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2014 NFL Week 10 Predictions

In week 10, Calvin Johnson may return from his injury as the 6-2 Detroit Lions welcome the 5-3 Miami Dolphins to Ford Field.

Cleveland Browns 5-3-0
Cincinnati Bengals 5-2-1

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Cincinnati Bengals. Cleveland looked good these past few games. Just like to remind everyone that this same Browns team trailed the Buccaneers 17-16 after 3 quarters and lost to a 1-8 Jacksonville Jaguars team that was winless before playing the Browns. Not to mention that A.J. Green is back with the emerging superstar in Sanu playing next to Green.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Our week 9 predictions page took a slight decline with 83 shares, 56 tweets, and 35 google + replies compared to Draft Utopia’s Week 8 predictions which had a record 87 shares, 57 tweets, and 45 google + replies. Our readers continue to dominate on a weekly basis and the consistency is all that should matter at this point.

Why the Cleveland Browns will win Brian Hoyer has done well this season when healthy. Hoyer will have offensive tackles Joe Thomas and Mitchell Schwartz protecting him in pass protection which should bode well for Cleveland.

Cincinnati is depleted with injuries at this point in 2014. Right outside linebacker Vontaze Burfict, arguably the top player on this defense outside of Carlos Dunlap is expected to be out in week 10. Middle linebacker Rey Maualuga missed the last two games with injuries and is ruled as questionable. This team is also depleted at cornerback in addition to the linebacker position. Cornerbacks Terrence Newman, Leon Hall, and Darqueze Dennard are all listed as questionable with injuries leading up to this game.

Both Cincinnati and Cleveland are tied for 29th in run defense as both teams have allowed 139.6 rushing yards per game. The Bengals are 21st in pass defense while Cleveland is 18th in pass defense. Cleveland has a middle of the pack offense that ranks 14th in total passing yards and 15th in total rushing yards.

Not just that, but the Browns have a healthy secondary with four cornerbacks and two safeties that can cover. Joe Haden as the field cornerback, Buster Skrine plays boundary cornerback, K’Waun Williams is the nickel cornerback, and rookie Justin Gilbert will go back to playing dime cornerback after struggling to help Skrine double team Mike Evans. Strong safety Donte Whitner is second on the team with 58 total tackles. Free safety Tashaun Gipson leads the NFL with 6 interceptions.

Haden can keep Green or Sanu in check. I think Whitner can call a variety of plays at strong safety and be himself with tight end Jermaine Gresham beginning to prove that he is a liability. Gresham still has 0 receiving touchdowns for the Bengals. Skrine and Williams will have to double team the receiver across from Joe Haden because it is unlikely that Barkevious Mingo and Paul Kruger both get pressure on Andy Dalton this week. Gipson can continue to be a center fielder type safety that lines up to make interceptions for Cleveland.

Why the Cincinnati Bengals will win Cincinnati finally has A.J. Green back. It is amazing that the Bengals are continuing to win when they have all these injuries on the offensive side of the ball. Green, right guard Kevin Zeitler, running back Giovanni Bernard, and tight end Tyler Eifert are some of the guys on offense that have missed time. Middle linebacker Rey Maualuga has missed a few games on defense as well.

Cleveland’s 3-4 defensive ends are injured. This means that left guard Clint Bolling and right guard Kevin Zeitler assuming he can play should have big games. Without Zeitler, I think there is a good chance that 3-4 left outside linebacker Paul Kruger gets by Andre Smith on a couple of plays and sacks Dalton multiple times without a right guard like Zeitler that can help double team Kruger on a few plays.

Jeremy Hill had a monster day on the ground in week 10. Cincinnati should win if Hill exceeds 100 rushing yards once again on Thursday Night.

Prediction: The Bengals enter as a 6 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $250 dollars on Cincinnati. Like the Ravens VS Steelers game, I feel like this a toss up and I believe this game will go into overtime. Even if Cincinnati wins, I still expect Cleveland to win the points spread.

