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2014 NFL Week 4 Game Recaps

New York Giants 2-2-0
Washington Redskins 1-3-0

Game Recap: WASHINGTON-Did anyone see the South Park episode involving the Washington Redskins last night? It was flat out epic. Hopefully this game will be better.

Without DeAngelo Hall, Eli Manning looked better. Washington also moved Ryan Kerrigan to 3-4 right outside linebacker and Brian Orakpo to the 3-4 left outside linebacker role. You saw both rushers rotate spots at right outside and left outside linebacker on the first series.

Careless penalties by the Redskins enabled the Giants to reach midfield. Victor Cruz had to screw it up when he dropped a pass where he was wide open on third down. Dropping the ball when you are open on first or second down is unacceptable. Dropping an open pass on third down where you receive no coverage is inexcusable.

Kirk Cousins had lots of time in the pocket on the first play of the game. Kirk Cousins was able to fire a bullet to former receiver now tight end Niles Paul. Cousins faked a hand off and ran for a first down. The fact that Cousins can move the chains on the ground makes Robert Griffin expendable. I also like the fact that he puts his team before himself.

The New York Giants toyed with the Redskins and waited until third down to rush the quarterback. Tyler Polumbus missed a block on a critical down that resulted in a fumble and a Giants ball. It really surprises me that Morgan Moses is not playing. Moses played right tackle at Virginia for four years and you drafted him in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Larry Donnell won the tight end job. That is how weak the New York Giants were at tight end. Donnell got a receiving touchdown to put the Giants up 7-0, so he deserves to keep his job for now. That may change at the end of the 2014 NFL Season. Right now I am optimistic about his future with the Giants.

Brandon Meriweather blew his assignment in coverage. Donnell scores his second receiving touchdown.

Washington went nearly 19 minutes after a first down. Once the Redskins got a first down they had the confidence to score a touchdown.

Eli Manning went 20 for 24 in the first half with 209 passing yards, and 3 passing touchdowns. Two of his four incompletions were dropped passes by his wide receivers. Eli threw all three of his touchdown passes to tight end Larry Donnell.

The Giants led 24 to 7 in the first half. Alfred Morris ran for a 20-yard rushing touchdown to get the Redskins back into the game. The Giants converted six consecutive third down conversions before the Redskins finally stopped them on third down early in the third quarter.

Alfred Morris caught the ball for a 26 yard reception for Washington following the 20 yard rushing touchdown. The rushing touchdown gave him a lot of confidence. Following the catch, it looked like Morris ran for three yards. His carry to the outside past left tackle Trent Williams resulted in a 5 yard gain.

It looked like Eli Manning threw another touchdown. Then 3-4 middle linebacker Keenan Robinson made a pick. The play was reviewed, but Washington got the ball back. Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins fired another pick to Quentin Demps following his first interception to Prince Amukamara.

Following the Cousins, interception, Eli threw his fourth passing touchdown. That put the Giants up 31 to 14. Manning finished the game 28/39 with 300 passing yards, 4 touchdowns, and one interception. Giants won 45 to 14.

Green Bay Packers 2-2-0
Chicago Bears 2-2-0

Game Recap: CHICAGO-This is Jay Cutler’s first chance to defeat Green Bay at home since last years NFC North Championship game at Solder Field during week 17 last season. Right end Jared Allen was ruled inactive for this game.

Chicago opened up the game with a 16 play drive that took up 8 minutes and 30 seconds. Cutler faced immense pressure only to throw a wide open touchdown to Brandon Marshall on third down. Sending nine men to blitz Cutler on third down was not the right call by Mike McCarthy.

Packers responded quickly with a 6 play touchdown drive that took up 2 minutes and 22 seconds. Eddie Lacy looks a lot better early in this contest. Lacy ran for a rushing touchdown in the first quarter after struggling at Detroit in week 3.

Crazy 4th and 1 for the Bears. They fumble the ball and recover and Cutler scrambles running like Sonic the Hedgehog. Then there is a penalty it is on Green Bay. That makes it first and goal following the huge run by Cutler and the penalty by the Packers.

Green Bay looked better on defense following the first down until HaHa Clinton-Dix had a pass interference penalty on third down. Green Bay still held Chicago to a field goal.

The Bears posted a 15 play drive that took up 5 minutes and 10 seconds only to come up with a field goal. That was a huge stop by the Packers.

The Packers followed that up with a 10 play drive that was 3 minutes and 47 seconds. Jordy Nelson caught a receiving touchdown to finish the drive.

Chicago had an 11 play drive that lasted 6 minutes and 21 seconds. Green Bay is so depleted on the defensive line that you see backup interior offensive linemen opening up the lanes for Matt Forte.

Packers with a 7 play, 2 minute and 47 second drive that results in a touchdown. Rodgers threw his second touchdown on the day to Randall Cobb.

