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2014 NFL Week 15 Predictions

It is time for rookie Johnny Manziel to start for the Cleveland Browns. His first start will be against the Cincinnati Bengals this Sunday.

Arizona Cardinals 10-3-0
St. Louis Rams 6-7-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

The Rams have finally won 2 games in a row. Not only have they strung together 2 wins but they’ve strung together 2 shutouts. I don’t think this game will be a shutout, but the Rams will get another win this week.

Jason Bantles’s Pick

St. Louis should win. I am still surprised that Arizona is not favored when looking at the records for both teams.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Arizona Cardinals will win Arizona has 10 wins you cannot say the same about the St. Louis Rams.

Why the St. Louis Rams will win Larry Fitzgerald and Antonio Cromartie are both listed as questionable. The Rams are healthy and left end Chris Long is back.

Without Carson Palmer it will be hard for the Cardinals to get the passing game going. The Rams have a ton of depth on the defensive line and on the secondary. Rams should edge out Arizona.

Prediction: The Rams enter as a 4 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $195 dollars on St. Louis. This like a toss up where the Rams win by 1.

Final Score Rams 21 Cardinals 20

Pittsburgh Steelers 8-5-0
Atlanta Falcons 5-8-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

Le’veon Bell looked amazing last week. The Steelers scored more points in the fourth quarter than the Bengals scored all game. The Steelers have been very hit or miss this year, but I think they are going to be charged up after last week and will go into Atlanta and beat a pathetic Falcons team. By beat I don’t just mean win. Have the police on standby because some of the Steelers will need to go to jail for assault because of how bad they will beat the Falcons Defense.

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Atlanta wins. Pittsburgh is winless against NFC South teams.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Pittsburgh Steelers will win Pittsburgh has a winning record and Atlanta does not. Having the better pass rush along with a running game with Le’Veon Bell also helps.

Pittsburgh has playmakers. Ben Roethlisberger is second in the NFL with 4,055 passing yards. Running back Le’Veon Bell has 1,231 rushing yards. Antonio Brown, like Roethlsiberger and Bell is also second in yards. Only Julio Jones of the Falcons has more receiving yards than Brown. Brown has 1,375 receiving yards.

Why the Atlanta Falcons will win Pittsburgh is 0-4 against NFC South teams. Atlanta played like a playoff team that will win a wild card only to lose to the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round.

Julio Jones has 1,428 receiving yards which is best in the NFL. Matt Ryan is second in the NFL with 4,055 passing yards.

Prediction: The Steelers enter as a 2.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $135 dollars on Pittsburgh. This game will be decided by a field goal. I like Atlanta after watching them drop 37 on the Green Bay Packers

Final Score Falcons 20 Steelers 17

Washington Redskins 3-10-0
New York Giants 3-10-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

This game is just gonna be a battle to see who cannot play the worst. Redskins are playing awful and have a lot of issues in the locker room. Giants barely get the win this week.

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Giants should blowout the Redskins.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Washington Redskins will win Tell me why Washington will win.

Why the New York Giants will win Giants win as the Giants hope winning out will let Tom Coughlin keep his job.

Prediction: The Giants enter as a 6.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $275 dollars on New York. Giants win by at least two scores.

Final Score Giants 34 Redskins 17

Miami Dolphins 7-6-0
New England Patriots 10-3-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

Patriots have already lost to the Dolphins this year. It WILL NOT happen again. There is no way Tom Brady will let his team lose twice to the same team in the same year. Especially not a division rival. Dolphins are going to be blown out in Foxborough.

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Patriots win big. Doubt they lose to the Dolphins again.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Miami Dolphins will win Without Louis Delmas at free safety I doubt Miami defeats New England.

Why the New England will win The Patriots need all the wins they can get to lock up home field. They will not lose to the Dolphins twice after being defeated by the Dolphins in Miami back in week 1.

Prediction: The Patriots enter as a 7.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $350 dollars on New England. Patriots win and go to 11-3.

Final Score Patriots 41 Dolphins 17

Oakland Raiders 2-11-0
Kansas City Chiefs 7-6-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

Chiefs are still in the hunt for a wildcard spot and I don’t think they are giving up just yet. They put a hurtin’ on the Raiders this week to get the win and help themselves out with the playoff chase.

