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2015 MLB Power Rankings

Posted By: Emily Rosairo Last Updated: September, 26, 2015

  1. Philadelphia Phillies: The Philadelphia Phillies remain at 30. You can go to Chris Ransom's 2016 MLB Mock Draft to see last week's power rankings.

  2. Atlanta Braves: The Braves have lost 12 in a row. If the Phillies took one out of two against the Red Sox, Atlanta would be 30th on this list.

  3. Colorado Rockies: The 64-90 Rockies may have a better record than the 63-90 Reds. Cincinnati has a much tougher schedule than Colorado which is why the Rockies remain at 28.

  4. Cincinnati Reds: The Reds went into Wrigley Field and had an impressive 11-6 win to end August. Joey Votto and Home Run Derby Winner Todd Frazier still anchor this batting lineup. The Red's have no pitcher.

  5. Oakland Athletics: Oakland moves down from 25 to 26. The Athletics have the worst record in the American League and are the only team officially eliminated from the AL Wild Card Race at this point. The NL Playoff teams need to send Oakland a gift basket for their 5-4 victory against the San Francisco Giants on Friday. The

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  7. Miami Marlins: The Miami Marlins are 67-87 and they got Jose Fernandez back. The Marlins may have a better record than the 65-89 Brewers, but they gave up 11 runs to the Atlanta Braves and Milwaukee has a tougher schedule than the Marlins.

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  9. Milwaukee Brewers: In addition to having a tougher schedule than the Marlins, the Brewers also defeated the St. Louis Cardinals in St. Louis on Friday and also had a lot of success against the Pittsburgh Pirates at the beginning of the month.

  10. San Diego Padres: The San Diego Padres are 72-82 and have been eliminated from the National League Playoffs.

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  12. Arizona Diamondbacks: The 74-80 Diamondbacks are the final National League team that's been officially eliminated from the MLB Playoffs in the National League at this point. The National League picture is pretty much set at this point, but there are still two teams with winning records that still have a marginal chance at winning their division.

  13. Detroit Tigers: Detroit has won 3 games in a row. The 72-81 Detroit Tigers are 2 games away from being officially eliminated from the AL Wild Card race.

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  15. Seattle Mariners: Seattle is now 74-80. Getting humiliated by the Angels doesn't help either. Seattle is 3 games away from being eliminated from the AL Wild Card Race.

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  17. Baltimore Orioles: The 76-77 Baltimore Orioles probably should be ranked higher than this. Losing to the Boston Red Sox 7-0 is completely unacceptable and that's why the Orioles fell to this spot. The Orioles may be 6 games away from being eliminated from the AL Wild Card Race, but this team already looks like they are done.

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  19. Chicago White Sox: The Chicago White Sox are 73-81. They are 2 games away from being eliminated in the AL Wild Card Race.

  20. Boston Red Sox: The Boston Red Sox are 3 games away from being eliminated in the AL Wild Card Race. I moved them up to 17 because of their win over the Orioles. The truth is Detroit, Chicago, Boston, Tampa Bay, and Baltimore are all pretty much locks to miss the playoffs even though all of those teams are still technically in the wild card race.

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  22. Tampa Bay Rays: Tampa Bay showed the Yankees that they were a doormat team in the AL East. The Rays put up such a good fight in the first half of the season, and have been one of the most disappointing teams since then.

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  24. Washington Nationals: Washington lost 8-2 to the Philadelphia Phillies at home. They are already eliminated from the wild card race and are 1 game away from being eliminated from the National League East. The New York Mets can lock up the NL East today.

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  26. Cleveland Indians: Cleveland comes in at 14. The 76-76 Cleveland Indians are finally back at .500 for the first time since opening day. This has been one of the hottest teams in the second half. The Tribe ranks third in the American League for lowest ERA and they have a better ERA than any other team in the AL Central. That statistic alone makes them a threat to go far if they can find a way to sneak into the 2015 American League playoffs. Cleveland is 3 games back of a wild card and 7 games away from being eliminated from the wild card race. I wanted to rank this team higher after their 6-0 road victory over the Kansas City Royals, but that seems very premature.

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  28. Minnesota Twins: The Minnesota Twins are have lost 2 in a row. Getting humiliated by the Detroit Tigers also hurts this team. Cleveland has been playing better than the Minnesota Twins, but Minnesota is 78-75 and the Cleveland Indians have yet to be above .500 all season. Minnesota is 1.5 games out of the wild card even though they cannot win their division.

