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2014 NFL Week 13 Game Recaps

Chicago Bears 5-7-0
Detroit Lions 8-4-0

Game Recap: DETROIT-The Bears and Lions should be playing on FOX instead of CBS. Regardless I would like to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving.

The Lions got the ball to start the game. Excellent first series by the Bears defense. Stopping the run and covering well enough to force Stafford to make a bad pass. The absence of Reggie Bush has influenced a lack of performance by Matthew Stafford in 2014.

Jay Cutler was awesome on the first drive. Cutler went 4 for 4 for 45 yards before throwing his first incompletion. Next play Alshon Jeffery caught a screen pass as you saw excellent blocking by Brandon Marshall. The Bears scored first and took a 7-0 lead.

Stafford did a lot better on the second drive as he fired first downs to Calvin Johnson and Eric Ebron. Johnson caught 2 first downs for 30 yards and Ebron caught a first down that resulted in a 13-yard gain. Enron also leaped over a Bears defender after catching the ball.

Without Riley Reiff at left tackle, Jared Allen was able to pressure Stafford constantly throughout the game. Even when he did not sack Stafford there were plays where Stafford barely got the ball out in time. Plays where Stafford threw on the run by running to the right kind of like Ben Roethlisberger when he runs out of the pocket.

Detroit got a field goal thanks to the first downs the Lions acquired on their second series. You have to think Matt Forte will get some carries after getting no carries the last drive. Forte caught a 22 yard pass that set up the Jeffery touchdown on the previous series.

Jared Allen forced a fumble and recovered the ball after Rob Simms failed to block Allen and failed to recover the ball at left guard. Stafford was sacked once, hurried twice, and knocked down once in the first quarter.

Alshon Jeffery caught a second touchdown following the Jared Allen fumble. Allen has always had success at Ford Field. Caught a passing touchdown at Ford Field when he was on the Chiefs, returned a pick 6 against Stafford after signing with the Vikings. Allen recorded his 100th career sack at Ford Field. Then there was the fumble he forced and ended up recovering leading up to Jeffery’s second touchdown.

The Bears had an 11 point lead ahead 14 to 3 after one quarter. Corey Fuller caught a 21 yard pass to keep the drive alive. Megatron scored a receiving touchdown on third down. Stafford fired a 25 yard touchdown to Calvin Johnson put the Lions back in the contest. It was the Lions first touchdown in 3 games. Excellent drive by the Lions’s offense. They spent 5 minutes and 40 seconds driving downfield for a touchdown on a 9 play series.

Matthew Stafford began the game 11 for 13 with 129 passing yards 1 passing touchdown, and no interceptions. Calvin Johnson caught 9 receptions, 109 receiving yards, and 2 receiving touchdowns in the first half.

Jeffery converted a third down following the Lions touchdown. Cutler completed 9 of his first 10 passes. On his 11th pass, Cutler took a risk by firing a deep ball that resulted in an incomplete pass. Chicago wasted a 5 minute drive only to punt the ball.

Golden Tate went 23 minutes without catching a pass in the first half. He finished the drive with 3 receptions for 26 receiving yards after starting playing a lackluster first quarter. The Lions went 4 minutes and 28 seconds before getting a touchdown on 4th and 1 thanks to Joique Bell.

Stafford ended the first half with 275 passing yards. He threw the ball to 8 different targets in the first half. Six of those receivers had 20 receiving yards or more in the first half. Calvin Johnson caught 9 receptions for 109 receiving yards I loved the way Detroit has won the time of possession battle early in the first half. The fact that Stafford responded strongly after the fumble in the first quarter just shows people how much composure he really has. Even if you take Golden Tate out of the passing game, Calvin Johnson will show up.

Once the second half started, Jay Cutler knew he had to capitalize. He began the second half throwing the football on all 12 plays of the Bears opening drive in the second half to begin the third quarter. Chicago got a field goal due to three third down conversions to start the drive. Martellus Bennet caught a pass on third down to begin the drive. Then Alshon Jeffery converted two consecutive third down conversions to put the Bears in field goal range. One was a 3rd and 18 play after the Lions finally sacked Jay Cutler after going the entire first half without a sack. The second third down conversion put the Bears in field goal range. Chicago took up 6 minutes of time and got a field goal as a result.

Detroit scored three consecutive touchdowns in the second quarter after going 25 drives without a touchdown in 3 games. The Lions were hoping to build on that momentum in the second half. That did not happen, but the Lions kept the Bears scoreless on the drive.

Golden Tate had two huge first downs on the next drive that enabled the Lions to execute a 6 minute drive that resulted in a touchdown. Calvin Johnson caught a 21 yard reception which was his 10th of the game in the third quarter on this drive. The drive lasted into the fourth quarter. Joique Bell ran for another touchdown after tight end Joseph Fauria caught a pass that appeared to be a touchdown.

Johnson caught an 11 reception in the fourth quarter and ended the day with 146 receiving yards. Detroit got no points on the drive. There was 10 minutes left and that gave the Bears hope.

