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2014 NFL Week 7 Predictions

Peyton Manning hosts another winning team on Sunday Night Football with the San Francisco 49ers after the Broncos hosted the Colts in week 1 on Sunday Night Football.

New York Jets 1-5-0
New England Patriots 4-2-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

15- SURVIVOR: New England DOMINATES the Jets on Thursday night possibly ending the Geno Smith era and placing Rex Ryan directly on the hot seat. I expect there to be more Pats fans than Jets fans by the 4th quarter.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Draft Utopia had a record 53 tweets for our week 6 predictions. Jason will be rankings games from 15 to 1 with 15 being the least exciting game and 1 being the most exciting game for his confidence pool. You saw the 15 on his page, so Jason thinks very highly of the Patriots. We also have brand new polls with write ups and social media apps for each contest where you can vote for the winners of each game.

As far as our site goes we have a yellow navigation bar to keep track of everything at the top of our page. The home page has a Google Custom Search Engine, the forum is a message boards, and the NFL page just added some stuff you can buy for each team. We still have some pages to code with our NHL Draft prospects, but nearly half of the entire site that I plan on coding is done in terms of quality with the navigation bars done while I would say about 3/4 of our webpages are already coded in terms of quantity, but those pages need to be modified.

Why the New York Jets will win Geno Smith is looking to win in primetime after losing to Brady on Thursday Night Football last year. Stevan Ridley and Jerod Mayo are both out for the season. The Jets can get the job done if they run the football and if Geno can avoid turnovers.

Why the New England Patriots will win New England has Tom Brady going up against one of the worst secondaries in the league that has no identity without Dee Milliner. Tom Brady is listed as questionable with an ankle injury. That may limit Brady when you consider that running back Stevan Ridley is out for the season. I think the injury is smoke and mirrors meaning Brady should start against the Jets.

On defense you have a team that ranks fifth in the NFL in fewest total yards allowed. This team also ranks third in pass defense thanks to Revis at cornerback. The pass rush featuring Chandler Jones at right end, Chris Jones at defensive tackle, Vince Wilfork at defensive tackle, and Rob Ninkovich at left end. All of these guys are good at stopping the run when getting past the line of scrimmage ranking 14th in run defense. The reason New England is not ranked in the top 10 is due to what they have at linebacker.

Jerod Mayo is out for the season at middle linebackers. Outside linebackers Don’a Hightower and Jamie Collins are both listed as questionable. Somebody has to step up at linebacker this week considering New England lacks linebacker depth.

In addition to having the third best pass defense, the Patriots’ secondary has 8 turnovers combined by every player on this secondary. Four interceptions and four fumble recoveries to be exact. Geno Smith is prone to make turnovers so being a good turnover team while being an elite coverage team only works against Smith.

Revis will have no problem blanketing Eric Decker. Whether Brandon Browner plays will be a big question. Browner was a good #2 corner next to Sherman. A four game suspension to begin the year and this ankle injury kept him out the last two weeks. If Browner starts it is a New England win. He is listed as questionable so we should see Alfonzo Dennard blanket the Jets weak #2 receiver. Jace Amaro will pick apart Patrick Chung when you consider that Chung struggled against Scott Chandler. Devin McCourty is still listed as questionable with a shoulder injury. Despite these setbacks, New England has a distinct advantage at secondary over the Jets receivers.

Prediction: The Patriots are 9.5 point favorites and the average gambler is betting $430 dollars on the New England Patriots which is also the biggest bet of the week. Patriots barely cover the spread.

Final Score Patriots 24 Jets 14

Atlanta Falcons 2-4-0
Baltimore Ravens 4-2-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

11- Ravens over Falcons. I was under the impression, that like the Saints, the Falcons were terrible on the road but good at home. They proved Sunday that they are just mediocre at best. Their o-line is a joke and getting Matt Ryan killed. Their pass defense is probably the worst in the league. Baltimore is one of the best home teams in the league. Ravens easy.

Justin Forsett, Steve Smith, and Torrey Smith should have a big games.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

SPECULATION SPORTS went 12-3 and had the best picks in our message boards. We had 5 other users go 10-5 with their week 6 picks. Those five members were JabbaTheFearMongerer, theDUDE, Zain Bando, Jason Bantle, and myself.

Here is a list of the standings for our yearly predictions from weeks 1-5 on our message boards on the Draft Utopia forum.

  1. Chris Ransom 54-37
  2. Jason Bantle 54-37
  4. Zain Bando 42-17 Did not pick the first two weeks.
  5. TheDUDE 45-46
  6. JabbaTheFearMongerer 31-32 Has not picked a game on the message boards since week 3.

