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2014 NFL Week 8 Predictions

Carson Palmer is 3-0 as the starter for the Arizona Cardinals. The 5-1 Arizona Cardinals host a 5-1 Philadelphia Eagles team that is coming off a bye week.

San Diego Chargers 5-2-0
Denver Broncos 5-1-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Denver Broncos. They are the best team in football, but Thursday games are so weird that I think I’ll pick the Broncos from now on.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Draft Utopia’s Week 7 predictions had a record 77 shares, 62 tweets, and 30 google + replies. Our readers continue to kick major behind. Thanks again, we love it.

Why the San Diego Chargers will win This is a really tough call. Both teams have excellent quarterbacks and both teams are banged up in the backfield. San Diego has a top 5 pass defense which will work in their favor if they get some pressure on Manning. Also Rivers ranks third in passing yards behind Andrew Luck and Matt Ryan.

While you would think Rivers has the overall edge, Manning dominates in some statistical categories as well. For starters San Diego was the only team to beat the Broncos in Denver during the regular season and second the Chargers are coming off a last second loss to the Kansas City Chiefs with everyone expecting them to fail.

Why the Denver Broncos will win Peyton Manning has an 8.5 yards per completion meaning the wide receiver usually runs for 8 or 9 yards on average when Manning chucks the football. Also Manning barely has a better touchdown to interception ratio over Rivers as Manning has 19 touchdowns and 3 interceptions to Rivers 17 touchdowns and 3 interceptions.

San Diego may have the higher ranked pass defense, but cornerback Brandon Flowers along with both safeties on the Chargers are listed as questionable. Manti Te’o the 3-4 middle linebacker with the fake girlfriend incident also listed as questionable.

Denver has 4 corners that can cover with Aqib Talib as the field cornerback, Chris Harris as the boundary corner, Tony Carter lined up in nickel, and Bradley Roby at dime. Having T.J. Ward at strong safety and Rahim Moore at free safety can make it tough on these guys.

Denver is third in run stuffing, and you saw how good the Broncos looked against a 49ers offensive line with similar weaknesses that the Chargers have. How do the Chargers expect to keep Rivers from taking a hit for 60 minutes. Manning will get the protection he needs against a pass rush led by his former Colts teammate Dwight Freeney.

The wide receivers will determine the outcome of this contest and you have to give Denver the edge in this category. Keenan Allen has more receiving yards then Eddie Royal, but has no receiving touchdowns to show for it. Royal leads the Chargers with 5 receiving touchdowns in the slot. Malcolm Floyd leads the Chargers in receiving yards. Rivers is doing a fantastic job spreading the ball out, but Peyton Manning’s receiving core is that better. Why? Demaryius Thomas leads the team with 662 receiving yards and 6 receiving touchdowns. Tight end Julius Thomas has 9 receiving touchdowns. You have Emmanuel Sanders as a #2 receiver and Wes Welker lined up in the slot. Each of those receivers has a minimum of 1 receiving touchdown in 2014. Denver has the playmakers which is why they should win.

Prediction: The Broncos enter as a 7.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $330 dollars on Denver. In a week filled with so much parody this is the game getting the most betting action. I will go with the Broncos by a touchdown as the Chargers cover the spread.

Final Score Broncos 28 Chargers 21

Detroit Lions 5-2-0
Atlanta Falcons 2-5-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

London Games are weird. Megatron is trying to come back- if he returns I expect a big game

Even without Megatron, I think the Lions win. The Falcons are a mess - especially on the o-line.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why is there an NFL game in London? I thought there was already a game in London this year. Maybe I am thinking about the Penn State VS Central Florida game in Dublin or perhaps it was the Patriots VS Buccaneers game from last season. This rule is stupid because you are denying a team one less home game. Didn’t the NFL used to have games in Mexico. Instead of giving London free NFL games I think we should give a place like Paris, Japan, China, Russia, or even India a free game. Every year it feels like we are giving either London or Canada a free game hoping either the Bills or Jaguars will relocate.

