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2014 NFL Week 4 Predictions

Can Blake Bortles guide Jacksonville to a win in his first career start?

New York Giants 1-2-0
Washington Redskins 1-2-0

I want to thank everybody for our sharing week 3 picks. Draft Utopia had 35 shares, 30 tweets, and 3 google plus pieces which was more than the Pittsburgh Post Gazette’s piece on the Pirates clinching the playoffs with 26 shares, 13 tweets, and 1 mention on google +. I sound kind of cocky and it is really not worth boasting about since the NFL is more popular than the MLB. Still I am proud that of the fact that our readers care about my articles.

With that being said the season premiere of South Park is tonight. Why is that relevant to the NFL? Cartman uses the Washington Redskins as a team company since the Redskins lost the trademark rights to their logo. This offends Dan Snyder and RGIII since they aren’t making any money off of Cartman. You can catch South Park tonight at 10 PM Eastern on Comedy Central. If you cannot catch the premiere tonight, don’t worry, South Park Studios airs reruns or you can buy the DVD to hear Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s commentary of the episode.

Why the New York Giants will win New York found out that they need to be a balanced run first team in order to win. If the Giants let Eli Manning throw it 30-35 times while Rashad Jennings runs it 20 times with Andre Williams the rookie from Boston College running 15 times this offense would be a lot more effective. The Giants defeated Kirk Cousins last year and they are certainly capable of doing it again. DeAngelo Hall is injured at cornerback for the Redskins. Eli Manning could carve this secondary if he gets enough time in the pocket.

On defense you have a secondary featuring Prince Amukamara, Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie, and free safety Antrel Rolle. While Will Allen may be suspended, this is still a reliable secondary at times. These three players each had one interception against Ryan Fitzpatrick while displaying outstanding coverage on the Texans receivers.

Why the Washington Redskins will win Kirk Cousins has done an exceptional job replacing Robert Griffin III. Washington was smart to draft two quarterbacks from the 2012 NFL Draft with Griffin and Cousins. Griffin looks like an injury prone quarterback. Cousins has receivers in Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson that he can get the ball to.

The defense features pass rushers like Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan that can get to the quarterback. I doubt the GIants’ offensive line is good enough to stop both of these pass rushers. I expect offensive tackles like left tackle WIlliam Beatty and right tackle Justin Pugh to have problems with Washington’s pass rushers.

Prediction: Washington is favored by 3.5 points. The average gambler is betting $175 dollars on the Washington Redskins. I think the winner will win by a field goal which is why I am taking the Giants to cover.

Final Score Redskins 27 Giants 24

Jason Bantle’s Pick Redskins over Giants. Two words Kick Cousins.

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Green Bay Packers 1-2-0
Chicago Bears 2-1-0

In case you are curious about the polls. I’ve added polls for all the week 4 games. You can vote on your favorite games with our polls in the Take Your Pick section below after Jason and I post our picks for that game.

Why the Green Bay Packers will win Aaron Rodgers is bitter about losing to the Lions at Ford Field. There are too many receivers for the Bears to cover. Rodgers will have an open target he can throw to. While the Packers have a weakness at tight end, Chicago has a ton of injuries at the safety position. Guys like Jordy Nelson, DaVante Adams, and Randall Cobb can have similar week 4 performances.

The Bears’ offensive line has not lived up the hype of being one of the NFL’s more improved blocking units. Pass rushers like 3-4 right outside linebacker Clay Matthews and 3-4 left outside linebacker Julius Peppers should get through this offensive line. A.J. Hawk and whoever else is at 3-4 middle linebacker whether it be Brad Jones or his backup Jamari Lattimore from Middle Tennesee State who led the Packers with 9 total tackles in week 3.

Green Bay has Mason Crosby. Crosby will get a field goal or two in this contest. I also like the return team that the Packers display.

Why the Chicago Bears will win Jay Cutler has played two games of turnover free football. Now he has Santonio Holmes as a slot receiver next to Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery along with tight end Martellus Bennett. Dante Rosario looked solid last week. The Packers have four cornerbacks and 3 safeties that can cover when healthy. The Packers have the personnel to cover and get some interceptions for a turnover.

Jared Allen will get by left tackle David Bahktiari. The right tackle situation will be a problem for the Packers as long as Bryan Bulaga is injured. Chicago has a front 7 that can stop Eddie Lacy and get some pressure on Rodgers.

