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Brian VS Brian Episode 6

Brian Bayless
Brian Thornsburg

This week on Brian VS Brian we talk Eliminator Round, Wrestling, Patriots, Bulls VS Pistons and the 2015 World Series.

Debate Topic 1 Who Wins The Eliminator Round Of The Chase?

Brian Bayless: My winner this week is Kyle Busch. Busch is in last place at the moment in the chase, but he surprises everyone in the chase.

Brian Thornsburg: The eliminator round screams Chevrolet dominance. So, I'm thinking Harvick and Kurt Busch dominate like they did at the begging of the season. As for the rest of the final four, I see Logano and Truex Jr taking the final two spots. Logano has had a spotless chase so far this year and is coming off of three straight wins, and has a great chance of making the final four if he just stays consistent.

Who Wins The Eliminator Round Of The Chase?
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Debate Topic 2 Good Wrestling Match Ups For Undertaker and Kane At Survivor Series

Brian Bayless: For wrestling I think two good survivor series matches would be Undertaker VS Brock Lesnar and Sting VS Kane. I'm not gonna lie something about Sting VS Kane compels me and gives me Goosebumps.

Brian Thornsburg: While I would love to see Sting join Taker and Kane, I know becuase of his recent injury at Night Of Champions, that probably isn't going to happen. That leaves me with Finn Balor from NXT and Neville. The match would be a huge deal for both Nevielle and Balor, especially if they played a crucial part in winning the match.

Who Would You Like To See Against Taker and Kane At Survivor Series?
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Debate Topic 3 Thoughts On The Miami Dolphins VS New England Patriots In Week 7?

Brian Bayless: This game was so one sided. New England dominated this game and part of me wondered how many Dolphins or Patriots memes we would get from this game.

Brian Thornsburg: This was a horrible way for Thursday night football to go out before being put on NFL Network full time following the first eight weeks of the season.

Thoughts on the Miami Dolphins VS New England Patriots Game In Week 8?
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Debate Topic 4 Which 2-0 NBA Team Does Better In 2015 Chicago Bulls or Detroit Pistons?

Brian Bayless: I'll go with the 2-0 Bulls. Chicago was able to push Cleveland to the limit last year with a healthy lineup, but the Bulls dealt with injuries all season. Now the Bulls are finally healthy and Derrick Rose is in a contract year.

Brian Thornsburg: I gotta go with The Bulls. Better team and if Derrick Rose stays healthy, which has always been the determining factor for them, then they should have no problem going long in the playoffs.

Which NBA Team Does Better In 2015?
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Debate Topic 5 Who Wins The 2015 World Series?

Brian Bayless: Finally, as much as I want the Mets to win the World Series, I think the Royals did too much early in this series. Having Johnny Cueto pitch all 9 innings gave te Royals bullpen an extra day of rest.

Brian Thornsburg: World Series, I have to say goes to The Royals. They lost last year in game seven and now have a chance to rectify that here.

Who Wins The 2015 World Series?
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Brian VS Brian Episode 5

Brian Bayless
Brian Thornsburg

This week on Brian VS Brian we talk NASCAR first 4 out of the chase. NXT wrestler that takes out John Cena, Ravens VS Steelers, Oklahoma City Thunder Alternate Uniforms, and Selfies at the Arizona Diamondbacks game

Debate Topic 1 Who Are The First 4 Drivers Out Of The Chase?

Brian Bayless: McMurray, Earnhardt, Menard, and Bowyer miss the round of 12. I got a feeling Busch and Harvick do better in this weekends race.

Brian Thornsburg: Jeff Gordon, Jamie Mcmurray, Paul Menard and Kevin Harvick. Gordon has had a decent run so far in the chase, but that means he's about due for bad finish as well. Thanks for the memories Gordon, but I don't see you getting through to the next round. Same for Harvick, its just too big of a hole for him to climb out of unfortunately, the good news though is that Harvick's elimination grantees a new Sprint Cup Champion, and that's something to look forward to.

Which NASCAR driver will make the round of 12?
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Debate Topic 2 Who Steps Up And Defeats John Cena At NXT?

Brian Bayless: Tyler Breeze and Apollo Cruz are set to face off at NXT. I think both wrestlers show incredible promise and that the winner beats Cena if either wrestler gets the chance to fight him.

Brian Thornsburg: If you look at the last person they called up from NXT to face Cena, Kevin Owens, youll notice that he was NXT champion at the time, WWE will look to follow this trend and introduce the main roster to Finn Bailor at Hell in a Cell.

Who will defeat John Cena at NXT?
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Debate Topic 3 Thoughts On The Baltimore Ravens VS Pittsburgh Steelers In Week 2?

Brian Bayless: This game was intense and I'm glad the Ravens won. Baltimore prevailed due to special teams by their kicker while Scobee missed critical field goals. The Steelers were 2/13 on third down conversions with their only third down conversions occurring on the drive where the Steelers took a 20-7 lead.

Brian Thornsburg: Pittsburgh shouldn't have gave their killer one more shot during the pair of fourth downs in overtime. I know Michael Vick is a good player and capable of carrying the team for a few weeks, while Big Ben rests up, but for god sakes, you can't put the weight of the world on him!

Thoughts on the Baltimore Ravens VS Pittsburgh Steelers week 4 game?
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Debate Topic 4 How You Feel About The Oklahoma City Thunder's Alternate Uniforms?

Brian Bayless: I like them. They are retro and pretty badass if I do say so myself.

Brian Thornsburg: I'm mixed on the uniform thing, they seem to follow the logic with their color, but it still looks a college basketball teams rejected idea. At least well notice them when they step into the building.

How do you feel about the Oklahoma City Thunder's new uniforms?
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Debate Topic 5 Were The Announcers Comments About The Arizona Diamondbacks Selfies Offensive?

Brian Bayless: The announcers were having some fun. A lot of baseball fans cannot stand people taking selfies during the game. Still, the announcers could have been a little more respectful about it. The woman in the second hat was wearing a St. Louis Cardinals hat so feel free to ridicule her all you want for not rooting for the home team. I kid.

Brian Thornsburg: These announcers should be ashamed of themselves. I mean, come on, its 2015 and your going to treat woman like a bunch illiterate air heads who know nothing about sports. I cant wait to see how the woman's groups come down on these guys for this. Yes, it was ridiculous for these woman to all be taking selfies, especially with hotdogs, churros, and ducklips, but that dosent mean you sit there and publicly shame them for it and making them a laughing stock. These guys need some reprimand and announcers need to focus on the game, instead of making fun of people in the crowd. Its happened before and now its happened again, but it needs to stop!

How did you feel about the Arizona Diamondbacks commentators making fun of selfies?
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Brian VS Brian Episode 4

Brian Bayless
Brian Thornsburg

This week on Brian VS Brian we talk NASCAR who joins Denny Hamlin in the final 12, Redskins VS Giants, Billy Donovan, and debate whether or not Anthony Bennett is the biggest draft bust in NBA History.

Debate Topic 1 Who wins the second race in the chase and joins Denny Hamlin in the round of 12?

Brian Bayless: I am going to say Dale Earnhardt Jr. I am a huge Matt Kenseth fan, but my gut tells me Earnhardt Jr., Kenseth, or Jeff Gordon wins. I'm gonna go with Earnhardt Jr.

Brian Thornsburg: Kevin Harvick. He needs a rebound from last weeks disterous finish at Chicagoland and will get it at New Hamphire to join Hamlin in the next round.

Who will win the second race in the Chase?
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Debate Topic 2 Should The WWE Punish Seth Rollins For Injuring Sting?

Brian Bayless: Both wrestlers should be barred from the WWE. Seth Rollins injures people way too often and Sting looks like a Kiss band member in a wrestlers outfit. I can live with the Undertakers Cowboy hat and leather jacket with no shirt under the leather jacket. Sting is just a complete disgrace though he makes Wrestling look like a sideshow event rather than a real sport.