Why the Atlanta Falcons will win Matt Ryan is second in the NFL in passing yards behind Luck and leads all NFC quarterbacks in passing yards. The Falcons are 3rd in the NFL in total offense while Julio Jones is third in the NFL in receiving yards.

The one bright spot at linebacker is Paul Worrilow. Worrilow is third in the NFL with 64 total tackles.

Why the Baltimore Ravens will win Baltimore Ravens running back Justin Forsett is fifth in rushing yards. Also, the Ravens have a better defense. A disciplined linebacking core has 4 guys that can stop the run or drop back in coverage.

C.J. Mosley ranks fifth in tackles with 57 tackles. The former Alabama 3-4 middle linebacker looks like a favorite to win defensive rookie of the year in 2014 after the Ravens drafted him in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

Prediction: The Ravens are 7 point favorites and the average gambler is betting $290 dollars on the Baltimore Ravens. I think the Ravens will win, but how the Steve Smith and Torrey Smith play will decide whether or not the Ravens cover the spread. This feels like a game where whoever has the ball last will win. Matt Ryan is horrible on the road especially outdoors which is why I like the Ravens.

Final Score Ravens 27 Falcons 24

Tennessee Titans 2-4-0
Washington Redskins 1-5-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

6- Redskins over Titans. Ever since their Thursday night meltdown, it has been very hard to pick the Redskins. They looked a lot better in Arizona on Sunday but Cousins has been mediocre and injuries are piling up. They appear to be the clear-cut bottom team of the NFC East. But, the Titans are a whole other level of bad. I expect a low-scoring game. It could be the Bishop Sankey welcome party but I will take the Redskins and Cousins over Whitehurt or Locker. The Titans have the worst coaching staff in the league. Check out their scores at the half since last season. They are in almost every single game - or actually winning. But they blow it (liek they almost did last week) int he second half. This is an indictment on the coaching staff's inability to make adjustments. I refuse to pick the Titans to beat anyone other than Jacksonville.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

This week had a few big games. Mississippi State defeated Auburn and some have them ahead of Florida State in the polls. Mariota validated that he is the best quarterback in the 2015 NFL Draft with a statement win over UCLA. Baylor defeated TCU.

  • Mariota is still the top quarterback in 2015. Hundley, Winston, and Petty are all 1st Round quarterbacks in terms of talent. The Winston investigation may knock him down later in the draft process, but it will have no effect on the Florida State quarterback right now. Teams in the top 10 will reach for one or two of these guys while one of these guys slips to the second round.

  • Marshall continues to dominate. The Thundering Herd are 6-0 and have entered the top 25 for the first time all season thanks to Cato. Marshall has allowed 17.2 points this season while being only one of 6 FBS teams without a loss besides top 5 schools Mississippi State, Florida State, Ole Miss, Baylor, and Notre Dame.

  • Todd Gurley is still the top rusher despite his recent suspension. He will be a top 10 pick, but he will not be a top 5 pick like I previously mocked him.

  • Nick O’Leary showed up on Saturday. He is beginning to make a case to challenge Devin Funchess.

  • Hroniss Grassu looked excellent against Ellis McCarthy and UCLA. Reese Dismukes struggled so I have Grassu jumping Dismukes.

  • Mississippi State middle linebacker Bernardrick McKinney has 41 total tackles, 6 tackles for a loss, and 3 sacks for the 6-0 Mississippi State Bulldogs. He has not done enough to be a first rounder. I think you could grade him as a 1st-2nd round pick.

  • Ole Miss safety Cody Prewitt is the next best safety after Landon Collins. Michigan State free safety Kurtis Drummond and Virginia safety Anthony Harris look like 1st-2nd round picks at this point while Prewitt continues to play at a high level.

Why the Tennessee Titans will win Pro Football Talk reported that Jake Locker may not start in week 7. It will be up to 2014 NFL Draft picks like left tackle Taylor Lewan and running back Bishop Sankey to deliver in the Nations Capital.

Why the Washington Redskins will win Washington will play Kirk Cousins. This pass rushing unit has two guys that make left tackles look like overrated right tackles as Ryan Kerrigan who has 6.5 sacks, and Brian Orakpo continue to get things done.

Prediction: The Redskins are 5.5 point favorites and the average gambler is betting $230 dollars on the Washington Redskins. Washington should win big.

