Draft Order NFL: 175. Cleveland Browns: 0-16, 176. Los Angeles Rams (from New York Giants): 3-13, 177. Houston Texans: 4-12, 178. Indianapolis Colts: 4-12, 179. New York Jets: 5-11, 180. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 5-11, 181. Arizona Cardinals (from Denver Broncos): 5-11, 182. Chicago Bears: 5-11, 183. Los Angeles Rams (from Miami Dolphins): 6-10, 184. San Francisco 49ers: 6-10, 185. Oakland Raiders: 6-10, 186. Green Bay Packers: 7-9, 187. Buffalo Bills (from Green Bay Packers): 7-9, 188. Cleveland Browns (from Washington Redskins): 7-9, 189. New Orleans Saints (from Arizona Cardinals): 8-8, 190. Baltimore Ravens: 9-7, 191. Los Angeles Chargers: 9-7, 192. Dallas Cowboys (from Seattle Seahawks): 9-7, 193. Dallas Cowboys: 9-7, 194. Los Angeles Rams (from Detroit Lions): 9-7, 195. Los Angeles Rams (from Buffalo Bills): 9-7, 196. Kansas City Chiefs: 10-6, 197. Carolina Panthers: 11-5, 198. New England Patriots (from Los Angeles Rams): 11-5, 199. Tennessee Titans: 9-7, 200. Atlanta Falcons: 10-6, 201. New Orleans Saints: 11-5, 202. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Pittsburgh Steelers): 13-3, 203. Jacksonville Jaguars: 10-6, 204. Minnesota Vikings: 13-3, 205. Washington Redskins (from New England Patriots): 13-3, 206. Philadelphia Eagles: 13-3, 207. Green Bay Packers (Compensation Pick), 208. Dallas Cowboys: (Compensation Pick), 209. Miami Dolphins: (Compensation Pick from Kansas City Chiefs), 210. New England Patriots: (Compensation Pick from Oakland Raiders), 211. Houston Texans: (Compensation Pick), 212. Oakland Raiders: (Compensation Pick), 213. Minnesota Vikings: (Compensation Pick), 214. Houston Texans: (Compensation Pick), 215. Baltimore Ravens: (Compensation Pick), 216. Oakland Raiders: (Compensation Pick), 217. Oakland Raiders: (Compensation Pick), 218. Minnesota Vikings: (Compensation Pick)

Mark Sciubba's 2018 NFL Mock Draft: 7 Rounds

Round 6

Mark Sciubba follow @MarkSciubbaDoe Last Updated: April 24, 2018.

  1. Cleveland Browns: Jaleel Scott, WR, New Mexico State

    Cleveland get a big long wide receiver as key depth and a potential future starter. Jaleel Scott's got some acrobatic catches and is an awesome fit for Cleveland this late in the draft.

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  2. Los Angeles Rams: Russell Gage, WR, LSU

    Rams take a WR with the potential to be a way better pro player than college player. Also known as every LSU receiver.

    Other Los Angeles Rams Selections

  3. Houston Texans: Peter Kalambayi, EDGE/LB, Stanford

    Houston gets some pass rush depth after all the Injuries they dealt with last year. Kalambayi can play EDGE or LB.

    Other Houston Texans Selections

  4. Indianapolis Colts: Jaryd Jones-Smith, OT, Pittsburgh

    Jaryd Jones-Smith was a beast in the run game at Pitt. He'll help fix the non existent run game in Indy.

    Other Indianapolis Colts Selections

  5. New York Jets: Jack Cichy, LB, Wisconsin

    Jets take a flier on a man with some first round tape and an undrafted type injury history. Cichy is a plug and play guy who can play inside or outside.

    Other New York Jets Selections

  6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Deadrin Senat, DL, South Florida

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers grab Senat to come help make the middle of their defensive line tougher against the run. They lost two defensive tackles and got nobody next to Gerald McCoy.

    Other Tampa Bay Buccaneers Selections

  7. Chicago Bears: Tarvarus McFadden, CB, Florida State

    Chicago Bears need to load up on corners in this deep class. McFadden was inconsistent for most of the year, but somehow still ended up with 10 deflections from pass breakups after finishing 2017 on a high note.

    Other Chicago Bears Selections

  8. Arizona Cardinals: Isaac Yiadom, CB, Boston College

    Arizona gets a possible starter late in Yiadom. Yiadom would compliment Patrick Peterson here.

    Other Arizona Cardinals Selections

  9. Los Angeles Rams: K.J. Malone, OT, LSU

    Rams get a tackle with serious length to come protect Jared Goff’s blind side down the road. Karl Malone's son can learn behind Andrew Whitworth until the Rams move on from him before becoming Jared Goff's blindside.