Kicker Robbie Gould is one of the best in the league. He should be money on Sunday.

Prediction: The Packers are favored by 1.5 points. The average gambler is betting $115 dollars on Green Bay to cover. I think both teams will work to win this game. This game will be decided in overtime. I like the Packers to win this contest.

Final Score Packers 20 Bears 17 OT

Jason Bantle’s Pick Packers over Bears. Packers need to rebound.

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Buffalo Bills 2-1-0
Houston Texans 2-1-0

Next week I will begin a new segment called Bye bye bye where fans and trolls can email thoughts about teams during their bye weeks. This week the Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, and St. Louis Rams all have bye weeks. Feel free to email me at chris@draftutopia.com to post your thoughts on these 6 NFL teams. The top emailers posts will be shown on next weeks bye bye bye segment.

Why the Buffalo Bills will win If Arian Foster is out at running back for the Texans, then the Bills will have a clear advantage in the running game. Will Buffalo display the pass protection they showed in weeks 1 and 2 or play like the team they had last week?

Jerry Hughes has done well at right end for the Buffalo Bills. Mario Williams will return to Houston to face the team that drafted him with the #1 overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft. Kyle Williams and Marcel Dareus will play defensive tackle. This front 7 is good. The secondary is suspect, and that could cost the Bills if Ryan Fitzpatrick plays turnover free football.

Kicker Dan Carpenter should get a field goal. Whether it is a game-winning kick remains to be seen.

Why the Houston Texans will win Houston needs Arian Foster to win this game. Having DeAndre Hopkins and Andre Johnson will help Fitzpatrick in the passing game.

On defense you have Jonathan Joseph and Kareem Jackson anchoring your secondary along with a 3-4 defense coached by defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel. Whitney Mercillus and Brooks Reed did a solid job replacing Mario Williams and Connor Barwin, but Jadeveon Clowney was too good to pass on. The question will be whether these guys can get to the quarterback without Clowney. You know the secondary can play and strong safety D.J. Swearinger can cover Scott Chandler or be used as an 8th man in the box to stop C.J. Spiller.

Prediction: The Texans are favored by 3. The average better is placing $165 dollars on the Texans. Houston wins, but Buffalo covers the spread.

Final Score Texans 21 Bills 20

Jason Bantle’s Pick Texans over Bills. Ryan Fitzpatrick vs old team.

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Tennessee Titans 1-2-0
Indianapolis Colts 1-2-0

Last week I finished 10-6 with my predictions. You can go to the Draft Utopia forums to post your week 4 picks on our message boards. You can also click the yellow forum button at the top of this screen to be redirected to this same message boards.

Why the Tennessee Titans will win Why will the Titans win? Jake Locker has stunk the last two weeks. He throws lots of passes into the hands of the defensive backs without going through the progressions while staring receivers downfield. Locker may get replaced at the end of the season, and I was one of the people that thought Locer would finally turn the corner and guide the Titans to a wild card while the Colts take this division.

Why the Indianapolis Colts will win Indianapolis will win at Lucas Oil Stadium. If Luck doesn’t throw that pick they are 2-1. One could argue that this team should be 3-0 based on how the offense played. Colts win this game and go back to .500 with a 2-2 record after 4 games.

Prediction: The Colts are a 7.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $330 dollars on the Colts. I think they will win by at least 3 scores.

Final Score Colts 38 Titans 17

Jason Bantle’s Pick Colts over Titans. Titans are a mess. Andrew Luck.

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Carolina Panthers 2-1-0
Baltimore Ravens 2-1-0

Bill Clinton’s College Football Playoff Selection Special

Yahoo man. This is your 42nd William Jefferson Clinton. Originally I picked Florida State, Alabama, Oregon, and Oklahoma as my top four teams in that order. Last week I swapped Oregon and Alabama. This week there are some changes in the polls this week.

  1. Oregon Ducks: Marcus Mariota can still kick ass and unleash a jedi quack attack without Chubbles the Clown AKA Chip Kelly. Mariota showed he can be a pocket quarterback by taking snaps under center without using a shotgun package versus Wyoming. Mariota also guided the Ducks to a big victory over Michigan State a few weeks ago that moved them up to #2 in the polls. Mariota felt the cougarbait that was Washington State. Still, he managed to evade the seductive cougars hoping to chase his thighs for a sack. Oregon wins and the Ducks quack there way to the top spot in my poll now.