Final Score Redskins 35 Titans 10

Seattle Seahawks 3-2-0
St. Louis Rams 1-4-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

3- Seattle over St. Louis. The Rams might be the most underrated team in football. Seattle is not good on the road vs. anybody. But, the Seahawks losing on Sunday at home was the worst thing that could happen to the Rams. The Seahawks will be out to prove a point next Sunday. Either the Rams win a squeaker and shock everyone else (not me) or Seattle comes out and crushes the Rams by 3 TDs. I see no in between, it jsut depends how Seattle responds.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Bill Clinton’s College Football Playoff Selection Special

Yahoo man. This is your 42nd William Jefferson Clinton. Lots of changes with all the upsets that are sexier than Sarah Palin sorry Hillary.

  1. Florida State Seminoles: At #1 we have the Florida State Seminoles or as I call them the Semites. The Semites are led by the food stealer. Jameis Winston. So Winston stands up on a table and yells blank her in the pussy. Then Florida State suspends him for an entire game. Winston causes Florida State to drop to third in our poll because of his behavior. Also I want to be seamus as semen on that blue dress. I did not have sexual relations with Miss Monica Lewinsky.

  2. Previous Ranking: #1

  3. Mississippi State Bulldogs: Mississippi State beat Auburn convincingly dropping 28 points on the Auburn Tigers. Dak Prescott and Bernardrick McKinney will give Mississippi State a chance to get to the College Football Upset.

  4. Previous Ranking: Not Ranked

  5. Ole Miss Rebels: Ole Miss dethroned the pimp known as Nick Saban.

  6. Previous Ranking: #3

  7. Baylor Bears: Bryce Petty is the best quarterback since RGIII the human orgasm.

  8. Previous Ranking: #4

Why the Seattle Seahawks will win Seattle will be upset coming out on all cylinders. Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch will not go two weeks without 1 passing touchdown or 1 rushing touchdown.

Why the St. Louis Rams will win St. Louis showed a lot of promise at home. Once the 49ers took the lead, the team lost faith in Austin Davis. St. Louis had a good 2014 NFL Draft. This will be a team to watch in a year or two once they get a quarterback. For now the Rams are the doormat in the NFC West.

Prediction: The Seahawks are 6.5 point favorites and the average gambler is betting $275 dollars on the Seattle Seahawks. Seahawks barely cover in an offensive game.

Final Score Seahawks 28 Rams 21

Cleveland Browns 3-2-0
Jacksonville Jaguars 0-6-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

8- Browns over Jaguars. It is hard for me to take the Browns on the road against anyone. But the Jaguars are determined, it seems, to go 0-16. If they could not win against Whitehurst and the Titans last week, I am not sure they will win a game. The Browns are a lot better than people think and quite underrated. Brian Hoyer is making things difficult for the Browns this offseason.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Another Reagan VS Obama video. I liked Reagans point on Capitalism. This time they discuss Big Government Programs. I like how Obama screwed Nixon over. After all Nixon was involved with Watergate. Reagan is full of himself for giving Nixon a hall pass just because he is a republican. There is one more Reagan VS Obama video where they fight each other. We fill find out whether Reagan or Obama reigns supreme next week.

Why the Cleveland Browns will win Brian Hoyer has 7 touchdowns and 1 interception on the year. Only 2 other quarterbacks with 1 interception or fewer that have outplayed him as far as avoiding turnovers goes. Brian Hoyer is a safe play and the Browns have a much better secondary than the Cleveland Browns.

Why the Jacksonville Jaguars will win Jacksonville wins if Paul Posluszney gets pressure on the Browns. Facing a backup center instead of Alex Mack makes his job easy. Former Central Florida Golden Knights Blake Bortles and Storm Johnson have to step up if either team expects to win.

Prediction: The Browns are 5 point favorites and the average gambler is betting $220 dollars on the Cleveland Browns which is also the biggest bet of the week. Patriots barely cover the spread.

Final Score Browns 31 Jaguars 13

Cincinnati Bengals 3-1-1
Indianapolis Colts 4-2-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

9- I hate to say it but I like the Colts over my Bengals. As I have said, the Bengals cannot be beat at home. That field goal miss by Nugent is so frustrating, but they salvaged a tie. On the road, the Bengals are not the same team. The Colts are two 3 point games away from being undefeated and are a legitimate threat and a great offense. I think the Bengals are the slightly better team so I am wary. But it is in Indianapolis so I like the Colts in a high-scoring tight game.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

This week I aired a pilot episode of an upcoming podcast called NFL DVD Commentary where Andrew Kermish, Joey Potter, and I talk football. Our podcast will debut in week 8, but feel free to watch the pilot version on Talkshoe. Also on Draft Utopia this thursday, I plan on reading all our NFL content this week while talking about NHL Draft prospects from Canada, Kevin Durant, MLB Playoffs, and why Major League Soccer is changing for the worse despite 3 promising seasons from 2012-2014.