Brian Thornsburg: Seth Rollins is starting to injury talent and that's never a good thing. I don't think hes done it on purpose because its rarely happened to him in the past but the last couple months has to be making WWE at least a little skeptical about how long they can put Rollins in the driver seat with the title. If one more injury occurs by his hands, I think The WWE will blacklist him for a very long time.

Should the WWE punish Seth Rollins for injuring Sting?
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Debate Topic 3 Thoughts On The Washington Redskins VS New York Giants In Week 2?

Brian Bayless: The New York Giants won this game outright. The Washington Redskins played like a guy that just could not recover after getting friend zoned by his high school crush. I may be getting off topic with that random comment, but when you watched this game you saw Washington put up just as many impressive drives as the Giants, but they got 0 points off of a majority of those drives. The two interceptions and the Redskins fumbling at the one yard line kept them from getting a touchdown. New York played like a team with a purpose. They got a safety off a blocked punt, and kept putting points on the board even if those points were meager field goals. Going three quarters without a passing touchdown kept Washington in this game. Once Eli threw a touchdown to Odell Beckham Jr. in the fourth to take a 25-6 lead you knew who would win this extremely boring Thursday Night Game that was almost as brutal as last years Thursday Night Game between these two teams at FedEx Field in 2014. The sad thing is Cousins had more time to throw than Eli Manning because Washington's offensive line did a much better job in pass protection than the Giants, yet Cousins made worse decisions while Eli dominated once again.

Brian Thornsburg: Kirk Cousins is just not the answer to the Redskins offensive issues. His two picks during the game are cringeworhty and the fact that the defense couldn't hold just makes matters worse.

Thoughts on the Washington Redskins VS New York Giants in week 3?
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Debate Topic 4 Is Anthony Bennett The Biggest Bust In NBA Draft History?

Brian Bayless: No. Guys like Darko Milic and Kwame Brown are still bigger busts than Bennett. Bennett is one of the 5 biggest NBA busts, but Bennett headlined arguably the weakest NBA Draft class in league history back in 2013.

Brian Thornsburg: I'm going ot say no, although a lot of people will think im nuts, I want to say that Derrick Rose is the biggest bust. He had a chance to win a title with the Bulls before his injury a few years ago and hasn't been as strong since.

Who is the biggest NBA Draft bust in history?
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Debate Topic 5 Biggest loss at quarterback in week 3, Jay Cutler, Tony Romo, or Drew Brees?

Brian Bayless: I got to say Drew Brees. The Saints have no identity on defense and without Brees they have no identity on offense. Luke McCown is awful and the Saints are not ready to start Garrett Grayson.

Brian Thornsburg: I'm going to say Romo, because the Cowboys could have ruled the division if Romo would have stayed healthy this year, but now it looks like either the Eagles or the Giants will compete for the division title. Without Romo, the cowboys are as weak as those three other teams.

Biggest loss at quarterback in week 3, Jay Cutler, Tony Romo, or Drew Brees?
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Brian VS Brian Episode 3

Brian Bayless
Brian Thornsburg

This week on Brian VS Brian we talk NFL Week 2, Chevy VS Toyota, Billy Donovan, and Big Brother 17.

Debate Topic 1 Should NASCAR Get Rid Of The Chase?

Brian Bayless: I like the Chevy drivers. With 9 in this years chase including Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon, and Ryan Newman something tells me Chevy delivers in the 2015 Chase.

Brian Thornsburg: While Chevrolet has nine very stout competitors in this years Chase, it is the Toyota that have been the class of the field in the second half of this season. They have took victory in seven of the last ten races and have kept the Chevrolets out of victory lane for the entire second half of the season as well.

Will A Chevy Driver WIn The Chase?
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Debate Topic 2 Should The WWE Stop Focusing On Nostalgic Acts?

Brian Bayless: I think the Dudley’s are the WWE’s version of circus clowns. We need to focus more on other wrestlers in the league instead of the Nostalgic acts of the Dudley’s.

Brian Thornsburg: Dont get me wrong, I love acts like the Dudley's and Chris Jericho returning for short stints, but only if it is to benifit the younger talent of the roster. I hated when WWE did Rock versus Cena the last two years, becuase the Rock got over at the expense of Cena and CM Punk. While Cena losing at WrestleMania 28 wasnt that big of deal because of his dominance in the WWE, CM Punk's loss hit very hard. It seemed that WWE just took the title off of thim to set up Cena rock again and it served no purpose past that. Hopefully WWE keeps the belts and pushes on the younger talent, otherwise WWE will continue to have the problems it has with not being able to establish its younger talent and keep fans intrested in them.

Should The WWE Stop Focusing On The Nostalgia Of Wrestling?
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Debate Topic 3 Thoughts On The Denver Broncos VS Kansas City Chiefs In Week 2?

Brian Bayless: Peyton Manning began the game 6/9 with 47 passing yards and 1 interception. After that Manning threw 20/36 with 209 passing yards, 3 passing touchdowns and no interception. There’s no question Peyton got off to a rocky start, but he got much better as the game progressed. Still Denver won this game with their defense with a fumble recovery by cornerback Bradley Roby for a touchdown.

Brian Thornsburg: The only real conversation here is that Manning can't keep having slow starts to these games. His interception in the first was brutal to watch, but hid subsequent drives where he had almost pick off after almost pick off were even more hard to watch. This man is just not capable of leading a team to the playoffs and he showed that tonight. The Broncos need to invest in the future and put the old commodity on the shelf like Favre.

Thoughts On Denver Broncos VS Kansas City Chiefs Game In Week 2?
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Debate Topic 4 Will Billy Donovan Succeed In Oklahoma City?

Brian Bayless: Billy Donovan will succeed in Oklahoma City. The Thunder have a nice starting five and Donovan is a huge believer in logistics and believes the Thunder need to establish a defensive identity. He’s the right kind of coach for this team.

Brian Thornsburg: Three years as Eagles head coach and not a damn thing to show for it. One playoff appearance, no wins in the playoffs. With that being said, I’m sure the situation has worked well in the past, but i just cant see it happening right now. In my opinion, The OKC Thunder lost their shot at a title when they traded Harden and Durant started to become injury prone.

Will Billy Donovan Succeed In Oklahoma City?
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Debate Topic 5 Thoughts On Final 3 In Big Brother 17?

Brian Bayless: I wanted either Johnny Mac or Steve to go home. Johnny Mac is a total tool and Steve was such a jerk for back stabbing Liz's sister. I think Liz will win if she ends up facing Steve or Vanessa in the final 2 because she already has 2 votes from her sister and that guy she dated on Big Brother. Liz will need 2 more votes out of 7 to win Big Brother from the jury and those odds are simply too favorable for Liz. If it comes down to Steve and Vannessa, Steve will win even though he’s my least favorite contestant left.

Brian Thornsburg: From a fan standpoint, I was so pissed when Johnhny Mac left the house this week, he was the most interesting part of the show and will be missed by fans of BB everywhere. As for where this leaves the other competitors, it would be wise for Steve and Liz to work together and get Vannessa out of the house, otherwise it seems she will have victory locked up in this years Big Brother finale. This is epsecially true with how well liked she seems to be by most of the jury right now. They might see her as manipulative and cunning, but she has honestly played the best game out of anyone in that house and will need to be taken out in the finale if anyone wants to snatch victory from her.

Who Wins Big Brother 17?
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Brian VS Brian Episode 2

Brian Bayless
Brian Thornsburg

This week on Brian VS Brian we talk NFL Week 1, NASCAR, WWE, and NBA.

Debate Topic 1 Should NASCAR Get Rid Of The Chase?

Brian Bayless: NASCAR cannot get rid of the Chase. The new format generates tension, excitement, and suspence. You do not know who the champion is until the end of the race.

