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Washington decided to start Colt McCoy late Tuesday Night. Now we do not get to see RGIII VS Luck this Sunday how disappointing.

Chicago Bears 5-6-0
Detroit Lions 7-4-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

The Lions got smacked around last week against the Patriots. I expect the Lions to keep things closer this time, but I think the Bears have a good amount of momentum coming into this game. Chicago will Bearly (see what I did there) sneak by the Lions for the win on a late game field goal.



Chris Ransom’s Pick

Jason Bantle got 12 picks right last week while Jesse Lucas picked 11 games right while I got 10 games right. Jason did not send us his picks, but I hope his thanksgiving goes well. That is why COWPOTE is filling in as a guest picker for week 13. Leading means adapting when someone cancels your plans at the last minute.

Why the Chicago Bears will win Chicago is on a two game winning streak while the Lions are on a two game losing streak. Everyone knows how huge momentum is in the NFL.

Running back Matt Forte has been hot the last two games. Detroit is 29th in the NFL rushing yards and left tackle Riley Reiff is expected to miss this game with an injury.

Left end Ziggy Ansah is banged up with injuries and Jordan Mills is playing right tackle again instead of right guard. For some reason I believe that works in the Bears favor and may end up being the difference.

Another concern is the fact that defensive tackle Nick Fairley is listed as questionable with a knee injury. Ndamukong Suh has committed excessive penalties over the last two weeks. Suh always seems to have an episode on thanksgiving and not in a good way.

Why the Detroit Lions will win Detroit has a much better defense than Chicago. The Lions currently rank #1 in run defense.

With Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate, the Lions obviously have to be the favorite. This lethal passing game can do the job, but it will be more difficult than usual if Riley Reiff misses this game with an injury.

Prediction: The Lions enter as a 7 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $285 dollars on Kansas City. Take the points. Chicago finds a way to cover and possibly win.

Final Score Bears 20 Lions 17

Philadelphia Eagles 8-3-0
Dallas Cowboys 8-3-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

The Cowboys have not been the team that anyone thought they would be. They have done great this year and I think they continue that this week. Philly and Dallas play each other twice in 3 weeks and I expect them to split the game. Dallas gets the win at home.


Cowboys win. I hope. Eagles will put up a fight for sure.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

This just in. Jerry Jones has just hired former Initech Vice President Bill Lumbergh as the new GM and team consultant for the Dallas Cowboys. Every week we will get Lumbergh’s two cents on the Dallas Cowboys. So far Lumbergh is 8-2-0 after taking over as GM in week 2. The Cowboys won in Lumbergh’s first six games as General Manager/Team Consultant.

Here is this weeks advice from Bill Lumbergh.

"Hi Jason. Um yeah! If you could beat the Eagles on Thanksgiving that would be great."

Why the Philadelphia Eagles will win Without Nick Foles I see the Eagles as a pretender. Both Seattle and San Francisco are getting hot at the right time. I could easily see COWPOTE’s prediction of 3 NFC West teams in the NFL Playoffs become a realistic possibility now.

The Cowboys defense is playing like a middle of the pack defense rather than a bottom feeder defense ranking 12th in run defense and 14th in pass defense. Dallas is good enough to get to the playoffs. They will likely lose once the NFL Playoffs begin.

Why the Dallas Cowboys will win The Dallas Cowboys have one of the best offensive lines. Left tackle Tyron Smith and right tackle Doug Free will keep Trent Cole and Connor Barwin in check. The emergence of left guard Ronald Leary and rookie right guard Zack Martin is truely amazing. Center Travis Frederick continues to thrive. As long as this offensive line is healthy, you have to like the Cowboys with Tony Romo at quarterback and DeMarco Murray at running back.

Tony Romo may not have the awareness of a Super Bowl quarterback. His accuracy is through the roof this season as he has completed 68.8 percent of his passes. With an outstanding running game and a Pro Bowl offensive line, Romo is having one of his best seasons in recent memory.