  29. San Francisco Giants: The Giants lost to Oakland and are two games away from losing the NL West to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Giants have already been eliminated from the wild card race.

  30. Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim: The Angels are the only AL team outside of the playoff picture that still has a chance of winning their division at 79-74. The Angels are 5 games back in the division and are 5 games away from being eliminated from winning the AL West. Being a .5 game out of the wild card helps them out since they host the Mariners while the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers duke it out for a wild card spot.

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  32. New York Yankees: The Yankees can score at will. New York has control of the top wild card spot. My issue with ranking the Yankees in the top 10 is that they are too incostent

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  34. Houston Astros: Houston has 3 pitchers with Kuechel, McHugh, and Kazmir now as the #3 starter in this rotation. The Astros are lead the wild card over the Angels by a half a game. Houston plays Texas and they could easily fall out of the playoff race following this weekend. Houston really is the tenth best team, but they have done better against quality competition than the New York Yankees which is why they came in at 9.

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  36. Texas Rangers: The Rangers have won 4 in a row now. The 84-69 Texas Rangers have the same record as the New York Yankees. I think they deserve to be ranked 8th.

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  38. Toronto Blue Jays: Toronto has played much better the past week. The Blue Jays are the only team in the American League that can keep the Royals from locking up home field.

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  40. Kansas City Royals: The Royals had an MLB most 7 batters represent the AL at the 2015 MLB All Star Game. There is no question this is the best team in the AL mainly due to their batters and the bullpen once again. The starting rotation concerns me and the Royals may have the AL Central locked up, but they only ahead of the Blue Jays for home field by one game. The 89-64 Royals cannot get careless. Losing to Cleveland at home while Toronto beat the Orioles put the Blue Jays at 88-65. It's scary to think that Canada will get home field in the MLB Playoffs should Toronto lock up the top seed in the American League. The Royals are still the better team, but they are barely the better squad at this point.

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  42. New York Mets: It really doesn't matter who wins the AL. Even with home field in the World Series, these 5 NL Teams could all beat the AL Champion regardless because each team has an excellent starting rotation. The 87-67 Mets have Colon, DeGrom, and Harvey as their top 3 starters. I think that gives them a chance, but Colon's shaky ERA will probably cause the Mets an early playoff exit unless the bullpen steps up. Harvey and deGrom may be the #2 and #3 starters in this rotation, but the Mets will probably put both them against Kershaw and Grenkie when the Mets VS Dodgers series occurs in October.

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  44. Los Angeles Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw is the #1 pitcher in this rotation. Zach Greinke leads the MLB in ERA and has a better win loss record than Kershaw. The Dodgers are the best NL Team outside of the three NL Central power house teams.

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  46. St. Louis Cardinals: The St. Louis Cardinals are 2-4 against the Pirates in the last 6 games. They got swept by the Cubs and lost to the Brewers at home. Tell me why they aren't the weakest NL Central Team at this moment based on how they have played in September. Last month the Cardinals had 4 pitchers with ERA's of under 3.00. Now the only pitcher in their starting rotation with an ERA of under 3.00 is John Lackey. Carlos Martinez, Michael Wacha, and Lance Lynn have all struggled down the stretch after all 3 pitchers were so dominant early in the year.

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  48. Chicago Cubs: The Cubs have been one of the hottest teams in the MLB leading up to their loss against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Friday at Wrigley Field. They get the Pirates again later this month at PNC Park and will likely face Pittsburgh in the wild card game. Chicago has established a solid starting 4 with Jon Lester, Jake Arrieta, Jason Hammel, and Dan Haren. The Cubs are 4 deep with pitchers just like the Cardinals, and their bats may be better than St. Louis. Sweeping the Cardinals is what bumped the Cubs up to 2.

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  50. Pittsburgh Pirates The Pittsburgh Pirates won 7 in a row. They have the outfield and infield to win a championship despite the loss of Jung Ho Kang. Having Cole, Liriano, Morton, Locke, Happ, and Burnett as a substitute starter/long reliever to give the bullpen more flexibility makes the Pirates job so much easier. Nobody in the Pirates' bullpen has an ERA of 4.00 and that's hard to find since most teams have at least one pitcher in their pen with an ERA of 4.00. The Pirates appear to be the complete team on paper right now even with Jung Ho Kang out for the season. The fact that beat writers at the Tribune Review and Pittsburgh Post Gazzette are dismissing this team will be what motivates them to win it all. It really sucks that the Cubs have to play the Pirates in the wild card game because these two teams should be playing in the NLCS.

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