NFL Power Rankings 2022 NFL Power Rankings: 32. New York Giants: 0-1-0, 31. Chicago Bears: 0-1-0, 30. Houston Texans: 0-1-0

2023 NFL Power Rankings

Tony Mario Last Updated: September 14, 2023.

  1. New York Giants 0-1-0

    Chase McLaughlin even outscored you guys & he's the kicker. Then again every kicker in the league this week outscored you guys. That is sad.

  2. Chicago Bears 0-1-0

    This is why I'd always pass on QBs coming out of certain colleges. Schools like Ohio State and USC come to mind even though Chris tells me to scout the player not the helmet. This advice remains horse shit when it comes to Ohio State quarterbacks for now unless C.J. Stroud breaks out as the season progresses.

  3. Houston Texans 0-1-0

    Houston has five of their ten total offensive linemen and both of their starting safeties injured. The encouraging thing with Houston is that the second overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft C.J. Stroud out of Ohio State had zero turnovers while Houston's edge rushers got to Lamar Jackson with both Will Anderson Jr. the third pick in the 2023 NFL Draft and Jonathan Greenard sacking Lamar Jackson in week 1 despite losing 25 to 9.

  4. Pittsburgh Steelers 0-1-0

    San Francisco steamrolled Pittsburgh in Acrisure Stadium. Outside of T.J. Watt, there is zero identity on the Steelers through one week so far. San Francisco's 30 to 7 win over Pittsburgh is the type of contest that made Steely McBeam, the former Steelers mascot want to pour acid into his eyes. Losing both Diontae Johnson your number one receiver and Cameron Heyward the most well known veteran outside of T.J. Watt to injuries does not help the Steelers. If Chukwuma Okorafor cannot play in week 2, then Broderick Jones, Pittsburgh's 2023 first round pick will make his first NFL start at right tackle in week 2.

  5. Arizona Cardinals 0-1-0

    I'm not sure tanking for USC quarterback Caleb Williams is such a great idea. In his GQ interview Caleb Williams said he plays Call Of Duty everyday. Putting two quarterbacks that play Call Of Duty everyday in the same quarterback room could be a disaster. Personally, I like North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye better.

  6. New England Patriots 0-1-0

    Really disappointed Tom there right after you made his day. Mac Jones finished in the top 5 in passing yards, but all five offensive linemen on New England are injured heading into New England's Sunday Night game against Miami in week 2.

  7. Minnesota Vikings 0-1-0

    Thanks for protecting the football Vikings. The Bucs needed that win.

  8. Carolina Panthers 0-1-0

    Bryce Young looks inexperienced. Get it, because he was the first pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

  9. Indianapolis Colts 0-1-0

    Indianapolis led Jacksonville after three quarters. This team just couldn't take care of the football when it mattered most in the fourth quarter.

  10. Denver Broncos 0-1-0

    Denver would easily be undefeated if it wasn't for the officiating of Bill Vinovich and the kicking of Will Lutz. Sean Payton traded for his former Saints kicker and that decision looks like it backfired.

  11. Seattle Seahawks 0-1-0

    Both left tackle Charles Cross and right tackle Abraham Lucas are injured. Seattle summoned 41 year old Jason Peters out of retirement to face the 2022 Pepsi Rookie Of The Year in Detroit Lions edge rusher Aidan Huchinson whose lined up against left tackles at 4-3 right end in week 2.

  12. Buffalo Bills 0-1-0

    Josh Allen looked like Rob Johnson against the New York Jets in week 1 and Aaron Rodgers tore his ACL. There are valid reasons for putting the Buffalo Bills outside of the top 20. There isn't a number two wide receiver to Stefon Diggs as Gabriel Davis continues to be a liability while Deonte Harty took the slot receiver job from Khalil Shakir. Right tackle Spencer Brown was god awful in this game to the point where he is getting replaced if the Buffalo Bills squander another playoff opportunity. Terrell Bernard is a good outside linebacker, but he's not a quality replacement for Tremaine Edmunds at middle linebacker. Bernard got lucky that Matt Milano continues to ball out. Christian Benford got beat on some plays by the New York Jets wide receivers when dropping back into coverage which makes the decision to bench Kaiir Elam for Christian Benford more questionable to begin with. Wide receiver, right tackle, defensive tackle, middle linebacker, and cornerback could all be areas that the Buffalo Bills address in the 2024 NFL Draft if things do not change in Buffalo's home opener against the Las Vegas Raiders in week 2.