Why the Detroit Lions will win There is talk that Calvin Johnson will return. Do not rush him. You have a bye week and then a home contest against the Miami Dolphins in week 10. Johnson will be back at 100 percent by that time.

Atlanta has a joke of a defense and you can play balanced football with a healthy Reggie Bush to win the time of possession battle. There is no excuse for Stafford to have a turnover against a defense that is this weak.

Why the Atlanta Falcons will win Sure Matt Ryan is second in the NFL in passing yards and yes Julio Jones is fourth in receiving yards. My problem with Atlanta is they have yet to face a defense of this caliber.

Detroit has recorded 18 sacks on the year with 15 of those 18 sacks coming from the defensive line. Nobody has more than 5 sacks. It is a collected team effort by the defensive line, outside linebackers, and strong safety. Detroit is second in the NFL in run defense and seventh in the NFL in pass defense.

Left tackle Sam Baker and right tackle Jake Matthews are out with injuries. Now center Peter Konz is on injured reserve. Left guard Justin Blaylock and right guard Jon Asamoah are talented enough to contain Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley at defensive tackle. Jason Jones and Ziggy Ansah will have easy paths to the quarterback at defensive end. Once you double team the defensive ends the defensive tackles will get past the line of scrimmage.

Prediction: The Lions enter as a 4 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $195 dollars on Detroit. The Detroit Lions should win by double digit points. It will not be a 20 point blowout that some expect.

Final Score Lions 21 Falcons 10

Minnesota Vikings 2-5-0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-5-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Right now I’m leaning towards Minnesota over Tampa Bay in an upset. That game could easily go either way.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Jason Bantle and I both went 11-4 as Jason changed his pick from the Chargers to the Chiefs at the last minute. Both of us are 65-41 through 7 weeks if you count the tie as an automatic win.

Our Draft Utopia forum is now at 24 members and we had 9 members pick games this week. Zain was not one of those members so if all 9 of those members show up while Zain picks imagine what could happen. Here is a list of the week 7 standings from our message board.

  1. Chris Ransom 11-4
  2. Jason Bantle 11-4
  3. BoukenGreen 11-4
  4. BarrackHusseinObama44 9-6
  6. ProfessorYogaPants 8-7
  7. theDUDE 7-8
  8. WilliamJeffersonKeleher 6-9
  9. JabbaTheFearMongerer 5-10

Why the Minnesota Vikings will win Teddy Bridgewater draws a very favorable match up. While the Buccaneers are favorites I think Minnesota will win in a blowout.

Bridgewater dominated when he faced a week Falcons defense, but he struggled against two defenses that had 14 sacks on the defensive line that were good at stopping the run. Tampa Bay has a defense that has a combined total of 8 sacks on the defensive line. You have a run defense that ranks 25th in the NFL along with a pass defense that ranks 31st in the NFL.

Why is Tampa Bay so bad in pass defense? Cornerback Alterraun Verner is an effective cover corner that can play man, zone, or press when lining up at field corner. His safeties Mark Barron and Dashon Goldson are both dealing with injuries. Barron showed a lot of toughness from recovering from the injury where he missed a few plays against the Pittsburgh Steelers in week 4. The other half of the secondary involving Goldson and Jonathan Banks at boundary cornerback will give Minnesota a mismatch they can exploit.

With Banks and Goldson both out, Cordarrelle Patterson and Jarius Wright should have field days just like in the game against Atlanta. Middle linebacker Mason Foster should have anywhere between 20 and 50 tackles by now. Foster only has 19 tackles at middle linebacker in 2014.

What about Gerald McCoy he should have a big day facing a backup right guard in Vladimir Ducasse. Not necessarily. Ducasse and center John Sullivan would be able to disable Gerald McCoy by double teaming him. Left tackle Matt Kalil can hold his own against right end Michael Johnson. Same could be said for Phil Loadholt going up against a weak William Gholston.

Why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will win Picking them to be the favorite seems like a smart play because they are coming off a bye week and playing at the boat in Raymond James Stadium. Buccaneers defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier knows this teams offensive playbook. The chess match between Norv Turner and Frazier will be fun to watch. If Tampa Bay wins it will be because they out coached the Vikings by calling the right plays.

