presses well.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check We had a feeling Carolina would take a running back on Tuesday. This only confirms that with the GM and HC on the same page.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Smokescreen I honestly believe that Davenport is the only future left tackle from this 2017 group. I could honestly see Davenport going anywhere between the first and fifth rounds. Davenport is a project player that has a lot of fifth round grades, but at the same time he has enough potential to be the only Pro Bowl left tackle down the road. Green Bay is stacked at offensive tackle so I doubt they would consider Davenport before the third round with all their needs though.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Smokescreen We don't know if the Giants are this high on Charlton. This is all speculation even though a defense with an Apple and a Taco would be quite appetizing. That's up to Jerry Reese their GM not Spags the DC, but yeah I can see the Giants going Taco Charlton with Ryan Ramczyk missing the combine due to hip surgery. I have Ramczyk going there in my mock at the moment, but plan on watching the Wisconsin VS Michigan tape to see who won the battles between Charlton and Ramczyk. The Giants should do the same to see which area in the trenches they should upgrade.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check Wow this is huge news. I strongly considered changing Malik Hooker from the Jets to Marshon Lattimore. Lattimore will get picked ahead of Hooker now in wake of this news and there is a chance Hooker is now the last player on Ohio State's secondary picked. I still think Hooker will get picked ahead of Jabrill Peppers, but this does open up the possibility of a team taking Peppers over Hooker if he does dominate the NFL Combine. Again, I like Hooker lightyears better than Peppers, but teams fall in love wth prospects at the NFL Combine every year. Hooker has too much athleticism based on his tape from Ohio State and New Castle to fall out of the first round, but yeah this is huge.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check I guess Kupp will return to the first round of my mock draft next week. Then again Todd McShay thought Minnesota quarterback Mitch Leidner was a first round pick back in May so its hard to give McShay the benefit of the doubt after that screw up.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check Only first round picks get their own action figure. Kupp dominated in Mobile and has the best intangibles and work ethic of any receiver in this draft. I had Kupp at 34 to San Francisco, but with Corey Davis possibly missing the Combine Tampa Bay could easily get Cooper Kupp instead of Corey Davis at 19 if Kupp dominates the NFL Combine. Kupp has the same agent as Carson Wentz so the Philadelphia Eagles may even take Kupp at 15.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check The Colts at 14, Buccaneers at 19, and Raiders at 24 are the only teams outside of Jacksonville and Carolina that need running backs. If these off the field concerns are true then teams may shy away from Cook. I dropped him to 24 in my new mock. 2017 NFL Mock Draft since Latavius Murray is a Free Agent.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check Okay, after reading this its pretty obvious that Washington hasn't made a decision yet. I think their only glaring need is replacing Chris Baker at 3-4 right end. Charlton and Wormley both lined up at 4-3 right and 4-3 left end. Wormley can play 4-3 defensive tackle or 3-4 defensive end he's very versatile. If he impressed in Mobile, Washington could take him over McDowell even though I think they would end up regretting it.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check I am torn on whether Washington goes Malik McDowell or Chris Wormley. Washington needs a 3-4 right end though. Ryan Kerrigan and Kirk Cousins were both Big 10 Senior Bowl players that Washington drafted and I currently have McDowell slotted to this pick. You can make a case for Wormley as well, but I think McDowell is a better fit. Wormley had a better year though and may have impressed Washington in Mobile.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check I agree with this 100 percent. There are some mock drafts listing Trubisky, Leonard Fournette, or even think Baltimore would make a blockbuster trade to move up for Jonathan Allen. We had sources telling us the Ravens would take Hargreaves at 6 last year. So if Ozzie Newsome likes the Florida corners they will take Tabor or Wilson at 16 since the Ravens are one of the best run scouting departments. They know more about Tabor and Wilson than probably any other NFL team at the moment. Again any scouts or sources who tell you what the Ravens will do are puppets since Ozzie Newsome has final say at the end of the day. Newsome loves the speculation and encourages the drama, but at the end of the day he makes the final decision on who the Ravens draft.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Smokescreen Davis had this ankle injury leading up to the Senior Bowl which is why he declined the invitation. Nobody brought this up last week, now that he may miss the combine lets create drama for readership. Yeah I think the Eagles can stick with Matthews and Agholor. Getting cornerbacks are the Eagles two biggest needs and this draft is absolutely loaded at cornerback. Davis is still my second best receiver, but if he misses the combine and Kupp plus Zay Jones dominate there Davis could drop to the second round and end up falling. Right now I'll take the injury with a grain of salt since he didn't need to go to Mobile to show people how good he was on tape.