Chicago had an impressive drive 7 play 49 second drive that nearly resulted in a touchdown. Brandon Marshall almost scored a touchdown to end the first half. Bears had no timeouts and Micah Hyde and HaHa Clinton-Dix prevent a receiving touchdown. Such a controversial call. There was not enough evidence to overturn the call. Green Bay keeps Chicago from a touchdown and a field goal. Plus the Packers got the ball to start the second half. Huge stop by the Packers to end the first half.

That completion gave Cutler his 14th completion on 20 pass attempts. Cutler also threw 2 touchdowns and no picks. Aaron Rodgers 13 for 17, 2 touchdowns, and no picks. Rodgers 185 passing yards bested Cutler’ 164 in the first half.

The Bears did a much better job running the football and allowed fewer penalties in the first half. Packers allowed 5 penalties in the first half. Bears ran for 130 rushing yards in the first half against a Packers run defense that entered this game ranked 30th out of 32 teams in the NFL.

Packers looked like they got a touchdown in the third quarter. A penalty negates a DaVante Adams receiving touchdown. Packers have to settle for a field goal.

After the Packers led 24 to 17 by a touchdown the Bears regained control of the ball. Jay Cutler threw a pass to HaHa Clinton-Dix. It was tipped only to be intercepted by Clay Matthews. Matthews lined up in zone coverage and was in the same area as the football at the time of the pick.

Following the interception, Aaron Rodgers drove the ball downfield. Wide receiver Jordy Nelson caught his second receiving touchdown in double coverage on third down. Green Bay took a 31 to 17 lead following the touchdown. Jay Cutler threw a second interception.

Chicago was not the same team after being denied a touchdown on the final play in the first half. That play had to affect them psychologically as a team.

Packers maintained the two touchdown lead after three quarters. Rodgers threw his fourth touchdown on the first play of the first quarter. Green Bay took a 38 to 17 lead. Packers won 38 to 17.

Buffalo Bills 2-2-0
Houston Texans 3-1-0

Game Recap: HOUSTON-It is kind of disappointing that both of these teams lost last week in week 3. I was really looking forward to a 3-0-0 Bills team facing a 3-0-0 Texans squad.

Buffalo’s offensive line looked sluggish on the first drive. Offensive tackles Cordy Glenn and Seantrel Henderson were overwhelmed by these Texan pass rushers. Center Eric Wood also had an illegal contact penalty on third down. Houston held Buffalo to a 3 and out.

Neither team scored in the first quarter. C.J. Spiller had a big run where he made three Texan defenders miss a tackle. Outstanding run blocking by Seantrel Henderson keeping J.J. Watt in check to open the running lane. Spiller made Brooks Reed and Brian Cushing miss tackles on a huge run to the outside.

Buffalo got on the scoreboard by kicking a field goal that should have been no good. Dan Carpenter puts the Bills on the board with 3 points.

Buffalo’s wide receivers struggled early. The Bills dropped 3 passes in the first quarter. Wide receiver Sammy Watkins dropped 2 of those passes. Watkins redeemed himself with a receiving touchdown in the second quarter that put the Bills ahead by 10.

Both squads were very undisciplined in the first half. Buffalo and Houston both gave up four penalties in the first half. Bills only surrendered 20 yards while the Texans gave up 60 yards in the opening half.

E.J. Manuel only threw for 66 passing yards leading up to the final drive in the first half. Manuel finished the first half 14 for 25 with 89 passing yards, 1 passing touchdowns, and no interceptions. Buffalo struggled early due to the lack of playmaking in the passing game.

The Texans were worse. In addition to the 60 penalty yards they surrendered, the Texans also had two turnovers while running back Arian Foster was held to 1 yard in the first half. Fitzpatrick began the game 9 for 10 before going 3 for 5 on his final 5 passes.

The first big play in the second half occurred when J.J. Watt returned a pick 6 from E.J. Manuel. Watt recorded his second receiving touchdown on the year if you count the pass he caught from Ryan Fitzpatrick against the Raiders in week 2. The Texans would add to their 14 to 10.

Watt was dominant causing havoc on the offensive guards throughout the game. Left guard Chris Williams and right guard Erik Pears had no answer for Watt. Buffalo rotated these guys at left guard and right guard hoping to find an advantage over Watt. Watt was simply too much to handle. Watt led the way, but the other 3-4 defensive linemen did their part too. Jared Crick had 1.5 sacks at 3-4 right end. Crick played 3-4 left end too. The Texans nose tackle had a half of a sack as well.

The closer that sealed Buffalo’s fate was kicker Randy Bullock. Bullock kicked a hat trick of field goals giving the Texans 9 more points. Mike Williams caught an 80 yard touchdown before Bullock kicked his third field goal.

Cornerbacks Jonathan Joseph and Kareem Jackson stepped up in the fourth quarter when it mattered. Both of these guys took care of business against Manuel in the first half and both delivered when it mattered. Both cornerbacks allowed a touchdown, but other than that, the Texans’ corners did their job.