Brian Thornsburg: NASCAR should never get rid of The Chase, especially the new format. Fans might be upset about the so called artificial excimtment, but its a lot better then going into championship weekend already knowing who the champion is going to be. NASCAR did something exciting for their fans and they should really just sit back and appreciate it. I mean really, what other sport, besides other forms of racing, do you already know who the champion is going to be before the championship match even starts? That's anticlimactic, that's boring, that's not good for the sport and its publicity at all! Now with the new format in place, no one knows who the champion is until the last lap of the last race of the season, and that's honestly the way it needs to be.

Should NASCAR Get Rid Of The Chase
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Debate Topic 2 Will Nikki Bella Break A.J. Lee's Record?

Brian Bayless: I do not see Nikki Bella breaking AJ Lees record. This is just a smoke screen by the WWE just get viewers to tune in.

Brian Thornsburg: WWE is no doubt trolling The WWE Universe right now in regards to Nikki Bella breaking AJ Lee's record. Why else would they go through the trouble of making a countdown graphic and having Team Bella come out ever week to talk about their "BellaBration after Night of Champions? With that being said, Nikki will retain her title at NOC and lose it on Raw the next night. This allows WWE to take full advantage of these countdown clock and will certainly glue a lot of eyes to the television on Monday. In fact, i'm going to go out on a limb and predict that it will be the main event of Raw next week! Now that's giving Divas a chance!

Will Nikki Bella Break A.J. Lee's Record?
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Debate Topic 3 Why Did The New England Patriots Defeat The Pittsburgh Steelers In Week 1?

Brian Bayless: New England was the better team on Thursday. Tom Brady carved this secondary which looked anemic without Troy Polamalu. I also like how Al Michaels hinted at the point spread near the end of the game. Michaels hinted it non verbally without saying it, but it was subtle.

Brian Thornsburg: I don't know whats scarier, 19 completed pass by brady, 0 interceptions, or the fact that three of those TD passes were to Rob Growkowski. If this wasn't a fluke, then The Patriots seem to be unbeatable so far this season.

Why Did The New England Patriots Defeat The Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1?
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Debate Topic 4 Should People Be Offended That Steph Curry Grabbed His Wife's Butt Out In Public?

Brian Bayless: If it is his wife and he put a ring on it. He should be allowed to put his hands on her butt in public to show his love for her as long as she’s okay with it.

Brian Thornsburg: Let me get this straight. Were going to make a national case out an incident where a guy grabbed his wife’s ass. I'm starting to believe that media has nothin better to report and that anything and everything is news now. It was his wife! No big deal at all! Its not like he was caught with multiple woman like Tiger Woods was. Now that's headline worthy.

Should People Be Offended That Steph Curry Grabbed His Wife's Butt Out In Public?
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Debate Topic 5 What Will Be The Biggest NFL Upset In Week 1?

Brian Bayless: My week 1 upset is the Jacksonville Jaguars over the Carolina Panthers. The loss of wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin is why I am leaning towards this bold and gutsy upset.

Brian Thornsburg: I'm going to say the lack of run game screws The Dallas Cowboys over in their week one match against the Giants. They lost Demarco Murray to the Eagles in the offseason and now must deal with not having balanced playcalling. Final score. Giants 24-13.

What Will Be The Biggest 2015 NFL Upset In Week 1?
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Brian VS Brian Episode 1

Brian Bayless
Brian Thornsburg

We hope you enjoyed our previous debates, but welcome to the premier of Brian VS Brian where Brian Bayless and I will debate sports topics. We also added a poll where fans can vote in on their favorite topics.

Debate Topic 1 Should Kyle Busch Fans Be Upset If He Doesn't Win The Chase?

Brian Bayless: Kyle' Busch's fans will be mad if he misses the cup, but they will be disappointed if he doesn't go all the way and win it all.

Brian Thornsburg: I think Kyle Busch fans have matured along with their driver and will just accept the season as one of his best. With that being said, if he does win, Kyle busch fans will be running it in our faces all winter, so anyone but him really would be nice.

Will Kyle Busch's Fans Be Mad If He Doesn't Win The Chase?
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Debate Topic 2 Is Bray Wyatt's Stunt A Gimmick?

Brian Bayless: Of course. Gimmicks never get you anywhere and they show people how fake you are.

Brian Thornsburg: I think Bray Wyatt is being held back right by the officials. He's awesome to watch, guts great promos and the fans love him and the Wyatt family. Unfortuantley his character being modeled after a cult leader is probably what is stoping him from being in the title picture.

Is Bray Wyatt's Gimmick Holding HIm Back?
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Debate Topic 3 Who Is The Top Quarterback From The 2012 NFL Draft?

Brian Bayless: The best QB from the 2012 NFL Draft in the NFL has to be Andrew Luck. Luck was one of the most heralded prospects coming out of Stanford as he drew comparisons to John Elway and Peyton Manning Luck is 25, but he turns 26 next Saturday and he will remain in Indianapolis for the next ten years as he has met and even exceeded expectations that seemed like he would not live up to coming out of Stanford.

Brian Thornsburg: The. Most underated QB in the entire NFL is Nick Foles. Philly was wrong to get rid off him and they're going to regret it all season long.

Who Is The Best Quarterback From The 2012 NFL Draft?
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Debate Topic 4 Should NBA Teams Play International Teams In The Preseason

Brian Bayless: NBA Doesn't need to play international teams. It's completely unnecessary and a waste of time. I find it to be extremely confusing.

Brian Thornsburg: I think the nba having other contrived play teams is an intense way to prepare for a season, it definately allows for some very intresting match ups and scenarios.

Should NBA Teams Play International Teams In The Preseason?
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Debate Topic 5 Should Tom Brady Have Been Suspended For Deflate Gate?

Brian Bayless: Tom Brady was not guilty there wasn't enough evidence against him. You could argue that Brady deserved to miss the Pittsburgh game, but it's an injustice if he gets more games than Ray Rice who originally got 2 games before being out indefinitely.

Brian Thornsburg: I have not really followed deflategate, but it seems to me like Brady shouldn't have gotten off Scott free. He kept the super bowl he kept the conference championship win and gets to play the entire season this year. I guess cheaters do always win.

Should Tom Brady have been suspended for Deflate Gate?
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TGIF Debate Episode 8 Michael Vick Joins The Steelers And The Miami Vice Heat Uniforms

Posted by Brian Thornsburg, Brian Bayless, and Chris Ransom on 8/28/2015

This week Brian Thornsburg, Brian Bayless, and Chris Ransom debate about NASCAR, the Night of Champions In WWE, Fantasy Football, NBA, and Michael Vick. This will be Chris Ransom's final week debating before Brian VS Brian officially launches on September 4.

Debate Topic 1 Should Kevin Ward's Family Be Compensated From Tony Stewart?

Brian Bayless: Tony Stewart should have paid the family off by now. I'm not surprised that Stewart didn't pay them off since he can be a cheap ass at times.

Brian Thornsburg: I can't believe Tony Stewart didn't pay this family off yet! That will at least start the healing process for Stewart and let him focus on racing again. It's not that I don't have sympathy for Kevin Ward's family, but they have made it pretty obvious that they are more concerned about getting revenge on Tony Stewart for the death of their son, instead of just focusing on healing and keeping his legacy alive. This court process is only going to make him more stressed and perform even poorly behind wheel. Honestly, if Stewart wants any chance of a fourth career title, he might want to settle this sooner rather than later.

Chris Ransom: Tony Stewart has the right not to pay of the Ward family. Still, it's in Tony's best interest to pay off the Ward family.

Debate Topic 2 What To Do With John Cena At The Night Of Champions?

Brian Bayless: John Cena will face Seth Rollins. If it were up to me I'd have Jon Stewart wrestle Donald Trump at night of champions since they both hosted WWE matches.