  2. Previous Ranking: #2

  3. Alabama Crimson Tide: The SEC also known as the South East Collegiate Pimps is the best damn conference in college football period. This is coming from an ex Razorback. Go Razorbacks. I cannot stand the Alabama Crimson Tide. However they do have the biggest pimp in the SEC, AKA Nick Saban. Alabama gets this spot. Roll Tide Roll Yahoo man. The one reason why I am down on Tide at the moment is because the Crimson Tide have a weaker schedule then usual.

  4. Previous Ranking: #3

  5. Florida State Seminoles: At #1 we have the Florida State Seminoles or as I call them the Semites. The Semites are led by the food stealer. Jameis Winston. So Winston stands up on a table and yells blank her in the pussy. Then Florida State suspends him for an entire game. Winston causes Florida State to drop to third in our poll because of his behavior. Also I want to be seamus as semen on that blue dress. I did not have sexual relations with Miss Monica Lewinsky.

  6. Previous Ranking: #1

  7. Texas A&M Aggies: Last week I got pissed off about putting Oklahoma at fourth. I threatened to give Chris Ransom a spanking if he did not put the Texas Longhorns at #4. Ransom told me the Horns have no chance to be the fourth team, so we came to a compromise that Texas A&M should be the fourth team. The Aggies defeated South Carolina in week 1, and they play in the SEC. Kenny Hill is the man. Forget Johnny Football. Also Kevin Sumlin is considered the second biggest pimp in the SEC after Nick Saban even though you could make that argument for Gus Malzhan out of Auburn. Les Miles lost to an unranked Mississippi State team at home and failed to bring LSU a National Title after the team was ranked #1 in the preseason polls a few years ago during Matt Barkley’s senior season.

  8. Previous Ranking: Not Ranked

Why the Carolina Panthers will win Both of these teams are more evenly matched than you think. Carolina has a quarterback in Cam Newton along with an outstanding front 7 led by Luke Kuechly at middle linebacker.

Why the Baltimore Ravens will win Baltimore has Flacco. Flacco has received much better pass protection the last two weeks. Flacco should carve this secondary with enough time in the pocket because he has Steve and Torrey Smith.

Prediction: Both teams have kickers. This will be a game where the team that has the ball last wins on a field goal. Ravens are 3 point favorites with the average gambler betting $165 dollars on the Ravens.

Final Score: Ravens 30 Panthers 27

Jason Bantle’s Pick Ravens over Panthers. Injuries in Panthers backfield. Ravens rally behind Ray Rice incident.

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Detroit Lions 2-1-0
New York Jets 1-2-0

It is time for our second installment of the Adventures Of NFL Deputy Commissioner Buddy Clements. Clements was the man at Slippery Rock as President of the SGA. I guarantee you that SGA could tackle half of the NFL’s legislation policies with a bare hand. Seriously though there are some hot topics in the NFL up for debate this week. SGA might only meet once every two weeks, but Clements will meet with the NFL once a week.

Adventures Of NFL Deputy Commissioner Buddy Clements EPISODE 3 Evaluating NFL Owners and Roger Goodell

Motion 1 All Those In Favor For Throwing Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones and quarterback Johnny Manziel a bachelor party at the Ivy so we can expose them as the cheaters they are.


Motion 2 All Those In Favor For Handcuffing Roger Goodell, tying him up, and forcing him to watch every Lord Of The Rings Movie With a Harry Potter Mask until he resigns as commissioner of the NFL.

MOTION PASSED! Roger Goodell must watch every Lord of the Rings movie with a Harry Potter mask until he resigns. Even the ones with the Hobbits.

Motion 3 All Those In Favor of Throwing An Election To Make David Stern or Bud Selig The New Commissioner of the NFL

MOTION PASSED! People will be able to vote between Stern, Selig, or third party candidate Jeff Nelson. David Stern will win because he is the most respected commissioner in sports.

Motion 4 All those in favor of making me commissioner once Stern, Selig, or Jeff Nelson fails so that I Buddy Clements become commissioner of the NFL so Ransoms site looks more professional.

MOTION PASSED! It is only a matter of time until I become commissioner of the NFL and no longer have to do the Adventures of Buddy Clements on Draft Utopia.

Why the Detroit Lions will win Detroit simply has the better team. Even if there are some holes on this secondary, I doubt Geno Smith can pick them apart without a good pair of receivers. The Jets secondary is banged up with injuries as well.