Why the Cincinnati Bengals will win Cincinnati can limit what Luck does if Giovanni Bernard has a big day in the backfield. He has to deliver for the Bengals to have a big day. I do not expect much from Sanu if he is being covered by Vontae Davis. Jermaine Gresham has to step up at safety without Laron Landry. Despite his screw-ups, Landry is still the best safety on this team.

Why the Indianapolis Colts will win Back in the preseason, I told people the Colts were my team to win Super Bowl 49 mainly due to the fact that the Colts have such a stealth offense. Luck leads the NFL with 1,987 passing yards. The Colts are #1 in the NFL in total yards per game with 444 yards per game while throwing for 328.7 passing yards per game.

It is not just Luck. It is the pass protection, the variety of receivers he has to throw to, along with a stealth backfield. Having your former quarterback coach from Stanford in Pep Hamilton as the offensive coordinator gives him chemistry as well as giving the organization chemistry.

Prediction: The Colts are 3 point favorites and the average gambler is betting $155 dollars on the Indianapolis Colts. I expect this to be a blowout because Terrance Newman has been horrible in coverage. I also think the linebacking is suspect if Rey Maualuga does not play. Sure there is depth on the Bengals’ defensive line. The offensive line for the Colts especially at the offensive tackle position with Costanzo and Cherillus is that good.

Final Score Colts 31 Bengals 14

Minnesota Vikings 2-4-0
Buffalo Bills 3-3-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

2- Bills over Vikings. I am tentatively taking the Bills to win at home. No feel for this game. I really like Teddy Bridgewater and only one of his INTs were really his fault on Sunday (tipped pass, dropped pass) but the rest of his team jsut is not very good and the coaching staff refuses to get Cordarelle Patterson the ball for some insane reason. Kyle Orton, no matter how good he really is, has lit a spark under the Bills who made a clear message that the future is now. It iwll be intersting to see how they respond to the Patriots blowout of last week. They will either fold up shop or they will continue to play hard for a playoff spot under their new ownership with Orton at the helm. I will guess the later.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Minnesota Vikings will win Teddy Bridgewater is better than Kyle Orton. Minnesota also ranks 6th in pass defense while having an excellent front 7 that can get pressure on the quarterback. That may be too much for Kyle Orton.

Why the Buffalo Bills will win The Buffalo Bills have an even better front 4 than the Detroit Lions with Jerry Hughes at right end, Kyle Williams at defensive tackle, Marcel Dareus at defensive tackle, and Mario Williams at left end. All 4 defensive linemen has a combined total of 14.5 sacks through 6 games which is simply unreal. Buffalo also has the #1 run defense in the NFL in addition to having this defense. The Lions had the top run defense in the NFL last week and look how that turned out.

Prediction: The Bills are 5 point favorites and the average gambler is betting $210 dollars on the Buffalo Bills. I expect this to be a low scoring game. Bridgewater has yet to throw a touchdown and this defense is a lot tougher then the Detroit one. Kyle Orton may be a bum, but someone will score a touchdown for Buffalo. Teddy Bridgewater has yet to throw for a touchdown so far as a rookie and I think this game is a toss up where one team will win by a single point. I’m taking Buffalo.

Final Score Bills 10 Vikings 9

Miami Dolphins 2-3-0
Chicago Bears 3-3-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

1- My game of the week is Miami @ Chicago. The Bears are winless at home so I am unsure that this is really an advantage or not for them. The Dolphins beat the Patriots already this year and should have beaten the Packers. They are sneaky good. But, I do not like the buzz around the team being split on who should be the quarterback. Sooner or later, this will fracture and hurt the locker room. So, I am tentatively taking the explosive offense of the Bears. But their defense is really bad, so it is very possible that Lamar Miller and Mike Wallace have big games and prove me wrong.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Miami Dolphins will win This feels like a toss up since both quarterbacks can be effective yet inconsistent and the same could be said for the pass blocking units. Miami has an awesome front 4 that has a combined total of 9.5 sacks. Defensive ends Oliver Vernon and Cameron Wake have a combined total of 7 sacks while the Dolphins wield the 8th best pass defense in the NFL thanks to guys like field cornerback Cortland Finnegan, strong safety Jimmy Wilson, free safety Louis Delmas, and boundary cornerback Brent Grimes.

Why the Chicago Bears will win Chicago has to run the ball like they did last week against Atlanta in order to win. The Dolphins are weak at linebacker so if the Bears’ offensive line shows up, it could be a long day for the Dolphins.