With five games left in the NFL season Murray is still the only rusher that has exceeded 1,000 rushing yards. Murray currently leads the NFL with 1,354 rushing yards.

One more interesting statistic worth noting. Wide receiver Dez Bryant needs 121 receiving yards to reach 1,000 receiving yards on the season. The Eagles are thin at cornerback and Bryant may exceed 1,000 receiving yards against the Eagles.

Prediction: The Cowboys are a 3 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $135 dollars on Dallas. The Cowboys blowout the Eagles on thanksgiving winning by three touchdowns.

Final Score Cowboys 28 Eagles 7

Seattle Seahawks 7-4-0
San Francisco 49ers 7-4-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

San Francisco is playing win or go home football right now. A couple weeks ago their backs were against the wall and they had to win to keep playoff hopes alive. Now they get Seattle at home. The new park for San Fran hasn’t been the best, but they get the win this week with playoffs on the line.


49ers win. Kaepernick steps up eager for revenge against the Seattle Seahawks.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

This game will decide who wins Sunday Night Football Survivor. Seahawks win and Rodney Harrison will be the winner. San Francisco wins and Michele Tafoya is our champion.

Why the Seattle Seahawks will win I want Seattle to win. The reason why is because if the Seahawks won, Marshawn Lynch would run up and grab a piece of turkey and say something like I don’t have to talk to the media bitch. Mmmm Michele Tafoya this is good fuckin turkey. Personally I think that would be funny. It would be like the episode on Chappele’s show where Dave Chappele made fun of Samuel Adams with Samuel Jackson Beer.

Besides Captain Skittles, you have a defense that now ranks in the top 10 in run defense and pass defense. Russell Wilson looked like he regained his normal form against the Arizona Cardinals. Wilson has to play like that moving forward against teams moving forward.

Seattle had one of the worst pass defenses to begin the year. The Legion of Boom stepped up against the Cardinals in week 12 and they entered week 12 as the 8th best pass defense in the NFL. Field cornerback Richard Sherman, strong safety Kam Chancellor, free safety Earl Thomas, and boundary cornerback Byron Maxwell form an excellent secondary up front. The linebackers on the Seahawks defense also display a ton of versatility.

Why the San Francisco 49ers will win San Francisco is capable of winning this game if Aldon Smith gets by left tackle Russell Okung and manages to sack Russell Wilson. Ahmad Brooks could do some damage as well. For now it is all about getting to Wilson and using the middle linebackers to spy on him. Marshawn Lynch may gain a few yards after the carry, but you can stack 8 in the box when he does this daring Wilsom to pick you apart assuming Seattle calls the right play.

Prediction: The 49ers enter as a 1 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $110 dollars on San Francisco. I am picking Seattle because of this secondary.

Final Score Seahawks 23 49ers 17

Tennessee Titans 2-9-0
Houston Texans 5-6-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

Houston has some problems to overcome. I think they are going to be too big for the Texans to salvage the season, but they’ll manage to get a win over the Titans.


This game seems like a toss up. Stinks that Mallet is on IR. I guess I will go with the Texans.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Bill Clinton’s College Football Playoff Selection Special

The College Football Selection Committee Released their second poll with Mississippi State, Florida State, and Auburn still ranked 1,2, and 3 in that order. After #4 Ole Miss lost, the playoff selection committee bumped Oregon up to #4 in the polls. Here is my top 4.

  1. Alabama: Monica Lewinsky State is unbeaten no more. Nick Saban is once again the biggest pimp in college football.

  2. Previous Ranking: #1

  3. Oregon Ducks: Marcus Mariota and the quack attack will battle Jameis Winston in the College Football Playoff to determine who is the top quarterback in the 2015 NFL Draft.