Another thing that could influence Tampa Bay to win is the play at wide receiver with Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans. Glennon is a tall pocket quarterback and having these guys will make his job easier. Having both Doug Martin and Bobby Rainey splitting carries in the backfield gives you a chance to win if you move the chains and win the time of possession battle.

Prediction: The Buccaneers enter as a 2.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $135 dollars on Tampa Bay. Minnesota may be undersized on the secondary, but the pass defense is 9th in the NFL. Bridgewater is due for a breakout game and he faces the 31st ranked pass defense in the NFL even though the Vikings are 32nd, dead last in the NFL in passing yards on offense.

Final Score Vikings 37 Buccaneers 14

Buffalo Bills 4-3-0
New York Jets 1-6-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

I like the Bills over the Jets.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Bill Clinton’s College Football Playoff Selection Special

Yahoo man. This is your 42nd William Jefferson Clinton. Lots of changes with all the upsets that are sexier than Sarah Palin sorry Hillary.

  1. Mississippi State Bulldogs: Mississippi State beat Auburn convincingly dropping 28 points on the Auburn Tigers. After watching Florida State nearly lose to Notre Dame I am convinced that the SEC Southeast Collegiate Pimps got this one right by making Monica Lewinsky State #1 in the polls.

  2. Previous Ranking: #2

  3. Florida State Seminoles: At #1 we have the Florida State Seminoles or as I call them the Semites. The Semites are led by the food stealer. Jameis Winston. So Winston stands up on a table and yells blank her in the pussy. Then Florida State suspends him for an entire game. Winston causes Florida State to drop to third in our poll because of his behavior. Then Notre Dame nearly beats Florida State despite the food stealer going 15/16 in the second half. Did Winston steal Brian Kelly’s playbook or Manti Te’o’s girlfriend. That is what I would like to know. Also I want to be seamus as semen on that blue dress. I did not have sexual relations with Miss Monica Lewinsky.

  4. Previous Ranking: #1

  5. Ole Miss Rebels: Ole Miss also known as Ole Monica the rival school to Monica Lewinsky State. Ole Miss dethroned the pimp known as Nick Saban. This week they play LSU on College Gameday with a golden opportunity to move ahead of the Semites.

  6. Previous Ranking: #3

  7. Alabama Crimson Tide: This was a tough call between Alabama, Auburn, and an undefeated Marshall squad. I went with Saban cause he is a pimp with the best team. Yahoo man.

  8. Previous Ranking: Not Ranked

Why the Buffalo Bills will win Buffalo has tallied 24 total sacks this season. About 7/8 of those sacks came from the defensive line with the defensive linemen in the Bills 4-3 scheme registering 21 of those 24 sacks. Buffalo is also 4th in the NFL in run defense. Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz has a good defensive scheme that his players are buying into despite the poor play of the offense.

On offense one guy has to step up. That player is Sammy Watkins the wide receiver you drafted out of Clemson. With cornerback Dee Milliner out for the season, Watkins should have a big day.

Why the New York Jets will win Geno Smith finally has the playmakers. You traded for Percy Harvin. With Harvin and Decker this passing game isn’t so laughable. New York ranks fifth in the NFL in rushing yards thanks to an amazing run blocking scheme the Jets run in addition to the Chris Ivory Chris Johnson tandem.

Kyle Orton is a joke. Him starting over E.J. Manuel is like Vick starting over Geno Smith. Unlike Manuel, Geno did not have the weapons to thrive right away. Now Smith has those guys and he is going up against a suspect pass defense.

Like the Bills, the Jets are also excellent at stopping the run. Unlike the Bills, the Jets use a 3-4 scheme to rush the quarterback and stop the run led by head coach Rex Ryan. Buffalo will not have C.J. Spiller or Fred Jackson for this contest. I gave the Bills a hall pass last week because Bridgewater struggled against such a stout pass rush that gave Tom Brady fits at times.