Prediction: The Bears are 3.5 point favorites and the average gambler is betting $165 dollars on the Chicago Bears. This feels like the first upset of the day.

Final Score Dolphins 24 Bears 20

New Orleans Saints 2-3-0
Detroit Lions 4-2-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

10- On yahoo! this is the second most split game of the week but I have it at 10. I like Detroit at home over the Saints. There is nothing to prove that the Saints can play on the road. Even if it is a dome (See Dallas). The Lions were clicking on all cylinders last week even without Megatron and Reggie Bush. Something is missing in New Orleans. They will score their points, but the defense is a concern. Also, Jimmy Graham's absence will hurt. Lions.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the New Orleans Saints will win Drew Brees is considered the better quarterback. Without quarterback coach Joe Lombardi now the Lions offensive coordinator, Brees simply isn’t the same quarterback. Brees had 3 straight seasons of 5,000 or more passing yards in the regular season in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Brees has struggled ranking 9th overall in passing yards, but the Saints rank 2nd in the NFL in passing yards per game which makes me wonder how many trick plays Sean Payton has up his sleeve.

Why the Detroit Lions will win Detroit may not have Calvin Johnson, but the Saints do not have Jimmy Graham either. The Lions defensive line has a combined total of 14 sacks through 6 games. The Lions have allowed the fewest total yards and passing yards. Detroit has also allowed the second fewest rushing yards. The Lions are playing like the NFC Champion on defense. Detroit just needs more offensive production from Stafford.

Prediction: The Lions are 3 point favorites and the average gambler is betting $140 dollars on the Detroit Lions. This game will come down to who has the ball last. I have more faith in Matt Prater than I do the Saints kicker.

Final Score Lions 24 Saints 21

Carolina Panthers 3-2-1
Green Bay Packers 4-2-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

4- Green Bay over Carolina. The Packers are undefeated at home, but are a little overrated b/c of a last -second win vs Miami. Carolina played the Bengals tough in Cincinnati to be the fist team since 2012 not to lose in Paul Brown Stadium. They will be underrated. That said, only due to home field advantage, I will take the Packers. Cam Newton is getting healthy at the right time though, so watch out.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Carolina Panthers will win I respectfully disagree with Jason on this one. While Cam is getting healthy at the right time, he has only wide receiver that he can throw to with Kelvin Benjamin. Green Bay has the 5th best pass defense in the NFL and you have no running back due to injuries in the backfield.

Luke Kuechly leads the NFL in tackles and is hands down the best middle linebacker in the NFL. Roman Harper has 3 interceptions. Antoine Cason is a good cover corner.

Why the Green Bay Packers will win Green Bay has such a consistent quarterback in Aaron Rodgers that played like a top 5 quarterback against the Miami Dolphins. Green Bay’s offensive line should do better against Carolina. Jordy Nelson leads the NFL in receiving yards and should pick apart Antoine Cason, who has been a boundary cornerback for most of his career.

On defense you have pass rushers like Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers going up against teams that have nobody at offensive tackle. Green Bay is also 5th in pass defense due to depth on the secondary. There are four corners capable of playing. Tramon Williams is best suited for a field cornerback role. Sam Shields can play the boundary. Davon House gets inserted into the nickel. Casey Heyward plays dime corner. Micah Hyde and HaHa Clinton-Dix are both capable of starting at free safety. Morgan Burnett is the most important player on this secondary because there is no depth behind him and luckily for Green Bay he is healthy. Williams and Shields both left the Dolphins game with ankle injuries. If Carolina wins it will be due to slow play or injured cornerbacks.

Prediction: The Packers are 7 point favorites and the average gambler is betting $300 dollars on the Green Bay Packers. Green Bay should deliver a blowout. I do not see Newton succeeding against an opponent that is way better than him. This game reminds me of the Panthers game in Baltimore a few weeks ago. The Packers defeated the Carolina Panthers 30 to 13 in the 1997 NFC Championship game. Coincidentally, that will be my same final score.

Final Score Packers 30 Panthers 13

Kansas City Chiefs 2-3-0
San Diego Chargers 5-1-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

14- San Diego Chargers slip by the Chiefs. It should be a close divisional game and the Chargers don’t usually blow people out but they are the better team here and will be at home. KC is overrated and still very injured and banged up. There quality of play is a testament to motivation by the coaching staff. If Jamaal Charles is finally healthy - Chiefs will compete-but come up short to MVP nominee Phillip RIvers.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Draft Utopia forum member TheDUDE made a script called Blue Mountain State and it’s impact in the NFL. We will air the piece in week 13 around thanksgiving once every team is done with their bye week. We will break down one team a year per week from the 2015-2016 season to the 2019-2020.