Why the New York Jets will win I am disappointed that we do not get to see Matthew Stafford versus Mark Sanchez part 2. Sanchez defeated Stafford the one and only time these quarterbacks played each other. That is why I want a rematch where Stafford wins. Sure Stafford had the better career than Sanchez, but Sanchez still defeated Stafford in heads up play.

Prediction: Detroit is only favored by 1.5 points. What is even more shocking is the passive betting where your average gambler is only betting $115 dollars on the Lions.

Final Score: Lions 27 Jets 14

Jason Bantle’s Pick Lions over Jets. Matt Stafford and Megatron take care of business in New York.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-3-0
Pittsburgh Steelers 2-1-0

There are three games featuring teams that are 0-3. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers play the PIttsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field. Tampa will start quarterback Mike Glennon while the Steelers brought back James Harrison. The Oakland Raiders host the Miami Dolphins in London. The final game features Blake Bortles making his starting debut. After I break down all 3 of these games like a professional, I’ll post my final parodies of the day.

Why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will win Pittsburgh may get careless and look ahead to Jacksonville since Tampa Bay got schooled by the Atlanta Falcons on the road. Also a wide receiver tandem featuring Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans can pick apart a Steelers cornerback tandem without Ike Taylor. William Gay might be a good run stuffer that executes tackles never missing a player while playing decent press coverage. Gay is one of the NFL’s worst cover corners when it comes to man and zone coverage. Having a guy that can cover using the fundamentals is more important to me than having someone that wants to record interceptions. Gay can get an interception from time to time, but he is very inconsistent when covering wide receivers when playing man coverage or zone coverage.

Why the Pittsburgh Steelers will win Tampa Bay sucks. There is no premium talent on the Buccaneers outside of their play at wide receiver. One could argue that this will be an easy win for the Steelers that puts them at 3-1 on the year.

Prediction: Pittsburgh is favored by 7.5 with the average gambler betting $330 dollars on the Steelers. I think this game goes to overtime before the Steelers pull out a victory.

Final Score: Steelers 23 Buccaneers 17 OT

Jason Bantle’s Pick Steelers over Bucs. Bucs give up on coaching staff? LeVeon Bell will tear apart this front 7 with another 100 yard game.

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Miami Dolphins 1-2-0
Oakland Raiders 0-3-0

Why the Miami Dolphins will win This game really depends on whether Ryan Tannehill or Matt Moore starts. Tannehill can beat the Raiders Matt Moore can’t.

Why the Oakland Raiders will win Derek Carr gets one more week to win. Miami may start Matt Moore over Ryan Tannehill. If Derek Carr can beat Matt Moore he may be able to salvage his job.

Prediction: Miami is a 4 point favorite with your average gambler betting $195 dollars on the Dolphins. I like the Raiders to win this week in the wake of Miami leaning towards Matt Moore. Even if Tannehill ends up starting I am still taking the Raiders.

Final Score: Raiders 16 Dolphins 14

Jason Bantle’s Pick Dolphins over Raiders. Matt Moore. Raiders fire HC. Time for Dennis Allen to hit the bars and watch the Barclays Premiere League.

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Jacksonville Jaguars 0-3-0
San Diego Chargers 2-1-0

Why the Jacksonville Jaguars will win Blake Bortles is starting he brings more spark and excitement to this offense than Chad Henne.

Why the San Diego Chargers will win Philip Rivers should pick apart this Jaguars secondary.

Prediction: San Diego Chargers are 13 point favorites. The average fan is betting $825 dollars on the Chargers. The last two teams to be double digit favorites with fans betting $600 dollars or more both failed to cover. Not only will San Diego fail to cover the spread, I think Jacksonville has a chance to win if they have the ball last. Expect a high scoring game.

Final Score: Jaguars 38 Chargers 35

Jason Bantle’s Pick Chargers over Jaguars. San Diego delivers a blowout.

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Philadelphia Eagles 3-0-0
San Francisco 49ers 1-2-0

It is time for a weekly update on the Obamacare Fantasy Football League that I created for fun back in July. Here to breakdown the highlights is none other than Stephen Colbert.

Stephen Colbert: Welcome To the Obamacare Fantasy Football League. The most anticipated match of the year will go down this weekend folks. The only 2 3-0 owners are playing each other this weekend. We will compare there teams and talk about how the bye weeks will impact their teams.