Brian Thornsburg: I think the obvious answer here is to have him face Seth Rollins for The United States title at NOC. While that certainly seems to be the way WWE will go with that storyline, I still feel that it would be awesome to see Jon Stewart choose a superstar from NXT to go up against Cena at Night of Champions. I would love for it to be Finn Balor, but with Kevin Owens now on the main roster, NXT will want to keep Balor for a bit longer, ruling out an appearance at Night of Champions.

Chris Ransom: John cena wrestles Dwayne the Rock Johnson at night of Champions for old times sake.

Debate Topic 3 Who Will Be The Top Fantasy Football Rookie In 2015?

Brian Bayless: Amari Cooper is the #1 receiver on Oakland and is an obvious choice after flat out dominating at Alabama.

Brian Thornsburg: The quarterbacks might be the talk of the town when it comes to rookies this NFL season, but my bet is that is that a wide receiver like Amari Cooper will rack up points as well. Cooper is explosive! And will no doubt be one of Oakland's impact players in 2015.

Chris Ransom: Amari Cooper has to be the top rookie in fantasy leagues like you guys said. Safest pick plus he has a ton of experience. Many considered him to be the safeset offensive player in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Debate Topic 4 Miami Vice Uniforms For Miami Heat

Brian Bayless: I like the idea of adding the miami vice design. The MLS wants to name a team the Miami Vice F.C. in pro soccer and they plan on using the same colors as the uniform design that the Heat plan on using.

Brian Thornsburg: This is a marketing ploy and its time we all realize it. It's not secret that the era of the big three is over and Lebron James has long left Miami for his home town of Cleveland, Ohio. Now with their big star gone and their other star going into a part time role on the team, it's not time for the Miami heat to dig deep and try to find new ways to get excited about Heat Basketball.

Chris Ransom: These uniforms are completely unnecessary and are just a desperate marketing ploy by the Heat.

Debate Topic 5 Michael Vick Joins The Pittsburgh Steelers

Brian Bayless: Vick is Byron Lefrwich with a criminal record that's it. Vick is a pedestrian backup that paid his dues and deserves a second chance. Adding Vick was a solid move.

Brian Thornsburg: Look, he's called a backup for a reason. Sure, Ben Rothlisberger has been injured before in his career and may very well end up on the sidelines again, but that doesn't mean fans should be up in arms yet. If fans really wanted to screw Vick over, they would wait until Roethlisberger actually got injured and then try to drum up the controversy when he's actually starting to perform well on the field. This not only will put him in the spotlight in the media, but may also force The Steelers to push him out the door in order to keep up their image.

Chris Ransom: I didn't like the Vick signing myself, but I'm a critic. A lot of Steelers fans believe Vick has paid his dues and deserves another shot.

TGIF Debate Episode 7 NASCAR Greatest VS Cleveland Browns VS NBA Rookies

Posted by Brian Thornsburg, Brian Bayless, and Chris Ransom on 8/21/2015

This week Brian Thornsburg, Brian Bayless, and Chris Ransom debate about NASCAR, the Cleveland Browns, and NBA Rookie Of The Year Candidates

Debate Topic 1 Greatest NASCAR Driver Of All Time Jimmie johnson or Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Brian Bayless: I love what Jimmie Johnson has done for NASCAR over the years. He's just not an icon like Dale Earnhardt. Sr.

Brian Thornsburg: Jimmie Johnson. He had five titles in a row to Srs two in a row, he is close the breaking Earnhardt 92 career wins and he is close to beating him in championships as well.

Chris Ransom: Dale Earnhardt Sr may be a bigger icon in NASCAR than Jimmie Johnson. At the end of the day you cannot overlook what Johnson has accomplished.

Debate Topic 2 Will Sting Interfere With The Undertaker VS Brock Lesnar

Brian Bayless: I got a feeling Sting will interfere.

Brian Thornsburg: No Sting will not interfere the card is already way to stacked for this card and fans would be disappointed if they didn't get a clean finish in this match. With that being said, the current rumor has them going at it at night of champions, but I believe they'll hold off on that until Survivor series.

Chris Ransom: No I do not think Sting will interfere. I feel like there is too much riding on the line with the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar.

Debate Topic 3 How Will The Cleveland Browns Do In 2015?

Brian Bayless: Cleveland will go 5-11. It won't matter whether Manziel or McCown starts.

Brian Thornsburg: 3-13 under Johnny Football, 9-7 with McCown . I think Hoyer would have taken them 10-6, but the Browns have a habit of getting rid of good talent.

Chris Ransom: Cleveland will start 0-5 under Josh McCown. Johnny Manziel will help Cleveland finish 8-8 and turn the Browns around this season.

Debate Topic 4 Who Wins 2016 NBA Rookie Of The Year?

Brian Bayless: I'm going with Willie-Cauley Stein. I think Sacramento, Minnesota, and the Lakers will all make the playoffs. Cauley-Stein is my rookie of the year with the Sacramento Kings.

Brian Thornsburg: I know nothing about basketball, especially college basketball, but I'll say Karl-Anthony Towns.

Chris Ransom: Jahlil Okafor was my top graded prospect and he fell third to the 76ers. With Joel Embiid set to have season ending injury for the second season in a row at center, it is safe to say that this is Okafor's team at center.

Debate Topic 5 Who Is Better On Direct TV. Eli Manning or Tony Romo?

Brian Bayless: Eli Mannng's direct TV commercials aired before Romo's so he gets priority.

Brian Thornsburg: I say Eli does a better job he just has more personality.

Chris Ransom: Even though I cannot stand the Giants, Eli aired his Direct TV commercial before Romo, so the fact that Romo's commercial aired a week after Eli Manning's first Direct TV commercial certainly makes me question Romo's integrity for attempting to compete with Eli Manning for air time during commercials..

TGIF Debate Episode 6 NFL Preseason Games and Kevin Durant's Contract Status

Posted by Brian Thornsburg, Brian Bayless, and Chris Ransom on 8/15/2015

This week Brian Thornsburg, Brian Bayless, and Chris Ransom debate about NASCAR, WWE, NFL Preseason, NBA, and Big Brother

Debate Topic 1 Which Henrik Motorsports Driver Gets Eliminated First From The Chase?

Brian Bayless: Jeff Gordon is the worst driver in the chase for Henrik. I think Earnhardt will suffer an exit in the round of 8, but Gordon will not make it to past the opening round of the Chase.

Brian Thornsburg: He had problem after problem and last year's Chase and this year will be no different. Jr. just seems either have bad luck with his cars handling or gets caught up in someone else's bad luck instead. Jr. also doesn't have very good records at the first three tracks of the Chase, making it even more unlikely that he will be able to survive to the next round. His worse average coming at Dover International Speedway. Jr could break through for a win, like he did at Chicagoland in 2005, but that doesn't seem very likely to happen.

Chris Ransom: I am going with Jeff Gordon. I'd like to see him make the round of 8 but the odds are against him as he trails in the points standings and has yet to win a race in 2015.

Debate Topic 2 Sting VS Undertaker or Brock Lesnar VS Rock At Wrestlemania 32

Brian Bayless: I want to see Rock VS Brock. That would be a Rock solid match up.

Brian Thornsburg: Honestly, neither. Both are excellent matchups that WWE fans will no doubt want to see at the biggest stage of them all, but WWE should really spend more time focusing on establish new talents in the company. I know I sound like a party pooper here, but I would much rather see the Shield in a Triple Threat match or Adrian Neville versus Daniel Bryan. Give someone else the spotlight and stop relying on past stars WWE.

Chris Ransom: I say Rock VS Brock as well. I want to see Dwayne The Rock Johnson back in the ring after wrapping up season 1 of Ballers on HBO. Maybe we can get Rob Corridy who was in Hot Tub Time Machine and Ballers with the Rock to come on as a guest for another wrestling event outside of Wrestle Mania.