Why the Kansas City Chiefs will win Kansas City is fourth in total rushing yards per game. The Chiefs can win if they run the ball. With Donald Butler and Manti Te’o at 3-4 middle linebacker that may be a challenge. Having a bye week may work in the Chiefs favor.

Why the San Diego Chargers will win What do Philip Rivers and Rocky Balboa have in common? The Eye of the Tiger.

Besides a brilliant quarterback you have a defense that is third in yards allowed per game allowing the third fewest total yards in the league. San Diego is ranked 4th in the NFL in pass defense and 9th in run defense. Look for the Chargers to get to 6-1 in an offensive shootout.

Prediction: The Chargers are 4 point favorites and the average gambler is betting $195 dollars on the San Diego Chargers. I like San Diego by a touchdown.

Final Score Chargers 28 Chiefs 14

Arizona Cardinals 4-1-0
Oakland Raiders 0-5-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

7- Cardinals. I love the effort and drive the Raiders displayed under their interim Head Coach on Sunday. That said, they are out-manned and out-gunned against the Cardinals who are flat-out one of the best teams in the league especially with CP back in the fold. I expect the Raiders to keep it close like they did with San Diego though.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

It is time for a weekly update on the Obamacare Fantasy Football League that I created for fun back in July. Here to breakdown the highlights is none other than Stephen Colbert.

Stephen Colbert: Welcome To the Obamacare Fantasy Football League. I said we would wait till week 7 to resume the league. Jim ordered me to break down the week 6 games.

Herman Cain knocked off Obama. Obama is no longer undefeated. PRAISE THE LORD! Now we just Cain faces Sarah Palin and should go to 6-1. If Obama beats Joe Biden in week 7 he will clinch the first of two playoff spots in the Democrat Conference.

Mitt Romney defeated Hilary Clinton and Newt Ginrich lost to Bill Clinton. This was the perfect week of Fantasy Football until Joe Biden won a second straight game because he finally started Andrew Luck after an 0-4 start.

Romney and Gingrich are both 3-3 now and face each other once again in a game with huge implications on the line. Hillary Clinton is now at 3-3 and she faces a 2-4 Bill Clinton that got swept by Obama a few weeks ago. Bill can make this very interesting if he beats his wife without resorting to domestic violence like Ray Rice.

Why the Arizona Cardinals will win Arizona has a beastly offense. I do not know how the Raiders plan on stopping former Raider Carson Palmer. I think Oakland will make it close like Jason said, but I still expect the Cardinals to deliver. Patrick Peterson and Antonio Cromartie can help. Arizona is third in run defense despite losing a bunch of starters to an injury.

Why the Oakland Raiders will win Derek Carr will put up a fight once again. The Raiders are a different team under interim head coach Tony Sparano who was the Dolphins head coach back in 2008-2009 when the Dolphins took the AFC East.

Prediction: The Cardinals are 3.5 point favorites and the average gambler is betting $170 dollars on the Arizona Cardinals. Arizona wins and San Diego covers.

Final Score Cardinals 28 Raiders 27

New York Giants 3-3-0
Dallas Cowboys 5-1-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Speaking of overrated, the Cowboys are at home this week. I guess they deserve to be ranked number one due to the (tied) best record in football and winning in Seattle but let's not forget how Romo is under pressure and how mediocre (at best) their defense is.

That said, the Giants showed on Sunday night how inconsistent they are and I think they will miss Victor Cruz. Dallas will be a bit full of themselves this week so watch out but they should take care of the Giants at home. I would take the points though.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

This just in. Jerry Jones has just hired former Initech Vice President Bill Lumbergh as the new GM and team consultant for the Dallas Cowboys. Every week we will get Lumbergh’s two cents on the Dallas Cowboys. So far Lumbergh is 5-0-0 after taking over as GM in week 2. The Cowboys won in Lumbergh’s first four games as General Manager/Team Consultant.

Here is this weeks advice from Bill Lumbergh.

"Hi Jason. Excellent job beating Seattle. We’re 5-1, and 5-0 since my arrival in week 2, but we need to do more if we want NFL fans to take the Cowboys seriously. Now if you could beat our next two NFC East Rivals in week 7 and 8 so that the the New York Giants and Washington Redskins both lose in Dallas while we continue to win games that would be terrific. Good talking to you Jason."

Why the New York Giants will winThe Giants have a chance because they lost 27-0 and Dallas is coming off a huge win against Seattle. Nobody expects the Giants to win, but the road.