Final Score Browns 27 Bengals 21 OT

Kansas City Chiefs 5-3-0
Buffalo Bills 5-3-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Kansas City Chiefs. While Buffalo looks promising, Alex Smith and the Chiefs running game should get the job done. Losing C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson to injuries will come back to haunt the Bills this Sunday.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Only 4 people have picked for all 8 weeks on our forums. Those people are Jason Bantle, SPECULATION SPORTS, and myself. Our weekly message board user theDUDE did not post his week 9 picks. The only other week 9 poster to post their picks in the message boards was BoukenGreen.

I am 84-50 after 9 weeks. Jason Bantle is currently 81-53 after 9 weeks. SPECULATION SPORTS is 73-61.

Our Draft Utopia forum is now at 26 members and we had a Week 9 game recaps thread with up to ten pages of responses and 145 comments including a troll war between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady during the Broncos VS Patriots game.

Here are weekly results for the week 9 games on the Draft Utopia message boards. I won in convincing fashion in week 9 and I hope we get more posters this week for week 10.

  1. ChrisRansom 11-2
  3. BoukenGreen 8-5
  4. Jason Bantle 7-6

Why the Kansas City Chiefs will win Kansas City will have a running game. Jamaal Charles, Knile Davis, and De’Anthony Thomas make big plays at any time. Having Cyrus Gray as insurance in the backfield helps too. The Chiefs also operate a run blocking scheme to orchestrate their run first balanced offense to set up the passing game.

Hali and Houston form a formidable pass rushing tandem. Hali gives left tackles nightmares at 3-4 right outside linebacker and Houston has 12 sacks on the season. Both of these pass rushers are so good, they make average left tackles look like right tackles and right tackles look like backups. Kansas City also ranks first in pass defense meaning the Bills might be screwed when you consider that C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson are both out with injuries.

Robert Woods missed week 8 before the Bills bye week in week 9. If Woods is not playing, the Chiefs can just double team Sammy Watkins with Shaun Smith and Eric Berry taking away Orton’s best receiving option through the air.

Wide receiver Dwayne Bowe and tight end Travis Kelce need to step up. There is no excuse for not beating Leodis McKelvin and safety Aaron Williams in coverage when you are paid like Bowe or play like Kelce.

Why the Buffalo Bills will win Buffalo has a defensive line with 8 players that have registered at least a single sack. The Bills’ defensive line has a combined total of 25 sacks in 2014.

Kansas City ranks 18th in run defense while Buffalo ranks 8th in run defense and 13th in pass defense. Kansas City also has two other cornerbacks out with injuries besides boundary cornerback Shaun Smith. Without the other two cornerbacks, Orton may be able to pick this defense apart with a healthy Robert Woods.

Prediction: The Chiefs enter as a 2 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $120 dollars on Kansas City. This will be a low scoring game that is decided by a last-second field goal.

Final Score Bills 17 Chiefs 14

Miami Dolphins 5-3-0
Detroit Lions 6-2-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Miami Dolphins. Miami is coming off a 37-0 shutout against the San Diego Chargers. The status of Reggie Bush and Calvin Johnson is uncertain and this feels like an upset game. Buffalo came into Detroit and defeated the Lions. Why can’t Miami do it?

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Bill Clinton’s College Football Playoff Selection Special

The College Football Selection Committee Released their second poll with Mississippi State, Florida State, and Auburn still ranked 1,2, and 3 in that order. After #4 Ole Miss lost, the playoff selection committee bumped Oregon up to #4 in the polls. Here is my top 4.

  1. Mississippi State Bulldogs: Mississippi State beat Auburn convincingly dropping 28 points on the Auburn Tigers. After watching Florida State nearly lose to Notre Dame I am convinced that the SEC Southeast Collegiate Pimps got this one right by making Monica Lewinsky State #1 in the polls.

  2. Previous Ranking: #1

  3. Florida State Seminoles: At #2 we have the Florida State Seminoles or as I call them the Semites. The Semites are led by the food stealer. Jameis Winston. So Winston stands up on a table and yells blank her in the pussy. Then Florida State suspends him for an entire game. Winston causes Florida State to drop to third in our poll because of his behavior. Then Notre Dame nearly beats Florida State despite the food stealer going 15/16 in the second half. Did Winston steal Brian Kelly’s playbook or Manti Te’o’s girlfriend. That is what I would like to know. Also I want to be seamus as semen on that blue dress. I did not have sexual relations with Miss Monica Lewinsky.