Debate Topic 3 Best Pre Season Game From 8/13/2015

Brian Bayless: I liked the Saints VS Ravens game. Drew Brees didn't play, but we got to see rookie Garrett Grayson a third round pick from Colorado State. We also saw Luke McCown and Ryan Griffin throw touchdowns for the Saints. It's too close to determine who is Brees backup at this point.

Brian Thornsburg: Despite receiving a three point loss to the Redskins on Thursday, Josh Mccown showed that he is the only mature and skilled quarterback Cleveland has this year. The former Buccaneer went 5/5 for 33 yards and one touchdown in Cleveland's 20-17 loss against Washington. That a pretty reliable record compared to Manziel, who could only complete 7/11 for 42 yards and a rushing touchdown. It's not that Manziel hasn't shown improvement in his gameplay and throwing skills, but Mccown has a lot more experience under his belt and looks a little better on long drives.

Chris Ransom: The best pre season game was the Packers VS Patriots. You saw 5 quarterbacks on display. For Green Bay you had Aaron Rodgers, Scott Tolzien, and Brett Hundley. New England had Tom Brady and the guy that may start in his place with Jimmy Garoppolo. Garoppolo began the game 5/13, but ended the day 20/30. The Patriots benched Julian Edelman, Brandon LaFell, and Rob Gronkowski so it is hard to tell what Garoppolo can do. Still, Garoppolo did alright with a weak supporting cast.

Debate Topic 4 Will Kevin Durant Remain With The Thunder In 2016?

Brian Bayless: Kevin Durant has an expiring deal in 2016. Durant will leave the Thunder and someone else will get Durant. You heard it here first.

Brian Thornsburg: Unlike Lebron, Durant will stay true to the Thunder and see them through their hard times. They still have great weapons and a whole offseason to find even more, so why would he want to leave and spend a whole season trying to reestablish team chemistry?

Chris Ransom: Oklahoma City has a quality starting five. Russell Westbrook is a top 10 point guard. Dion Waiters struggled early in Cleveland, but once he went to Oklahoma City he went from averaging 8.3 points per game to 11.8 points per game. His 1.1 assists per game went up to 2 assists per game with the Thunder. OKC also has a potent front court with Serge Ibaka at power forward and Enes Kanter at center who averaged 15.5 points per game. I love this starting five, and you would have to be a fool to leave Oklahoma City. Billy Donovan will place a huge emphasis on playing quality defense, and one of the biggest reasons why the Thunder fail to make the playoffs or NBA Finals is because Westbrook, Durant, or Ibaka always seems to get injured. If all 3 of those players stay healthy along with Waiters and Kanter then this team will make the Western Conference Finals next season at the very worst.

Debate Topic 5 What Matters More On Big Brother Brains or Leadership

Brian Bayless: Without a doubt it is brains.

Brian Thornsburg: It doesn't matter how likable or friendly you are in this show, it matters how well you can study other peoples behaviors and come up with game plans for how to survive. Personality is a very important trait of the game too, especially with forming alliances, brains are the one thing a player can never do without in a game like that.

Chris Ransom: Big Brother relies on strategy, social dynamics, and synergy within alliances. Those three variables go a long way in determining who wins. You need brains not leadership to use strategy, social skills, and synergy to get further in the game.

TGIF Debate Episode 5 Who Needs To Replace Jon Stewart

Posted by Brian Thornsburg, Brian Bayless, and Chris Ransom on 8/7/2015

This week Brian Thornsburg and Chris Ransom debate about whether NASCAR should make a rule change, WWE, Fantasy Football, whether Golden State repeats, and find out who thinks Beck Bennett should replace Jon Stewart?

Debate Topic 1 Should NASCAR Reformat the Chase?

Brian Bayless: NASCAR should reformat the chase for drivers leading into the Chase for the Cup. Once you get to 16 drivers you keep the rules the way they are and anything goes as winning matters more than ever.

Brian Thornsburg: I am so tired of the championship of my favorite sport being decided in such a bizarre and luck based way. Don't get me wrong, NASCAR has made great strides in making The Chase one of the most exciting entities in all of sports, but the way it’s formatted relies too much on luck and survival.

If NASCAR wants to have rounds, that's fine, but four freaking rounds is getting a little on the obsessive side. Why can’t NASCAR just split the postseason in two? 16 drivers start The Chase like usual, a win guarantees an entry into the next round and at the end of five races, the bottom eight are eliminated.

Chris Ransom: NASCAR should reformat the Chase. They need to focus less on chance and more on racers that win consistently.

Debate Topic 2 Should The WWE Promote Kane's Return?

Brian Bayless: Does anybody care about the Kanes. There are more marketable wrestlers like John Cena, CM Punk, and The Undertaker. Why should we market the Kanes.

Brian Thornsburg: I remember a time when Kane used to scare me when he came on TV. The man had shocked Shane McMahon in the nuts, set JR on fire and even gave Linda McMahon a hellacious piled river on the entrance ramp on one occasion. If WWE wants out of their current pit of predictable programming, they need to give Kane one last run as the monster.

In the end, it's not about him holding a title, or beating up on a baby face, it’s about him causing terror and striking fear in The WWE Universe's eyes like he did back in the day. WWE has made a mockery out of the monster in the past few years and as a fan of The Big Red Monster myself, I would love to see him go on one final glory run.

Chris Ransom: Kanes return could be big. I say promote the heck out of it.

Debate Topic 3 Who Should You Draft In Fantasy Football?

Brian Bayless: Adrian Peterson is the top running back in Fantasy Football. Peterson is the sure fire #1 pick even though he abused his child last year.

Brian Thornsburg: Tim Tebow should be on your draft list. This kid produces miracles for football organizations. He already led the Broncos to the playoffs and even followed that up with a win over the Steelers. Sure, he might not be a solid pick every week, but when you're down a quarterback or you're just desperate for any points at all, Tebow is your man. Not to mention the fact that Sam Bradford has been injured so many times along with the fact that Mark Sanchez is unreliable that a Tebow start is almost a guarantee is 2015.

Chris Ransom: In Fantasy fooball go with Le'Veon Bell. I think Bell is the best RB in Fantasy Footall despite his 2 game suspension. Bell has Adrian Peterson's old RB coach James Saxson on the Steelers.

Debate Topic 4 Will The Golden State Warriors Repeat As NBA Champions

Brian Bayless: Golden State will repeat. The Warriors have an outstanding starting 5. Steph Curry is an awesome role model for the next generation of basketball fans. The Warriors are a dynasty in the making.

Brian Thornsburg: I know next to nothing about Basketball, but with all the interesting trades that have taken place over the offseason, it is safe to say that Golden State is going to have some serious issues with repeating. Not only that, we all know that Lebron James is more determined than ever to be bring a championship back to Cleveland.

If not Cleveland, then definitely the San Antonio Spurs. They made some great moves in the offseason with the addition of LaMarcus Aldridge while retaing all of their starters and look to have the team to beat in 2016.

Chris Ransom: Golden State will not repeat. There's too much competition in the Western Conference with the San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Clippers. San Antonio retained all of their starters plus they added LaMarcus Aldridge who averaged over 20 points per game while moving Tim Duncan from power forward to center. Paul Pierce is on the Clippers now as Los Angeles now has a quality starting five as well.

Debate Topic 5 Who Should Replace Jon Stewart?

Brian Bayless: Nick Offerman should be the new host of the Daily Show. Offerman has done NASCAR ads for NBC Sports Network and was awesome on Parks and Rec. He's been married for 15 years and is one of the brightest minds in the business.

Brian Thornsburg: I don't know much about The Daily Show either, but with Punk's smarts and big mouth, he would probably have some of the highest ratings of any talk show host on the planet. The man knows how to talk and talk in a way that will not only get people to listen, but to respond as well.