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Chiefs blow out the Raiders

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Oakland Raiders will win It is unlikely that the Raiders sweep the Chiefs in regular season play.

Why the Kansas City Chiefs will win I know the Chiefs have been in a funk, but it is win or go home. I believe that Tamba Hali and Justin Houston get the proper pressure on Derek Carr to win this game.

The Raiders have one of the worst run defenses. I doubt they stop Jamaal Charles at Arrowhead Stadium.

Prediction: The Chiefs enter as a 10 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $450 dollars on Kansas City. This should be a push, but I see the Chiefs barely covering.

Final Score Chiefs 28 Raiders 17

Houston Texans 7-6-0
Indianapolis Colts 9-4-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

Colts almost lost the game last week. They are lucky that the Browns just kept giving them chances to score. This game against a division rival at home will be huge for the Colts.

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Colts. Indianapolis like New England clinches their division with a week 15 win.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Houston Texans will win Houston knows it is win or go home. Well both teams do. Thing is there will be less pressure on the Texans.

Why the Indianapolis Colts will win They have this guy at quarterback named Andrew Luck who leads the NFL with 4,305 passing yards. Luck gets better each year. He is a top 10 quarterback and will be a top 5 signal caller once the Colts win a Super Bowl.

Without Carson Palmer it will be hard for the Cardinals to get the passing game going. The Rams have a ton of depth on the defensive line and on the secondary. Rams should edge out Arizona.

Prediction: The Colts enter as a 6.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $260 dollars on Indianapolis. Colts take care of business and win the AFC South.

Final Score Colts 34 Texans 24

Jacksonville Jaguars 2-11-0
Baltimore Ravens 8-5-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

The Ravens are one of many teams in the AFC who still have a chance at either winning their division or winning a wildcard spot. They have an easy game at home against the Jags and I think they’ll take advantage of that.

Jason Bantles’s Pick

Ravens. You need to be in a mental institution if you think the Jaguars beat the Ravens.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Jacksonville Jaguars will win They will not win. The Jaguars are winless on the road this season.

Why the Baltimore Ravens will win Like Jesse Lucas said. This game is basically a lock for the Ravens.

Prediction: The Ravens enter as a 13.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $1000 dollars on Baltimore. I got the Ravens getting a shutout.

Final Score Ravens 34 Jaguars 0

Green Bay Packers 10-3-0
Buffalo Bills 7-6-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

Call it an upset if you want, but the Packers haven’t been good away from home this year. And after seeing the Falcons almost upset them at home Monday night I’m picking the Bills to do just that against the Pack this week.

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Packers. Green Bay goes to Buffalo and gets the blowout.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Green Bay Packers will win Green Bay is just that good. The Packers will put up a clinic against the Bills.

Why the Buffalo Bills will win Buffalo has a tough schedule. I said this team would be 8-4 heading into December only to go 8-8 in my season preview. Buffalo started 7-5 and lost to Denver. I think they will be 7-7 after this week.

Without Carson Palmer it will be hard for the Cardinals to get the passing game going. The Rams have a ton of depth on the defensive line and on the secondary. Rams should edge out Arizona.

Prediction: The Packers enter as a 5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $225 dollars on Green Bay. Green Bay invades Buffalo and tears it up at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Final Score Packers 34 Bills 17

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-11-0
Carolina Panthers 4-8-1

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

I never thought at the beginning of the season this would be a tough choice, but it’s just that. The Panthers are not playing good football (with the exception of last week in the Super Dome). That actually is the reason why I’m going with Carolina. They looked like they kind of got it together last week and I think that’ll carry over a little bit to this week.

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Buccaneers. Tough call, but I like Tampa Bay for some reason.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will win They could not beat Carolina at home when Derek Anderson started at Raymond James Stadium. Why will they beat Carolina?

Why the Carolina Panthers will win Carolina is playing with a lot of confidence right now. With a road win against the New Orleans Saints, the Panthers are right back in this.

Cam Newton got in a car crash, but he should still play. Luke Kuechly leads the NFL with 132 total tackles in 2014. His play at middle linebacker should help the Panthers out.

Prediction: The Panthers enter as a 5.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $230 dollars on Carolina. Panthers win by a touchdown.