Geno Smith gained a lot of confidence on the road against the Patriots without Percy Harvin. The league secretly wants the Jets to win because there will be lower ratings if the Bills get in. Kansas City, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh all provide bigger markets than Buffalo.

Prediction: The Jets enter as a 3 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $140 dollars on New York. The New York Jets win and barely cover the spread in a low scoring game.

Final Score Jets 17 Bills 13

Chicago Bears 3-4-0
New England Patriots 5-2-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Too much drama in Chicago. Patriots on extra rest should easily handle the Bears.

@CockyBelichick is my favorite Twitter user of all time. His twitter feed is that epic. He always inserts the #kisstherings hashtag and it is badass. I’m going to post his 5 best tweets on our site every week like David Letterman does with his top 10 jokes until the owner of this twitter feed requests I take them down because his tweets are that epic.

Child abuse is no laughing matter. Still I’d love to see you and the NFL Play 60 kid beat the shit out of Josh McDaniels in a game of dodgeball.

I have two different theories on why the Seahawks are losing. Theory A involves Peyton Manning giving the Seahawks marijuana and the Seahawks put off using the marijuana until after the Monday Night Game so nobody would suspect a thing. Remember Marijuana is legal in Colorado and Washington. Manning would not get caught if he dealt marijuana in Seattle, but he would get caught for dealing in Denver. My second theory involves other NFL coaches having to give Pete Carroll free hand jobs in order for the Seahawks to tank games. Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch are better than this. Which theory do you guys find to be more believable?

There are danish track stars that run faster 40 times than Percy Harvin.

I like your odds against Ebola too Belichick. At the same time you cannot tell me that Ed Hoculi’s biceps or Chuck Norris would have no chance against Ebola. Those guys are just as effective as you when it comes to giving Ebola an ass whooping.

Aaron Hernandez did this during his rookie season when the Patriots traveled to the city of organized crime in Chicago. New England can let Hernandez out of jail to do this just one last time.

Why the Chicago Bears will win Chicago can win if Matt Forte gets past the Patriots’ defensive line. It will be a lot harder to stop the running game without Jerod Mayo along with outside linebackers that are playing injured. Why do you think the Jets had so much success against the Patriots.

Chicago has 2 elite wide receivers with Brandon Marshall Alshon Jeffery. Jay Cutler is too inconsistent. Nobody can get any pressure on the Patriots with this Bears defensive line.

Why the New England Patriots will win New England is 3-0 at Gillette Stadium this season. Also Brady has thrown for 9 touchdowns and 0 interceptions in his last three starts. One of those games was a road win against a Bills team where he threw 4 touchdowns with lousy pass protection. Talk about an elite quarterback with Hall Of Fame credentials.

Prediction: The Patriots enter as a 6.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $285 dollars on New England. Expect a typical New England Patriots blowout.

Final Score Patriots 30 Bears 13

Seattle Seahawks 3-3-0
Carolina Panthers 3-3-1

Jason Bantle’s Pick

I cannot see a world were Seattle has a losing record so they will find a way to beat Carolina.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Seattle Seahawks will win The secondary has its act together after a solid game against St. Louis. If the Seahawks can avoid turnovers they should win.

Why the Carolina Panthers will win Cam Newton can win games. This offensive line for Carolina is a mess unlike the Seahawks offensive line with five linemen starting in all 6 of their games. Seattle is also second in total rushing yards, but Carolina has a nice run stuffing defense.

Players on the secondary like cornerback Antoine Cason, strong safety Roman Harper, free safety Thomas DeCoud, and cornerback Josh Norman out of Coastal Carolina make a much stronger tandem then the defensive backs the Panthers had last year.

Cam Newton has Kelvin Benjamin, Cotchery, and tight end Greg Olsen as his targets. Russell Wilson carried the offense last year plus the Seahawks lack the targets to provide Russell Wilson the tools to win.

Prediction: The Seahawks are favored by 4.5 points. The average gambler is betting $200 dollars on Seattle. Carolina wins because Newton has more playmakers along with a defense that is good enough to hold up against Seattle. Gonna predict Carolina takes this one in overtime. Unlike the Denver Broncos, Carolina reaps the benefits of overtime with the Seattle Seahawks.

