Draft Order NFL: 33. Cleveland Browns: 0-16, 34. New York Giants: 3-13, 35. Cleveland Browns (from Houston Texans): 4-12, 36. Indianapolis Colts: 4-12, 37. Indianapolis Colts (from New York Jets): 5-11, 38. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 5-11, 39. Chicago Bears: 5-11, 40. Denver Broncos: 5-11, 41. Oakland Raiders: 6-10, 42. Miami Dolphins: 6-10, 43. New England Patriots (from San Francisco 49ers): 6-10, 44. Washington Redskins: 7-9, 45. Green Bay Packers: 7-9, 46. Cincinnati Bengals: 7-9, 47. Arizona Cardinals: 8-8, 48. Los Angeles Chargers: 9-7, 49. Indianapolis Colts (from Seattle Seahawks): 9-7, 50. Dallas Cowboys: 9-7, 51. Detroit Lions: 9-7, 52. Baltimore Ravens: 9-7, 53. Buffalo Bills: 9-7, 54. Kansas City Chiefs: 10-6, 55. Carolina Panthers: 11-5, 56. Buffalo Bills (from Los Angeles Rams): 11-5, 57. Tennessee Titans: 9-7, 58. Atlanta Falcons: 10-6, 59. San Francisco 49ers (from New Orleans Saints): 11-5, 60. Pittsburgh Steelers: 13-3, 61. Jacksonville Jaguars: 10-6, 62. Minnesota Vikings: 13-3, 63. New England Patriots: 13-3, 64. Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia Eagles): 13-3

Mark Sciubba's 2018 NFL Mock Draft: 7 Rounds

Round 2

Mark Sciubba follow @MarkSciubbaDoe Last Updated: April 24, 2018.

  1. Cleveland Browns: Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa

    Browns fielded one of the worst secondaries in the NFL last year. Jackson is a first round talent who could slip to the second. No brainer.

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  2. New York Giants: James Daniels, C/G, Iowa

    After getting the best playmaker in the draft in Saquan Barkely, the Giants should go best offensive lineman available with their next two picks. James Daniels gives you insurance behind Brett Jones and I think he's talented enough to beat out Jones for the center job in his rookie season.

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  3. Cleveland Browns: Sony Michel, RB, Georgia

    Sony Michel is really good at football. He would be a first round pick if the NFL was still a run first league. He can be a plug and play guy for Cleveland who all of a sudden might have the best stable of RBs in the NFL.

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  4. Indianapolis Colts: Ronald Jones, RB, USC

    I’m not too high on Ronald Jones, but the NFL is. The Colts lack of run game is pathetic. A guy like Rojo would be their new lead back. Maybe he can prove me wrong and succeed in this situation with someone as touted as Nelson blocking for him.

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  5. Indianapolis Colts: Carlton Davis, CB, Auburn

    After Ryan Grigson cemented his place as the worst GM in history Colts need help all over. Davis is another borderline first round talent and at a huge position of need.

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  6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Kolton Miller, OT, UCLA

    Lots of first round buzz is building for Miller. Which is why the Bucs will be jumping for joy to get him here in the early second.

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  7. Chicago Bears: Jaire Alexander, CB, Louisville

    Chicago needs corners. Alexander looked like a top ten pick at one point and should plug right in opposite of Fuller.

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  8. Denver Broncos: Braden Smith, G, Auburn

    Braden Smith is the forgotten man in a great guard class. He should come in and be a long time pro bowl type starter for an NFL team.

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  9. Oakland Raiders: Malik Jefferson, LB, Texas

    The Raiders desperately need to fix the middle of their defense. An athletic middle linebacker is a good place to start.

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  10. Miami Dolphins: Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado

    The Dolphins get a great player a good value here as they continue their roster overhaul. Oliver is the top player on the board.

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  11. New England Patriots: Donte Jackson, CB, LSU

    The Patriots get a corner who can play outside and inside and do it well. Donte Jackson could get picked in the first round just like Josh Jackson, Carlton Davis, Jaire Alexander, and Isaiah Oliver who all fell to the second round in this mock.

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  12. Washington Redskins: Justin Reid, S, Stanford

    The Redskins need to improve their defense as a whole. A great safety is a way to do that.

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  13. Green Bay Packers: Austin Corbett, G, Nevada

    The Packers need to get this overhaul of their roster right or Mike McCarthy is gone and Aaron Rodgers prime is gone. They've let too many quality offensive lineman leave in free agency.

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  14. Cincinnati Bengals: Jamarco Jones, OT, Ohio State

    Cincinnati addresses their biggest need here and gets a plug and play tackle. Jamarco Jones is my second best offensive tackle in this draft even though I expect him to fall to day 2 of the 2018 NFL Draft.