Newt Gingrich destroyed Mitt Romney last week 121 to 110 last week. Turns out Adrian Peterson being suspended was a blessing in disguise. Newt opted for Rashad Jennings to start this week instead of Andre Ellington. Jennings did an awesome job helping Gingrich out. Herman Cain defeated Palin 132 to 130. Palin had Nick Foles as her starting quarterback and still lost. Gingrich defeated Herman Cain in week 2 which gives Newt the first place tiebreaker over Newton.

Joe Biden and Bill Clinton both lost. Obama and Hillary Clinton won again. Both Obama and Hill-Dawg are 3-0 now. Words cannot describe how much this pains me. I’m not sure whats worse folks Bill Clinton starting 0-4 or Obama starting 4-0.

The Bengals, Browns, Broncos, Cardinals, Seahawks, and Rams have bye weeks. How will this affect each Fantasy owner?

Lets start with the Republican Conference. Sarah Palin will not be able to play running back Montee Ball this weekend. Fortunately for her, Newt Gingrich will not be able to play Adrian Peterson. Herman Cain will not play Demaryius Thomas, who happens to be his top receiving target.

Mitt Romney will look like a dimwitt this week. Romney has Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd on his roster. Both Cardinals wide outs have a bye week. Romney also has tight end Julius Thomas. All these players are on bye weeks

The Tea Party will be at a disadvantage when it comes to defense. Sarah Palin will not be able to play the Seahawks defense. Herman Cain will not be able to play the Bengals defense. Newt Gingrich cannot play the Denver Broncos defense and Mitt Romney cannot play the Rams defense. None of the republicans will be able to play their defenses. Luckily for them, the republicans do not face any democrats. Bill Clinton has the Arizona Cardinals defense who is on a bye week. Every other democrat has a defense they can play in Fantasy Leagues folks.

Nation, the big game this week is Hillary Clinton versus Barack Obama. I will read through the starting lineups each player had, and then go through the adjustments each player has to make.

Hillary Clinton has Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. Her backfield features Marshawn Lynch and Zac Stacey. Her wide receivers are A.J. Green, Wes Welker, and Randall Cobb. She also had Jordan Cameron at tight end until he got injured, then backup Martellus Bennett was summoned. As far as non offensive players go, Hillary Clinton features the Carolina Panthers defense and Mason Crosby at kicker.

Obama has Peyton Manning at quarterback. The Obama administration has DeMarco Murray and Giovanni Bernard in the backfield. Instead of taking a rusher early Obama’s plan to wait paid off. His wide receivers include Antonio Brown, Percy Harvin, and Julian Edelman. Jimmy Graham plays tight end. Of course the 44th has the Bears defense and kicker Matt Prater who is still suspended.

Hillary Clinton has made numerous adjustments folks. She is going to start Matt Ryan instead of having him on the bench this week. That’s not all folks. She will also start Steven Ridley on the bye week. Clinton also made plans to bring Knile Davis up off the waiver wire after releasing Andy Dalton. Clinton dropped Alex Smith to sign Malcolm Floyd from the Chargers. Clinton released Wes Welker and brought in DeAndre Hopkins from the Texans. With these offensive changes, one has to think Hillary Clinton has a chance.

Obama can just send Percy Harvin to the bench and replace him with Roddy White. This just in. Obama releases Colin Kaepernick and adds rookie running back Carlos Hyde to his roster. Obama did not have any running backs for insurance, so he released Colin Kaepernick. Obama will start Eli Manning after relying on Peyton to win his first three games for him.

One has to wonder how these changes will impact both teams. Regardless of who wins somebody will start 4-0 in the regular season. You need a minimum of 7 wins to make the playoffs or to finish in the top 2 if your conference does not have 2 teams with 7 wins. Top 2 republicans will face the top 2 democrats.

Why the Philadelphia Eagles will win Both of these teams are weak at secondary. Both teams have quarterbacks and a variety of ways to score on offense. Chip Kelly and Jim Harbaugh used to coach each other in the Stanford VS Oregon games where Chip Kelly had Harbaugh’s number.

Why the San Francisco 49ers will win The 49ers have made the last 3 NFC Title games. Three consecutive NFC Championship appearances. Both teams are weak on secondary and the 49ers need this game to avoid a 1-3 start and last place in the NFC West.