  4. Previous Ranking: #3

  5. Florida State Seminoles: At #2 we have the Florida State Seminoles or as I call them the Semites. The Semites are led by the food stealer. Jameis Winston. So Winston stands up on a table and yells blank her in the pussy. Then Florida State suspends him for an entire game. Winston causes Florida State to drop to third in our poll because of his behavior. Then Notre Dame nearly beats Florida State despite the food stealer going 15/16 in the second half. Did Winston steal Brian Kelly’s playbook or Manti Te’o’s girlfriend. That is what I would like to know. After defeating Notre Dame Fraud University, Florida State defeatd the Miami Hoodlums down in Miami FL on the road as the Seminoles won all of their difficult games. Also I want to be seamus as semen on that blue dress. I did not have sexual relations with Miss Monica Lewinsky.

  6. Previous Ranking: #2

  7. Ohio State Buckeyes: The College Football Playoff picture looks a lot clearer. No Hall pass for Monica Lewinsky State. Mississippi State lost. Why are they fourth in the polls? I am going to donate this four spot to Urban Meyer who will celebrate by donating money to a charity.

  8. Previous Ranking: #4

Why the Tennessee Titans will win Zach Mettenberger has yet to win a game. Tennessee ranks 11th in pass defense thanks to cornerback Jason McCourty. The Titans also have a decent offensive line and an emerging running back in Bishop Sankey. One more position of strength on offense is the playmakers with Kendall Wright, Justin Hunter, and Nate Washington who all have 410 receiving yards or more. No quarterback, pass rush, or run defense is really jeopardizing the Titans overall success in 2014.

Why the Houston Texans will win Mallett finished his 2014 season with 400 yards in 2 starts and 3 games. Arian Foster is listed as questionable. Wide receivers Andre Johnson and Deandre Hopkins have to step up. Ryan Fitzpatrick needs to throw to the guy that is not being covered by Jason McCourty.

There are 4 3-4 outside linebackers on the Houston Texans defense. The only one of those four defenseman that has yet to record a sack is 3-4 is Jadeveon Clowney the top pick from the 2014 NFL Draft.

Jared Crick and J.J. Watt will have to get by guards Andy Levitre and Chance Warmack. That is the matchup to watch here because the Texans defense is built on those 5 technique guys while these guards get better by the week on the Titans.

Prediction: The Texans enter as a 6.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $275 dollars on Houston. This is a low bet that could go either way. Betting more than $200 dollars on this game seems foolish.

Final Score Texans 20 Titans 16

Oakland Raiders 1-10-0
St. Louis Rams 4-7-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

St. Louis has surprised a lot of people the last couple weeks. First almost shutting out Denver then putting up a great fight against San Diego. I think with the way St.Louis is playing there is no way Oakland is going to beat them.


RAMS…sorry goofybone..you got lucky…GUY SHEA LOVES YOU AND DEBI DALY….because the punk has NO SHOW

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Check out COWPOTE’s podcast channel on Talkshoe. Jesse Lucas is has a podcast on Talkshoe called Lucas Radio Podcast. My podcast Draft Utopia airs Sundays at 11 AM with Joey Potter and Andrew Kermish. I want to have our podcasts on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Perhaps possibly thursday before the games. I can keep doing them on Sundays, but it would be a lot better if we did a group podcast following the games.

This week I might talk about some random things. Things like Turkey dinner, 5 year high school reunion, possibly my orientation at Panera. It is such a short week this week, and we really have nothing else to go on. We could talk about Joeys work at Wal Mart or what he working on at Draft Evolution. Maybe tell the story about how Kerm got to pose a photo with the Stanley Cup. Not sure what we can do this Sunday on the Draft Utopia Thanksgiving Special.

Why the Oakland Raiders will win Oakland may build off their momentum following the week 12 win. Rookie quarterbacks tend to come into their own after they get the first career win.

Why the St. Louis Rams will win St. Louis has a ton of depth on the defensive line along with a ton of depth on the secondary. St. Louis has some quality starters at linebacker and one of the leagues better defenses.

St. Louis will be a contender once they get a decent quarterback. That may be another year in 2016 if you consider the fact that the Rams have won too many games to draft a quarterback in 2015 at this point.

Prediction: The Rams enter as a 7 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $290 dollars on St. Louis. I think this game will go to overtime. This contest will be decided by a field goal.