Chris Ransom: I think Beck Bennett is the best candidate to replace Jon Stewart. Bennett has been on SNL and he did the old AT&T commercials with the kids in them maybe you do a political show where kids give their insight on politics.

SPOILER ALERT! As I was editing this I found out that Trevor Noah will be the new host of the Daily Show. This wild card topic with Brian Bayless and Brian Thornsburg served no purpose.

TGIF Debate Episode 4 5 Sports Topics To Debate

Posted by Brian Thornsburg, Brian Bayless, and Chris Ransom on 7/31/2015

This week Brian Thornsburg and Chris Ransom debate about WWE, NASCAR, and NFL. We also added Brian Bayless to the mix plus two more topics including an NBA headline plus a wild card topic at the end.

Debate Topic 1 Busch Burns Out The Bricks

Brian Bayless: What Kyle Busch did was unprofessional. It shows he has no integrity towards the sport of NASCAR. I already disliked both Busch brothers before and this latest stunt makes me dislike and discredit Busch even more.

Brian Thornsburg: Kyle Busch likes to put his own style on things and victory celebrations are no different. While I know traditional fans will be very upset at Busch for his burnout on the bricks, its pales in comparison to what Busch has done in a racecar in the past. He has four wins this seasons and is dangerously close to making the Chase. With that being said, any negative media put towards Kyle Busch will be met with intense debates. Which could be both good and bad for NASCAR, depending on if the storyline keeps fans watching.

Chris Ransom: I thought Busch burning out the bricks was entertaining. I'm not sure why people are being so dramatic about this. Don't the winners of Indy 500 kiss the bricks when they win their races. I know that's formula 1 car drivers rather than auto racers, but it still doesn't change the fact that the winner should be allowed to do what they wish with the bricks without receiving criticism as long as what they are doing isn't offensive.

Debate Topic 2 Should Bray Wyatt's Sister Get A Tryout?

Brian Bayless: One of the Bella Twins is about to become a mom. The WWE will need a long term replacement for when that happens. I think Bray Wyatt's sister is a solid candidate.

Brian Thornsburg: As a fan of both Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas, I think it would be awesome to see their sister join them in sports entertainment. She already has broadcasting experience, has grown up in the company her entire life and has two brothers that she could always group with on the main roster. With that being said, I feel that if WWE becomes short sided and tries to rush the creation of The Sister Abigail character, it will be bad for her career and the career of her brothers. It's no secret that Wyatt has struggled since debuting back in the 2013, and having his sister join him on the main roster would not help that. Especially if they rush her up the ranks and give her no time to gain experience in the ring. If they take time to develop the character, it could work, but WWE needs to be patient. Something they didn't do, Eva Marie, Jo Jo, Cameron and several other Divas in The WWE.

Chris Ransom: Bray Wyatt's sister may not be ready. At the same time, I agree that Bray Wyatt's sister would be an awesome candidate to fill in once one of the Bella Twins leaves to become a mom.

Debate Topic 3 Who Will Be The Best NFL Team In The State of Florida

Brian Bayless: I'm going with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Blake Bortles will make huge strides in year 2 under offensive coordinator Greg Olson who made Josh Freeman a Pro Bowler in Tampa Bay. Having Allen Hurns, Allen Robinson, and Marqise Lee as wide receiver targets with Justin Blackmon and Rashad Greene for depth gives Bortles enough weapons to get the ball to. The Jaguars go 7-9 and finish third behind Indianapolis and Houston. The Miami Dolphins go 6-10 and disappoint. Tampa Bay finishes 5-11 and underperforms after a promising start.

Brian Thornsburg: I might have a severe dislike for Jamis Winston and his off field behavior, but the man can play ball when it comes down to it. Tampa Bay also has the defense to get the job done. They proved that last year many times, as they held many teams under 30 points during the season. The Jaguars are still in a rebuilding season and won't really be a factor for most of the season. Not to mention the fact that their defense can't hold on for long. As for the Dolphins, I'm predicting that Tannehill gets injured during the first 3 games of the season and the Dolphins struggle to win eight. My final prediction is Tampa Bay going 9-7, Dolphins 6-10, Jaguars 3-13. Go Buccaneers!

Chris Ransom: I've got Miami going 9-7 getting the final wild card in the AFC. Tannehill got a huge contract plus the team added Ndamukong Suh. I think having a rookie like DeVante Parker to step in as Ryan Tannehill's number one target gives the offense stability they need with Jarvis Landry and Kenny Stills to compliment him. I also like the Oliver Vernon and Cameron Wake pass rushing tandem at defensive end. Miami finally locks up a wild card in 2015-2016. As for Tampa Bay I got them starting 3-2 only to finish 5-11. With Jacksonville, I got them at 2-14 which is the worst record in the entire NFL this upcoming season, but I think they will turn things around quickly in 2016.

Debate Topic 4 Is LeBron James The Biggest Diva In The NBA

Brian Bayless: Of course LeBron is the biggest diva in the NBA. He screwed his hometown out of Cleveland, and then opted out of his contract in Cleveland with one year left to go only to lock up an extension until 2017.

Brian Thornsburg: Despite Lebron taking his talents to South Beach in the summer of 2010, and showing poor sportsmanship throughout parts of his career, I still don't think he's the biggest diva in the entire sport of Basketball. He has honestly matured in many aspects of his public image and he doesn’t seem to have the same outbursts that he used to. Sure, he took the loss in the 2015 NBA Finals pretty hard, but he still showed good sportsmanship. I also think that since James is one of the greatest basketball players of his generation, he will always have a massive spotlight on him and a group of hungry journalists eager to spin a story in a negative light.

Chris Ransom: Sometimes I get the impression that he's the biggest diva in the NBA because of how he ended things in Cleveland the first time. He showed much better adversity in 2015 after returning to Cleveland following 4 years where the Miami Heat were Eastern Conference Champions with the Big 3. James might come across as someone who lacks integrity, but when you look at how he's loyal to his family and how James provides for the community you have to look past his previous decisions including The Decision because James continues to show signs of maturity since re-joining the Cavaliers.

Debate Topic 5 Reality TV Shows

Brian Bayless: When I'm not watching the NFL or the NBA I'm watching reality TV. I love Big Brother, Fear Factor, and Hells Kitchen. Even a cheesy game show like At Midnight has some elements of reality TV to it.

Brian Thornsburg: Reality shows are a waste of time. Especially Big Brother. I have tried to watch the show multiple times with my parents to give it a chance, but end up getting bored easily. The reason for this is because, its really just a bunch of people betraying each other for a half a million dollars. It really just shows how greedy and conniving people are and how little faith we should have in humanity. I'll admit, I understand why it's popular, but it's the worst kind of thing to be popular. It sets a bad example for youth, just like Teen Mom and Jersey Shore. There’s no purpose, but to make money and its one of the worst examples of how to make money.

Chris Ransom: Reality TV is a shadow of its former self. Reality TV was at its peak in 2007 when Hells Kitchen first started out while other established shows like Survivor, The Apprentice, American Idol, the Amazing Race, and Dancing With The Stars were captivating viewers. Fear Factor may not have been as popular as these shows, but it was authentic in its own way and the stunts were original and trend-setting at the time rather than trending on Twitter. Now these reality shows are a joke and a sadder excuse than the Bachelor or the Bachelorette. Maybe not as awful as the both Bachelor shows, but still pretty pedestrian.

TGIF Debate Episode 3 NASCAR Summerslam Super Bowl

Posted by Brian Thornsburg and Chris Ransom on 7/24/2015

This week Brian Thornsburg and Chris Ransom debate about WWE Summer Slam, the NASCAR Chase, plus we make Super Bowl 50 predictions.