Manuel looked like he would throw another touchdown. Houston called a nickel package where Jackson lined up as the nickel corner on the right side next to the field corner. Jonathan Joseph played the field corner. Houston surprised by Buffalo by putting Darryl Morris a second year corner from Texas State in the field cornerback role. Morris gets a game-winning interception and gave the Texans another threat on secondary along with Jackson, Josepth, strong safety D.J. Swearinger, and free safety Kendrick Lewis. Houston has a secondary that will present a challenge for Andrew Luck.

Both teams played sloppy. The Bills outplayed Houston. Morris came up with a critical interception at the right time. The J.J. Watt pick six also helped. The Bills’ offensive line had a lousy game as a whole. The pass blocking, run blocking, and zone blocking was all terrible. The Texans’ defense did a fantastic job helping Houston win 23 to 17 while guiding the Texans to a 3-1 start. Buffalo falls to 2-2 giving the New England Patriots a window of opportunity to take back first place in the AFC East.

Tennessee Titans 1-3-0
Indianapolis Colts 2-2-0

Game Recap: INDIANAPOLIS-Luck and Locker were supposed to compete against each other to be the #1 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. Luck returned to school just like Locker did after his junior season. Both quarterbacks know they need to win this game. Locker needs a win to save his job. Indianapolis has to pull off this victory if they expect to regain an opportunity to win the AFC South. Moments before this game Locker was ruled inactive meaning backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst would start.

Kendall Wright fumbled the ball after a catch and it was recovered by the Colts. Colts were able to cash in on the Titans fumble with a touchdown. You saw excellent pass blocking on the opening drive. Right guard Hugh Thornton and right tackle Gosder Cherillus opened up a running lane for running back Trent Richardson. That put the Colts up 7 to 0.

Luck had 912 passing yards in 3 weeks leading the AFC in passing yards. Luck threw for 98 more passing yards than Manning who had 814 passing yards in three weeks. Rivers and Roethlisberger both threw for 778 passing yards. With Manning on a bye week, Luck had a chance to expand upon his lead among the league leaders in passing yards in the AFC. Luck was 8 for 12 with 121 passing yards, 1 touchdown, and 0 interceptions in the first quarter.

Luck became the first AFC quarterback in 2014 to exceed 1,000 passing yards and it took him 13 quarters to achieve this feat.

Colts took a 20 to 3 lead. Andrew Luck threw into coverage once again at Lucas Oil Stadium. It was the same throw Luck made against the Eagles on Monday Night Football back in week 2.

Titans would capitalize on this with a pass where Charlie Whitehurst threw the ball into double coverage. Tight end Delanie Walker recorded a receiving touchdown that reduced the Titans deficit.

Luck threw for 97 yards, 0 touchdowns, and 1 pick after such a flawless first quarter. You have to wonder what adjustments the Titans made in the second quarter. Tennessee did a good job getting back in the contest by winning the second quarter.

After throwing for 218 yards in the first half, Luck came out on fire in the third quarter. Luck threw for 99 passing yards, and 2 more passing touchdowns. This time wide receiver Reggie Wayne and tight end Coby Fleener caught touchdowns from Luck. That gave Luck 317 yards through 3 quarters. In the fourth quarter, Luck still threw for 76 passing yards.

Some will be subjective by mentioning that Luck is facing weak AFC South secondaries. The Titans pass defense ranked second in the NFL behind the New England Patriots entering Sunday’s contest. After gaining a 34 to 10 lead, in the third quarter, you knew the Colts would go 2-2. Colts won 41 to 17.

Charlie Whitehurst was so bad that rookie Zach Mettenberger saw some action. The former LSU Tiger went 2 for 5 throwing for 17 yards. Mettenberger had 0 touchdowns and 1 interception in his relief appearance. It is evident that the Titans need to draft a quarterback.

Luck displayed the same tremendous leadership he showed in week 3 by getting all of his guys involved. Luck received pass protection as the Titans failed to sack him. Left tackle Anthony Costanzo, left guard Jack Mewhort center A.Q. Shipley, right guard Hugh Thornton, and right tackle Gosder Cherillus all played as a team. These 5 offensive linemen showed pass blocking, run blocking, and zone blocking that you look for as a team.

Andrew Luck threw it to Reggie Wayne 7 times. Wayne ran for 119 yards while posting 1 receiving touchdown. To the Titans defense, Wayne did line up against the Titans weak #2 corner on some plays. Luck threw to T.Y. Hilton 6 times and he ran for 105 receiving yards. Running back Trent Richardson had 4 receptions for 52 receiving yards. Tight end Dwayne Allen had 3 receptions, 38 receiving yards, and 1 receiving touchdown. Luck’s other tight end and former Stanford teammate Coby Fleener had 2 receptions for 26 receiving yards along with a receiving touchdown. Ahmad Bradshaw the #2 running back had 2 receptions for 20 receiving yards. One of those receptions resulted in a receiving touchdown for Bradshaw. Donte Moncrief had 2 receptions for 14 receiving yards. Hakeem Nicks only posted 2 receptions for 12 receiving yards. Jason McCourty blanketed Nicks on some plays, but struggled against Reggie Wayne who had a monster game. Week 4 was another example of Luck getting everyone involved with this offense.

