Draft Order NFL: 2017 NFL Draft Order 33. Cleveland Browns 1-15-0, 34. San Francisco 49ers 2-14-0, 35. Jacksonville Jaguars 3-13-0, 36. Chicago Bears 3-13-0, 37. Los Angeles Rams 4-12-0, 38. Los Angeles Chargers 5-11-0, 39. New York Jets 5-11-0, 40. Carolina Panthers 6-10-0, 41. Cincinnati Bengals 6-9-1, 42. New Orleans Saints 7-9-0, 43. Philadelphia Eagles 7-9-0, 44. Buffalo Bills 7-9-0, 45. Arizona Cardinals 7-8-1, 46. Indianapolis Colts 8-8-0, 47. Baltimore Ravens 8-8-0, 48. Minnesota Vikings 8-8-0, 49. Washington Redskins 8-7-1, 50. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9-7-0, 51. Denver Broncos 9-7-0, 52. Cleveland Browns (from Tennessee Titans) 9-7-0, 53. Detroit Lions 9-7-0, 54. Miami Dolphins 10-6-0, 55. New York Giants 11-5-0, 56. Oakland Raiders 12-4-0, 57. Houston Texans 9-7-0, 58. Seattle Seahawks 10-5-1, 59. Kansas City Chiefs 12-4-0, 60. Dallas Cowboys 13-3-0, 61. Green Bay Packers 10-6-0, 62. Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5-0, 63. Atlanta Falcons 11-5-0, 64. Carolina Panthers (from New England Patriots) 14-2-0

Mark Sciubba's 2017 NFL Mock Draft: 7 Rounds

Round 2

Mark Sciubba's third 2017 NFL Mock Draft is up. This one is seven rounds!

Mark Sciubba follow @MarkSciubbaDoe Last Updated: April 10, 2017.

    1. Cleveland Browns: Jarrad Davis, LB, Florida

      Now that the Browns have a generational pass rusher and have spent multiple premium picks on the D line, they can get a fast rangy LB to wreak havoc in the middle of the defense. Davis can be the QB of the defense and be a day one starter for the Browns.

      Previous Pick: Sidney Jones, CB, Washington

      Other Cleveland Browns Selections

    2. San Francisco 49ers: Zay Jones, WR, East Carolina

      Zay Jones is an absolute stud. I think he can easily be one of the top 10 best players in this draft. From the wow plays to the size speed, crisp route running, NFL bloodlines, and soft hands He’d be the best receiver on the 49ers day one. Jones is one of the players I’d pound the table for in this draft.

      Previous Pick: Adoree Jackson, CB, USC

      Other San Francisco 49ers Selections

    3. Jacksonville Jaguars: Garrett Bolles, OL, Utah

      Now that Doug Marrone an offensive minded coach has taken over and that the Jags have spent an abundance of draft picks and money building their defense it’s time to get offensive help. Bolles is the best offensive lineman in the draft on some boards. Limited experience and Age will knock him down some boards. I f he can just be solid he’d be a big upgrade for the Jaguars offensive line.

      Previous Pick: Tre'Davious White, CB, LSU

      Other Jacksonville Jaguars Selections

    4. Chicago Bears: Gareon Conley, CB, Ohio State

      One of the corners with first round grades will fall to the second based off the depth of this class. Conley will be a starter for some NFL defense next year.

      Chicago has had a long rebuild and it’s still ongoing. Grabbing a shutdown corner like Conley is something they need to do if they ever want this rebuild to end.

      Previous Pick: DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame

      Other Chicago Bears Selections

    5. Los Angeles Rams: Budda Baker, S, Washington

      When a team trades away a ton of their picks to move up they need to focus on just taking the best players they can. Budda Baker is a playmaker on defense. If he was 6 ft tall he’d be a top 10 pick. I'd love to see what Wade Phillips does wih him.

      Previous Pick: Cam Robinson, OL, Alabama

    6. Los Angeles Chargers: T.J. Watt, LB, Wisconsin

      My mentality for the Chargers in this draft is a "Lets go get em" Mentality. They've been criticized for being soft and not finishing games strong.

      Addng Solomon Thomas and TJ Watt with Joey Bosa would put an end to that talk. That young trio with the right Defensive Coordinator would make for a scary defense.

      Previous Pick: John Ross, WR, Washington

      Other Los Angeles Chargers Selections

    7. New York Jets: Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma

      The Jets need to add a playmaker and Mixon can do it all at RB. Picture Fred Jackson from his days in Buffalo but add Adrian Peterson’s athleticism and you get Mixon. He can be an absolute workhorse for the Jets' offense and they desperately need one.

