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2014 NFL Week 14 Predictions

Jesse Lucas will predict these games with Chris Ransom working on Mock Drafts most of the week.

Dallas Cowboys 8-4-0
Chicago Bears 5-7-0

Jesse’s Pick: The Bears were on the wrong end of a Lions beating this week. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the Bears in the last couple of weeks. People talking about cleaning house. Coaching staff and players alike. I think this is causing the Bears to lose Focus. The Cowboys are going to be the exact opposite. After getting beat by the Eagles they are going to be focused to get the win and stay within striking distance of the Eagles to possibly win the division.

Pittsburgh Steelers 7-5-0
Cincinnati Bengals 8-3-1

Jesse’s Pick: This will be a tough game. I think the Steelers are gonna go hard the rest of the year because I think they are thinking like if they get one more loss they are out. Which is very possible. The Bengals are not playing like they were at the beginning of the season. They are a shell of their former selves. I’m taking the Steelers to win this and start a bad five weeks for the Bengals where they will fall out of the Playoffs completely.

St. Louis Rams 5-7-0
Washington Redskins 3-9-0

Jesse’s Pick: RGIII is in, RGIII is out, RGIII is in again, never mind he’s back out. This pretty much sums up the Redskins season thus far. I think RGIII has played his last football in a Redskins Jersey. Colt McCoy will be starting under center this Sunday with RGIII sitting on the bench. I think that’s the wrong decision for the Redskins and I think the Rams aggressive line is going to put McCoy in a world of hurt. Rams are going to blitz all day and will keep the Redskins out of the end zone the entire game.

New York Giants 3-9-0
Tennessee Titans 2-10-0

Jesse’s Pick: There must be something in the water in NY cause nobody coming from their can play football worth anything. I don’t think the Tennessee Titans are a very good team, but the Giants are a worse team. It won’t be a big scoring game either but the Giants lose.

Carolina Panthers 3-8-1
New Orleans Saints 5-7-0

Jesse’s Pick: I never would’ve thought that the Jimmy Graham could put up a goose egg in receptions and the Saints would still get the win. I wouldn’t expect that to happen again. The Saints are playing for a playoff spot. To get it they have to win the division because even if they win out they won’t get a wild card spot. It’s still very possible they could win the division and make some noise in the playoffs. I think they are going to play Carolina like it’s a win or go home situation and they will come away with the win.

New York Jets 2-10-0
Minnesota Vikings 5-7-0

Jesse’s Pick: I was really surprised by the Vikings defense this week. They played really well and I think played much better than most people thought they would. The Jets have way too many problems going on in the locker room and front office to even focus on the game. I think the Vikings are going to blow out the Jets in this game.

Baltimore Ravens 7-5-0
Miami Dolphins 7-5-0

Jesse’s Pick: I’m going with the Dolphins in this game. They have been playing really good football as of late and I think they continue the momentum from Monday nights game through to Sunday’s game and beat the Ravens. The Dolphins defense is extremely underrated and they will show how good they really are this week with a win over Baltimore. It will be a very close game, but I think the Dolphins come away with the win in the end.

Indianapolis Colts 8-4-0
Cleveland Browns 7-5-0

Jesse’s Pick: We don’t know who is going to get the start for the Browns yet and the coaching staff hasn’t said when they are going to announce the starter. I think that will end up hurting the Browns. Not knowing as soon as the week starts has negative side effects on not only the quarterbacks but the other players on the team. Because of that I’m picking the Colts to win this game. I think it will be a surprisingly close game but the Colts come away with the win.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-10-0
Detroit Lions 8-4-0

Jesse’s Pick: This won’t be much of a game. The Lions are fighting hard to try and win the division or get a wildcard spot in the playoffs. Because of this I don’t think Tampa Bay stands a chance in this game. Detroit gets out to an early lead and never looks back.

Houston Texans 6-6-0
Jacksonville Jaguars 2-10-0

Jesse’s Pick: This is another game that really won’t be much of a game. JJ Watt should be the front runner for the MVP but he won’t get it because he’s not a QB. He’s playing like nothing we have ever seen before in the history of the NFL. The Texans are in a similar situations as the Lions. They are fighting for either the division or a wildcard spot in the playoffs. They are going to steamroll over the Jaguars for the win in this game.

Buffalo Bills 7-5-0
Denver Broncos 9-3-0

Jesse’s Pick: I’m making another bold prediction this week. I’m taking the Bills over the Broncos. Why? I’m not entirely sure. Call it a gut feeling but I think the Bills want this win more than the Broncos do. The Broncos are clearly the better team on paper, but they have not been playing like themselves over the last couple weeks. The Bills on the other hand have been playing great football for the last 5 or 6 weeks. The Bills defense will do as good as the Rams did against the Broncos and will hold the Broncos to only one touchdown.

Kansas City Chiefs 7-5-0
Arizona Cardinals 9-3-0

Jesse’s Pick: I was surprised by how badly the Chiefs started the game Sunday night. I think that was a fluke and they’ll get back at it this week. The Cardinals have gotten into some kind of a funk and I don’t see the end of it quite yet. Chiefs will win this game but it will be close.

Seattle Seahawks 8-4-0
Philadelphia Eagles 9-3-0

Jesse’s Pick: Eagles played well against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving day. But since Sanchez has been starting he has been kind of hit and miss as far as how good he has been playing. This will be a miss week for Sanchez and it will be greatly because of the Seahawks defense that has found their Mojo again. Seattle is going to punish the Eagles offense this week and get the win.

San Francisco 49ers 7-5-0
Oakland Raiders 1-11-0

Jesse’s Pick: This isn’t going to be much of a game again. The 49ers will win this game by a blowout and they should. They are still just barely in the hunt for the playoffs and that motivation will be enough for them to come away with the win against a horrible Oakland Raiders team.

New England Patriots 9-3-0
San Diego Chargers 8-4-0

Jesse’s Pick: The Patriots will not lose two games in a row. They lost a close game in Green Bay and the Chargers are the Poor saps that the Patriots frustration gets taken out on. A little bit of a side note to look at before this upcoming game this Sunday. After the Patriots lost to the Chiefs they went on a seven game win streak. SD (1), Mia (2), NYJ (3), Buf (4), Divisional round (5), Conference Championship (6), Super Bowl (7). Just Saying.

Atlanta Falcons 5-7-0
Green Bay Packers 9-3-0

Jesse’s Pick: The Packers have got to be feeling good after getting the close win at home against the Patriots. They have a lot of momentum right now and they are going to continue that going into week 14. Packers are going to beat of the Falcons. Atlanta won’t have a chance in this game. The Pack is gonna run away with it from the beginning.

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