  13. Tennessee Titans 0-1-0

    Tennessee has some good core players on defense. Nick Folk led the league in field goals too. Unfortunately for the Titans, their offense couldn't do jack shit. The offensive line sucks. Ryan Tannehill is past his prime. DeAndre Hopkins and Treylon Burks are injured. Also, there's speculation that the Titans new offensive coordinator is gonna limit Derrick Henry's carries while increasing the workload for rookie running back Tyjae Spears.

  14. Los Angeles Chargers 0-1-0

    The Los Angeles Chargers continue to Charger after blowing a 27-3 lead to Jacksonville in the wild card. The Los Angeles Chargers had their team at full health unlike last year and still found a way to lose their home opener to the Miami Dolphins in an offensive shootout. There were even AI robots in Sofi Stadium with Chargers gear to compensate for the lack of attendance.

  15. Cincinnati Bengals 0-1-0

    Was that Joe Burrow playing? That must of been a backup.

  16. Las Vegas Raiders 1-0-0

    The Raiders are in first place and Jimmy Garoppolo took no sacks thanks to superb blocking by left tackle Kolton Miller. Jimmy Garoppolo has a lifetime pass for free sex at the Sheri's Ranch brothel as well. I hope Jimmy G took his offensive linemen to the brothel before a big game against the Buffalo Bills. Maybe the plan is to start 2-0 and then go to the Brothel before Mike Tomlin comes to Las Vegas in week 3. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

  17. Baltimore Ravens 1-0-0

    Baltimore's defense looked incredible even without their best cornerback Marlon Humphrey. Baltimore played a Texans team depleted with injuries. I am curious to see how this team does on the road against the Bengals in week 2 now that starting running back J.K. Dobbins is out for the year.

  18. Green Bay Packers 1-0-0

    Some love for Jordan Love. Unless that was just one game.

  19. Washington Commanders 1-0-0

    The Washington Redskins look great without Dan Snyder. Oops, I meant to say the Washington Football Team looked great without Dan Snyder. Pardon me, I meant to say the Washington Commanders look great without Dan Snyder.

  20. Atlanta Falcons 1-0-0

    Atlanta won their season opener. Atlanta is favored at home in week 2 with a chance to start 2-0 before heading to Detroit in week 3 to take on a Detroit Lions team that will also be undefeated if Detroit can take care of business in their home opener.

  21. New Orleans Saints 1-0-0

    New Orleans looked good defensively. The passing game for New Orleans was clicking despite constant turnovers by Derek Carr in week 1.

  22. New York Jets 1-0-0

    The J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets are benching Zach Wilson for Mike White. New York started the year 6-4 and only won one game against the Chicago Bears before losing out. New York could easily turn things around if they traded for someone like Derek Carr.

    Previously Ranked: 16th

  23. Cleveland Browns 1-0-0

    The Cleveland Browns crushed the two time AFC North Champion Cincinnati Bengals after Ja'Marr Chase called the Browns a bunch of Elves for having a elf logo at the 50 yard line. Pittsburgh isn't giving Cleveland any bulletin board material. The Browns have a real opportunity to cease control of the AFC North early in the season if they can go into Acrisure Stadium and secure a week 2 win on Monday Night Football. You cannot get complacent here Cleveland if you want to win the AFC North.