      Previous Pick: Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson

      Other New York Jets Selections

    8. Carolina Panthers: Alvin Kamara, RB, Tennessee

      Adding one of the top running backs in this draft is a top priority for the Panthers. Kamara will give the Panthers a kind of RB they haven't had in awhile.

      He would also let Stewart play more of a number 2 power back role where he would excel. Kamara may not start day one, but once he gets the job he'll keep it for the next 6 or 7 years.

      Previous Pick: JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR, USC

      Other Carolina Panthers Selections

    9. Cincinnati Bengals: Ryan Anderson, EDGE, Alabama

      I think Ryan Anderson is being undervalued in this draft. Every big game for Alabama you can find Allen making a big play for the Tide. I think Anderson will at the very least be the Robin to someones Batman in the pass rush and have about 10 sacks a season. If he reaches his potential I think he can be a perennial sack champion contender. He also plays the run very well and won't ever have to leave the field on defense.

      Previous Pick: Justin Evans, S, Texas A&M

      Other Cincinnati Bengals Selections

    10. New Orleans Saints: Jabrill Peppers, S, Michigan

      I personally think Peppers is only about the 7th best safety in this class. He's not great in coverage, I think he'll get run over by NFL backs but he’s an incredible athlete and someones gonna fall in love with the name and idea of Peppers.

      He was hyped as a top 10 pick all season by the media who doesn't pay attention to tape and the draft till their bosses tell them to after the Super Bowl. He can be a great player based off potential but he's not one yet.

      Previous Pick: Eddie Jackson, S, Alabama

      Other New Orleans Saints Selections

    11. Philadelphia Eagles: Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford

      The Eagles would be jumping for joy to see a playmaker at RB like McCaffery on the board here. After some key signings at WR adding a talented RB would give Wentz so many weapons. They'd also be young good ones to grow with. The only reason McCaffery falls out of the first round is there's questions about how he translates to the next level and how his body will hold up.

      Previous Pick: Malik McDowell, DL, Michigan State

      Other Philadelphia Eagles Selections

    12. Buffalo Bills: Caleb Brantley, DL, Florida

      Bills need to add some depth at DT now that they're going back to a 4-3. A lot of people will think this would be a luxury pick but Caleb Brantley is gonna be a first round talent on many teams boards and Kyle Williams isn't getting any younger.

      Previous Pick: Raekwon McMillan, LB, Ohio State

      Other Buffalo Bills Selections

    13. Arizona Cardinals: Obi Melifonwu, S, Connecticut

      Obi Melafanwu is an incredible athlete. The Cardinals grab a high ceiling guy hoping he can reach his potential and add another stud to their already great secondary.

      Previous Pick: Charles Harris, EDGE, Missouri

      Other Arizona Cardinals Selections

    14. Indianapolis Colts: Raekwon McMillian, LB, Ohio State

      The Colts need to add as many good defensive players at possible. Not only would McMillian be and upgrade for them, he can be the team leader on defense for years to come.

      Previous Pick: Dawuane Smoot, EDGE, Illinois

      Other Indianapolis Colts Selections

    15. Baltimore Ravens: Dan Feeney, OL, Indiana

      Baltimore as well the Packers and AFC North Rival Bengals have had their O lines ravished by Free Agency in recent years. Which means kudos to their scouting department and coaches on finding and devolving great NFL offensive lineman. The Ravens refill the cupboard at guard with who many believe to be the best guard in the draft.

      Previous Pick: David Njoku, TE, Miami FL

      Other Baltimore Ravens Selections

    16. Minnesota Vikings: Carlos Watkins, DL, Clemson

      Carlos Watkins has been a big part of Clemsons dominance in college football the past few years. He's gonna be a longtime starter for some team in the NFL.

      The Vikings plan and build well on the defense always ready with a next man up approach. They don't at all on offense but their offensive woes aren't gonna be fixed in one draft. Watkins would be a good player for them.

      Previous Pick: Marcus Maye, S, Florida

      Other Minnesota Vikings Selections

    17. Washington Redskins: D'Onta Foreman, RB, Texas

      Jay Gruden finally gets his workhorse game changing back here. Foreman is a freak athlete who broke out this year at Texas and had first round buzz this season. Foreman would be absolutely perfect for the what the Redskins like to do on offense and maybe having a RB like Foreman could convince Kirk Cousins he does wanna stick around.

      Previous Pick: T.J. Watt, LB, Wisconsin

      Other Washington Redskins Selections

    18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Chidobe Awuzie, CB, Colorado

      Awuzie is one of my favorite players in this class. He was a great college player and I think he could be even better in the NFL. The Buccaneers need to continue to invest premium picks in the defense so they don't end up like the Colts, wasting years of their franchise QB's career.