  4. Previous Ranking: #2

  5. Auburn Tigers: Auburn was ranked third in the polls entering this week against Ole Miss even though I did not have Auburn in my top 4 initially. Auburn won so they move up to 3 in our rankings following a narrow victory over Ole Miss. Auburn defeated Alabama last season before winning the SEC and facing Florida State in the BCS National Title Game. War Fucking Eagle.

  6. Previous Ranking: Not Ranked

  7. Alabama Crimson Tide: I have Alabama at #4. After Alabama I got 5 more teams in the running for a playoff spot, Oregon, a TCU team that dropped 82 on Texas Tech and came back to beat West Virginia when College Gameday went to Morgantown, Michigan State, Kansas State, and Notre Dame. I went with Saban cause he is a pimp with the best team. Yahoo man.

  8. Previous Ranking: #4

Why the Miami Dolphins will win There is an outside chance that Reggie Bush and Calvin Johnson do not play. That and Miami coming off a 37-0 victory against the San Diego Chargers has to elevate their confidence.

Why the Detroit Lions will win Detroit simply has the better team than the Dolphins. Miami has nobody at guard that can stop Ndamukong Suh or Nick Fairley even if Bush and Johnson are both ruled out. I like Detroit in this contest.

Prediction: The Lions enter as a 2.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $135 dollars on Detroit. The Lions should win by a field goal and may win by two more touchdowns depending on whether Bush or Johnson plays. For now I will meet middle ground by giving the Lions a 10 point victory.

Final Score Lions 27 Dolphins 17

Dallas Cowboys 6-3-0
Jacksonville Jaguars 1-8-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys are too good to lose to Jacksonville. Cowboys prevail with or without Romo.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

This just in. Jerry Jones has just hired former Initech Vice President Bill Lumbergh as the new GM and team consultant for the Dallas Cowboys. Every week we will get Lumbergh’s two cents on the Dallas Cowboys. So far Lumbergh is 6-2-0 after taking over as GM in week 2. The Cowboys won in Lumbergh’s first six games as General Manager/Team Consultant. Now Dallas is on a two game losing skid.

Dallas Cowboys GM Bill Lumbergh was kind enough to visit Florida State where he paid a visit to Jameis Winston. Apparently Winston will be throwing with the Dallas Cowboys later this week. Lumbergh is taking a real liking to Winston and with Jerry Jones still depressed over passing on Johnny Manziel, there is an outside chance the Cowboys draft Jameis Winston to succeed Tony Romo in Dallas in 2015 with Lumbergh warming up to Winston. Either way the NCAA should probably investigate this.

Why the Dallas Cowboys will win Dallas should win if Romo plays. Romo’s status is still up for grabs at this point. We will know later in the week if Romo plays in London.

Why the Jacksonville Jaguars will win If Romo is out the Jaguars will win. Blake Bortles had his best game against the Bengals in week 9.

Prediction: The Cowboys are a 5.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $235 dollars on Dallas. My gut tells me Jacksonville might win in London. If the Jaguars won in London there would be a temptation for the league to give the Jaguars another game in London in 2015 hoping Jacksonville will relocate.

Final Score Jaguars 20 Cowboys 17

San Francisco 49ers 4-4-0
New Orleans Saints 4-4-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

New Orleans Saints. The Saints played like the Super Bowl 44 Champions when they got a statement road win in Carolina. Expect the Saints to keep building momentum.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Draft Utopia Interigation Room On Go Animate With Jim Harbaugh.

Draft Utopia Interigation Room Episode 2 by cowpote on GoAnimate

Why the San Francisco 49ers will win San Francisco may want to win to save Jim Harbaugh’s job. I have a hard time seeing San Francisco winning when you consider that Aldon Smith, Navarro Bowman, and Patrick Willis might all be out this week when the 49ers play the Saints. Cornerback is also suspect which makes Drew Brees having a field day that more likely to occur.

Why the New Orleans Saints will win New Orleans has played like a much different team since the bye week. Also the Saints are 3-0 at home. I do not know how the 49ers secondary can stop an offense with Jimmy Graham, Marques Colston, Kenny Stills, and Brandin Cooks as Drew Brees receiving options. Also running back Mark Ingram is finally starting to play like the running back he was coming out of Alabama.