Final Score Raiders 17 Rams 14 OT

San Diego Chargers 7-4-0
Baltimore Ravens 7-4-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

The Ravens snuck in a win against the Saints in the Superdome. I was impressed especially by the running of Justin Forsett. He had big shoes to fill this season with the Ray Rice incident and he did an amazing job at it. San Diego on the other hand is not playing very well as of late. They should’ve blown away the Rams but instead the barely got the win. Their season is taking a nose dive starting this week.


jailbirds…THE NORTH IS YOURS..if you want it punks..RAY RICE WHO?..you win BIG….42-10.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the San Diego Chargers will win Traveling on the road is always a huge transition. If Rivers plays turnover free football and Ryan Matthews runs for 100 yards again, San Diego has a good chance of winning.

Why the Baltimore Ravens will win Baltimore has a tough defense with guys like Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil. Ravens win 17-10.

Prediction: The Ravens enter as a 5.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $230 dollars on Baltimore. I like the Ravens in an offensive shootout.

Final Score Ravens 23 Chargers 7

Cleveland Browns 7-4-0
Buffalo Bills 6-5-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

Buffalo had an amazing week. Just look at all the problems they had all week long. Just seemed like one thing after the other kept popping up and they couldn’t catch a break. But they still manage to come away with the win against the rival Jets. However Cleveland is playing at an exceptionally high level. Plus once you add in that they have Josh Gordon back now, the Browns are going to be a fearsome awesome.


Cleveland Clowns. Browns win and go to 8-4. Gonna go out on a limb and make the Browns my second wild card.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Cleveland Browns will win Brian Hoyer and Josh Gordon will continue to establish chemistry. Buffalo lacks a #1 cornerback and I think that works in Cleveland’s favor. Left tackle Joe Thomas will stop Jerry Hughes. If the right side of the offensive line can keep Marcel Dareus and Mario Williams from getting to Hoyer the Browns will pull off the win.

Since Buffalo played in Detroit on Monday, Cleveland will get to Buffalo before the Bills themselves. That levels the playing field even though the crowd will be cheering for the Bills.

Why the Buffalo Bills will win Buffalo has Williams and Dareus who both have double digit sacks. Right end Jerry Hughes has 9.5 sacks. All 9 players on the Buffalo Bills defensive line have accounted for 41 sacks combined in 2014. Buffalo can win if the offense scores 20 points or more because a majority of the time this front 7 will get to the quarterback.

When the Bills lose it is because of the secondary. This front 7 is doing an excellent job thanks to defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz.

A defense that plays this well deserves to be in the playoffs. With all the injuries at running back, I do not trust Kyle Orton, plus the Bills are 6-5 knowing that a loss here would likely end their chances to make the playoffs.

Prediction: The Bills enter as a 2.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $130 dollars on Buffalo. Everyone here is taking Cleveland to win, yet Vegas still favors the Bills. Do not bet on this game because there is a good chance you lose.

Final Score Browns 21 Bills 16

Cincinnati Bengals 7-3-1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-9-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

As much as I doubt the Bengals, there is no way I can take the Bucs over them. The Bengals will manage to get a win in Tampa Bay this week.


Bengals defeat Tampa Bay. Cincinnati Sisters become the third team from the AFC North to win this week.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Cincinnati Bengals will win This contest will be a battle of defensive minds. Marvin Lewis and Lovie Smith. Nether Dalton or McCown is a starter in my eyes. It really comes down to the fact that Dalton is not a yo-yo. Cincinnati will win. How much they win by comes down to whether Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson outsmarts Leslie Frazier.

Why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will win Tampa Bay is winless at home. Yeah, both of there wins came on the road. I am taking the Bengals. As cool as it would be to see Tampa Bay win, it will not happen.

Lavonte David leads the NFL with 116 tackles. I like his odds of reaching 130 total tackles more than the Buccaneers chances of winning.

Prediction: The Bengals enter as a 4 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $190 dollars on Cincinnati. This is a low parlay bet with a good chance of happening because nobody is betting much on this game.