Cornerback Darius Slay lined up at field cornerback and he had an excellent deflection on a pass which set up an interception. Jay Cutler finally threw the first interception of the game after Stafford and Cutler both went 3 quarters without an interception. The Lions got three points off the Cutler interception.

The Lions won 34 to 17. The Bears scored off a lateral, but they ruled it an illegal forward lateral on a meaningless play with 2 seconds left. Why can’t the officials just give the Bears the touchdown. It would not have mattered either way because the Lions won the game and covered the spread in the process. On the next way Cutler threw a pick. The officials are responsible for screwing up Cutler’s quarterback rating. Regardless this was an outstanding game by the Lions mainly due to their brilliant play in the second quarter.

Stafford finished the game 34 for 45 with 390 passing yards, 2 passing touchdowns, and no picks. Stafford was flawless outside of the 11 incompletions and the Jared Allen fumble. Awesome day for him and Calvin Johnson who had 11 receptions for 146 receiving yards and 2 receiving touchdowns. Golden Tate had 8 receptions for 89 receiving yards after going the first 23 minutes without a reception.

Chicago is now 5-7. They are done. So much for going 6-6 and getting back in the thick of things. Lions are now 8-4. Detroit gets their confidence back on offense and now looks like a threat to be a serious contender in the NFC if they can maintain this play on offense.

Philadelphia Eagles 9-3-0
Dallas Cowboys 8-4-0

Game Recap: DALLAS-The second of the three Thanksgiving games had huge implications. This game would decide first place in the NFC East. Mark Sanchez and Tony Romo both have a chance to assert themselves as leaders with a big game today.

Mark Sanchez had a pretty decent drive. Sanchez went 4 for 5 with 30 passing yards while scoring a rushing touchdown. LeSean McCoy has 48 rushing yards. The Eagles’ offensive line looked phenomenal. Left tackle Jason Peters, left guard Evan Mathis, center Jason Kelce, and right tackle Lane Johnson all displayed flawless blocking on the Eagles first series.

Tony Romo had to come out strong. The Eagles had a 9 play 80 yard drive to begin the game which resulted in a touchdown. Romo entered the game 6-1 on Thanksgiving heading into today.

Dallas punted the ball. Philadelphia struggled to get past this Cowboys offensive line. The phenomenal man coverage by Bradley Fletcher containing Dez Bryant with some physical press as well forced Dallas to punt.

Sanchez went 5 for 7 with 69 passing yards on his second drive with more flawless blocking by his offensive line. Four of the five completions Sanchez threw resulted in first downs including a 27 yard touchdown to rookie Jordan Matthews.

Sanchez was 9 for 11 with 99 passing yards through his first two drives. Romo needed a score after such a strong start for the Eagles.

Eagles blitz on third down after the Cowboys pulled out Doug Free at right tackle. The result is a Cowboys first down. Cole Beasley moved the chains.

Fletcher continued to display outstanding coverage before Dez Bryant used his speed to break free on a 37-yard reception.

The Bryant reception gave the Cowboys the momentum they desperately needed. Philadelphia led 14 to 0 after one quarter aware of the fact that Dallas is about to score.

Left guard Ronald Leary and center Travis Frederick created enough space for DeMarco Murray to get a rushing touchdown. Eagles lead 14 to 7.

Backup right tackle Andrew Gardner start at right guard and that move paid off since Gardner recovered a Mark Sanchez fumble leading up to a 59 yard reception by Jeremy Maclin. Maclin used his speed to separate himself from the Cowboys cornerback before using some agility to make a defender miss a tackle. The Cowboys’ stepped up afterwards, but the Eagles still gave Mark Sanchez enough time to make the right throws. Eagles settled for a field goal and took a 17-3 lead. The completion to Maclin was the only completion Sanchez threw on the Eagles third drive of the game.

The Cowboys had trouble scoring on their third drive before finally stopping the Eagles on the following series. Dallas had the first let down on the offensive line. Fletcher Cox got by right guard Zack Martin to stop a DeMarco Murray run. On the next play Vinny Curry got by left tackle Tyron Smith to get to Tony Romo after he had trouble catching a shotgun snap from center Travis Frederick on third down. The Eagles’ defense got the first big stop against the Cowboys’ offensive line while the Eagles continued to dominate up front.

Outside of one play where Jeremy Mincey had a tackle for a loss, the play by these blockers was absolutely fabulous. Sanchez had at least 5 seconds to make progressions and fire the football downfield.

Sanchez completed 16 of his first 20 passes for 197 yards thanks to the blocking up front. A costly Orlando Scandrick face mask penalty put the Eagles in field goal range. It looked like the Eagles would score again before the Cowboys kept the Eagles to a field goal.

After the Cowboys failed to score again, the Eagles drove downfield once again to settle for a field goal. At this point it does not even matter because the Cowboys cannot get any points on offense.

Dallas got a field goal in the third quarter on their first series before the Eagles continued to win in the trenches. LeSean McCoy ran for a 38 yard rushing touchdown to put the Eagles up 30 to 10. That gave McCoy a big 129 rushing yards on the day.

Romo threw a pick, but a defensive holding penalty kept the drive alive. Romo threw another pick seconds later.