Final Score Panthers 23 Seahawks 17 OT

Miami Dolphins 3-3-0
Jacksonville Jaguars 1-6-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Dolphins should win in Jacksonville. Probably be just as many Miami fans there.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Miami Dolphins will win Miami has a defensive line that can get to the quarterback and a secondary that can keep your passing game in check.

Why the Jacksonville Jaguars will win The Jaguars finally won a game. Just be glad you won against the Browns because it may be the only game you win all year.

Prediction: The Dolphins are a 4.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $205 dollars on Miami. Look for the Jaguars to win.

Final Score Dolphins 21 Jaguars 7

Baltimore Ravens 5-2-0
Cincinnati Bengals 3-2-1

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Cincinnati better beat Baltimore at home. They already beat them on the road. Their season is on the line. They need to bounce back badlly.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Baltimore Ravens will win Baltimore is eager for revenge after losing to the Bengals in week 1. You have an offense that ranks in the top 10 in passing yards and rushing yards. Justin Forsett is fourth in the NFL in rushing yards. Steve Smith and Torrey Smith should school the Bengals cornerbacks from an offensive standpoint.

On defense you got a Ravens squad that is mentally focused at this right time. You are loaded with quality linebackers as you go on the road to face Cincinnati. This defense will only be as good as the linebackers.

Why the Cincinnati Bengals will win A.J. Green might sit out again. That is reason enough to take the Ravens when you consider that the Bengals are 30th in run defense and 26th in pass defense.

Prediction: The Bengals are a 1.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $115 dollars on Cincinnati. Ravens win and exact revenge on the Bengals.

Final Score Ravens 17 Bengals 14

Houston Texans 3-4-0
Tennessee Titans 2-5-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Right now I’m leaning: Texans over the Titans although giving up 24 pts in 3 minutes is mind blowing to me.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Houston Texans will win Arian Foster is second in the NFL with 615 rushing yards. The Titans have no pass rush up front. Not to mention you are 22nd in run define and 20th out of 32 teams in pass defense.

Why the Tennessee Titans will win Jake Locker might finally play. If Locker starts I am giving the Titans the edge on Sunday.

Prediction: The Texans are a 1 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $110 dollars on Houston. This game feels like a toss up, but the consensus believes the Texans will win.

Final Score Titans 20 Texans 17

St. Louis Rams 2-4-0
Kansas City Chiefs 3-3-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Chiefs seem better than the Rams, but that series is interesting being so close together in proximity.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the St. Louis Rams will win The Rams win over Seattle came down an inability to execute by the Seahawks. Rams should lose this time.

Why the Kansas City Chiefs will win The Kansas City Chiefs came off a huge win against the San Diego Chargers. You just need to run the ball and win the time of possession battle.

Prediction: The Chiefs are a 6.5 point favorites. The average gambler wagered $285 dollars on the Kansas City Chiefs. I am surprised that the average gambler did not bet more on the Chiefs.

Final Score Chiefs 28 Rams 7

Philadelphia Eagles 5-1-0
Arizona Cardinals 5-1-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

I like Philly in an upset over the cards bc they are fresh off a bye week and had 2 weeks to prepare.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Philadelphia Eagles will win Philadelphia has a strong offensive line and is coming off a bye week. The Cardinals 3-4 defensive ends are both injured. How will this defense get by the Eagles guards without Dockett or Campbell? Jonathan Abraham was the teams only good pass rusher and Daryl Washington is still suspended at 3-4 middle linebacker. Philadelphia has enough offensive talent to pick apart this defense.

Trent Cole may struggle to get by Jared Veldheer. Connor Barwin should have his way with Cardinals right tackle Bobby Massie. Philadelphia can win if they rush Palmer.

Why the Arizona Cardinals will win Arizona is unbeaten at home and the team is 3-0 when Carson Palmer is starting. You got an excellent receiving core with Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd, and Jonathan Brown. The backfield features Andre Ellington and Stepfan Taylor splitting carries.