Final Score Bengals 24 Buccaneers 7

Washington Redskins 3-8-0
Indianapolis Colts 7-4-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

Well the Redskins suck. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a quarterback hit as many times as RGIII was last week. Colts are gonna play strong at home against a weak Redskins team. Colts blow out the Redskins.


colts….HELL YES…RG3…you suck crank bitch…42ND SAY'S HELLO FOOL

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Washington Redskins will win Leading up to the 2012 NFL Draft you knew Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III would go 1 and 2 once Matt Barkley returned to school. Why did Washington bench Griffin the week RGIII was supposed to face Luck for the first time since the 2012 NFL Draft. This is absolute BS.

Why the Indianapolis Colts will win Andrew Luck will destroy Washington with or without the Baylor quarterback that won 2012 NFL Rookie Of The Year.

Andrew Luck leads the NFL with 3,641 passing yards. This is Luck’s third season in the league and Luck threw for over 4,000 passing yards as a rookie and threw for over 3,800 passing yards in 2013. Luck already has over 11,000 career passing yards in three seasons which is simply surreal. T.Y. Hilton is one of 6 wide receivers in the NFL with over 1,000 receiving yards, as his supporting cast is simply phenomenal.

Prediction: The Colts enter as a 9.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $450 dollars on Indianapolis. Colts win.

Final Score Colts 45 Redskins 0

New York Giants 3-8-0
Jacksonville Jaguars 1-10-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

Think is gonna be a matchup to decide who is gonna play worse on this particular Sunday. I think Blake Bortles will have a good game against the Giants brittle secondary. And I think we are going to see 5 interception Eli Manning as well which won’t bode well for the Giants.


giants..man crush….they have quit on you..BUT..you win

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the New York Giants will win Rashad Jennings is back, and Odell Beckham has silenced my doubts about him not being a #1 receiver. Still the media made way too big of a deal out of his touchdown catch after Dallas came back to win the game.

Eli cannot get cocky. He has games where he throws 4 or 5 interceptions in a single game like Jesse stated. That is what is tempting me to take the Jaguars.

Why the Jacksonville Jaguars will win Blake Bortles is due for a second win and I think he gets it. Also if the Jaguars won you would have Jacksonville, Oakland, Tennessee, Tampa Bay, and possibly the New York Jets all at 2-10 competing in a 5-way race for the #1 pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Prediction: The Giants enter as a 2.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $130 dollars on New York. Jaguars win in overtime.

Final Score Jaguars 20 Giants 14 OT

Carolina Panthers 3-7-1
Minnesota Vikings 4-7-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

If I would’ve told myself in the Pre-season that I picked the Vikings to beat the Panthers at any time this season I probably would’ve hit myself in the face. But that’s how the NFL works. The Vikings are playing pretty good ball and the Panthers are not. It’s that simple. Vikings will get the win behind a strong performance by Matt Asiata.


As I stated on my podcast, right tackle Phil Loadholt is the best player on the Vikings offensive line. He is out with an injury. Panthers 17-13.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Carolina Panthers will win If what COWPOTE said about Phil Loadholt being out is true then left end Charles Johnson will have a huge day. Johnson only has 5 sacks on the season, but he is bound to improve when you consider that right guard Brandon Fusco is on IR. With both of your usual starters at right guard and right tackle out with injuries, I expect Johnson to have multiple sacks.

Why the Minnesota Vikings will win Minnesota deserves major props for keeping it close with Green Bay. Ron Rivera and Mike Zimmer will both stack 8 in the box to stop the running game. I expect both teams to pressure the quarterback as well making each quarterback rely on their ability to make progressions. Cam Newton simply has the edge in this department because he is more experienced.

Prediction: The Vikings enter as a 3 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $135 dollars on Minnesota. Panthers barely win.