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  15. Arizona Cardinals: Mason Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma State

    Arizona gets their franchise QB here in the second. Rudolph might take some time to adjust to the NFL but he will be worth the wait.

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  16. Los Angeles Chargers: Taven Bryan, DL, Florida

    Chargers need to capitalize on their edge rushing duo by adding a young DT with great potential. Taven Bryan's pass rushing and athleticism compliment Ingram and Bosa perfectly plus with Corey Liuget suspended for the first four games, they will need an immediate starter at defensive tackle.

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  17. Indianapolis Colts: Arden Key, EDGE, LSU

    Key finally comes off the board. Maybe the biggest disappointment of the season. A guy that had first pick of the draft buzz had a pedestrian season and is very light for a pass rusher. Colts take a risk on the boom or bust prospect here.

    Other Indianapolis Colts Selections

  18. Dallas Cowboys: Jessie Bates III, S, Wake Forest

    Dallas gets a safety to complete the good young core they've built in the secondary. Now they just need to let them grow.

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  19. Detroit Lions: Mark Walton, RB, Miami FL

    One of my favorite players in the draft. Walton and Blount would be a perfect RB Duo and help take pressure off of Matthew Stafford.

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  20. Baltimore Ravens: Mike Gesicki, TE, Penn State

    Like I stated before, Joe Flacco has been bad. He's had no real help. He hasn't has a Quality TE since Pitta. We fix that problem here.

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  21. Buffalo Bills: Frank Ragnow, C, Arkansas

    Ragnow would be way too good to pass up on here for the Bills. Ragnow is another guy who will start for a long time for someone.

    Other Buffalo Bills Selections

  22. Kansas City Chiefs: Billy Price, C, Ohio State

    Billy Price is the best center in a loaded class. His injury will drop down some boards though so Chiefs get a steal here.

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  23. Carolina Panthers: Marcus Allen, S, Penn State

    Panthers get a game changer in the secondary which has held the team back since losing Josh Norman two years ago. Adding a number one cornerback who can have an impact like Norman, and a free safety who can be a game changer are the top two priorities for Carolina's anemic secondary.

    Other Carolina Panthers Selections

  24. Buffalo Bills: D.J. Chark, WR, LSU

    Bills need to add talent at the receiver position to support whoever their QB will be. Benjamin is the Bills best receiver at the moment and even he needs someone to push him for that number one spot. Chark can be that receiver for Buffalo.

    Other Buffalo Bills Selections

  25. Tennessee Titans: Josh Sweat, EDGE, Florida State

    Titans need to get a pass rush going. Josh Sweat is a boom or bust player. His skill and upside should still make him a day 2 pick.

    Other Tennessee Titans Selections

  26. Atlanta Falcons: Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A&M

    Christian Kirk would be too good to pass up on here. Falcons should look to add another receiver to take attention off of Julio and Kirk can fill that role year one.

    Other Atlanta Falcons Selections

  27. San Francisco 49ers: James Washington, WR, Oklahoma State

    Surrounding their new Franchise QB with weapons will be a huge priority for the 49ers. At one point Washington looked like a first round pick.

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  28. Pittsburgh Steelers: Lorenzo Carter, LB, Georgia

    Steelers need to add some speed to their front 7 to make up from what they lost with Shazier. Carter can play all 4 linebacker spots for the Steelers.

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  29. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jerome Baker, LB, Ohio State

    Jaguars get their new starting linebacker here in the underrated Baker. Baker can play outside linebacker on either side with his versatility to compliment an already strong core led by veterans Telvin Smith and Myles Jack.

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  30. Minnesota Vikings: Harrison Phillips, DL, Stanford

    Minnesota continues to make sure they win the line of scrimmage for years to come and gets a future starter in the second. Sheldon Richardson only signed a one-year deal so Phillips can start next to Linval Joseph in 2019 and beyond. If one of Minnesota's defensive tackles gets injured, Phillips will claim that starting spot and never look back.

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  31. New England Patriots: Kyle Lauletta, QB, Richmond

    Patriots get their future QB with the small school prospect. Lauletta lit up the Senior Bowl and could fit into just about any offense. There will be a ton of pressure on whoever the Patriots pick at QB.

    Other New England Patriots Selections

  32. Cleveland Browns: Tyrell Crosby, OT, Oregon

    Cleveland will be looking to add a tackle early in the draft and they get a good one here. Crosby should come in and win a starting job at one of the offensive tackle spots right away.

    Other Cleveland Browns Selections

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