Prediction: The Saints are a 4.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $200 dollars on New Orleans. Saints go to 5-4, but 49ers win the points spread.

Final Score Saints 28 49ers 27

Tennessee Titans 2-6-0
Baltimore Ravens 5-4-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Baltimore Ravens. The Titans have no quarterback or anyone that can get to the quarterback.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Tennessee Titans will win Jason summarized this game perfectly. How do the Titans expect to win if they cannot get good play at quarterback or pressure the quarterback.

Why the Baltimore Ravens will win Baltimore is too disciplined to lose 3 in a row. Its not like they are the San Diego Chargers.

Prediction: The Ravens are a 9.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $430 dollars on Baltimore. I believe Baltimore wins.

Final Score Ravens 30 Titans 13

Pittsburgh Steelers 6-3-0
New York Jets 1-8-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Pittsburgh Steelers. The Pittsburgh Steelers have been the hottest team in the NFL during the past three weeks.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Pittsburgh Steelers will win People are calling the Steelers a Super Bowl contender. Did you forget about the 31-10 loss in Cleveland. That loss pissed them off and ignited the team. At the same time, the Steelers were dealt a very easy schedule not having to play Denver or New England. Beating Andrew Luck was impressive when you consider that Ike Taylor was out. Still, Ben Roethlisberger’s hot streak has to end at some point. It will not end this week in New York though.

Why the New York Jets will win As cool as it would be to see the Jets beat the Steelers it will not happen. The Jets have no quarterback and it is really sad.

Prediction: The Steelers are a 4.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $215 dollars on Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh wins big.

Final Score Steelers 42 Jets 7

Atlanta Falcons 2-6-0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-7-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This game could go either way to be honest. I kind of felt like taking Tampa Bay as a second upset team.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Atlanta Falcons will win Thanks to the bye week all of Atlanta’s statistical playmakers dropped out of the top 5. Matt Ryan is no longer in the top 5 in passing yards. Julio Jones is no longer in the top 5 in receiving yards, and middle linebacker Paul Worrilow is no longer in the top 5 in tackles. This has to piss the Falcons off.

Atlanta should go on the road and take care of business against Tampa Bay. Ryan will have pass protection from Jake Matthews and Gabe Carimi which will do well enough in this game. Matthews should keep right end Michael Johnson in check at left tackle. Same could be said for right tackle Gabe Carimi who lines up against William Gholston. Julio Jones and Roddy White should both have big games. Jones is 6-3 220 while cornerback Alterraun Verner is 5-10 187. Losing Mark Barron is huge cause now it forces Dashon Goldson to move from free safety which is his natural position to strong safety. Tampa Bay ranks 31st in pass defense and the Falcons have one of the most lethal passing games in the entire NFL.

Besides middle linebacker Paul Worrilow, I also expect the cornerbacks to step up. Desmond Trufant will cover Vincent Jakcson. Robert Alford who plays boundary cornerback already has 3 interceptions which is fifth best in the NFL. Alford covers Mike Evans this week. Atlanta looks real strong on both sides of the ball against Tampa Bay.

Why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will win Tampa Bay announced that Josh McCown would start instead of Mike Glennon. Tampa Bay is desperate at quarterback. Not just that, McCown lost his last start to Atlanta in week 3. Tampa Bay will be more competitive, but I still expect them to lose to the Falcons once again.

Prediction: The Falcons are a 1 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $110 dollars on Atlanta. Atlanta wins again for the first time since week 3. It will not be a blowout like last time, but I do expect the Falcons to win by double digits.

Final Score Falcons 31 Buccaneers 21

Denver Broncos 6-2-0
Oakland Raiders 0-8-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Denver Broncos. Oakland has no chance against Peyton Manning and a lethal Denver offense.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the Denver Broncos will win This offense is lethal. Peyton Manning at quarterback. An offensive line featuring Ryan Clady at left tackle, Orlando Franklin last years right tackle at left guard, Manny Ramirez at center, Louis Vasquez at right guard, and Chris Clark the guy who replaced Ryan Clady at left tackle last year plays right tackle now as a bookend to Clady. You have Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, and Wes Welker. Sanders is way better than Eric Decker. Also you have Julius Thomas as your star tight end. Running back Ronnie Hillman should continue to get a lot of carries. Oakland will certainly have their hands full with this defense.