Why the Dallas Cowboys will win Dallas has Romo playing turnover free football for the first time in years. Dallas Cowboys are 4th in total yards per game. DeMarco Murray leads the NFL with 785 rushing yards.

Prediction: The Cowboys are 6 point favorites and the average gambler is betting $250 dollars on the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas wins and the Giants cover the spread.

Final Score Cowboys 24 Giants 21

San Francisco 49ers 4-2-0
Denver Broncos 4-1-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

13- Denver Broncos over 49ers. As I have been saying- the Niners are overrated. They are good, just not great and but for an offensive pass interference mistake by the refs last night, the Rams would have beaten them. The Broncos are the best team in football in my opinion and no one will beat them in Denver.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Survivor Host Ned Hastings played by actor Jeff Probst: Mike Florio hand me your torch.

Hines Ward is crying.

Mike Florio: Why are you crying Hines? The Eagles won 27-0.

Ward: The Steelers lost 31-10 to the Browns. This is the worse day of my life since the 2005 AFC Championship when Bettis considered retirement following our loss to the Patriots. Then we found out they cheated with Spygate.

Hastings: You know what Hines you are joining Florio for crying like a bitch.

Michele Tafoya: Screw that. Hines won fair and square. The fact that Hines got a shutout makes him one of the stronger players plus I enjoyed interviewing him after Super Bowl 43. You have to keep him on because of what he accomplished.

Hastings: How about you give up your idol to save him.

Tafoya: How about I give up my lucky yoga pants and my idol to save him if you let me decide who is going to the final 4.

Hastings: Deal.

Tafoya: I want Hines Ward and Rodney Harrison there with me. Dan Patrick is a dink, but he is not a homophobe like Tony Dungy who called out Michael Sam or a fraud like Peter King who writes for Sports Illustrated and has a marginal role on NBC Sunday Night Football.

Dan Patrick: Tony Dungy, Rodney Harrison, and I have a final 4 deal with you Michele. You cannot just pick Hines and backdoor one of us.

Tafoya: You probably had a final 3 deal to screw me over. I plan on breaking up your group to make sure Hines and myself face each other in the first and only ever Survivor Bowl.

Patrtick: I’m not a dink. McLovin is a dink. I think I will use a lifeline by calling Fritzy on Skype.

Hastings: Dan Patrick you are not calling anyone on Skype Assholes. Tafoya, if you are going to be irresponsible and make this Peter King VS Tony Dungy game pointless, I will just return your lucky yoga pants and hidden immunity idol and kick Florio off without anyone losing anything.

Tafoya: Deal

Mike Florio: Hey this is bullcrap. All this bickering was for nothing.

Hastings: Mike Florio the tribe has spoken. This week the Peter King led 49ers will face the Tony Dungy Denver Broncos for a final spot in our final 5. Then all 5 players will hand in their immunity idols as the talking hollogram COWPOTE RADIO decides your fate along with who plays in the final four.

Al Michaels voted off the Island After losing to Team Collinsworth in week 1. Players saw him as a threat in week 1.

Bob Costas was originally ruled safe. Costas was nominated and when Collinsworth and Dungy used immunity idols to take themselves off the block. Bob was the next to hand us his torch.

Cris Collinsworth was disqualified from the island for cheating during commentary of Bengals VS Patriots match up in the second quarter.

Mike Florio got evicted after a Giants team he ran lost 27-0 to an Eagles team operated by Hines Ward. Hines cried about the Steelers losing to the Browns despite this, Florio still got his ass kicked of the island.

Why the San Francisco 49ers will win San Francisco is about to get all their players back. They have Ray McDonald back this week and will have Navarro Bowman in a week or two. In a month from now, we will be talking about the return of Aldon Smith. San Francisco can still make the playoffs even if they lose this game. Still, I think Denver finds a way to win.

Why the Denver Broncos will win Denver is about to start the season 5-1. This is a huge game and Denver knows it. The Broncos play San Diego on Thursday following this game. Manning knows he has to take it one game at a time without getting cocky. You have to think Manning will do his best to come out guns blazing the next two weeks. These playmakers will destroy this secondary once again, just like they did in the preseason when Manning picked apart this team with a 36-0 shutout back in August.

Prediction: The Broncos are 6.5 point favorites and the average gambler is betting $260 dollars on the Denver Broncos. Denver wins this game handily.