On defense you have the top ranked run defense in the NFL despite an overload of injuries on the front 7 plus a potent cornerback tandem with Patrick Peterson and Antonio Cromartie. You have to love the Cardinals defense.

Prediction: The Cardinals are a 2.5 point favorite with the average gambler betting $135 dollars on Arizona. Look for this to be a one touchdown game that could go either way.

Final Score Cardinals 28 Eagles 21

Indianapolis Colts 5-2-0
Pittsburgh Steelers 4-3-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

I’l take Indy over Pitt. The Steelers got lucky due to the Texans bad play. The win over Houston was a fluke. and Indy is much better than Houston.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Indianapolis Colts will win I would like to thank my friend Paul Fink. First Paul pointed out how the Steelers have allowed fewer yards than any team in the AFC North. Later, I found out that the Colts have allowed fewer yards than any team in the AFC. Also the Colts have a stout offense with an uncanny ability. Houston should have executed on offense without so many poor choices like Jason said.

Why the Pittsburgh Steelers will win The Steelers need this win more than the Colts. Indianapolis has a 2 game lead over everybody in the AFC South. Pittsburgh knows they need to win to get back in a competitive AFC Playoff Picture.

Prediction: The Colts are a 3 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $140 dollars on Indianapolis. This will be a push as the Indianapolis Colts will win by a field goal. I am so certain that the Colts will win I will post a photo of Paul in Steeler gear where he looks like a Vikings fan in the event that the Steelers win.

Final Score Colts 27 Steelers 24

Oakland Raiders 0-6-0
Cleveland Browns 3-3-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Part of me really wants to pick Oakland to get a W as they are the only winless team, but going across the country to an east coast team is tough even for good teams. Plus the browns just got embarrassed by the jags - so they will bring their a game. i might change my mind on this later in the week depending on the locker room morale and Johnny Manziel/Brian Hoyer.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

It is time for a weekly update on the Obamacare Fantasy Football League that I created for fun back in July. Here to breakdown the highlights is none other than Stephen Colbert.

Stephen Colbert: Republican Blowouts Galored folks. Herman Cain delivered a 300-0 shutout over Sarah Palin and then yelled this is Sparta in front of Sarah’s pregnant daughter who continues to have kids. It is the most radical thing I’ve seen since Obama’s March Madness special on ESPN.

Thanks to these lopsided wins Herman Cain is a win away from clinching a spot in the Republican Primary Semifinals. Newt Gingrich owns the tiebreaker over Mitt Romney for beating him twice in head to head play. Ginrich is 4-3 while Romney is 3-4 meaning Newt has to lose 2 out of the next 3 while Romney wins 2 out of the next 3 games to win the tiebreaker.

Newt won because his team had Drew Brees, Arian Foster, Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, Greg Olsen. Newt also had Pierre Garcon and Golden Tate on his team with Garcon as a flex option and Jones as a sub.

Romney had some guys like quarterback Tom Brady, wide receivers Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd along with Cordarrelle Patterson in the flex and Julius Thomas at tight end.

Romney had a good cast of players. Newt prevailed 332-225.

You would think Joe Biden would win this time after not starting Andrew Luck in their previous week 3 meeting. Obama triumphed once again 282-228 in an offensive contest. A super team featuring Peyton Manning Jimmy Graham, Antonio Brown, and DeMarco Murray is simply too much to handle. Obama goes to 6-1 as Joe Biden falls to 2-5.

Bill Clinton faced Hillary this week. After Robert Griffin III and Matthew Stafford both failed, Clinton turned to his third stringer in Russell Wilson. His team featured Russell Wilson, Leveon Bell, and Jordy Nelson.

Marshawn Lynch had a poor game for Hillary Clinton. Reggie Bush was just as bad for Bill Clinton. Calvin Johnson and A.J. Green were out for both teams .

Hillary had Aaron Rodgers at quarterback along with some other players who stepped up like Randall Cobb, Wes Welker, and Emmanuel Sanders. Her passing game was clicking more than Monca’s beaver.