    Other Los Angeles Rams Selections

  10. San Francisco 49ers: Darius Phillips, CB, Western Michigan

    The 49ers get the best secondary player left on the board with Phillips. Phillips can play cornerback or safety which should make him an intriguing day 3 pick.

    Other San Francisco 49ers Selections

  11. Oakland Raiders: Rod Taylor, OT/G, Ole Miss

    The Oakland Raiders grab some line depth to help build the tough run heavy offense Jon Gruden wants. Rod Taylor played right tackle at Ole Miss, he's someone that could give Oakland depth at right tackle behidn Breno Giancomini.

    Other Oakland Raiders Selections

  12. Green Bay Packers: Troy Fumagalli, TE, Wisconsin

    The Packers get their yearly Wisconsin guy in Fumagalli who can be a good back up tight end to Jimmy Graham. Troy Fumagalli runs good routes. He lacks the athleticism on tape with game speed to be anything more than a backup. Learning under Jimmy Graham, is the best fit for Fumagalli at this point.

    Other Green Bay Packers Selections

  13. Buffalo Bills: Genard Avery, LB, Memphis

    The Bills bet on the upside of Avery here. He can play inside or outside rushing off the edge.

    Other Buffalo Bills Selections

  14. Cleveland Browns: Jaylen Samuels, FB/RB/TE, North Carolina State

    John Dorsey said that the previous GM didn't get real football players. Well here's a hell of a real football player here with the versatile Jaylen Samuels.

    Other Cleveland Browns Selections

  15. New Orleans Saints: Nathan Shepherd, DL, Fort Hays State

    The Saints get a small school defensive tackle who is gonna surprise some people when he gets his chance on the field. Nathan Shephard out of Fort Hays State is a name to remember folks.

    Other New Orleans Saints Selections

  16. Baltimore Ravens: Rick Leonard, OT, Florida State

    Rick Leonard is raw as an offensive lineman still. The Ravens have done a phenomenal job developing guys like that in the past.

    Other Baltimore Ravens Selections

  17. Los Angeles Chargers: Avonte Maddox, CB, Pittsburgh

    Chargers get a solid nickel back here in Maddox. If he doesn't start out at the nickel, he can still be a great depth player.

    Other Los Angeles Chargers Selections

  18. Dallas Cowboys: Roc Thomas, RB, Jacksonville State

    Dallas grabs Ezekiel Elliot’s backup here. Roc Thomas has been dominant at Jacksonville State since transferring from Auburn.

    Other Dallas Cowboys Selections

  19. Dallas Cowboys: Chandon Sullivan, CB, Georgia State

    Sullivan is a technician of a defensive back. He's the exact type of smart and talented player the Cowboys need in the locker room.

    Other Dallas Cowboys Selections

  20. Los Angeles Rams: Jordan Mailata, OT, South Sydney

    With the Rams stacked roster they can take a shot on the Offensive lineman with possibly the biggest potential in the draft. The Rams take Malaita here and hope to have a franchise Left tackle down the road.

    Other Los Angeles Rams Selections

  21. Los Angeles Rams: Ritchie James, WR, Middle Tennessee State

    The Rams continue to reload at Wide Reciever with their defense seemingly set in stone. Ritchie James has immense talent and extraordinary speed. He'd be mocked a lot higher if he didn't struggle in 2017 after dominating in his first two seasons.

    Other Los Angeles Rams Selections

  22. Kansas City Chiefs: Antonio Callaway, WR, Florida

    Calloway is one of the most physically gifted athletes in this draft. His off field issues is what drops him this far.

    Other Kansas City Chiefs Selections

  23. Carolina Panthers: Cole Madison, OT, Washington State

    The Panthers get a tackle to help improve their below average line. Cole Madison can play right tackle or right guard so he helps Carolina this late.

    Other Carolina Panthers Selections

  24. New England Patriots: Dane Cruikshank, CB/S, Arizona

    The Patriots gets a classic steal here. Cruisank can be a starter with the right coaching.

    Other New England Patriots Selections

  25. Tennessee Titans: Marcel Ateman, WR, Oklahoma State

    The Tennessee Titans grab a highly productive receiver to come in and add competition to that room. Marcel Ateman is bigger than James Washington and some people like him more then Washington so the Titans grab him here.

    Other Tennessee Titans Selections

  26. Atlanta Falcons: Jordan Whitehead, S, Pittsburgh

    Jordan Whitehead did everything for Pitt. He's a great all around football player.