Final Score Panthers 20 Buccaneers 7

Cincinnati Bengals 8-4-1
Cleveland Browns 7-6-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

Yes the Bengals still technically have a chance to make the playoffs, but I think their season is as good as done. They just can’t get it done when it counts. There is still a lot of speculation about Johnny Manziel possibly starting this week. I’m basing this pick on Manziel starting. I think he’ll get the start and get the win.

Jason Bantles’s Pick

Bengals. Do you really think I will pick Johnny Manziel.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Cincinnati Bengals will win Bengals will not lose to the Browns twice. They know the importance of winning this game to remain in first place.

Why the Cleveland Browns will win This is Johnny Manziel’s first start. As mediocre as Andy Dalton can be at times, I have a hard time seeing Manziel win his first start.

Prediction: This game is a push. It could go either way. The average gambler is betting $110 dollars on both teams. I like the Bengals this week.

Final Score Bengals 31 Browns 14

Minnesota Vikings 6-7-0
Detroit Lions 9-4-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

The Vikings had to go to overtime to win against the Jets. That’s horrible to have to do. I’m going with the Lions here. They are playing for playoff seeding and they’ll get it done at home this week.

Jason Bantles’s Pick

Lions. Detroit takes care of business against the Minnesota Vikings.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Minnesota Vikings will win Minnesota will lose this game and fall to 6-8. Detroit has this after humiliating the Vikings in Minnesota when they had a window of opportunity to win.

Why the Detroit Lions will win Detroit was much weaker when they got a huge blowout road win in Minnesota. This time they should knock the teeth out of the Vikings by possibly an even bigger margin.

Prediction: The Lions enter as a 8 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $365 dollars on Detroit. Expect the Lions to win for the third week in a row at Ford Field.

Final Score Lions 41 Vikings 14

New York Jets 2-11-0
Tennessee Titans 2-11-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

Well, the Jets are awful………..um ya………..that’s my pick.

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Jets win against the Titans in week 15. i think the Titans should be favored, but Chris Johnson has a big game against his former team.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the New York Jets will win Both teams have quarterback issues. Rex Ryan has the better defense.

Why the Tennessee Titans will win Jake Locker is starting again. One of these teams will get Brian Hoyer next season.

Prediction: The Jets enter as a 1.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $115 dollars on New York. I like the Jets in overtime. Former Titan Chris Johnson is playing for the Jets while former Jet Shonn Green is probably not playing for the Titans in week 15.

Final Score Jets 23 Titans 17

Denver Broncos 10-3-0
San Diego Chargers 8-5-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

The Chargers are one of many teams still fighting for a wildcard spot. They lost last week at home against the Brady led Patriots but I expect them to come out and deliver a win to the home crowd this week making the AFC West playoff chase even more interesting.

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Denver needs to watch out. San Diego might pull the upset this week with home field.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Denver Broncos will win Denver has the most lethal passing game in the NFL. Peyton Manning can get the ball to Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, or

Why the San Diego Chargers will win Philip Rivers is more accurate than Peyton Manning. Both King Dunlap and D.J. Fluke are playing like left tackles this year. Do not forget that DeMarcus Ware is still out at right end for the Broncos.

Something tells me San Diego wins. Denver has former Chargers right guard Louis Vasquez starting at right guard for pete sakes.

Prediction: The Broncos enter as a 4 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $195 dollars on Denver. I like San Diego in an upset.

Final Score Chargers 28 Broncos 24

San Francisco 49ers 7-6-0
Seattle Seahawks 9-4-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

The 49ers are playing awful. Out of all the qualified QB’s Colin Kaepernick is the only one who has not thrown a TD in the fourth quarter. That is really really bad for San Fran Fans. There is no way they can go into Seattle playing like that and come away with the win.

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Seahawks win the rematch against the 49ers after taking the first meeting back in 2014 on Thanksgiving.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

It is time for a weekly update on the Obamacare Fantasy Football League that I created for fun back in July. Here to breakdown the highlights is none other than Stephen Colbert.

Stephen Colbert: Nation we are finally here. The Obamacare Bowl. Last night I was in Washington I had President Obama on following his loss to Bill Clinton. That’s right nation Obama lost. Peyton Manning did not get the president a single touchdown in Fantasy Football. DeMarco Murray did squat compared to his other players. While Antonio Brown was effective he did not have the same impact as Le’Veon Bell who played for Bill Clinton who Obama was facing.