Final Score Broncos 35 49ers 24

Houston Texans 3-3-0
Pittsburgh Steelers 3-3-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

5-UPSET: Texans over Steelers. According to yahoo! this is the most split game of the week, almost 50/50 in fact. I am going to be real money omn the Texans plus 4 this week. The Steelers will have something to prove but they are a mess. Their impressive win over the Panthers came when Carolina lost people in the backfield and were at a loss. They just flat-out are not a good team. But because of their fan base and history they will be graded higher than they should.

Houston is underrated and plays everyone tough. JJ Watt is the MVP of the league right now and I like Houston.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden, and Lisa Salters need to go their separate ways. Imagine if Pittsburgh Sports Personalities with top-notch credibility like Bob Pompieni, Mark Madden, and Andrew Filiponi called this game instead of Tirico, Gruden, and Salters.

Pompieni: Welcome to Monday Night Football. Bob Pompieni along with Mark Madden covering ESPN Monday Night Football on KDKA. Mark what are your thoughts on this game?

Madden: Personally everyone on the Texans except J.J. Watt is adopted. That game against the Colts was awful. Watching Romeo Crennel bark at his players like that reminded me of high school gym class. Why didn’t he bark at Belichick like that when the Pats used Spygate. Ben Roethlisberger will tear this defense up tonight and the Texans have no quarterback. Ryan Fitzpatrick cannot play quarterback in the NFL.

Pompieni: Thanks for the insight Mark. Lets take it down to sideline reporter Andrew Filiponi.

Filiponi: Thanks Bob, running the ball will clearly matter tonight at Heinz Field tonight because both offensive lines specialize in run blocking while struggling in pass protection. Reacting properly to this Texans pass rush will be critical if the Steelers expect to win. Madden what are your thoughts on Mike Tomlin this year.

Madden: Mike Tomlin needs to go. He has no business on the sideline. Everyone knows he only got hired cause of the Rooney Rule. The NFL needs to eliminate the Rooney Rule because most teams know who they will hire without it.

Pompieni: Edmund Nelson would never question the Rooney Rule.

Filiponi: Neither would Donald Sterling.

Madden: Cut the racist sarcasm Philiponi. Edmund Nelson can kiss my caboose. There is no reason to lose to the Texans on Monday Night Football.

Pompieni: We will be right back with kickoff. With the Texans and our hometown Steelers at Heinz Field after a word from our sponsors.

Why the Houston Texans will win Unlike the Steelers, this team has guys that can cover with Jonathan Joseph, Kareem Jackson, D.J. Swearinger, and Kendrick Lewis. With 10 days to prepare for Pittsburgh, one would think the Texans would condition themselves properly.

Having Barrett Jones and Xavier Su’a Filo gave the Texans the guards to open up the lanes for Foster. Foster is third in the NFL with 513 rushing yards.

Pittsburgh has no identity at cornerback. DeAndre Hopkins and Andre Johnson will torch these scrub cornerbacks in the secondary. I think Fitzpatrick might do well on Monday if you consider the fact that the Steelers have no cornerback without Ike Taylor.

Why the Pittsburgh Steelers will win One of the reasons the Steelers are still in the thick of things is because the Steelers have Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown. Having playmakers like that makes Ben Roethlisberger’s job a whole lot easier.

Bell is second in the NFL with 542 rushing yards. Brown is second in the NFL with 629 receiving yards. Pittsburgh ranks 4th in the NFL in rushing yards per game because they have other rushers like LeGaratte Blount and Dri Archer.

Houston may thin at 3-4 middle linebacker when you consider they have nobody besides Brian Cushing. How many yards this backfield gains will depend on how well left guard Ramon Foster, center Maurkice Pouncey, and right guard David DeCastro do when opening up a running lane. Houston has Jared Crick at 3-4 right end, Jerrell Powe at nose tackle, and J.J. Watt at 3-4 left end. This is without a doubt the toughest 3-4 defensive line, that Pittsburgh will encounter in the 2014 NFL Regular Season. You know these guys can make it challenging.

Pittsburgh has 3-4 middle linebackers in Lawrence Timmons and Ryan Shazier that can keep Foster from gaining 100 rushing yards. Plus the superior quarterback. Both teams are about even when it comes to rushing the quarterback.

Prediction: The Steelers are 3.5 point favorites and the average gambler is betting $165 dollars on the Pittsburgh Steelers. I got the Texans covering the spread. Houston gains a 21-3 lead at halftime. Pittsburgh comes out and gets 2 touchdowns in the third quarter with the Texans leading 21-17 in the fourth quarter. Early in the fourth quarter, the Steelers get a field goal. Pittsburgh has a chance to win a field goal, but Suisham misses a field goal and the Texans barely survive. Even if the Steelers made the kick, the Texans still would have covered the spread.

Final Score Texans 21 Steelers 20

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