Senior Bowl 2018 Senior Bowl: North Team: Will be coached by Denver Broncos and South Team: Will be coached by Houston Texans.

2018 Senior Bowl Weigh In Winners

Chris Ransom follow @DraftUtopia Posted on: 1/24/2018.

  1. Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming 6-5 237 lbs 1st Round

    Josh Allen won the weigh in with quarterbacks yesterday weighing 6-4 237 lbs. He also had 10 and 1/8 inch hands. Allen showed identical measurements to Carson Wentz. He has a chance to move up boards with a strong week in Mobile. Baker Mayfield's hands are bigger than advertised at 9 and 1/2 inches too. I have Baker graded ahead of Josh Allen, but Allen is closing in on Baker and Lamar Jackson.

  2. Marcus Davenport, DE/OLB, UTSA 6-6 259 lbs 1st Round

    Marcus Davenport out of UTSA has the body of an outside linebacker. He showed he's big enough to be a 4-3 defensive end which was one of my huge questions about him.

  3. Tyrell Crosby, OT, Oregon 6-5 319 lbs 3rd Round

    Tyrell Crosby had 10 and 7/8 inch hands. He's also 6-5 319 lbs. He had a good day 1 of Senior Bowl practice. Crosby is a second to third rounder for me at the moment and can challenge the current offensive tackles for a first round spot if he finishes the week strong.

  4. Bradley Bozeman, C, Alabama 6-4 317 lbs 3rd Round

    Bradley Bozeman had an awesome weigh in. He looked better in pass protection on day 1 than Mason Cole so now Bozeman is my number two center behind Will Clapp.

  5. B.J. Hill, DT, North Carolina State 6-3 321 lbs 3rd Round

    The 6-3 321 lb B.J. Hill was Mike Mayock's big winner ond ay 1 of the 2018 Senior Bowl. I had his teammate Justin Jones ahead of Hill, but that will change when I update my rankings and mock draft next week.

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