Neither Clinton was satisfied from the performance of their tight ends. Jordan Cameron and Jason Witten both looked sloppy at tight end.

Bill Clinton had the Cardinals defense and Blair Walsh at kicker. Hillary had the Panthers defense and Mason Crosby at kicker.

When you take this game into account QB is a push. RB has to go to Bill Clinton. WRs Hillary. Tight ends are a push. Flex is a push. Defense is Bill Clinton and kickers were in favor of Bill Clinton.

It looked like Hillary would win. Thanks to the letdown of her team on defense and special teams Bill Clinton barely edged Hillary 190-184.

Hillary argued that her team should have won. She had better receivers than Bill. Randall Cobb did outplay Jordy Nelson plus Welker and Sanders tore it up for Denver. She had Aaron Rodgers and he started Russell Wilson. Despite this Bill Clinton is now 3-4.

Both Bill and Hillary are 3-4, but Hillary maintained her second place win over Bill because many believe she was snubbed of a victory.

There are still 3 weeks left in the Obama Care Fantasy Football League until the Republican and Democratic Primary Semifinals. Obama has already locked his spot in the Democratic primary with home field thanks to Bill Clinton winning. What is even worse is that Obama gets an easy home game against Sarah Palin that will allow him to start 7-1. The top 2 players in the republican conference and the top 2 players in the Democrat conference go to the Semifinals. We will have a better idea of which other 3 players join Obama after week 8 next week.

Why the Oakland Raiders will win Oakland is due to start 0-7. Marcus Mariota already has a degree and is only taking 2 classes as a junior redshirt. There is no reason for him to stay considering he will probably win the Heisman. Last years Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston has already made it known that he will likely declare after this season.

Why the Cleveland Browns will win Cleveland will likely prevail. The Browns are too good to lose to the only two remaining winless teams in the NFL. Losing center Alex Mack took a toll on the Browns. Cleveland should do better with the Brian Hoyer contract distraction finally being put to rest.

Prediction: The Browns are a 7 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $300 dollars on Cleveland. This is one of the bigger plays this week, and it is a play where I think the Browns win convincingly

Final Score Browns 35 Raiders 16

Green Bay Packers 5-2-0
New Orleans Saints 2-4-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

I am leaning Packers. The early losses to Atlanta and Cleveland are looking even worse now.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

The Broncos defeated the 49ers. Tony Dungy wins and Peter King loses. Peter King hand me your torch the tribe has spoken. Now we will go to COWPOTE RADIO the Talking Hologram about the match ups for weeks 8-10.


I must kick someone off within the next three weeks in order to pay off my landlord Rugburn. To be honest Michelle Tafoya and her yoga pants are destroying you guys. She will receive a spot in the final 4 and if she had an apple ass like Michelle Obama I would leapfrog her to the final 2 boys and girls.

Alright Rodney Harrison is a cheater like Tiger Woods. He played for the video cheater and the baby maker up in New England. You know it, the NSA knows, it we all know it baby. Hines Ward is a pansy like the Pittsburgh Pansies. I still have not heard an apology from the Rooney’s. Mike Tomlin is the pencil dick of my podcast. Dan Patrick is a dink for naming a talk show after himself. Tony Dungy is a homophobe for bashing Michael Sam about his sexuality by saying the Rams should not have cut him.

In week 8 the Green Bay Packers travel to New Orleans. This game will feature Tony Dungy and the Packers going up against Rodney Harrison and the Saints. Winner gets first spot in the semifinals.

Week 9 will feature Dan Patrick and the Ravens versus Hines Ward and the Steelers. Winner locks up second of third possible spots available in the semifinals.

Week 10 will be an elimination game between the losers of the week 8 and week 9 games. Winner stays on the Island for a chance to win it all and the loser goes home to clean up Boscoes poop straight out of the litter box. Ned Hastings will reveal rules for Semifinals will be revealed following week 10.

Al Michaels voted off the Island After losing to Team Collinsworth in week 1. Players saw him as a threat in week 1.