This offense is the main reason why I picked the Colts to beat the 49ers in Super Bowl 49. While the 49ers are likely done if they start 1-3, the Colts are still in it with a 2-2 record. Defeating the 3-1 Houston Texans is the first step towards asserting themselves as the team to beat in the AFC South.

Luck has been phenomenal through 4 games and is hands down the best AFC quarterback in 2014. Luck turned 25 earlier in September and will likely be around for the next decade in the NFL. After Sunday, Luck ends September with 1,305 passing yards, 13 passing touchdowns, 1 rushing touchdown, a 68.5 completion percentage, 326 passing yards per game, and 4 interceptions. Luck is playing like an MVP candidate. The problem is the Colts started 0-2, so who knows if they make the 2015 NFL Playoffs at this point.

Carolina Panthers 2-2-0
Baltimore Ravens 3-1-0

Game Recap: BALTIMORE-This is one of if not the only match up involving teams with winning records. That is kind of disappointing to an extent.

Baltimore’s linebackers looked very disciplined early. Terrell Suggs, Darryl Smith, C.J. Mosley, and Elvis Dumervil all got pressure on the Ravens. Cam Newton was able to rise above that pressure.

Baltimore remained very disciplined against Carolina despite some early challenges by Newton. One thing that affected the Carolina Panthers was the injury of DeAngelo Williams. Williams left the game and that caused Carolina to bring in Darrin Reaves, an undrafted running back out of UAB or University of Alabama Birmingham to be exact.

Joe Flacco threw a 61-yard touchdown to Steve Smith. Smith had 5 receptions, 122 receiving yards, and 2 receiving touchdowns in the first half against his former squad.

Carolina evened the game when Steve Smiths replacement on the Carolina Panthers, Kelvin Benjamin scored a touchdown off a 28 yard reception. After Benjamin evened the score before Smith scored again versus his former team.

After the Ravens took a 21 to 7 lead, Torrey Smith caught a 24-yard touchdown to put the Ravens up 28 to 7. Baltimore was very disciplined and got after Newton. These linebackers had Cam Newton’s number.

Baltimore took a 28-7 lead following the Torrey Smith. Graham Gano kicked a meaningless field goal before the Ravens scored 10 unanswered to gain a 38 to 10 lead. Ravens would win 38 to 10.

Baltimore outplayed Carolina as a team. Flacco had the better game than Cam Newton going 22 for 31 with 327 passing yards, 3 passing touchdowns, and no picks. Baltimore’s offensive line did exceptional pass blocking, run blocking, and zone blocking. Carolina was horrible pass blocking, run blocking, and zone blocking. These linebackers were able to read Newton’s body language with ease. Baltimore’s outside linebackers got sacks while the inside linebackers stopped the run. Blocking mattered. Steve Smith exceeded 100 receiving yards against his former team. Nobody on the Panthers got 100 receiving yards. The Kelvin Benjamin touchdown was the only thing that kept this from being a perfect game for the Ravens.

Detroit Lions 3-1-0
New York Jets 1-3-0

Game Recap: NEW YORK-This will be the first time these teams met since 2009 NFL Draft picks Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez faced each other. Last time Sanchez defeated Stafford. Now Matthew Stafford faces Geno Smith in New York. Leading up to today there were rumors about star defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh bolting for free agency. The New York Jets and GIants were among the frontrunners. Suh played in a 4-3 defense, and I could not see him on the Jets. If the Lions defeated the Jets, then I know he would not go to the Jets.

Jets scored first and gained a 3-0 lead. Detroit dropped 17 unanswered following the Early Jets field goal.

Third quarter, Eric Decker. Decker drops a double decker on cornerback Rashede Mathis. Touchdown Jets. Lions only up by a touchdown now.

Matthew Stafford sealed the Jets fate in the fourth quarter after running for a rushing touchdown that put the Lions up 24 to 10. Chris Johnson ran for a rushing touchdown, but the Lions stopped the Jets from winning this game. Detroit wins 24 to 17.

Stafford went 24 for 34 with 293 passing yards, 2 passing touchdowns, and no interceptions. Stafford got lousy protection from his offensive line and Calvin Johnson was held to 12 receiving yards on 2 receptions. You like to see Stafford show that kind of moxy on Sundays. Lions are now 3-1 and look like the favorite to win the NFC North after 4 games.

Besides the Eric Decker touchdown, Geno Smith did squat. He looked awful against a Lions defense that allowed fewer yards than any team in the league. The Jets were second in fewest yards allowed entering today, yet Stafford picked apart this secondary.