  24. Los Angeles Rams 1-0-0

    The Rams made quite the statement win. Stafford was the only quarterback to exceed 300 passing yards without a pick despite throwing 0 touchdowns. Steve Avila, the left guard the Rams drafted out of TCU in the second round looked as good as former Kansas City Chiefs All Pro guard Will Shields in his NFL debut with 0 pressures or sacks allowed on all 78 offensive snaps for the Rams.

  25. Kansas City Chiefs 0-1-0

    All I'll say is DONOVAN SMITH. The Bucs suffered with him long enough.

  26. Miami Dolphins 1-0-0

    Tua Tagovailoa currently leads the NFL with 466 passing yards. Tyreek Hill also leads the NFL with 215 receiving yards after saying he would become the first receiver to get over 2,000 receiving yards. Miami beat the Los Angeles Chargers on the road with injuries at left tackle, left guard, and cornerback. Miami can take that next step and potentially win a couple of playoff games if they can maintain this level of play as long as Tua and Hill stay healthy. I don't like those odds with Tua's concussion history, but right now the Dolphins are my second best AFC team after week one.

  27. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-0-0

    Entering the season the Cincinnati Bengals, Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills, and Kansas City Chiefs, last years Super Bowl champion in Super Bowl 57 were the top four AFC Teams in most NFL Season Previews due to having young quarterbacks as well as stability at that position. Cincinnati, Buffalo, and Kansas City all lost in week 1 allowing Jacksonville to gain the early lead in the AFC for home field. Jacksonville hosts the Kansas City Chiefs in week 2, which is the same team that knocked them out of last years Divisional Round at Arrowhead after traveling to Kansas City twice last season. Defeating Patrick Mahomes on his 28th birthday with Travis Kelce and Chris Jones back will be tough, but if the Jaguars pull it off, they will be considered the early favorite to get the one seed in the AFC as well as the potential favorite in the AFC to win the conference. I still think there are five NFC teams currently better than the Jaguars though.

  28. Dallas Cowboys 1-0-0

    They turned the Giants into their Cowgirls. That 40 to 0 shutout by Dallas reminded of the movie Little Giants with Rick Moranis. Dallas is a legit Super Bowl contender if they play like they did in week 1 every week moving forward, but with Zach Wilson filling in for Aaron Rodgers in week 2 you can also argue that Dallas has benefitted from an easier strength of schedule compared to other NFC teams ranked ahead of them in my power rankings. I was more impressed with Tampa Bay beating the Minnesota Vikings on the road than I was with the Dallas Cowboys statement win over the New York Giants since Tampa Bay won as an underdog while Dallas did what they were expected to do.

  29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-0-0

    Maybe the Bucs might have a chance at doing something with Baker. Chris Ransom pointed out that Baker Mayfield is 26-5 when he has 0 interceptions or fumbles lost. My bold take is that Tampa Bay might be a dark horse Super Bowl contender if they avoid injuries assuming Baker Mayfield can continue to make good decisions while avoiding turnovers. Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Dave Canales was the quarterbacks coach/passing game coordinator for Geno Smith during his comeback season a year ago in 2022. Dave Canales could get a head coaching gig if he does the same thing with Baker Mayfield in consecutive years after getting promoted from quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator.

  30. Detroit Lions 1-0-0

    Detroit earned a spot in the top 3 after defeating the Kansas City Chiefs on the road. Detroit has talent everywhere on offense, defense, and special teams. Detroit like Tampa Bay and Dallas could be a team that contends for the NFC in 2023. I still need to see more though in order to put the Detroit Lions in my top two right now since last years top two NFC teams picked up right where they left off.

  31. San Francisco 49ers 1-0-0

    San Francisco had a statement win in week 1. San Francisco still looks like a team destined to return to the NFC Championship Game.

  32. Philadelphia Eagles 1-0-0

    Philadelphia won the NFC Championship game last year before losing Super Bowl 57. I would take Philadelphia, San Francisco, Detroit, Tampa Bay, or Dallas over Jacksonville right now for Super Bowl 58 if the Jaguars manage to win the AFC this year.

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