The Philadelphia Eagles prevailed 33 to 10. LeSean McCoy had 25 carries for 159 rushing yards. Mark Sanchez went 20 for 29 with 217 passing yards, 1 passing touchdown, and no interceptions.

Seattle Seahawks 8-4-0
San Francisco 49ers 7-5-0

Game Recap: SAN FRANCISCO-A rematch of the 2014 NFC Championship took place on Thanksgiving. This write up was posted by Brian Thornsburg.

The 49ers get the ball first and Kapernick hands it off to Gore for a seven yard gain right up the middle on the first play of the game. Kaepernick goes to the air on second down and hits Michael Crabtree for a gain of five yards. Crabtree is hit viciously from behind and injured during the play.

Kaepernick goes deep on third down and six, intended for Brandon Lloyd, but comes up short of making the catch. Seahawks go for a running play on first down, but only gain about three yards.

The Seahawks go back to the ground on second down with another run by Marshawn lynch for a short gain. The Seahawks are later called for clipping and get backed up ten yards. Marshawn Lynch gets the ball on 3rd and 16 but is unable to get the first down for the Seahawks, forcing them to punt back to The 49ers.

Later in the fourth quarter, The 49ers go to the ground twice for a gain of two yards, before Kapernick drops back and throws a pick right into the hands of Richard Sherman. This was the 49ers first turnover of the game in this defensive battle.

The Seahawks get things going in the third quarter, with a 27 yard pass to Doug Baldwin, giving the Seahawks first and goals at The 49ers ten yard line. The Seahawks strike first in the endzone with a ten yard pass to Turbin to put six on the board for Seattle.

Wilson is now 5 of 7 for 47 yards and one touchdown, while Kapernick sits with 1 of five for five yards and a interception to Richard Sherman. Kapernick tries to get something going on the next drive, hitting Boldin for a gain of four. Kapernick goes back to the air on second down nailing Johnson in super tight coveragee for a first down.

The 49ers momentum is quickly halted on their next play by a holding penalty, backing them up ten yards. Kaepernick tries for a short pass on second and 20, but the ball is batted down at the line of scrimmiage, setting up third and 20 for the 49ers.

The 49ers choose to play it safe and hand the ball off to Gore for a short gain, forcing them to punt the ball back to the Seahawks once again. The Seahawks go to the ground game again on first down, getting Lynch up the middle for a short gain. Wilson goes to the air on second down throwing a huge bomb to L. Wilson, but the pass came up just short.

Wilson avoids two sacks on the next play, and hits Baldwin for a huge gain, setting The Seahawks up on the one yard line. Lynch tries to run the ball into the endzone on the next play, but gets stuffed at the line of scrimmage.

Wilson tries a quarterback run on second down, but is tripped up by Ahmad Brooks short of the goal line. Wilson's pass on third down gets batted down by a 49ers defender, ending their chance of a touchdown.

Kaepernick throws on the run on first down, connecting with Carlos Hyde for a gain of 16 yards. Kapernick throws on third down, missing his target and forces another punt for the 49ers. So far in this game, the 49ers have not had a drive last more then three minutes.

The Seahawks get another great drive going, but are stopped on third down, and forced to settle for a field goal. The Seahawks now lead 13-0 over the 49ers. The 49ers failed to do anything with the ball on their next possesion, going three and out once again.

Despite intially dropping the ball during the punt The Seahawks force a fumble in 49er territory and recover the ball for themselfs Wilson tries for a scramble on second and 18, but fumbles the ball and later recovers it himself, setting up third and 36. The Seahawks later punt the football.

Kapernick tries to make something happen on the final drive of the half, but ends up throwing short to Johnson for a gail of 13 yards. At the end of the first half, The Seahawks lead 13-0 over The 49ers. The 49ers have failed to even reach the 100 yard mark so far in this game.

Kapernick ends the first half with 7 of 16 for 55 yards and one interception, while Superman Wilson is 9 of 14 for 163 yards, one touchdown and one fumble that he was able to recover himself.

The Seahawks made it to the goalline on their first possesion of the half, but got backed up due to a offensive pass interference penalty, later forcing Seattle to settle for another field goal. Seattle now leads 16-0 over The struggling 49ers. This is nothing like their Championship game last year.

Kaepernick chokes on third down late in the third quarter, and gets tripped by a Seahawks defender on third and seven. The 49ers settle for a field goal. The Seahawks still lead 16-3 over The 49ers, who had many oppurtunities to connect in the endzone, but have been stopped by multiple penalties, bad plays and great defense by the Seahawks.

Wilson played superman once again, scrambling up the field on third and 16 for a gain of 12 yards. The play put The Seahawks and field goal range, allowing them to put three more points on the baord for Seattle. The Seahawks now lead 19-3 over The 49ers in the fourth quarter.

Kaepernick cracked under pressure again while throwing the ball on the run to Stevie Johnson. The ball misses Johnson and lands right in the hands of Richard Sherman, giving Kapernick his second pick of the game late in the fourth quarter.

The 49ers eventually ran out of time on their final drive of the game and The Seahawks won 19-3. Marshawn Lynch rushed for over 100 yards in the game off of 20 carries. Russel Wilson played Superman with 15-22 for 236 yards and one touchdown.