With the Lions defeating the Jets so convincingly, I doubt Suh goes to the Jets. If Suh leaves Detroit, teams like the New York Giants, Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, and New England Patriots will be the frontrunners to land Suh in that order.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-3-0
Pittsburgh Steelers 2-2-0

Game Recap: PITTSBURGH-Mike Glennon will likely make his first start on Sunday. Too bad it is at Heinz Field against one of the NFL’s toughest defenses with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Fortunately for Glennon, Ike Taylor is out with an injury at cornerback. If Glennon makes the right throws to Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans, Tampa Bay may have a chance.

Brian Thornsburg covered this game. He would also cover the Sunday Night Football Game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New Orleans Saints.

This was a different Tampa Bay team heading into Heinz Field. Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and running back Doug Martin returned for this contest.

The Tampa Bay Bucanners defense, who only had four sacks in three games this season, started the their first drive against The Pittsburgh Steelers with a huge six yard sack by Gerald McCoy. The Buccaneers defense continued to put pressure on Ben Rothesberger, with another sack for a loss of five yards and a fumble recovered by Jaquies Smith. The turnover put Mike Glennon and The Tampa Bay offense at The Pittsburgh seven yard line. Glennon, who was subbing for the injured Josh McCown, wasted no time taking advantage of the turnover, and threw the ball to Mike Evans for a seven yard touchdown. The Buccaneers defense then took over, forcing The Steelers 3 and out on their very next drive.

After the Steelers failed to score, the Buccaneers’ drove the ball downfield with a window of opportunity to expand their lead.

Glennon, who was 5/11 for 57 yards and one touchdown, tried to march his team back down the field for another score, but was forced to settle for a 50 yard field goal by Patrick. Murray. Despite marching his team down the field, Rothesberger and The Steelers settled for a 25 field goal by Shaun Suisham.

The Buccaneers were then forced three and out for the first time in the game, when Doug Martin ran up the middle, but was tackled after a two yard gain on third down. The Steelers got the ball rolling on defense, with a 16 yard run up the middle by Le’Veon Bell

Maurkice Pouncey, David DeCastro, and Marcus Gilbert do an outstanding job run blocking. While this team struggles in pass protection, having these guys run block at a high level makes Bell’s job so much easier.

LaVonte David lines up at the strong side linebacker at left outside linebacker instead of playing his usual right outside linebacker role. He stops Le&E146;eon Bell by tackling him.

Strong safety Mark Barron got injured. Without Barron on the sidelines, it is easy to pick apart this secondary.

Roethlisberger completed a seven yard pass to Heath Miller to keep the drive moving once Barron left the game. On a crucial third down and 11, Roethlisberger nailed a great pass to Antonio Brown for The Steelers got their first touchdown of the game.

The Second quarter was dominated by Roethlisberger and The Steelers, as they held The Buccaneers scoreless, and nailed another great 27 yard pass to Antonio Brown. Brown’s second touchdown was more impressive than his first one.

Antonio Brown with posted receiving touchdown getting by field cornerback Alteraun Verner. Verner had a holding initially, but did a good job with man coverage before Brown pushed him away. Brown proving why he is a beast. Easily my wide receiver of the year at this point.

Pittsburgh scored 17 straight in the first half after the Steelers’ defense allowed 10 points in the first quarter. Pittsburgh won the total yards battle posting 224 total yards compared to the Buccaneers 37 in the first half.

The Steelers had a chance to gain three more points. A missed field goal by Suisham kept the Steelers from gaining a 10 point lead.

The Steelers tried to run out the rest of the clock, but their run plays by Le’veon Bell were either stuffed in the backfield for a loss, or their plays resulted in a penalty, that just backed them up further down the field. They ended up punting the ball back to The Buccaneers with 40 seconds to go.

It seems like 40 seconds is all Mike Glennon needed, as he stunned The Steelers defense early in the drive with a 41 yard deep pass to Louis Murphy, to put them at The Steelers five yard line.

With seven seconds left in the game, The Buccaneers down by four, Mike Glennon connected with Vincent Jackson on a five yard pass in the end zone to give The Tampa Bay Buccaneers their first win of the season, 27-24.

Glennon finished the day going 21/42, 302 yards, two touchdowns and one interception in his first start of the season for The Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Doug Martin returned from injury with 14 carries for 41 yards and one touchdown in Sundays game. The return of Martin, should really give The Bucs running game some unpredictability, and allow for a multiple level run game in the future.

Big Ben Roethlisberger finished the game 29/40, 314 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions the entire game Antonio Brown had a tremendous day, catching seven passes for 131 yards and two touchdowns in the game. Heath Miller had a great day as well, with ten catches for 85 yards and one touchdown

The Tampa Bay Defense did a awesome job in Sunday’s game with five sacks, and two forced fumbled against The Pittsburgh Steelers. Lavonte David had ten tackles in Sundays game, Major Wright has six, and Leonard Johnson had four tackles for The Tampa Bay offense.

The Buccaneers face division rival, New Orleans Saints next week in The Mercedes Dome. The Saints are coming off a huge loss to Cowboys on Sunday night, giving all the momentum going into next weeks game to the 1-3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Miami Dolphins 2-2-0
Oakland Raiders 0-4-0

Game Recap: LONDON-Miami faces Oakland in London. I love the fact that both teams are traveling overseas to play a game that will likely merit zero playoff implications.