Prediction: San Francisco 49ers are 5.5 point favorites. The average gambler is betting $235 dollars on the 49ers to cover the spread.

Final Score: 49ers 49 Eagles 35

Jason Bantle’s Pick 49ers over Eagles. Philly burnt out. 49ers need to rebound.

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Atlanta Falcons 2-1-0
Minnesota Vikings 1-2-0

Welcome To NBC Sunday Night Football Survivor. My name is Ned Hastings. This Year, We have Team Michaels VS Team Collinsworth. Team Michaels consists of Al Michaels, Michele Tafoya, Dan Patrick, Mike Florio, and Peter King. Team Collinsworth features Cris Collinsworth, Bob Costas, Rodney Harrison, Hines Ward, and Tony Dungy.

Last week Al Michaels was evicted Michele Tafoya won the challenge for Team Michaels and nominated Tony Dungy and Cris Colinsworth for eviction. Both players turned in their immunity idols making Tafoya the only player with an idol. Tafoya can nominate Bob Costas, Hines Ward, or Rodney Harrison for eviction. We will find out who Tafoya choses as her replacement nominees and who gets evicted next week.

Why the Atlanta Falcons will win Atlanta has more experience. The Falcons have experiences where they defeated the Vikings on the road.

Why the Minnesota Vikings will win Teddy Bridgewater will start for the rest of the season just like Blake Bortles. Atlanta is playing outdoors in Minnesota. Bridgewater may pull the upset.

Prediction: Atlanta is a 3 point favorite. The average NFL fan is betting $140 dollars on Atlanta to cover. I think Teddy Bridgewater wins in week 4 and sends a statement to the league that he is a candidate for rookie of the year.

Final Score: Vikings 27 Falcons 20

Jason Bantle’s Pick Vikings over Falcons. Teddy Bridgewater first start. Falcons letdown.

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New Orleans Saints 1-2-0
Dallas Cowboys 2-1-0

This just in. Jerry Jones has just hired former Initech Vice President Bill Lumbergh as the new GM and team consultant for the Dallas Cowboys. Every week we will get Lumbergh’s two cents on the Dallas Cowboys. So far Lumbergh is 2-0 after taking over as GM in week 2. The Cowboys won in Lumbergh’s first two games as General Manager/Team Consultant.

Here is this weeks advice from Bill Lumbergh.

"Jason Garrett what’s happening? Glad we won again. If we could wear the blue uniforms at home instead of the white ones because our team is 2-0 when wearing blue that would be great."

Why the New Orleans Saints will win Drew Brees can pick apart this inexperienced secondary. I also think the Saints will use their linebackers and front 7 to stop DeMarco Murray.

Why the Dallas Cowboys will win Romo is tired of being disrespected. This is a chance to bury the Saints 2014 Playoff odds. Maybe Romo comes through. Neither team has an elite pass rush.

Prediction: New Orleans is a 3 point favorite. The average NFL fan is betting $155 dollars on the Saints to cover the spread. Tony Romo is a nice guy, but Brees is a nice guy that throws like a bad boy and has the mentality of a hard ass and a motivator. That is what separates Brees from Romo.

Final Score: Saints 28 Cowboys 14

Jason Bantle’s Pick Saints over Cowboys. Saints win indoors.

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New England Patriots 2-1-0
Kansas City Chiefs 1-2-0

Why the New England Patriots will win New England will go to 3-1. By Tuesday Morning, the Patriots will rule the AFC East again. The Chiefs have no secondary, and unless we see these pass rushers injure Brady like the week 1 game following Super Bowl 42, then I doubt the Chiefs will win.

Why the Kansas City Chiefs will win The only way the Chiefs will win is if this happens.

Even if the Chiefs pull off the upset, I will use this as an excuse to give my Patriots a hall pass. In fact I am using this to give my Patriots a hall pass whenever they lose from now on. #kisstherings

Prediction: The Patriots enter this game as 3.5 point favorites with the average better placing $170 dollars on Brady not Cassel. New England will be too disciplined and focused to lose this game. You have one of the NFL’s better secondaries going up against Matt Cassel’ receivers, and New England will focus on stopping Peterson first while relying on their secondary after Moreno ran for over 100 yards against the Patriots.

Final Score: Patriots 34 Chiefs 14

Jason Bantle’s Pick Patriots over Chiefs. Patriots rebound with tons of points. Chiefs injuries keep them from winning.

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