Clinton had Calvin Johnson and Le’Veon Bell on his Fantasy Team. The underdogs known as Monica Lewinsky Who will face Newt’s Keebler Elves For the Obamacare Fantasy Football Bowl.

Obama was so pissed off that he took ove my show only to run his segment on Comedy Central. He also nodded his head in disaproval when Bill Clinton opted to change his team logo.

Only one can win the Obamacare Fantasy Football League. Who will you vote for Bill Clinton or Newt Gingrich?

Obamacare Bowl Bill Clinton VS Newt Gingrich

Monica Lewinsky Who Newt’s Keebler Elves
Matthew Stafford, QB, Detroit Lions Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans Saints
Le’Veon Bell, RB, Pittsburgh Steelers Andre Ellington, RB, Arizona Cardinals
Reggie Bush, RB, Detroit Lions Rashad Jennings, RB, New York Giants
Calvin Johnson, WR, Detroit Lions Dez Bryant, WR, Dallas Cowboys
Jordy Nelson, WR, Green Bay Packers Julio Jones, WR, Atlanta Falcons
Jason Witten, TE, Dallas Cowboys Greg Olsen, TE, Carolina Panthers
FLEX Jonathan Stewart, RB, Carolina Panthers FLEX T.Y. Hilton, WR, Indianapolis Colts
Arizona Cardinals Defense Denver Broncos Defense
Blair Walsh, K, Minnesota Vikings Adam Vinatieri, K, Indianapolis Colts

Why the San Francisco 49ers will win Colin Kaepernick struggled the past few weeks. It is not just him it is the entire offense. The offensive line has struggled to pass block against Seattle and Oakland. Kaepernick only has 16 passing touchdowns on the year while running back Frank Gore has only 2 rushing touchdowns on the year.

San Francisco is likely to fall to 7-7 after this road game against the Seattle Seahawks. Not having Navarro Bowman or Patrick Willis sucks. Rookie middle linebacker Chris Borland out of Wisconsin now has 101 total tackles on the season. You have to wonder if the 49ers part ways with Willis or Bowman in the offseason. If one goes, I could see the other linebacker signing where Harbaugh coaches in 2015.

Why the Seattle Seahawks will win Russell Wilson and the Seahawks defense is playing like the team that won Super Bowl 48. Marshawn Lynch should have a big game against this 49ers defense that is weak without Willis and Bowman.

Prediction: The Seahawks enter as a 9.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $410 dollars on Seattle. Seahawks win and beat the 49ers.

Final Score Seahawks 30 49ers 13

Dallas Cowboys 9-4-0
Philadelphia Eagles 9-4-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

As much as I think the Eagles will comeback fired up against the Cowboys following a loss to the Seahawks I don’t think they’ll beat the Cowboys this week. The Cowboys play better football away from Jerry World than they do at home. I think the Cowboys win a very very close game this week in Philly.

Jason Bantle’s Pick

I like the Cowboys;

Chris Ransom’s Pick

The Seahawks defeated the 49ers on Thanksgiving even when Michele Tafoya offered a rematch in exchange for her yoga pants. Rodney Harrison still won when the Patriots beat the Chargers on Sunday Night Football the following week.

Thanks for reading Sunday Night Football Survivor. Let us know if you would like to see ESPN Big Brother next season on Draft Utopia. Here is a recap of who got eliminated in the following order leading up to Harrison’s win.

Al Michaels voted off the Island After losing to Team Collinsworth in week 1. Players saw him as a threat in week 1.

Bob Costas was originally ruled safe. Costas was nominated and when Collinsworth and Dungy used immunity idols to take themselves off the block. Bob was the next to hand us his torch.

Cris Collinsworth was disqualified from the island for cheating during commentary of Bengals VS Patriots match up in the second quarter.

Mike Florio got evicted after a Giants team he ran lost 27-0 to an Eagles team operated by Hines Ward. Hines cried about the Steelers losing to the Browns despite this, Florio still got his ass kicked of the island.

Peter King and the 49ers lost to a Denver Broncos squad operated by Tony Dungy. It turns out Peter King wanted dirt on NBC that he could post in his Sports Illustrated Pieces.

Tony Dungy got kicked off for refusing to coach the Bears and showboating his Super Bowl 41 Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Dan Patrick lost to Michele Tafoya in the semifinals. Finishing 4th. isn’t bad when you consider Patrick lost to Hines Ward prior to the semifinals.