Derek Carr threw the first touchdown of the game. Miami would settle for a field goal. Oakland led 7 to 3 after one quarter. The Dolphins dropped 38 unanswered on the Raiders following Derek Carr’s passing touchdown to begin the game.

No individuals stood out in the contest in London. There were a few players on the Dolphins that had a significant impact for the Dolphins on both sides of the ball. The cornerback tandem featuring Cortland Finnegan and Brent Grimes both forced turnovers. Ryan Tannehill threw 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. Lamar Miller had 2 rushing touchdowns, but failed to exceed 100 rushing yards.

Derek Carr got injured in the second half. Oakland opted for last years starter Matt McGloin over Matt Schaub. Following the game the Oakland Raiders fired head coach Dennis Allen. Oakland should just tank the season and hire Joe Lombardi the quarterback coach of Drew Brees and the Lions new offensive coordinator to be the teams next head coach. Get him and get two good coordinators. Maybe go after Charlie Weis as a coordinator not a head coach and get a good defensive mind that gets laid off whether it be Rex Ryan, Gus Bradley, or Mike Tomlin. Just get a guy and go with it. Hiring one of the Seahawks coordinators whether it be Darrell Bevell or Dan Quinn is another direction the Raiders could take. After you get that taken care of you should draft Marcus Mariota with the top pick. That should be your plan heading into 2015.

Jacksonville Jaguars 0-4-0
San Diego Chargers 3-1-0

Game Recap: SAN DIEGO-Blake Bortles makes his first start in San Diego. Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgwater is also starting this week. Bortles needs to have a good game if he expects to shine. Rivers need a home win to guide the Chargers to a 3-1 start. If San Diego wins they would take sole possession of first place in the AFC West with the defending AFC Champion Denver Broncos on a bye week.

This was a low scoring game in the first quarter. The Chargers led 3 to 0 after 1 quarter. Toby Gerhart put the Jaguars with a rushing touchdown. Chargers wide receiver Eddie Royal had two go-ahead touchdowns in the second quarter. His first touchdown put the Chargers up 10 to 7. After Bortles threw a touchdown in the first half, Rivers threw a second touchdown to Royal. Chargers led the Jaguars 17 to 14 at halftime.

Malcolm Floyd caught a receiving touchdown that put the Chargers up 24 to 14. Add three more field goals by 33-year-old kicker Nick Novak and the Chargers won 33 to 14.

Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles looked good early. He showed a lot of promise considering he faced a secondary featuring cornerback Shareece Wright, cornerback Brandon Flowers, strong safety Marcus Gilchrist, and free safety Eric Weddle. You cannot criticize Bortles for throwing 1 touchdown and two interceptions against this Chargers secondary. He had poor pass protection from the offensive line.

Philip Rivers dominated. Keenan Allen had 10 receptions for 135 receiving yards. Eddie Royal had 5 receptions for 105 receiving yards and 2 receiving touchdowns. Malcolm Floyd had 3 receptions, 39 receiving yards, and 1 receiving touchdowns. Rivers threw the ball to two different running backs and both running backs recorded 4 receptions. Tight end Antonio Gates posted 3 receptions for 30 receiving yards.

Donald Butler stepped up at 3-4 middle linebacker with 7 solo tackles 3 assisted solo tackles, and 10 total tackles. Butler needed a big game. His teammate at 3-4 middle linebacker, Manti Te’o suffered a foot injury. With Butler and a talented secondary, the defense had the confidence to help Rivers go 3-1.

Philadelphia Eagles 3-1-0
San Francisco 49ers 2-2-0

Game Recap: SAN FRANCISCO-Both of these teams have dual threat quarterbacks along with two of the worst cornerback tandems in the NFL. Both teams also have injuries at 3-4 middle linebacker with Mychal Kendricks and Navarro Bowman out. This will be a fun contest to watch. LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles. Frank Gore and Carlos Hyde. I am really looking forward to seeing what these teams can do.

All of the Eagles scores came off chance and luck. A blocked punt for a touchdown, a pick six by Malcolm Jenkins, and a punt return by Darren Sproles. While quarterback Nick Foles threw 0 touchdowns and 2 picks, this offensive line had a ton of injuries.

Right tackle Lane Johnson served the final game of his suspension. Left guard Evan Mathis and center Jason Kelce were both out with injuries. Left tackle Jason Peters left the game injured in the fourth quarter after getting ejected in last weeks narrow 37 to 34 victory against the 49ers today.

One guy stepped up today that was running back Frank Gore. Gore had 24 carries for 119 rushing yards. He also had one 55 yard reception where he was wide open running for a receiving touchdown. Stevie Johnson only caught one pass as well and it was a receiving touchdown.

49ers won 26 to 21. The Eagles are no longer unbeaten thanks to interceptions from strong safety Antoine Bethea and cornerback Perrish Cox. A 3-1 Eagles squad should redeem themselves in week 5 when they host the Rams.

