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Bellator 145 Results

Posted By: Yoshi Winston on 11/7/2015

Emmanuel Sanchez VS Justin Lawrence: Emmanuel Sanchez struggled at first as Justin Lawrence controlled the first 5 minutes of this fight. In the final seconds of the second round, Emmanuel Sanchez landed a critical hit on Lawrence. Sanchez dominated the final 5 minutes of the fight with both fighters getting their fare share of hits in the second round.

Sanchez prevailed on a split decision 29-28, but it could have gone either way. Sanchez was classy telling the crowd to cheer for Lawrence even though the crowd booed Sanchez for winning at first. You really have to applaud Sanchez for his sportsmanship and hope he can continue to fight at a high level.

Bobby Lashley VS James Thompson: Bobby Lashley was so dominant. He ended the fight in the first round. The fight didn't even last two minutes and Thompson never had a chance.

Michael Chandler VS David Rickels: Michael Chandler kept pinning down David Rickels constantly. It's a miracle David Rickels made it to the second round without a hit.

Will Brooks VS Marcin Held: Will Brooks dominated this match from start to finish. The fight lasted 5 rounds before the judges tallied up the score. By the end of the fourth round, the blood of Marcin Held was all over the Octagon. Brooks came up with a huge statement win to retain his title as Light Weight Champion of the World In MMA.

Patricio "Pitbull" Friere VS Daniel Straus: This was an intense fight that came right down to the wire. You saw punches from both fighters and you knew this would last pretty long if you were watching on television. In the end Daniel Straus pulled the upset knocking off the defending Heavyweight Champion.