Kapernick may want to forget this one after going 16-29 for 129 yards and two interceptions. Both caught by Richard Sherman. Sherman did a wonderful job limiting what Michael Crabtree did for the 49ers once again in their first meeting since last years NFC Title game. The Seahawks have now won back to back games in which they have not allowed their oppoent to score a touchdown, making them a nightmare for any offense in The NFL.

Tennessee Titans 2-10-0
Houston Texans 6-6-0

Game Recap: HOUSTON-Ryan Mallett placed on injured reserve meant that Ryan Fitzpatrick would start again. Fitzpatrick looked like he would get an easy win against Zach Mettenberger. Running back Arian Foster also returned from an injury. So Foster was bound for a good day right?

First quarter, Fitzpatrick was 4 for 4 with 31 passing yards, 1 passing touchdown, and no interceptions. Arian Foster had 6 carries for 35 rushing yards. DeAndre Hopkins posted 2 receptions for 17 receiving yards. Andre Johnson had 1 reception for 6 receiving yards, and then Ryan Griffin had the 8 yard receiving touchdown that put the Texans up by 7.

Jonathan Joseph picks off Zach Mettenberger. Fitzpatrick completed 3 more passes in a row as Fitzpatrick began the game 7 for 7 with 55 passing yards, 2 passing touchdowns, and no passing touchdowns on his first two drives before firing his first incompletion.

Randy Bullock kicked a field goal in the second quarter before DeAndre Hopkins caught a receiving touchdown which put the Texans up 24 to 0. Hopkins finished the day with 9 receptions, 238 receiving yards, and 2 receiving touchdowns. Ryan Fitzpatrick completed 24 out of his 33 passes with 358 passing yards, 6 passing touchdowns, and no interceptions.

Fitzpatrick had an epic game at quarterback. Texans win 45 to 21 in Fitzpatrick’s first game back.

Oakland Raiders 1-11-0
St. Louis Rams 5-7-0

Game Recap: ST LOUIS-Shaun Hill was hoping to keep making a good impression. The Rams hosted the 1-10 Raiders team that won their first game of the regular season last week.

St. Louis took a 21-0 lead over the Raiders. St. Louis got 10 first downs in a row before the Raiders got one. They had 203 total yards to the Raiders 30 in the first quarter.

Rams destroy the Raiders 52-0. St. Louis is now 5-7. Raiders fall to 1-11.

San Diego Chargers 8-4-0
Baltimore Ravens 7-5-0

Game Recap: BALTIMORE-Both teams were fighting for their playoff lives. Jesse Lucas has a recap of this game.

Chargers are facing a win or go home scenario with the Broncos and Chiefs ahead of them in the Division. What they needed to happen was to win today and the Chiefs to win tonight to get them even closer to the division leaders.

Ravens get on the board first when Flacco connects with Torrey Smith for a 16 yard touchdown pass. Ravens lead 7 – 0.

Ravens increase their lead with a 33 yard field goal from Justin Tucker. Ravens up 10 – 0.

Chargers finally get on the board with a 12 yard touchdown pass from Philip Rivers to Keenan Allen. Ravens lead 10 – 7.

Ravens score first in the second quarter. Justin Tucker kicks a 21 yard field goal. Ravens led 13 – 7.

Justin Tucker gets called on again this time for a 29 yard field goal. Ravens led by 9 up 16 – 7.

Nick Novak puts it through the upright from 52 yards out. Ravens lead 16 – 10 at halftime.

The first points of the second half came from Nick Novak again. He puts a 26 yard field goal in, closing the lead. Ravens led 16 – 13.

Torrey Smith grabs another touchdown pass from Joe Flacco. Ravens ahead 23 – 13.

Joe Flacco runs the ball in from 1 yard out. Ravens lead 30 – 20 following a Ryan Matthews rushing touchdown.

Keenan Allen hauls in a 23 yard touchdown pass from Philip Rivers making it a 1 possession game for the Chargers. Ravens lead 30 – 27.

Justin Tucker is called on again for the Ravens. He kicks one in from 31 yards out. Ravens up by 6 late in the fourth quarter.

With only 38 seconds left in the game Eddie Royal caught a 1 yard pass from Philip Rivers giving the Chargers the lead and the win. Chargers win 34 to 33.

Wide receiver Keenan Allen had a huge game. Allen posted 11 receptions, 121 receiving yards, and 2 receiving touchdowns that put the Chargers back in the game. Allen was huge in this victory and he needs to play like this against the Patriots next Sunday Night if the Chargers hope to get back in the thick of things.

Cleveland Browns 7-5-0
Buffalo Bills 7-5-0

Game Recap: BUFFALO-Cleveland faced the Buffalo Bills. Both teams needed this win as well. Jesse Lucas covered this game.

Browns got the only score of the first half with a Billy Cundiff 22 yard field goal. Browns lead 3 – 0.

Chris Hogan catches a 3 yard touchdown pass from Kyle Orton in the third quarter. Bills led 7 – 3.