Why the Oakland Raiders will win Peyton Manning is 7-2 all time against the Oakland Raiders. He lost his first two games against Oakland in 2000 and 2001 when the Raiders had Rich Gannon. He has yet to lose to the Raiders ever since. Oakland is 0-4 against the Broncos since Manning signed with Denver. That has to change at some point.

Oakland has an interior offensive line with Gabe Jackson at left guard, Stephen Wisniewski at center, and Austin Howard at right guard. The Raiders’ backfield features Darren McFadden, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Latavius Murray. If these interior offensive linemen can keep Broncos defensive tackles Sylvester Williams and Terrance Knighton in check this could be a long day. Danny Trevathian one of your outside linebackers has been injured since the start of the season. Middle linebacker Nate Irving got injured against the Patriots last week.

Derek Carr has played better at quarterback for the Raiders since Tony Sparano became the interim head coach. I feel like Carr is due for a victory at some point. That win may come against Denver in week 10. Even if the Raiders went 1-15, they would be contempt with that as long as that one win came against Denver. Beating the Broncos in front of their home crowd would make Oakland’s year.

Prediction: The Broncos are a 11.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $700 dollars on Denver. As long as Oakland covers, it will not matter how much money Vegas loses because the majority of money will be bet on this one game. I feel like taking Oakland because not having linebackers will hurt them against an underrated interior offensive line.

Final Score Raiders 31 Broncos 28

St. Louis Rams 3-5-0
Arizona Cardinals 7-1-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Arizona Cardinals. Rams got lucky in San Francisco. They should lose to Arizona this week.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Why the St. Louis Rams will win The 49ers offensive line is stronger than the Cardinals, and the Rams schooled the 49ers. The Rams have won their last two NFC West games since losing to the 49ers on Monday Night Football. The streak may continue in week 10.

The Rams rank 8th in pass defense and have an abundance of 4-3 defensive linemen that gave Colin Kaepernick fits last week. You also have a ton of depth on secondary. Palmer will throw at least one interception against this formidable defense.

Arizona has injuries on the front 7. The Cardinals are also last in the NFL with a 32nd ranked pass defense. Cornerbacks Patrick Peterson and Antonio Cromartie both have played better over the past three weeks. Still the Rams have a chance if Tre Mason, Bennie Cunningham, and Zac Stacey wear down this front 7.

Why the Arizona Cardinals will win Carson Palmer has a plethoria of playmakers. I think Arizona will face a challenge from the Rams. The Cardinals should still get the job done against an offense that ranks 21st in rushing yards and 25th in passing yards.

Prediction: The Cardinals are a 7 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $310 dollars on Arizona. St. Louis may present a challenge. I still expect Arizona to win. This game should be a push.

Final Score Cardinals 20 Rams 13

New York Giants 3-5-0
Seattle Seahawks 5-3-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Seattle Seahawks. Eli Manning has nobody to aid him outside of Odell Beckham Jr.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

It is time for a weekly update on the Obamacare Fantasy Football League that I created for fun back in July. Here to breakdown the highlights is none other than Stephen Colbert.

Stephen Colbert: Nation I hope you went out and voted yesterday. I don’t care if you voted Republican, Democrat, or Liberitarian. All that matters is that you went out to vote damn it. Just make good choices and avoid things that damage your integrity like drugs, racism, or domestic abuse.

In week 9 every Democrat except Obama won. While I am disappointed the big picture is that Obama lost.

Nation, with one week left we already know that 7-2 Herman Cain will be the home team in the Republican Primary Semifinal for the Obamacare Fantasy Football Playoffs and that Barack Obama who is also 7-2 will host the Democrat Primary Semifinal. What we do not know is who faces Herman Cain or Obama.

Thanks to Mitt Romney’s improbable victory over President Obama. This time he won after 2012 leaving me to believe that Obama used Spygate to get reelected, Romney went to 5-4 on the year after beating Obama in week 9. Newt Gingrich entered the week 5-3 needing only a win to secure a playoff spot against Herman Cain. Newt lost in week 9 meaning Romney is still in the playoff hunt folks.

