Draft Order NFL: The Green Bay Packers have two first round picks in 2019.

Mark Sciubba's 2019 NFL Mock Draft: Debut

Round 1 Picks 1-16

The 2019 NFL Draft is a long time away. Drew Lock could be the top pick with a strong 2018 season.

Mark Sciubba follow @MarkSciubbaDoe Last Updated: May 14, 2018.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Drew Lock, QB, Missouri

    If the Buccaneers bottom out it will probably be because of a poor defense. Regardless if fair or not it could be the end of the Jameis Winston era in Tampa Bay. Drew Lock has been very impressive playing in the SEC with a undermanned Missouri team. Another good year and he could cement himself as the top QB come the 2019 draft.

  2. Buffalo Bills: Nick Bosa, EDGE, Ohio State

    I don't expect things to go smoothly for Josh Allen year one. He wasn't good at Wyoming and the Bills offense isn't exactly set up to hold a young QB’s hand. The Bills' and their fans will all be whispering if maybe they should have drafted Rosen instead by this time next year. Nick Bosa would be a great pick for any team picking this high. Much like his brother Bosa projects as a pro ready sack artist with attitude.

  3. Chicago Bears: Ed Oliver, DL, Houston

    Ed Oliver will be a name you hear a lot in the coming season. Next year's draft will be the year of the Defensive Tackle and Oliver could be the very best. A strong interior presence like Oliver could be what they Bears need to finally get the most of their speedy front 7.

  4. Miami Dolphins: Christian Wilkins, DL, Clemson

    Wilkins would have been a first round pick if he declared in 2018. He returns to the best defensive line in college football that should produce at least two first round picks and lead the Tigers to a playoff berth.

  5. Washington Redskins: Nick Fitzgerald, QB, Mississippi State

    Nick Fitzgerald along with the rest of his offensive teammates will all have a boost this year thanks to new HC Joe Moorehead. Fitzgerald has NFL traits and has shown he can make the tight window throws most college QBs are lacking on tape.

  6. Denver Broncos: Shea Patterson, QB, Michigan

    If Patterson can have a strong season under Jim Harbaugh and Pep Hamilton he'll have the NFL’s full attention. If he leads the Wolverines to a Big Ten championship and can avoid the dreaded label of "Game Manager" Patterson will be viewed as a top QB prospect.

  7. Arizona Cardinals: Trey Adams, OT, Washington

    I think Adams had a great shot of being the first tackle off the board in 2018 had he declared. Another year in college will refine him even more and raise his stock to the top 10. The Cardinals get Rosen’s blind side protector here.

  8. Indianapolis Colts: Rashan Gary, DL, Michigan

    Hopefully by this time next year we will have got to see Andrew Luck play some football. Chris Ballard has done a great job cleaning up Ryan Grigson’s mess. He continues that here with the dominant defensive lineman the Colts seem to still be lacking.

  9. Cleveland Browns: Mitch Hyatt, OT, Clemson

    The Browns get a Left Tackle for their franchise QB. Hyatt has been one of the best lineman in Clemson history. The Browns get Baker Mayfield more time in the pocket as he prepares for his first season as a full time starter.

  10. New York Jets: N'Keal Harry, WR, Arizona State

    Harry is special. He’s a super athlete who could draw comparisons to Julio Jones and Calvin Johnson with strong testing numbers. If Harry puts together another strong year and declares I can't see someone with his potential making it out of the top 10.

  11. Carolina Panthers: Joe Jackson, EDGE, Miami FL

    Jackson is an explosive pass rusher who has already proved he can hang with NFL competition when Miami played Notre Dame. Panthers need to stop ignoring the defensive end position. It makes no sense to have such great DTs and not have a premium pass rusher next to them.

  12. Kansas City Chiefs: Greedy Williams, CB, LSU

    Greedy Williams was phenomenal as a redshirt freshman. With his blend of size and technique he looks like he could join Tre White, Pat Peterson, and the Honey Badger as the next great LSU defensive back.

  13. Tennessee Titans: Dex Lawrence, DL, Clemson

    The Titans need to get better and younger on the defensive line. Lawrence helps with both of those goals. Jurrell Casey has been a one man show for far too long. Lawrence looked like a star in the making all last season.

  14. Los Angeles Chargers: Raekwon Davis, DL, Alabama

    The Chargers need to get a strong interior defensive line presence to complete what could be the best D line in the NFL. Davis fits the mold of many Bama defensive lineman before him. A Dynamo against the run with enough get off and athleticism to give you something in pass rush too.

  15. Seattle Seahawks: Ahmmon Richards, WR, Miami FL

    If the Seahawks wanna get rid of all their defensive talent then they need to build a special offense around Russ. They get him a new number 1 receiver here. Richards was extremely impressive even while not 100 percent. He can beat DBs with speed, double moves, and high pointing the ball. I expect him to have a big year.

  16. Cincinnati Bengals: Beau Benzschwael, RG, Wisconsin

    Benzschawel could stake his claim as the top interior offensive lineman in the 2019 NFL Draft. The Bengals should still be in the process of rebuilding their line which along with bad play calling has been the teams Achilles heel.

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