Bills score again, this time it was their defense. Jerry Hughes picks up a fumble and runs it back 18 yard for a touchdown. Bills ahead 14 – 3.

Buffalo gets two Dan Carpenter field goals. First one was a 49 yard kick before kicking a 34 yard field goal. Bills lead 20 – 3.

Manziel needs to thank Da’Norris Searcy. Searcy recorded 2 interceptions on Brian Hoyer before Manziel entered the game.

Johnny Manziel finally got into the game and gets a score. He runs 10 yards for a touchdown. Bills lead 20 – 10.

Dan Carpenter kicks another field goal this one for 34 yards. Bills led 23 – 10.

Dan Carpenter kicks his fourth field goal of the game following a 4 and out by the Bills defense after they nearly recovered a touchdown for the fumble. This field goal was 35 yards out. Bills win 26 - 10.

Buffalo used right end Jerry Hughes and left end Mario Williams to get to the quarterback. Both defensive ends got the best of the Browns offensive tackles in this statement win by the Bills in their first game back at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Cincinnati Bengals 8-3-1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-10-0

Game Recap: TAMPA BAY-Cincinnati seemed like a lock to beat Tampa Bay. Could Tampa Bay play spoiler with a 2-9 record where the NFC South leader is 4-7?

Tampa Bay should have won this game. Tampa Bay took a 10-0 lead and quarterback Andy Dalton threw 3 picks. Dalton ran for a touchdown and threw a touchdown to put the Bengals up 14 to 13.

Cincinnati won by the skin of their teeth 14 to 13. Marvin Lewis was so relieved he was sweatier than a sausage biscuit at McDonalds. Tampa Bay falls to 2-10 as the Buccaneers lost two games they should have won against Chicago and Cincinnati each of the last two weeks.

Washington Redskins 3-9-0
Indianapolis Colts 8-4-0

Game Recap: INDIANAPOLIS-Colt McCoy got the start for Washington instead of Robert Griffin III. That would not matter as the Colts were destined for a blowout either way. Maybe not the 45-0 blowout I predicted earlier this week, but a blowout none the less.

Andrew Luck won this game with his arm despite the Colts early struggles. Jay Gruden talked about how awful the Redskins were and how they had a window of opportunity to gain a 2 score or a 3 score game. Colt McCoy took accountability, but I think Robert Griffin III may have put the Colts away. Either way, the Colts outplayed Washington.

Andrew Luck had a career high 5 passing touchdowns. Luck went 19 for 27 with 370 passing yards, 5 touchdowns, and 1 interception. Luck had a fumble lost and an interception by Ryan Clark on his first two series. Luck rebounded after that.

Anthony Costanzo and Gosder Cherillus did outstanding in pass protection. The former Boston College offensive tackle prospects gave Luck the time to find open receivers. Rookie Donte Moncrief had 3 receptions, 134 receiving yards, and 2 receiving touchdowns. Tight end Coby Fleener had 4 receptions, 127 receiving yards, and 2 receiving touchdowns. T.Y. Hilton led the Colts with 5 receptions, but Hilton only had 62 receiving yards and a receiving touchdown. Reggie Wayne caught 4 passes for 31 receiving yards which was 1 more reception than Moncrief. Great job by Luck adapting without Dwayne Allen at tight end. Colts took care of the Redskins 49 to 27 with this deadly passing game.

Colt McCoy did well too going 31 for 47 with 390 passing yards, 3 passing touchdowns, and 0 interceptions. If McCoy was more assertive early in the game, Washington may have won. Luck and the Colts win 49 to 27. Colts go to 8-4 and the Redskins fall to 3-9.

New York Giants 3-9-0
Jacksonville Jaguars 2-10-0

Game Recap: JACKSONVILLE-Tom Coughlin would play against the former NFL team he coached in the Jacksonville Jaguars. Could the Jaguars defeat a dismal Giants team with home field?

The Giants scored 21 unanswered points in the second quarter. Eli Manning threw a passing touchdown and former Jaguar running back Rashad Jennings ran 2 rushing touchdowns. Those three touchdowns put the Giants up 21-0.

The Jaguars kicked a field goal at halftime and regrouped in the second half hoping to overcome a 21 to 3 deficit. J.T. Thomas recovered a fumble for a touchdown on a sack. Later in the third quarter, rookies Blake Bortle and Marqis Lee connected to make it a 21 to 16 game after Jacksonville hoped to make it a 3 point game off the 2 point conversion.

Aaron Colvin another rookie in the 2014 NFL Draft recovers a 41 yard fumble for a touchdown. The Oklahoma cornerback finally played like a #1 field cornerback. The rookies from the 2014 NFL Draft stepped up. If third round pick Allen Robinson was healthy the Jaguars may have won by more. After taking a 22 to 21 lead both teams swapped field goals before the Jaguars won 25 to 24.

The Giants need to fire Tom Coughlin now. Eli did not throw any picks, but the Giants need to build a better team around him. Draft a left tackle and move William Beatty to right tackle and keep Victor Cruz and Beckham next to each other and the Giants could be a dark horse if they stay healthy in 2015.