Final Score Panthers 17 Vikings 16

New Orleans Saints 4-7-0
Pittsburgh Steelers 7-4-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

The Saints have been playing pretty badly. Lost 3 straight home games when most people thought they couldn’t lose one. I think getting on the road will be good for them. Go into Pittsburgh, where the Steelers have been very hit or miss, and play really tough football and get the win. That’s what the Saints need to get back on track to making the playoffs.


Pittsburgh blows out the Saints 38-10.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the New Orleans Saints will win Both teams have top 5 quarterbacks and both teams need this win to stay in the division race. Winning team gets one step closer to the playoffs and the losing team ships their head coach to Gilligan’s Island.

New Orleans lost 3 in a row and Rob Ryan is a joke compared to Dick LeBeau when it comes to calling defensive schemes. I like the Steelers.

Why the Pittsburgh Steelers will win Both teams have lousy secondaries. This will be one of those games where Ben may throw 6 touchdowns again.

Regardless of whether Ben does that or not, I have the Steelers scoring over 40 in this one because of how LeVeon Bell and Antonio Brown have played under pressure. Bell has 951 rushing yards and Brown has 1,161 receiving yards.

Prediction: The Steelers enter as a 3.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $185 dollars on Pittsburgh. Steelers win.

Final Score Steelers 42 Saints 28

Arizona Cardinals 9-2-0
Atlanta Falcons 4-7-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

Arizona lost in Seattle last week. I think they might lose one more game the rest of the season but it won’t be to Atlanta. After the mishap last week I think the Falcons heads are spinning. I think their offense will put up decent numbers but Arizona comes away with the win.


Arizona Cardinals. Time for the Fakers to fire their head coach.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

It is time for a weekly update on the Obamacare Fantasy Football League that I created for fun back in July. Here to breakdown the highlights is none other than Stephen Colbert.

Stephen Colbert: Nation we are finally here. The Obamacare Fantasy Football Playoffs. This week it is Newt Gingrich VS Herman Cain. Next week it is Bill Clinton VS Barack Obama. With the winners of these games meeting for the Championship in week 15 folks.

Now lets take a look the the lineups for Newt’s Keebler Elves VS The Awwwwwwwww Shucky Duckys. These Fantasy Teams operated by Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain will compete for the Republican Nominee in the one and only Obamacare Bowl.

Obamacare Fantasy Football Republican Primary

Newt’s Keebler Elves Awwwwwwwww Shucky Duckys
Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans Saints Philip Rivers, QB, San Diego Chargers
Andre Ellington, RB, Arizona Cardinals Matt Forte, RB, Chicago Bears
Rashad Jennings, RB, New York Giants Bishop Sankey, RB, Tennessee Titans
Dez Bryant, WR, Dallas Cowboys Demaryius Thomas, WR, Denver Broncos
Julio Jones, WR, Atlanta Falcons Andre Johnson, WR, Houston Texans
Greg Olsen, TE, Carolina Panthers Rob Gronkowski, TE, New England Patriots
FLEX T.Y. Hilton, WR, Indianapolis Colts FLEX Mike Wallace, WR, Miami Dolphins
Denver Broncos Defense Cincinnati Bengals Defense
Adam Vinatieri, K, Indianapolis Colts Steven Hauschka, K, Seattle Seahawks

Why the Arizona Cardinals will win Arizona’s cornerback tandem gets better each week. Patrick Peterson and Antonio Cromartie played better than expected even with Seattle’s 19-3 victory last week. Arizona is third in run defense despite having injuries on the front 7.

Arizona ranks 15th in passing yards and 30th in rushing yards. Drew Stanton is a huge downgrade over Carson Palmer. That is why the Cardinals will be suspect over the final 5 games.

Larry Fitzgerald should be back this week. If Stanton gets enough time in the pocket from left tackle Jared Veldheer, then the Cardinals can buy Stanton enough time in the pocket to stretch the field.

Why the Atlanta Falcons will win Atlanta needs tremendous body language from quarterback Matt Ryan who is 5th in the NFL with 3,066 passing yards. Middle linebacker Paul Worrilow has 104 total tackles.

Prediction: The Cardinals enter as a 2.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $130 dollars on Arizona. Cardinals win as the Falcons cover the spread.