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check The Jets are one team who always tries to either move up or down. I'm almost certain that Cleveland will try to trade up for Adams or Hooker or will try to trade 12 for either Jimmy Garoppolo or try to get more picks since there will be no safety worth getting at 12.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Smokescreen John Lynch went to Stanford. Solomon Thomas played 3-4 left end at Stanford which is a position the 49ers are stacked at. He doesn't even have any experience against left tackles and struggled against the right tackle across from Conor McDermott against UCLA. I liked how he played against Jon Heck out of North Carolina, but this is a huge reach which I cannot see happening. This is all purely speculation on Scott's part because the key word in this tweet is could.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Smokescreen I'm not sure how Buffalo would turn down two first round picks in such a weak group. That makes me all the more suspicious about the rumors about Buffalo trading up for Mitch Trubisky in a move which would no doubt screw both the Bills and Browns while John Lynch reaps the benefits of drafting Myles Garrett.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Smokescreen I cannot see the Titans moving out of the top 5 after trading out of the top spot. Jack Conklin has been much more reliable than Jared Goff and now the Titans get to add either Jonathan Allen or Mike Williams assuming the 49ers stick to the script and take a quarterback at 2.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check I buy the hell out of this rumor. The Bears are probably not drafting a quarterback at 3 since drafting that quarterback basically risks setting him up for failure if the Bears fire John Fox. Especially if a defensive stud like Jonathan Allen who fits their 3-4 perfectly is there. I think with $61-million and possibly up to $77-million if the Bears release Jay Cutler, overpaying Tony Romo or Tyrod Taylor goes from being realistic to probable.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Smokescreen I am saying Smokescreen right now. Personally, I'm on the fence about this and am on the brink of flipping to Reality Check.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check This basically confirms why Panthers ignored need for Vernon Butler in the 2016 NFL Draft. It also validates Mark Sciubba's argument for Carolina ignoring their biggest need at defensive end to draft the best player available at 8 which is most likely a RB like Leonard Fournette or Dalvin Cook.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check This quarterback class sucks. I only have 10 quarterbacks in my 2017 NFL Draft: Quarterback Rankings and even I feel that's too many.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check Matt Miller was referring to the Packers taking a small-school offensive lineman at 29. Forrest Lamp out of Western Kentucky projects at guard and has the versatility to play all 5 spots on the offensive line. He gives Green Bay a plug-in-play guy to replace Josh Sitton at left guard which is something Green Bay never did after releasing Sitton. I want to see Forrest Lamp smashing Lamps in a State Farm add where Aaron Rodgers goes Block Forrest Block similar to the fly commercial with Clay Matthews so I can get on board with this pick.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Smokescreen Charlie is one of the most reliable NFL people I know and there were reports from CBS Sports back in November and December about the Jets taking Trubisky if he fell to them which is why you can argue this is a reality check. I'm playing devils advocate by calling this a smokescreen. The Jets invested a lot into Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg plus 2018 is a stronger quarterback group so the Jets have the luxury to wait another year for a quarterback as well since the Jets have one of the worst salary cap situations.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check Tom Telesco took over the Chargers in 2013. The Chargers spent their last two first round picks on Big 10 players with Melvin Gordon in 2015 and Joey Bosa in 2016. Many criticized the decision to go with Joey Bosa over Jalen Ramsey as the draft process concluded in 2016 so I almost expect Los Angeles to atone for this unless Hooker and Adams are both gone in which they would take Derek Barnett at 7.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check Take Jonathan Allen at 3 and get Mahomes in the second round. I agree with that completely. Not sure if that's what the Bears will end up doing though.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Reality Check Myles Garrett will be the top pick and I'm more fascinated with how the Browns will screw up with the 12th pick that they got in the Carson Wentz deal from last years draft to be honest.

Reality Check Or Smokescreen: Smokescreen Myles Garrett is the best pass rusher since Von Miller. He has Reggie White/Derrick Thomas potential down the road and even I think this is too high of a rookie grade for Garrett. Remember Andrew Luck only had an 88 rating in his rookie year on Madden.



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