This week Newt Gingrich faces Sarah Palin who will start Ryan Tannehill with Nick Foles and Tony Romo both dealing with injuries at the moment. If Newt beats Palin, Gingrich faces Cain in the Republican Primary Semifinal. Mitt Romney has to face Herman Cain in week 10, and he needs Sarah Palin to defeat Newt Gingrich because Gingrich defeated Romney twice in heads up play.

Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden are all still in the Playoff Hunt. Both Clinton’s are 4-5 with Joe Biden at 3-6. Bill Clinton wins and he faces Obama for a third time after getting swept by the 44th in the Regular Season. Hillary Clinton needs a win and a Joe Biden win over Bill Clinton. Joe Biden needs a win over Bill Clinton and Obama to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Bill should take care of business. Hillary was 3-0 before losing to Obama in week 4 when Marshawn Lynch and A.J. Green were on bye weeks. She beat Herman Cain without starting a quarterback which is simply astounding. Now Clinton will have her team at full health with Rodgers, Lynch, and Green ready for Obama. The Bill Clinton VS Joe Biden game will also have huge implications. I cannot wait to see how everything unfolds in the final week of the regular season leading up to the Obamacare Fantasy Football Playoffs. We’ll be back next week to reveal who made the playoffs.

Why the New York Giants will win The New York Giants may have more team chemistry than the Seattle Seahawks. That is the only reason they have a fighting chance in Seattle.

Why the Seattle Seahawks will win Seattle has a balanced offense as well with Russell Wilson at quarterback and Marshawn Lynch at running back. Marshawn Lynch should have a field day against this weak Giants defense. This game is an opportunity for the Seahawks to re-establish boundaries while Russell Wilson continues to regain his confidence.

Prediction: The Seahawks are a 9 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $390 dollars on Seattle. Last week the average gambler wagered over 1,000 dollars on Seattle beating the Raiders at home. With higher bets on other games, I think the Seahawks can win by double digits against the Giants.

Final Score Seahawks 27 Giants 17

Chicago Bears 3-5-0
Green Bay Packers 5-3-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Green Bay Packers. Jay Cutler had a window of opportunity to pin the Packers down at home when the Packers were 1-2 while the Bears were 2-1 in week 4. Chicago failed to do that and is 1-3 since losing to Green Bay. Green Bay on the other hand is 3-1 since defeating Chicago. The Packers lost to New Orleans on Sunday Night Football a few weeks ago. I cannot see the Packers losing at home to Chicago on Sunday Night Football.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

The Steelers defeated the Ravens. This means Hines Ward will join Michele Tafoya and Rodney Harrison in the Semifinals. Dan Patrick will face Tony Dungy in the elimination game. Dan Patrick choses your team.

Did you see my SNL intro on the Dan Patrick Show? It was epic. Also check out Sports Jeopardy. I will take the Packers.

That means Dungy will get the Bears. "This is bullshit" an angry Tony Dungy replied. There is no way in hell I am coaching the Bears. See this trophy. I won it by beating the Bears. Jay Cutler is a bigger pussy than Rex Grossman.

I’ll coach the Bears against Tafoya if you kick Dungy off Dan Patrick replied. "Do it" Tafoya added. "Dungy is a homophobe for what he said about Michael Sam Rodney Harrison" ranted.

Are you sure you do not want to coach the Bears Tony Dungy? I would let Lovie Smith hold this epic Lombardy Trophy. Dungy whipped out the Lombardy Trophy.

Alright Dungy, the Tribe has spoken. Hand me your torch.

The semifinals are here folks. It is double elimination except this time instead of avoiding losses, you must win 2 in a row to make the finals. If you lose one of first games you can still get in as long as you win both elimination games. The winners of the first two semifinals games will play each other for a spot in the final 2.

Al Michaels voted off the Island After losing to Team Collinsworth in week 1. Players saw him as a threat in week 1.

Bob Costas was originally ruled safe. Costas was nominated and when Collinsworth and Dungy used immunity idols to take themselves off the block. Bob was the next to hand us his torch.

Cris Collinsworth was disqualified from the island for cheating during commentary of Bengals VS Patriots match up in the second quarter.

Mike Florio got evicted after a Giants team he ran lost 27-0 to an Eagles team operated by Hines Ward. Hines cried about the Steelers losing to the Browns despite this, Florio still got his ass kicked of the island.