Final Score Cardinals 21 Falcons 20

New England Patriots 9-2-0
Green Bay Packers 8-3-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

This is the toughest game that the Patriots have left on the schedule. Green Bay has been amazing at home, but they haven’t played against any great defenses like the Patriots have. This will be a great test for the Patriots defense, but what ultimately wins this game for New England is Brady, Gronk, Blount, Gray, Edelman, and LaFell going up against the mediocre Green Bay defense.


babymaker..spanks the penis packers..COULD THIS BE THE 49TH SUPER BOWL PREVIEW?…video cheater farts on air after the game..

Chris Ransom’s Pick

@CockyBelichick is my favorite Twitter user of all time. His twitter feed is that epic. He always inserts the #kisstherings hashtag and it is badass. I’m going to post his 5 best tweets on our site every week like David Letterman does with his top 10 jokes until the owner of this twitter feed requests I take them down because his tweets are that epic.

Lesson #1 Always Bring Weed To Team Practice.

Lets answer this question after we win a 4th Super Bowl.

Hope so. It will be fun.

I found two awesome photos of Bill Belichick. I like this one better. Still it is not as popular as the next one.

Roger Goodell wants me to shove this middle finger up his asshole after we beat the Cardinals down in Arizona this year to win the whole thing. #kisstherings

Why the New England Patriots will win Cornerbacks like Darrell Revis and Brandon Browner will shut down Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb. New England may not be as good on the road. Still I expect the Patriots to kick some ass.

Both quarterbacks are money at home. Something tells me Tom Brady outplays Aaron Rodgers this Sunday.

Why the Green Bay Packers will win Aaron Rodgers is money at home. This game really comes down to which quarterback avoids turnovers.

Prediction: The Packers enter as a 3 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $160 dollars on Green Bay. I like the Patriots this Sunday.

Final Score Patriots 42 Packers 24

Denver Broncos 8-3-0
Kansas City Chiefs 7-4-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

I don’t know what has gotten into the Broncos lately. They are not playing good football. In fact if it were not for the Dolphins throwing an interception on the last drive of the game the Broncos would not have won. Kansas City is going to be pumped up and running high on emotion. If you missed it a mass was discovered in Eric Berry’s chest and they believe it is lymphoma. My Prayers go out to him and his family, but I think this will have the Chiefs fired up. They gotta get a win for Berry. I feel sorry for the Broncos who are gonna be on the bad side of this game. Chiefs beat the Broncos by at least 2 touchdowns.


ALL THE POOR PEOPLE WILL WATCH THE CRIPPLE GO DOWN….TIRED SANTA..he wins..KC IS BACK IN BITCH…denver…horse face..should lose his job.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Denver Broncos will win This offense is that good. Manning is second behind Luck in passing yards with 3,558 receiving yards. Manning has 34 passing touchdowns and 9 interceptions on the year. Demaryius Thomas leads the NFL with 1,192 receiving yards. Emmanuel Sanders has 1,079 receiving yards. There is a strong chance that tight end Julius Thomas will play. Julius leads the Broncos with 12 receiving touchdowns. When this offense is healthy it is one of the best in the NFL.

Kansas City is horrible at pass blocking. This means that DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller will step up. Without Aqib Talib, the Chiefs will score 3 touchdowns. I still like Denver on Sunday.

Why the Kansas City Chiefs will win This pass rush has to get to the quarterback. Tampa Hali has to get by Ryan Clady.  Justin Houston has to get by right tackle Chris Clark. Houston leads the NFL with 13 sacks so that should not be a problem.

Jamaal Charles got injured with a high ankle sprain the last time these teams met. If Charles can keep the ball out of Manning’s hands, the Chiefs have a good chance to win this game.

Denver is unbeaten at home. They are 2-3 on the road and up until last weeks narrow 39-36 win VS the Dolphins, the Chiefs came the closest to beating Denver. Another thing to consider is that the Chiefs have not lost at Arrowhead Stadium since week 1 when the Chiefs hosted the Titans.