Debate Topic 1 Brock Lesnar VS The Undertaker At Summer Slam

Chris Ransom: This fight sounds as entertaining as watching Craig Marduk fight a Jack robot on Tekken. In All seriousness, Lesnar VS Undertaker sounds like a joke of a match. I'll take the Undertaker because of his prestigious history in the WWE. Also the Undertaker is a total bad ass while Lesnar is a poser. If you saw the June 23rd Raw match up, you may have noticed how Lesnar escapes the ring to attempt a sucker punch on the Undertaker after a huge brawl caused both fighters to be restrained at Raw.

Brian Thornsburg: Honestly, it doesn't matter who wins this one. It's a half assed storyline that is aimed at getting fans to watch a pay per view that will suck otherwise. With that being said, it is rumored that Brock Lesnar will win at Summerslam and then lose to Taker at WrestleMania 32. That makes sense, especially with WWE seeming to want Lesnar in the title picture by the end of the year. They can’t have Lesnar lose to a guy that only wrestles part time, so expect Lesnar to take The Deadman to Suplex city.

WWE needs to focus more time on its title picture, the future of Kevin Owens and reviving the Tag team division and less time on reviving a rivalry that was popular a year and a half ago. Great job WWE, you just proved how incredibly short sighted you are when it comes to your own company, but that doesn’t matter since you got everyone to mark out when Undertaker returned.

Debate Topic 2 Henrick Motorsports VS The Field

Chris Ransom: I'm going with Hendrick Motorsports here. If anyone keeps Kevin Harvick from repeating it will be either Jimmy Johnson or Dale Earnhardt Jr. I like Jeff Gordon too, but realistically he's too far behind in the standings.

Brian Thornsburg: It's no secret that Hendrick Motor Sports is a bunch of chokers when it comes to Chase time. In fact, none of the Hendrick drivers made it to the final round of the Chase Championship last year at Homestead Miami. Gordon was the only surviving member of Hendrick to make it to the semifinals last year, but a last lap pass by Ryan Newman sealed his fate and knocked the Rainbow Warrior out of the Chase.

Looking at the rest of the Hendrick drivers, Kasey Kahne was eliminated in the first round of last year's chase, while Johnson and Jr were both eliminated in the second round by a string of bad luck. While Johnson and Jr were undeniably fast in last year's Chase, the bad luck they suffered put them too far in a hole and pretty much handed the championship to Harvick. Hendrick is a team of Chase Chokers that aren’t worth anyone’s time during the playoffs.

Super Bowl 50 Predictions

Chris Ransom: I've got Indianapolis over Green Bay. Indianapolis added Frank Gore and brought in Andre Johnson. Having Trent Cole and a healthy Robert Mathis gives Indianapolis the pass rush on defense to get far in the playoffs.

Brian Thornsburg: There is no doubt in my mind that the Seahawks can go back to the Super Bowl and win it all this time. Their defense is impeccable with the Legion of Boom with Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, and Earl Thomas. I could rave about this teams linebackers too, but Seattles defense is just that stout. Russel Wison is the perfect play caller and Marshawn Lynch can just go full beast mode on any defense in The NFL. They may face struggles early on in the season, but with the 12th man behind them, there is no way they can fail. I got the Denver Broncos winning the AFC where they will lose a Super Bowl 48 rematch 35-21 with Peyton Manning getting injured in the second quarter before announcing his retirement.

TGIF Debate Episode 2 Rousey VS Mayweather, Harvick VS NASCAR, and Brady VS Goodell

Posted by Brian Thornsburg and Chris Ransom on 7/17/2015

This week Brian Thornsburg and Chris Ransom debate about Rousey VS Mayweather, Harvick's chances to repeat by winning the chase in NASCAR, and wrap it up with what the NFL should do with Tom Brady's suspension.

Debate Topic 1 Ronda Rousey's Comments About Floyd Mayweather

Brian Thornsburg: Ronda Rousey's comments on Mayweather. The dude deserved it. She is the queen of trash talk and no one is safe from her wrath. Even better is the fact that Mayweather cant really respond, because he knows that what she said is true. I honestly cant stand Mayweather. He's way too cocky and he deserved what he got at the ESPY's. Which is absolutely nothing. Maybe he can step into the Octagon with Rousey and see what its like to really get beat by a woman though. That might create more revenue then his fight with Manny.

Chris Ransom: I agree with what Brian said about Ronda Rousey, but I could really see this one going either way. Floyd Mayweather defeated Manny Pacquiao. At the same time MMA is much tougher than boxing so Rousey gets the edge in that department. I went with Rousey, but unlike Brian I was really torn with this one. At the end of the day Rousey is MMA's version of Amy Schumer. She has a really good sense of humor and just kicks ass when it comes to fighting her opponents.

Debate Topic 2 Can Kevin Harvick Repeat?

Brian Thornsburg: Kevin Harvick repeating. Despite two wins this season, there is no way that Harvick can repeat this season. No one can to be honest. The nature of the new Chase format kind of makes it difficult to repeat. There's no room for error, which Kevin has had a few of this season. With that being said, Johnson looks to be back in winning form and will most likely win his seventh championship, barring a freak accident during the Chase. As for Havick, I'm predicting a first round knockout for Happy Harvick.

Chris Ransom: Again, I agree with Brian that Harvick won't repeat. Still I'm gonna make a different argument as to why he fails to repeat. After winning the chase in 2014 Harvick once again leads the pack, but I'm not sure he maintains that lead. Both Jimmie Johnson and Joey Logano are 68 points behind Harvick. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is 76 points behind Harvick. One of those three will catch Harvick and win the chase as Johnson has won 4 races this season while Logano won the Daytona 500. Dale Earnhardt Jr. like Harvick has two wins this season. All 4 racers will make the chase. We've seen guys like Harvick drop from first to sixth or seventh sometimes even eighth in the standings once the NASCAR Chase For The Cup playoffs start. It happened a few years ago with Kyle Busch as he had the lead heading into the chase and dropped to 6th or 8th in the standings. I expect that to happen with Harvick in 2015 as Johnson, Logano, or Earnhardt Jr. suprasses Harvick to win the Chase in 2015. Harvick might not drop as far as Busch did, but he could still very easily drop to fourth falling behind Johnson, Logano, and Earnhardt Jr.

Debate Topic 3 Should the NFL reduce Tom Brady's Suspension?

Brian Thornsburg: There's not a person on that Patriots team that didn't know about the deflated balls. They all knew and everyone just let it happen. If Brady was a stand up guy like Patriots fans claim, he would have told officials about it when it happened, not hide it and reap the benefits of it. He might not deserve four games, but he certainly deserves one for two for being complacent in the matter.

Chris Ransom: People dislike the Patriots because of Spygate and Deflate Gate. I get that plus the NFL should make an example out of Brady. At the same time Greg Hardy got his 10 game suspension reduced to 4 games for beating a woman. If Hardy gets a suspsension reduced to 4 games for beating a woman than Brady does not deserve to be suspended at all. By giving Brady and Hardy both 4 game susepnsions the NFL is saying Knowing about someone deflating a football is worse than beating a woman. Hardy will return in week 5 when Dallas hosts New England which will be good for Dallas, but bad for the NFL from a PR standpoint. Tom Brady may be serving the final game of his 4 game suspension while Hardy takes the field after beating a woman. Is that justice or injustice? Clearly that's injustice which is why Tom Brady and the NFLPA has every right to gang up on Roger Goodell until he nullifies Brady's suspension completely allowing him to play on Week 1 against the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 10, 2015 at Gillete Stadium.

TGIF Debate Episode 1 John Cena, Jeff Gordon, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Posted by Brian Thornsburg and Chris Ransom on 7/10/2015

This week Brian Thornsburg and Chris Ransom debate about John Cena, Jeff Gordon, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Debate Topic 1 John Cena's Chance To Capture The World Title In 2015

Chris Ransom: I will say he repeats because he's arguably the best wrestler in the sport today. Cena can last 12 rounds in the ring or on the big screen since he starred in the movie 12 Rounds where he went through 12 rounds of traps to save his wife who was held hostage in the movie 12 Rounds. He won 3 titles from 2008-2010, and has all the ability to win a World Championship in 2015.