Right now both squads look like teams that will be drafting in the top 10 overall of the 2015 NFL Draft. Whether Eli Manning stays or goes remains to be seen. I think Blake Bortles validated that he is the quarterback of the future by leading the Jaguars to a win.

Carolina Panthers 3-8-1
Minnesota Vikings 5-7-0

Game Recap: MINNESOTA-The rookie Teddy Bridgewater welcomed the veteran Cam Newton to Minnesota. Both teams needed a win and it was a matter of who stepped up.

Shariff Floyd sacked Cam Newton on 3rd and 8 for a 5 yard loss. On the next series Teddy Bridgewater had no time to react in the pocket largely in part to right guard Brandon Fusco and right tackle Phil Loadholt both being out with injuries. This meant Teddy Bridgewater needed to figure out a way to maintain his composure on 2nd and goal. Teddy threw on the run to tight end Kyle Rudolph who caught a passing touchdown to put the Vikings up 7 to 0.

Following series, 4th down, Adam Thielen blocks a punt and returned it for a touchdown. This put the Vikings up 14 to 0 in the first quarter. It was the Vikings first blocked punt for a touchdown since 1986.

Later in the second quarter following a Panthers field goal, Jasper Brinkley blocked a punt which Everson Griffen returned for a touchdown. Griffen put the Vikings up 21 to 3 with his touchdown and he also had 2 sacks on the day before Bridgewater threw his second passing touchdown to Greg Jennings after the Panthers settled for a field goal thanks to Kelvin Benjamin dropping a pass on third down.

Minnesota led 28 to 6 at halftime. The Vikings went on to win 31 to 13. Bridgewater has 4 weeks to get the Vikings to a 9-7 record. Carolina is likely done with a 3-8-1 record.

New Orleans Saints 5-7-0
Pittsburgh Steelers 7-5-0

Game Recap: PITTSBURGH-Jesse Lucas recapped this game. The Saints needed a win desperately in order to keep playoff hopes alive. The Steelers are in a similar situation, just not as desperate as the Saints. Saints had lost 3 consecutive home games after having a 20+ consecutive home game win streak. The Saints started looking more like the Aints.

Steelers got the ball first and the only score of the first quarter with a 49 yard goal. Steelers led 3 – 0 after one.

Steelers got the first points of the second quarter as well behind another field goal. This time it’s a 31 yarder. Steelers lead 6 – 0.

Drew Brees connects with Benjamin Watson for a 15 yard touchdown pass. Saints took the lead 7 – 6.

Drew Brees finds Erik Lorig for another touchdown pass this time for 4 yards. Saints led14 – 6 at halftimen

Saints get the first points after half time. Nick Toon caught an 11 yard pass from Drew Brees to increase the Saints lead. Saints ahead 21 – 6.

The Steelers come back with a 1 yard touchdown pass by Le’Veon Bell. Saints lead 21 – 13

Kenny Stills grabs a 69 yard touchdown pass from Drew Brees. Saints led 28 – 13 in the fourth quarter.

Shaun Suisham kicks a 47 yard Field Goals closing the Gap for the Steelers. Saints led 28 – 16.

Marques Colston grabs a 3 yard touchdown pass from Drew Brees. Saints lead 35 – 16.

Antonio Brown catches a 4 yard touchdown pass from Roethlisberger. Saints lead 35 – 24 thanks to a two point conversion by the Steelers.

Antonio Brown catches another one this time for 3 yards as time expired. The Steelers went for 2 hoping to limit the loss to a 3 point game. The Steelers got the conversion as the Saints won 35 - 32.

Drew Brees went 19 for 27 with 257 passing yards, 5 passing touchdowns, and 0 interceptions. Brees got the job done on the road as the Saints improve to 5-7 as the Steelers fall to 7-5 thanks to the brilliance of Brees.

Arizona Cardinals 9-3-0
Atlanta Falcons 5-7-0

Game Recap: ATLANTA-Jesse Lucas recapped this game. Everyone expected Arizona to win. Would Atlanta play spoiler today?

Falcons got on the board first with a 1 yard pass from Matt Ryan to Levine Toilolo. Falcons led 7 – 0.

Matt Bryant gets his first field goal of the game increasing the Falcons lead. Falcons lead 10 – 0

Julio Jones grabs a 32 yard touchdown pass from Matt Ryan. Falcons took a 17 – 0 lead in in the first quarter.

The Cardinals first points come courtesy of their defense. Rashad Johnson intercepts the ball and runs it back 88 yards for a touchdown. Falcons led 17 – 7 following the pick 6.

Chandler Catanzaro puts one through the uprights from 44 yards out. Falcons lead 17 – 10.

Matt Bryant makes a 23 yard field goal as time expires in the second quarter. Falcons led 20 – 10 at halftime.

Matt Bryant got the only points of the third quarter with a 21 yard field goal. Falcons lead 23 – 10.

Falcons got on the board again with another Matt Bryant Field Goal. This one from 45 yards away. Falcons lead 26 – 10 in the fourth quarter.

Matt Bryant gets his fifth field goal of the game from 28 yards. Falcons lead 29 -10.

Cardinals finally score again but it’s too late. Stepfan Taylor catches a pass from Drew Stanton for 3 yards and the touchdown before getting a two point converison Falcons won 29 - 18.