Atlanta Falcons 2-2-0
Minnesota Vikings 2-2-0

Game Recap: MINNESOTA-Atlanta is traveling to Minnesota. I remember when these teams played in a dome. Now they will play outside. That may give the Vikings the edge. Teddy Bridgewater wants to give the crowd a huge first impression. Yet Viking fans cannot piss and moan by expecting a lot out of him.

Teddy Bridgewater received excellent pass protection. Even if he did not throw a passing touchdown, he moved the chains and looked flawless at times. His receivers Greg Jennings, Cordarrelle Patterson, and Jarius Wright know how to stretch the field. Both of his running backs had big games without Adrian Peterson and the Packers ranked 30th in run defense.

After going 12 for 20 with 150 passing yards, Bridgewater went 19 for 30 317 passing yards. So far Bridgewater is 31 for 50 with 467 passing yards through 2 games. How well he does remaines to be seen.

New Orleans Saints 1-3-0
Dallas Cowboys 3-1-0

Game Recap: DALLAS-New Orleans is coming to Dallas. We could joke about how Tom Benson is the biggest pimp in the NFL among owners after Jerry Jones. I would prefer to speculate about whether Drew Brees or Tony Romo throws for more passing yards. For starters that is a more professional question and second these are two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL during the regular season.

Let’s get the unbelievable out of the way right from the beginning. Tony Romo, The same guy everyone plagues as the most over paid over rated, injury prone, turnover machine, threw 22/29 for 262 yards, three touchdowns and zero picks. Yes that's right, zero picks Sunday against The Saints.

Tony Romo started his unbelievable game with a seven yard touchdown to Terrence Williams, to put The Cowboys up 7-0 on The Saints. Romo went 7/7, for 66 yards, and no sacks on his opening play of the game.

The Saints first drive of the game was plagued by incomplete passes and penalties, forcing New Orleans to punt the ball on the Cowboys’ 45 yard line. The Cowboys took a 10-0 lead early in the second quarter, thanks to a 51 yard field goal by Dan Bailey.

On the very next drive Drew Brees was picked off by Justin Durant, who ran was stopped at The New Orleans 39 yard line. The Cowboys wasted little time taking advantage of the turnover, sending Demarco Murray on a two yard run for the score two plays later. The Cowboys were now up 17-0 over The Saints.

The struggling Saints did the worst thing they could possibly do while down 17 points in the second quarter, going three and out on their very next drive in under two minutes . Brees did complete a eight yard pass to Brandin Cooks on third down, but it would be just two yards short of moving the chains.

Demarco Murray went Beast mode on the very next drive, running up the middle for a gain of 22 yards, before finally being brought down by Corey white. With hug momentum on their side after the 22 yard run by Murray, Romo completed a ten yard pass up the middle to C. Beasley to keep the drive going.

Romo then showed off his throwing arm, with a 23 yard pass to Terrence Williams for their second touchdown together of the game. The Cowboys were now up 24-0 to end the first half of the game.

The Saints started with the ball in the third quarter, and got aggressive with a 46 yard pass on first and ten, to Kenny Stills . The huge gain put The Saints at The Cowboys 12 yard line. The drive died from there, with Brees throwing incomplete passes to Marquees Colston and Brandin Cooks, before settling on a field goal for their first score of the game. The Cowboys still lead 24-3.

Tony Romo relentlessly marched his team down the field yet again, virtually destroying any chance of The Saints gaining momentum in the game. The Saints defense were able to force a third and five on New Orleans 49 yard line, but a surprise 21 yard scramble up the field by Romo kept the drive alive once again for The Cowboys.

Demarco Murray does a little rushing of his own on the very next play and goes 29 yards into the end zone, for his second touchdown of the game. The Cowboys led the Saints 31-3 in the third quarter.

Despite marching the ball all the way down into Cowboys territory, The Saints turn the ball over again, after a short seven yard pass to Jimmy Graham. Rolando McClain forces the fumble and then recovers it seconds later at The Cowboys 23 yard line.

The Cowboys are then plagued by a series of penalties and incomplete passes, forcing them to punt the ball at their own 43 yard line at the start of the fourth quarter. The punt marked the first time in the game that The Cowboys didn't take advantage of a turnover for a score.

The Saints needed a spark in their offense, as they came  into their first drive of the fourth quarter down 31-3, and boy did Khiry Robinson provide that spark with a 62 yard run up the field, to The Cowboys 12 yard line. Drew Brees had no problem scoring on the very next play, with a 12 yard pass to Josh Hill for a touchdown. The Saints now trail 31-10 in the fourth.
The Cowboys went three and out on their very next possession, after a untimely fumble by Romo, got the offense out of rhythm. Dallas tried to keep the drive alive with a scramble up the middle, but only gained two yards and The Cowboys were then forced to punt the ball.