Peter King and the 49ers lost to a Denver Broncos squad operated by Tony Dungy. It turns out Peter King wanted dirt on NBC that he could post in his Sports Illustrated Pieces.

Tony Dungy got kicked off for refusing to coach the Bears and showboating his Super Bowl 41 Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Why the Chicago Bears will win Green Bay is 30th in run defense. If Chicago can run the football, they should win and knock the Packers down to 5-4. If Morgan Burnett is out with an injury again, tight end Martellus Bennett could have a big game for the Bears. Having Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery as your wide receivers gives you a chance.

Why the Green Bay Packers will win I love Green Bay in this match up. The Packers are 0-2 on NBC in 2014. Aaron Rodgers will change that because the Packers are 3-0 at Lambeau Field in 2014.

Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews are both capable of playing like 3-4 right outside linebackers. Both guys make left tackles look like right tackles and make right tackles look like guards. This tandem is deadlier than the Ravens pass rush, but not as deadly as the Chiefs pass rush.

Chicago Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller left the Patriots game in week 8 with an injury. Chicago is also depleted at safety with an undersized Tim Jennings as your only reliable player.

Prediction: The Packers are 7.5 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $345 dollars on Green Bay. I would take Green Bay in a survivor pool as well.

Final Score Packers 34 Bears 16

Carolina Panthers 3-5-1
Philadelphia Eagles 6-2-0

Jason Bantle’s Pick

Philadelphia Eagles. Nick Foles was a temporary fit in the Eagles offense. Mark Sanchez is better than Foles.

Chris Ransom’s Pick

Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden, and Lisa Salters need to go their separate ways. Imagine if Pittsburgh Sports Personalities with top-notch credibility like Bob Pompieni, Mark Madden, and Andrew Filiponi called this game instead of Tirico, Gruden, and Salters.

Pompieni: Welcome to Monday Night Football. Bob Pompieni along with Mark Madden covering ESPN Monday Night Football on KDKA. Mark what are your thoughts on this game?

Madden: Lincoln Financial Field sucks ass compared to Heinz Field. Mark Sanchez is a bigger joke than Ed Rendell.

Pompieni: Sorry you feel that way Mark Madden. I thought Ed Rendell did a pretty good job.

Filiponi: Gus the Groundhog could have done a better job than Ed Rendell. Still, Ed Rendell cannot be as bad as the newly elected Tom Wolfe. Carolina plays in primetime once again. I am starting to think that Newton is getting about as much primetime exposure as studs like Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Brady, Andrew Luck, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees. Newton has done squat to receive that much exposure. His offensive line is worse than the Steelers.

Madden: Tom Wolfe is better than Tom Corbitt who reminds me of King Candy in Wreck It Ralph by spending our taxpayer dollars on Pirates tickets for opening day. If you ever see Greg Hardy of the Panthers or Mark Sanchez of the Eagles near your wife or daughter you have the right to kick their ass.

Pompieni: Or you can restrain them and call the police like an adult. We’re professionals at KDKA.

Filiponi: Greg Hardy allegedly threw his girlfriend on a glass table. How do you expect to restrain a defensive end of his caliber? How many times have you said that Pompeini? I feel like we should turn this into a drinking game.

Madden: Agreed every time Pompieni tells us to be professionals we will take a shot.

Pompieni: Speaking of shots this game is brought to you buy Yuengling Beer. America’s Oldest Brewery. We will be right back after a word from our sponsors.

Why the Carolina Panthers will win I doubt Carolina loses two in a row in primetime. Quarterback Cam Newton your 2011 first round pick and middle linebacker Luke Kuechly your 2012 first round pick should have big games. Same could be said for 2013 first round pick Star Lotuleilei and 2014 first round pick Kelvin Benjamin.

Why the Philadelphia Eagles will win Maybe Mark Sanchez is good enough to get the job done. Still not having Nick Foles will take its toll.

Prediction: The Colts are a 6 point favorite. The average gambler is betting $235 dollars on Philadelphia. The Panthers will win and I hope someone gets fined for chanting Flipadelphia during a touchdown celebration.

Final Score Panthers 24 Eagles 21

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