This game went completely the opposite way that I thought it would. The Falcons put a hurting on the Cardinals and jumped out to a huge lead early in the game. The Falcons first quarter score was only 1 point less than the Cardinals total score. This game was very one sided.

The best player of this game was without a doubt Julio Jones. Jones caught 10 receptions for 189 receiving yards, and 1 receiving touchdown in the Falcons win over the Cardinals. Arizona falls to 9-3 as the Falcons improve to 5-7 as Atlanta still controls their own destiny in the NFC South.

New England Patriots 9-3-0
Green Bay Packers 9-3-0

Game Recap: GREEN BAY-Both quarterbacks were money at home. Many thought that would change with the Patriots on a 7 game winning streak. We would find out what changed after todays game at Lambeau Field.

Aaron Rodgers did an incredible job displaying composure when driving the ball downfield. New England stepped up on secondary and limited the Packers to two field goals courtesy of Mason Crosby.

Later in the first quarter, Rodgers drove the ball downfield once again. This time Rodgers fired a 32 yard touchdown to rookie tight end Richard Rodgers. That put the Packers up 13 to 0 after one quarter.

Brandon Bolden got a rushing touchdown that made it 13 to 7. Then Green Bay would kick a field goal which made it 16 to 7.

After that, Tom Brady threw his first passing touchdown to Brandon LaFell. The LaFell touchdown gave the Patriots confidence and one could argue it altered the momentum in New England’s favor.

Near halftime Aaron Rodgers fired a touchdown to Jordy Nelson. That gave the Packers a comfortable 9 point lead up 23 to 14 at halftime.

Nobody scored in the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, Brandon LaFell caught his second receiving touchdown which made it 23 to 21. Green Bay got a field goal on a long drive following the Patriots score. Tom Brady had an impressive drive on the following series as well.

It looked like Rob Gronkowski caught a touchdown on 2nd down. He was down and had full control of the ball. The ball came out and Belichick disappointed me since he did not opt to challenge it. I would have challenged that call. Green Bay sacked Brady on the following play which set up a 4th and 18. New England wanted to kick a field goal and recover an onside kick. Stephen Gostkowski did not make the field goal as it went wide right.

Maybe if Bill Belichick listened to me the Patriots would have won. Instead Green Bay prevails because they made the right stops at the right time.

Aaron Rodgers was the best player in this game as he went 24 for 38 with 368 passing yards, 2 passing touchdowns, and no interceptions. He got the ball to all of his guys. Devante Adams led the Packers in receiving yards with 121 receiving yards. Randall Cobb led the Packers with 7 receptions. Jordy Nelson had 2 receptions for 53 receiving yards and a 1 receiving touchdown. Tight end Richard Rodgers had 2 receptions for 35 receiving yards and a receiving touchdown. Green Bay dominated in the passing game. Rodgers deserves major credit for picking apart the top ranked pass defense in the NFL.

In New England’s defense, Logan Ryan, Alfonzo Dennard, and Kyle Arrington played like crap and got but got burned. The top two cornerbacks on this roster Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner were hardly next to each other as the Patriots rotated these corners in different spots throughout the game hoping to throw Rodgers off his game. Clearly this did not work and I kind of want to blame Belichick for making these adjustments.

Still Green Bay won because of Rodgers. Both teams are now 9-3 as Rodgers now has 20 touchdowns and 0 interceptions at Lambeau Field in 2014. It is like Tony Dungy said on NBC Sunday Night Football. The NFC goes through Green Bay as the Packers control their own destiny.

Denver Broncos 9-3-0
Kansas City Chiefs 7-5-0

Game Recap: KANSAS CITY-Two AFC West rivals faced each other. Brian Thornsburg recapped this game.

Alex Smith started the game with a incomplete pass intended for Donnie Avery. Smith then completed a five yard pass to D’Anthony Thomas for a short gain. The Chiefs go for a third pass play intended for Dwayne Bowe, but the pass falls incomplete, forcing the Chiefs to punt.

The Broncos start out on the ground, as Manning hands it off to C.J. Anderson for a short gain. The Broncos go back to the ground on second down, with Anderson rushing 15 yards up the field for a first down.

Anderson then rushes again for a gain of two yards on first down. Manning goes to the air on third down, completing a pass to Emmanuel Sanders for a gain of 20 yards on the play. Broncos then go back to the ground with C.J. Anderson for another five yard gain.

Manning fires a bomb to Demaryius Thomas on third and six, for a 23 yard gain and touchdown for the Broncos. Thomas rushed out ahead of his matchup and was able to catch the ball easily. The addition of Anderson to the Broncos offense is definitely helping mix up the plays, and gave Peyton more options.

The Broncos now lead 7-0 over The Chiefs in the first quarter. The Chiefs were forced three and out on their first possession, after Alex Smith failed to connect with his receivers on three separate pass plays. It is surprising they didn't bring Jamal Charles into the matchup earlier.

The Chiefs got forced three and out once again, after DeMarcus Ware nails Smith with a hard sack. The game is one sided so far, with The Broncos leading 7-0. The way The Broncos are moving the ball so easily, its easy to wonder if this is going to be a blowout game early on.