Brian Thornsburg: As for John Cena, him winning the title back would be a huge slap in the face to The Undertaker's streak, Brock Lesnar's dominance and the rise of Seth Rollins. He does not need that last title victory to validate his career. It will only anger fans more about Cena's legacy. As for where he is now. John Cena is making the mid card interesting again, especially with matches against Rusev, Kevin Owens, Neville, and Sami Zayn. Keep putting Cena in with younger talent and the views will come. With that being said, Cena does need to lose the U.S title and help elevate the future of the company.

Debate Topic 2 Can Jeff Gordon Make The Chase In 2015?

Chris Ransom: Jeff Gordon will make the chase. He's currently 10th in the Standings and holds a 61 point lead over the person in 16th place. I think he wins at Kentucky this week and makes the chase. There's always a race around this time of year that Gordon is motivated to win. Something tells me 24 gets lucky in Kentucky.

Brian Thornsburg: Jeff Gordon has lost his last chance at winning a race and making the chase this season. He started on the pole at Daytona and led 87 laps, before falling victim to a last crash. He led 47 laps at Talladega, but again fell victim to a crash that knocked him out of competition. His final chance was at Daytona last week, but he just couldn't seem to keep up with Hendrick Motor Sport team mates, which has really been the case all season if you look at the stats, he is struggling to finish in the top ten consistently, so a win and chance at the championship is really a impossibility right now.

Debate Topic 3 What Position Do the Buccaneers Need In Order To Succeed In 2015?

Chris Ransom: The Buccaneers need a defensive end. Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy led the team with 8.5 sacks. The best NFL teams have pass rushers that can generate at least 10 sacks by having guys get pressure on the opposing quarterback.

Brian Thornsburg: The Buccaneers need a competent quarterback. Jameis Winston will falter like Josh Freeman. He is too much of a nuisance off the field and will only make the locker room a more toxic environment then what it already is. Winston needs to learn from a veteran quarterback, not two guys who struggled to bring their team to four wins last season. Bring in anyone! Carson Palmer, Michael Vick, hell give us Nick Foles. Someone who gives The Buccaneers a chance at winning the divison, because its not going to happen with Winston.

Top 5 Things That Annoy Me About NASCAR Fans

Posted By: Brian Thornsburg on 7/3/2015

Top 5 Things That Annoy Me About NASCAR Fans

Being a NASCAR fan isn't easy. Not only do you have to deal with ups and downs of cheering on your favorite driver but you're also bound to get a lot of nasty comments from other sports fans as well. While some fans might be able to let these comments go in one ear and out the other, my blood starts boiling when I hear one of them.

5. Turn Left

This one doesn't bother me as much simply because it's easy to refute. If sports fans would take five minutes to actually watch a race, they would realize that racers turn right on many occasions throughout any given race. If they did, they would see that Coming out of your pit box, coming off of pit road, choosing a higher line on the track and racing at a road course all require you to turn your steeling wheel to the right. Oh, and they sometimes turn right when they do burnouts too. Way to do your research guys!

4. NASCAR Is Not A Sport

Really? You want to go there. Ok, let's define what a sport is considered in the dictionary. According to Oxford Dictionary a sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. With that said, driving a car at speeds of over 100 miles per hour definitely requires a level of physical exertion and skill. Answer me this. Can you drive a car in 42 car pack competitively? Are you able to withstand temperatures of over 140 degrees while piloting a stock car? If so, you know that doing so takes a certain level of conditioning and training.

3. The Races Are Boring

If racing is boring, I would hate to know what you find interesting. Not only are these 3200 pound stock cars exceeded speeds of 100 mph, but they are also competing with 42 other cars for the same trophy at the end of the race. That's quite different than the usual two teams that compete for a win or championship or at the end of the day. Racing is also a sport of daredevils. A group of men and woman that defy human logic to fill their need for speed and for successes. These people should be honored. Their incredible journey televised and covered a lot more often. If you can't see that, then I really feel sorry for you.

2. Women Don't Belong In NASCAR

While NASCAR fans are usually the people saying this, I hear it from those outside our sport as well. First let me address those that are fans of the sport and say drivers like Danica Patrick don't belong in our sport. You're not a real fan if you believe this! You are stuck in a way of thinking that honestly belongs in the Middle Ages and you should seriously evaluate your belief system if you think this way.

1. Dale Earnhardt Sr. Death Jokes

The fastest way to get me to hang up in your face or make me walk away is to tell me a joke about Dale Earnhardt's death. While some NASCAR fans may think these don't exist, please just trust me that they do. I've honestly heard everything from Earnhardt's death being all a conspiracy to remove Dale Jr. from his father's shadow, to Pink Floyd and Dale Earnhardt both having the wall as their biggest hit. To be honest, these are sick, not funny and just plain wrong even to say. I mean, you don't see NASCAR fans making fun of Michael Jordan or O.J. Simpson, so why sit and make fun of our hero.

Top 5 Cereals

Posted By Brian Thornsburg on 5/22/2015

This might sound weird, but I was never into cereal as child. I just couldn’t eat it! I always opted for something like Pop Tarts or a Peanut Butter and Jelly instead. With that in mind, I don’t know very much about breakfast cereal, or did I ever really touch it at all. To compensate for this fact, I will also include a fun fact with my Top-five cereal picks. Enjoy!

5. Captain Crunch: I don’t know if it was the thought of being my own captain, or if it was just the voice that reminded me of the pirate from Spongebob Square Pants, but I also asked my mom for Captain Crunch breakfast cereal as a kid. Not to eat, but to sound cool when I talked to kids at school about what I ate that morning. I didn’t realize at the time that almost every kid in the world had cereal for breakfast.

Did You Know? Captain Crunch was created in 1963 and is its company is now a division of PepsiCo.

4. Frosted Flakes: Again, nothing to do with the actual cereal, but everything to do with the jingle and the animated Tiger mascot. I loved Tony The Tiger as a kid and had a crazy idea that eating Frosted Flakes would make me bigger stronger and even faster. I remember begging my mom all week for it, even to the point of driving my parents insane about it. Of course when I finally did get my hands on a bowl of frosted flakes, I took one bite, spit it out, and demanded Pop Tarts. Wow I was a horrible child.

Did You Know? That Frosted Flakes originally had the name, Sugar Frosted Flakes. It kept this name until 1983, where Sugar was dropped from the name.

3. Fruit Loops: I think this is the only breakfast cereal on this list that I ate for an extended amount of time growing up. I don’t know if it was the different colors of the rainbow, or the fruit taste that just mixed so well with the milk in my bowl, but it had a good taste to me. Not much else to say here, but I do remember Tucan Sam saying, Just follow your nose! I always thought that was funny for some reason.

Did You Know Fruit Loops originally only featured Red, Orange and Yellow loops, but added Green, Purple and Blue sometime in The 1990’s.

2 Lucky Charms: I had a phase during my childhood where i had a fascination with leprechauns. I know that’s a weird memory, but that and the fact that I mostly just ate the marshmallows are my only real two memories of this breakfast cereal. I would also root for Lucky to get away from the pesky kids in the commercials too. Unfortunately, they caught him every time.

Did You Know? Over 25% of Lucky Charms volume consists of marshmallows

1 .Cookie Crisp: What else can I say here? It had the word cookies in it, I loved milk, and I loved sugar, so of course I would love the idea of a bowl of Cookie Crisp breakfast cereal. I especially loved The Chip” The Dog” Mascot. His signature howl at the end of commercials was a huge thrill growing up.

Did You Know? Cookie Crisp made a brownie version of their cereal that sold exclusively in The U.K