Bob Costas was originally ruled safe. Costas was nominated and when Collinsworth and Dungy used immunity idols to take themselves off the block. Bob was the next to hand us his torch.

Cris Collinsworth was disqualified from the island for cheating during commentary of Bengals VS Patriots match up in the second quarter.

Mike Florio got evicted after a Giants team he ran lost 27-0 to an Eagles team operated by Hines Ward. Hines cried about the Steelers losing to the Browns despite this, Florio still got his ass kicked of the island.

Peter King and the 49ers lost to a Denver Broncos squad operated by Tony Dungy. It turns out Peter King wanted dirt on NBC that he could post in his Sports Illustrated Pieces.

Why the Green Bay Packers will win Aaron Rodgers has a 18 touchdown to 1 interception touchdown to interception ratio. Having a +17 touchdown to interception ratio is certainly impressive. When you go six weeks without throwing a pick, you know you have a quarterback that Wall Street brokers want to invest in. Everyone on the offensive line looks good in pass protection. Rodgers has an excellent group of wide receivers to aid him in the passing game. While you would like to see more from Eddie Lacy this is a Super Bowl caliber offense.

On defense you have a weak run defense that will disable the Saints’ running game due to the fact that Mark Ingram is injured. You also have a lot of depth at outside linebacker. Julius Peppers has seen snaps at 3-4 right outside linebacker. This means the Packers have two rushers that make left tackles look suspect. Drew Brees will have his hands full with this pass rush. To make matters worse, backups like Nick Perry and Mike Neal each have 2 sacks on the year when playing behind Peppers and Matthews. Rookie Carl Bradford is a third string rush linebacker and he was a sleeper in the 2014 NFL Draft.

When you have depth at outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme along with depth on secondary you have a pass defense that will rank in the top 10 on a consistent basis. As long as they keep that foundation in place, it will be tough to beat Aaron Rodgers or the Green Bay Packers in general.

Why the New Orleans Saints will win New Orleans is getting Jimmy Graham back. Marques Colston and Kenny Stills both exceeded 100 receiving yards last week. Brandin Cooks led the team in receiving yards heading into week 7. Finally New Orleans is 2-0 at home.

Prediction: The Saints are a 1.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $110 dollars on the Saints. I will go with Green Bay in a narrow upset.

Final Score Packers 30 Saints 21

Washington Redskins 2-5-0
Dallas Cowboys 6-1-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Dallas at home on MNF against colt mccoy should be a no brainer.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

This just in. Jerry Jones has just hired former Initech Vice President Bill Lumbergh as the new GM and team consultant for the Dallas Cowboys. Every week we will get Lumbergh’s two cents on the Dallas Cowboys. So far Lumbergh is 6-0-0 after taking over as GM in week 2. The Cowboys won in Lumbergh’s first six games as General Manager/Team Consultant.

Here is this weeks advice from Bill Lumbergh.

"Hi Jason. Excellent job beating the division rival Giants. We’re 6-1, and 6-0 since my arrival in week 2, but we need to do more if we want NFL fans to take the Cowboys seriously. Now if you could beat Washington on Monday and repeat what you did in New York when we face the Giants on Sunday Night Football that would be super."

Why the Washington Redskins will win They won’t. Time for a quick joke. Robert Griffin III, Kirk Cousins, and Colt McCoy walk into a Red Lobster. The waiter named Jameis Winston asks them if they would like anything to eat. Winston later ends up stealing their seafood and their jobs up in Washington.

Why the Dallas Cowboys will win DeMarco Murray has 913 rushing yards in 7 games. Those numbers are unreal. Dallas will continue to play balanced football and block effectively as a pass blocking, run blocking, and zone blocking unit.

Prediction: The Cowboys are a 9.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $420 dollars after the original gambler was projected to bet $370 dollars on Dallas. Oddsmakers believe the average gambler will bet an average of $470 dollars on the Cowboys to win by double digits come Monday. I am predicting a shutout where Dallas wins.

Final Score Cowboys 38 Redskins 0

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