Manning drives the team down the field on their next possession, connecting with C.J. Anderson for a 15 yard touchdown. The Broncos now lead 14-0, with the first quarter coming to a close. The Broncos have scored on both of their first two drives , and show no sign of slowing down so far in this game.

The Chiefs end the quarter with three straight three and outs on their first three possessions. Smith is swallowed up by Carter on third and eight, resulting in another punt by the Chiefs. The Chiefs are getting destroyed by the Broncos defense right now.

C.J. Anderson gets things going on The Broncos next possession, with a eight yard gain up the middle. The Denver Broncos look to be about to lose possession after Anderson fails to get the third down conversion for the team, but a penalty for a player running down the sidelines on a kickoff, set up a trick run play by Bruton for a 13 yard gain and a fresh set of downs.

Manning later avoids pressure from Tamba Hali and connects with Sanders for a 15 yard gain on third and six. Anderson saves the day on first and one, turning the corner down the sideline for a nice 13 yard gain. Despite two lobs in the end zone by Manning, The Broncos are forced to settle for a field goal. The Broncos now lead 17-0 over Kansas City.

Smith hits Dwayne Bowe with a pass for The Chiefs first conversion of the game. The Cheifs follow that up with two runs for a gain of nine yards by Charles. Charles tries to get the conversion on third down, but is snuffed out at the line of scrimmage. Jamal Charles goes for it on fourth down and drives up the middle of the field for a 11 yards.

On the next play, Smith connects with Kelce for a quick 19 yard gain and another first down. Smith follows that up with a quick bomb to Anthony Fasano for a 20 yard touchdown. The Broncos still lead 17-0, but The Chiefs are finaly on the board!

Manning marches his team down the field again, but the team is forced to settle for another field goal, after Mannings pass is batted down on third and one. The Broncos now lead 20-7 over The Kansas City Chiefs at halftime.

Broncos get the ball first in the second half and Manning hits Thomas for a short gain on first down. Manning tries for another pass on third down, but is sacked and stripped at 23 yard line by Justin Houston. The Chiefs get the ball and go three and out, after a Smith throws a incomplete pass on third down. The Chiefs settle for a field goal and now trail 20-10.

After a long drive by the Broncos that ultimately resulted in a punt, Smith goes for a play action pass on first down, but the ball is batted down and intercepted by Ware. The two teams have now traded their first turnovers in the second half of the game, with the Broncos leading 20-10.

The Broncos fail to capitalize on the turnover, after a pass from Manning to Welker falls incomplete on third down, and the Broncos settle for yet another field goal. The Broncos now lead 23-10 late in the third quarter, but this is the fourth straight time The Broncos have been stopped by the Chiefs.

The Broncos get lucky on the punt, when a Chiefs players knee comes in contact with the ball, and its recovered by a Broncos player to maintain possession. The drive is wasted however, as Manning Struggles once again on third down after two penalties and settles on another field goal.

The Broncos now lead the Cheifs 26-10 and are one score away from making it a three possession game late in the third quarter. Manning seems to be plagued by Penalties, as The Broncos were called for illegal formation twice in the last drive.

Despite getting rocked by a late hit on the previous play by Miller, Smith hits Charles for a 12 yard touchdown pass. The Cheifs go for the two point conversion, but the ball is batted down by a Broncos defender. The Broncos now lead 26-16 early in the fourth.

Anderson trys to chew some time of the clock with his excellent long run plays, but Manning gets the team backed up with a few incomplete passes, and the Broncos settle for another field goals late in the fourth. The Broncos still lead 29-16. Alex Smith really needs to score quick to keep this game in hand.

Smith scrambles on second and 15, as he's flushed out of the pocket, and connects with Avery for a first down. Avery tries to go for more on the play but the ball is knocked out of his arms and recovered by B. Roby This turnover should really seal the win for the Broncos leading 29-16.

The Broncos do nothing with the turnover and hand the ball back to the Chiefs right before the two minute warning. Smith throws three incomplete passes as time expires and the Broncos win 29-16.

Miami Dolphins 7-5-0
New York Jets 2-10-0

Game Recap: NEW YORK-Miami should win this game. As we speak I have the Jets picking fifth in my 2015 NFL Mock Draft, expecting them to lose to the Dolphins.

New York scored first with a Chris Johnson 47 yard run and a Greg Salas reverse rushing touchdown. Awesome job by the New York Jets getting on the board first in this contest.

The Jets got a field goal after the Dolphins missed a field goal on their first scoring chance. The Jets took a 10 to 0 lead and maintained that lead until the final seconds of the first half where the Miami Dolphins kicked a field goal.

Miami got a field goal because Mike Wallace dropped a touchdown. Then the Jets kicked a field goal to take a 13 to 6 lead. The Jets still led by a touchdown heading into the fourth quarter.

Miami tied the game at 13 in the fourth quarter. Once Miami tied the game you knew the Dolphins would win. Miami won 16 to 13.

Kicker Caleb Sturgis deserves major props for his composure after such a strong start.

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