    Other Atlanta Falcons Selections

  27. New Orleans Saints: Fred Warner, LB, BYU

    Saints grab a linebacker who can be a special teams demon for them. Fred Warner may not have the upside of a starter, but he's got the athleticism to ball out on special teams.

    Other New Orleans Saints Selections

  28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: John Kelly, RB, Tennessee

    The Buccaneers RB position is a complete question mark. Adding one or even two is a must.

    Other Tampa Bay Buccaneers Selections

  29. Jacksonville Jaguars: Siran Neal, S/CB, Jacksonville State

    Siran Neal will be a core special teamer for someone in the NFL and a quality backup. Siran played both cornerback and safety at Jacksonville State.

    Other Jacksonville Jaguars Selections

  30. Minnesota Vikings: Tim Settle, DT, Virginia Tech

    Minnesota uses the luxury of having a well built roster to take the best player available. Tim Settle is a nice rotational player who can compliment Linval Joseph, Sheldon Richardson, and Jaleel Johnson here.

    Other Minnesota Vikings Selections

  31. Washington Redskins: Dorian O'Daniel, LB, Clemson

    The Redskins get a solid linebacker in Daniel. Dorian O'Daniel.

    Other Washington Redskins Selections

  32. Philadelphia Eagles: Cam Phillips, WR, Virginia Tech

    Philadelphia Eagles plan for the future by grabbing a potential future starter here. Cam Phillips could be a great slot with the right coaching.

    Other Philadelphia Eagles Selections

  33. Green Bay Packers: Akrum Wadley, RB, Iowa

    As much as I loved Aaron Jones coming out last year, the Packers shouldn't be satisfied with their run game. Akrum Wadley compliments him and can fight for a roster spot.

    Other Green Bay Packers Selections

  34. Dallas Cowboys: Steven Richardson, DT, Minnesota

    Dallas grabs some additional defensive tackle depth. Richardson did well in 2016, but struggled immensely in 2017.

    Other Dallas Cowboys Selections

  35. Miami Dolphins: Mike Love, DL, South Florida

    With the loss of Suh and a near retirement Cameron Wake the Dolphins get a quality defensive line prospect to build for the future. Mike Love fits the bill for Miami in the sixth round.

    Other Miami Dolphins Selections

  36. New England Patriots: Jayln Holmes, EDGE, Ohio State

    Holmes is the type of athlete the Patriots have had great success building their defense with in the past. He may have been a backup on Ohio State's stout defensive line last year, but he was also a team captain so New England may be drawn to his leadership as well.

    Other New England Patriots Selections

  37. Houston Texans: Tyrone Crowder, G, Clemson

    Texans get some key interior Offensive line depth. Depth behind mediocre right guard Jeff Allen is needed, plus Crowder is a natural right guard himself.

    Other Houston Texans Selections

  38. Oakland Raiders: J.K. Scott, P, Alabama

    The Raiders get one of my favorite players in the draft with JK Scott. Scott would have been the top punter in the 2017 NFL Draft had he declared early.

    Other Oakland Raiders Selections

  39. Minnesota Vikings: Troy Apke, S, Penn State

    Troy Apke joins a talented safety room in Minnesota as a backup and special teams player. Apke may be talented enough to start next to Harrison Smith down the road, but right now his role is simple as a backup and special teams player.

    Other Minnesota Vikings Selections

  40. Houston Texans: Keke Coutee, WR, Texas Tech

    Houston gets another weapon to add competition in the WR room. Keke Coutee stood out in a big way this season without Patrick Mahomes so he warrants late round consideration here.

    Other Houston Texans Selections

  41. Baltimore Ravens: J.T. Barrett, QB, Ohio State

    Baltimore gets JT Barrett who can be a solid backup for a long time and maybe get a shot at starting in Baltimore. Barrett can't be any worse then former Heisman Winenr Troy Smith who Baltimore drafted as well out of Ohio State.

    Other Baltimore Ravens Selections

  42. Oakland Raiders: Colby Gossett, G, Appalachian State

    Raiders build up the trenches even more for beast mode. They also need depth behind their two really good guards. Gossett provides that for this Raiders team.

    Other Oakland Raiders Selections

  43. Oakland Raiders: Azeem Victor, LB, Washington

    Azeem Victor is a super tough linebacker who will also fit in perfect with the new culture. You know, the culture Jon Gruden is trying to bring back to Oakland.

    Other Oakland Raiders Selections

  44. Minnesota Vikings: Chase Litton, QB, Marshall

    Minnesota adds a project QB after losing their entire depth chart. Litton gives Trevor Simeian much needd competition.

    Other Minnesota Vikings Selections

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