The Saints got the ball back on their own 41 yard line, with 11:27 left in the game. Brees tried to get his team back into the game, with a 31 yard pass  to Travaris Cadet, to put The Saints back into Cowboys territory.

A few plays later, Brees goes no huddle and finds Graham in the end zone for a 13 yard completion for a touchdown. The Saints now trail 17-31 with 9:56 to go in the game.  Dallas goes three and out on their next position,  thanks to a seven yard sack on Romo on third down.

The Saints go three and out also, but attempted a fake punt on fourth down. Their punter was then tackled for a loss of two yards, giving the ball back to the Cowboys at the Saints 39 yard line.

Despite a delay of game, and a few failed fun plays by Demarco Murray. Romo went 2/2  on the very next drive and delivered the ball in the end zone to Dez Bryant for a 17 yard touchdown. The Saints try one last time to rally on their next drive, but a fumble recovery by Dez Bryant gave the Cowboys the game, 38-17.

 Drew Brees went 32/42 for 340 yards, two yards and one touchdown, in their loss to the Cowboys. Demarco Murray led The Cowboys offense with 24 carries for 149 yards and two touchdowns in Sundays game.

The Cowboys will face the Texans next week at Cowboys Stadium, so here's hoping for a win next week in Jerry World. As for the Saints, they face division rival, Tampa Bay next week in New Orleans. The Saints need a win next week, if they want to catch up to the Atlanta Falcons in their division.

New England Patriots 2-2-0
Kansas City Chiefs 2-2-0

Game Recap: KANSAS CITY-New England goes to Arrowhead Stadium for a tough road test on Monday Night Football. I know the Chiefs have one of the worst secondaries. A more interesting statistic is that Tom Brady is 1 for 17 when throwing a pass 20 yards or more so far in 2014. The 2-1 record speaks for itself so far this season.

I made a Draft Utopia hall pass in my predictions leading up to this game. Kansas City won 41 to 14 and the Patriots warrant no hall pass from such a woeful performance.

New England’s defensive line showed up on the first two plays with right end Chandler Jones and defensive tackle Vince Wilfork stopping the run. On third down Dwayne Bowe separated from Darrell Revis.

After Bowe caught the reception you saw a Chiefs’ offense came together. Jamaal Charles would score the first two touchdowns one on the ground and one in the air, and would go onto score one in the third quarter after the Chiefs gained a 17-0 lead at halftime.

Charles and Bowe were not the only stars on the offense. Donnie Avery did a tremendous job blocking and we saw the emergence of tight end Travis Kelce after being considered the best tight end in the 2013 NFL Draft after Tyler Eifert and Zach Ertz. Kelce lived up to the hype and seems like a good replacement for Tony Gonzalez. While he may not have the impact Gonzalez had on this organization, he developed into a potential starter. Kelce had 8 receptions, 93 receiving yards, and 1 receiving touchdown. Kelce had no problems picking apart strong safety Patrick Chung.

The other thing that caused the Patriots to struggle on the secondary involved multiple injuries at cornerback. Brandon Browner served the final game of his suspension on Monday. Aflonzo Dennard and Logan Ryan, the backups to Revis and Browner were both injured. That may have had something to do with Alex Smith having an extremely successful game. Revis has been a cold streak for the last two games since Derek Carr was 5 for 6 when throwing towards Revis back in week 3.

Tom Brady was awful. Then again the Patriots’ offensive line had problems everywhere. Left tackle Nate Solder, left guard Marcus Cannon, center Ryan WEndell, right guard Cameron Flemming, and right tackle Sebastian Vulmer all were awful. We can talk about the loss of assistant head coach/offensive line coach Dante Scarneccia. Losing him was huge. Without Scarneccia you have a team that struggles with pass blocking, run blocking, and zone blocking. The poor blocking by the Patriots led to 2 fumbles. Brady threw 2 careless interceptions that affected his confidence. I also dislike how he was about to run and hesitated by looking for a pass only to throw an incompletion on third down.

Brady threw one touchdown to wide receiver Brandon LaFell. LaFell broke three tackles by using his speed to run past two defenders after barely breaking the first tackle. The Brandon LaFell touchdown play was the only play on the game where the Chiefs missed a critical tackle. New England was undisciplined on defense as well. Everybody on the front seven except Jerod Mayo missed one tackle if you watch the tape. The players on secondary blew their assignments in coverage as well as some critical tackles.

Kansas City took a 41 to 7 lead before the Patriots benched Brady and brought in rookie Jimmy Garoppolo. Garoppolo 6 out of 7 passes for 70 passing yards. Garoppolo also threw his first career passing touchdown. It took Tom Brady 14 completions to reach 159 passing yards. It only took Garopplo 6 completions to reach 70 yards. Garopplo is the Patriots quarterback of the future. I am so glad my Patriots got Garoppolo instead of Derek Carr.

In week 5, the New England Patriots will get Brandon Browner back. Browner will play next to Revis as the Patriots welcome the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday Night Football. The Chiefs are 2-2 with a 2 game winning streak after starting the 2014 season 0-2.

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