Prediction: The Broncos enter as a 1.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $115 dollars on Denver. This is such a tough call. While I want to pick Kansas City, I feel like Denver is too good to lose this game.

Final Score Broncos 28 Chiefs 21

Miami Dolphins 6-5-0
New York Jets 2-9-0

Jesse Lucas’ Pick

Miami almost beat the Broncos last week. The jets are just awful this year. Way worse than they should be. I don’t know why the Jets are playing so badly, but the Dolphins are going to take full advantage of it to get themselves better position in the division to try for a wildcard spot.


ONLY RICH PEOPLE CAN WATCH THIS GAME…no libs..SORRY…candy ass new york jets lose…fireman ed…PUSSY BOY…MIAMI WIN 48-0..book it pemco

Chris Ransom’s Prediction

Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden, and Lisa Salters need to go their separate ways. Gruden is okay, but John Saunders would be a major upgrade over Tirico. Imagine if Pittsburgh Sports Personalities with top-notch credibility like Bob Pompieni, Mark Madden, and Andrew Filiponi called this game instead of Tirico, Gruden, and Salters.

Pompieni: Welcome to Monday Night Football. Bob Pompieni along with Mark Madden and Andrew Filiponi covering ESPN Monday Night Football on KDKA. Mark what are your thoughts on this game?

Madden: First off I would like to personally ban Fireman Ed from Giants Stadium.

Pompieni: Fireman Ed is no longer a Jets fan.

Madden: Filiponi Dolphins Cheerleaders of Jets Cheerleaders because personally both of these teams suck compared to the Steelers.

Filiponi: Them Jets Cheerleaders on da flight crew look mighty perty.

Madden: Wrong Filiponi. The Dolphins cheerleaders are way hotter.

Pompieni: Lets talk about the players and coaches not the cheerleaders. We’s professionals at KDKA.

Filiponi: Gotta go with the Dolphins. The Jets are so gay they use blondes to make you forget about what Michael Vick did to dogs.

Madden: So do the Dolphins and there cheerleaders have cleavage. Also Ryan Tannehill has the WAG that everybody wishes they were dating.

Filiponi: Doggies wag your tail if you want Cameron Wake and the Canadian Mafia on this Dolphins to eradicate Michael Vick.

Madden: Why are all these piece of shit dogs refusing to wag their tails? What gives?

Pompieni: There are no dogs here guys. Are you guys okay to commentate the game.

Madden: Yeah were okay. That Bud Light before the game was awesome. I remember stealing the Bud Light at the house that was on fire.

Filipino: Did you see Fireman Ed just stand there yelling Fire Fire like Beavis on Beavis and Butthead.

Madden: Yeah that was classic. Fireman Ed is such a pansy.

Pompieni: I am going to call Edmund Nelson and send you guys home. This game is brought to you buy Massage Envy. A Massage Parlor where creepy people massage your feet only to smell them like Rex Ryan.

Madden: Just got a letter from the NFL.

Pompieni: Really Roger Goodell is going go fine us for not promoting Coors Light.

Madden: Actually they are fining you for not promoting Bud Light the awesome beer we drank.

Pompieni: This game is brought to you by Bud Light. The Beer where you are damned if you do drink and drive and damned if you don’t promote beer commercials because beer commercials make the league money. We did’t need to rant like Richard Sherman to promote such a refreshing beer.

Madden: Yes we do. This game is also brought to you buy Paper Air planes. Paper Air Planes are more exciting than the New York Jets.

Pompieni: This game is brought to you by Planes Fire and Rescue. It has been out on DVD for a month and is still more exciting than this game. We will be right back with kickoff after a word from our sponsors.

Why the Miami Dolphins will win Why won’t they win. The New York Jets are just awful.

Why the New York Jets will win New York will not win. This is going to a be a blowout.

Prediction: The Dolphins are a 6 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $240 dollars on Miami. The gamblers on the Monday Night Game are smart.

Final Score Dolphins 42 Jets 14

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