Hines Ward got captured by a Pittsburgh Steelers private Jet with Jerome Bettis. Apparently Justin Bieber wants to continue to jinx the Steelers by doing Bible Study with a couple of former Steelers after corrupting the team before facing the New York Jets.

Michele Tafoya and her yoga pants came so close to winning. Even when she agreed to relinquish her yoga pants for a rematch with Rodney Harrison she still lost. This means our winner is.

Rodney Harrison a 3 time Super Bowl Champion is now the Champion of Sunday Night Football NFL Survivor. Congrats Rodney.

Why the Dallas Cowboys will win Dallas has Tony Romo who is second in the NFL in 4th quarter comebacks after a guy named Peyton Manning. They also have DeMarco Murray and an awesome offensive line. If Dez Bryant can score this time around, Dallas should win.

Why the Philadelphia Eagles will win Philadelphia will win again if the offensive line and LeSean McCoy carry the team again. It pissed me off when LeSean McCoy did not let his offensive lineman hold the MVP trophy that he won on Thanksgiving in the road win against the Dallas Cowboys. Still he credited them for the win. I doubt Sanchez is that good and Romo is that bad this time around.

Prediction: The Eagles are a 3.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $165 dollars on Philadelphia. Philadelphia edges Dallas by one.

Final Score Eagles 28 Cowboys 27

New Orleans Saints 5-8-0
Chicago Bears 5-8-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

The Saints have lost four straight games at home. I think getting away from the Superdome will actually be kind of good for them this week. The Saints win this week in Chicago to stay in the chase for the division title.

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Saints. At least they have a quarterback you can depend on in Drew Brees.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden, and Lisa Salters need to go their separate ways. Gruden is okay, but John Saunders would be a major upgrade over Tirico. Imagine if Pittsburgh Sports Personalities with top-notch credibility like Bob Pompieni, Mark Madden, and Andrew Filiponi called this game instead of Tirico, Gruden, and Salters.

Pompieni: Welcome to Monday Night Football. Bob Pompieni along with Mark Madden and Andrew Filiponi covering ESPN Monday Night Football on KDKA. Mark what are your thoughts on this game?

Madden: Jew Brees VS Crybaby Cutler this will be a blast.

Pompieni: Wow. Looks like Madden had a Donald Sterling moment.

Madden: Donald Sterling is a racist owner who has relations with mistresses and has billions of dollars. Jerry Jones is the closest thing the NFL has to Donald Sterling.

Filiponi: Funny you mention the Cowboys. They beat the Bears on Thursday Night Football in week 14.

Madden: I am not sure whether to take the Saints or the Bears. I will go with the Saints.

Pompieni: Yeah the Saints beat the Steelers. Guys I got some bad news.

Filiponi: What am I no longer on Cook and Poni on 93.7 the Fan.

Madden: I am getting promoted and you are getting fired.

Pompieni: No. Sort of. Both of you are getting fired. Meet your new replacements. Mike Ditka and Edmund Nelson.

Madden: You’ Replacing me with the A hole that traded all his draft picks for pot smoking Ricky Williams out of Texas.

Ditka: STOP IT!

Madden: Not sure what is worse. That line or Dikta’s Restaurant.

Ditka: STOP IT!

Nelson: I love Ditka’s I take my wife and kids there all the time.

Pompieni: We know Edmund Nelson. This game is brought to you by Horrible Bosses 2. A movie about 3 dopes like Madden, Filiponi, and some bum who think they are the shit without guys like me.

Madden: You are not Kevin Spacy Bob.

Pompieni: I am KDKA’s Version of Kevin Spacy.

Madden: Can we play that call of duty ad he was in before the game since today is my last day doing Monday Night Football.

Pompieni: This game is brought to you by Call Of Duty. A videogame with the actor from Pay It Forward. You can Pay It Forward By Picking Up A Copy at Best Buy or Gamestop. We will be right back in Chicago for Monday Night Football after a word from our sponsors.

Why the New Orleans Saints will win Why won’t they win. The Chicago Bears are just awful.

Why the Chicago Bears will win Chicago can win if Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery pick apart this horrid secondary. Does anyone really care for these two teams?

Prediction: The Saints are a 3 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $140 dollars on New Orleans. The gamblers on the Monday Night Game are smart.

Final Score Saints 35 Bears 31

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