      Previous Pick: Budda Baker, SS, Washington

      Other Tampa Bay Buccaneers Selections

    19. Denver Broncos: Evan Engram, TE, Ole Miss

      John Elway seems like he likes to go best player available. Evan Engram is gonna be a stud who can play all over the offense for someone. He's been extremely impressive through the entire draft process. The Broncos grab their starting tight end for years to come here.

      Previous Pick: Kendell Beckwith, LB, LSU

      Other Denver Broncos Selections

    20. Cleveland Browns: JuJu Smith Schuster, WR, USC

      I don't know why JuJu doesn't get more love. In my opinion, he's as good if not better than first round pick Laquan Treadwell from last year.

      His tape was impressive to me, plus he has the size and athleticism of a guy who could be a number 1 receiver in the NFL. Only bad thing for JuJu is he'd be going from Sam Darnold, the very likely number 1 pick next year, to whoever is starting for the Browns next season.

      Previous Pick: Jake Butt, TE, Michigan

      Other Cleveland Browns Selections

    21. Detroit Lions: Jordan Willis, EDGE, Kansas State

      This is the second year in a row where I've been saying the Lions have something special in Ansah and now they need to get him help. They just need someone to take advantage of all the attention Ansah commands and Willis is a fantastic athlete who can start day 1 and do that for them.

      Previous Pick: Jourdan Lewis, CB, Michigan

      Other Detroit Lions Selections

    22. Miami Dolphins: Cordrea Tankersley, CB, Clemson

      Miami's corner situation is one of the worst in the league. They have overpaid Byron Maxwell, a pass interference waiting to happen in Xavier Howard at their projected starters. Tankersly or frankly, a few corners you can get in the second round of this class would be an improvement over both.

      Previous Pick: Carl Lawson, EDGE, Auburn

      Other Miami Dolphins Selections

    23. New York Giants: Tim Williams, EDGE, Alabama

      Tim Williams is a guy who had top 15 pick potential. He was a beast for the tide this year. The only problem is off field.

      He failed multiple drug tests at Alabama and many view him as a situational pass rusher. Even though I think he can be an every down player, both things will knock him down to the second round. The Giants love their pass rushers and they get a great one here.

      Previous Pick: Alvin Kamara, RB, Tennessee

      Other New York Giants Selections

    24. Oakland Raiders: Marcus Maye, S, Florida

      In my opinion Marcus Maye is one of the safest players in this draft. The Raiders are a RB away and competent secondary away from being true super bowl contenders and adding a solid day 1 starter at safety would be a fantastic move in the 2nd.

      Previous Pick: Marcus Williams, S, Utah

      Other Oakland Raiders Selections

    25. Houston Texans: Kevin King, CB, Washington

      Now that his teammate Sidney Jones has sadly torn his ACL at their pro day many people are predicting King will go on the first round. He's a very talented player with definite first round type size and athleticism but I don't think he goes in the first because though a great player Sidney Jones was the true lockdown corner in Washington and Budda Baker at the safety also helped a lot. I think King is a great player but the question teams will have is, was he a great player or was he surrounded by great players in the Washington secondary who made him seem better than he actually is.

      Previous Pick: Pat Elflein, OL, Ohio State

      Other Houston Texans Selections

    26. Seattle Seahawks: Curtis Samuel, WR, Ohio State

      Along with Iowa TE George Kittle, Curtis Samuel is a guy in the class I think just seems like he belongs on the Seahawks. They've struggled to find a true number 2 receiver across from Baldwin if you don't count tight end Jimmy Graham. Samuel could instantly be that guy and the Seahawks would use him right, getting him a few touches in the run game.

      Previous Pick: Ethan Pocic, OL, LSU

      Other Seattle Seahawks Selections

    27. Kansas City Chiefs: Tanoh Kpassagnon, DL, Villanova

      Speaking of giant athletic beasts in this class the guy with the least pronounceable name can make some serious money at the combine, if he puts on a strong performance there he could propel himself to the second half of the first round. Playing under Andy Reid in that Kansas City defense would be a perfect situation for him.

      Other Kansas City Chiefs Selections

    28. Dallas Cowboys: Adoree Jackson, CB, USC

      The Cowboys need to add a guy they think can start day one somewhere in the secondary in the early rounds. At the very least if Jackson doesn't work out as a CB I could see them trying him at receiver.

      Hell they could play him at both. With the Cowboys run game all he'd have to do is run go routes all day long. Worst case scenario cowboys have a great return specialist On a cheap rookie deal the next 4 years.

      Previous Pick: Charles Walker, DL, Oklahoma

      Other Dallas Cowboys Selections

    29. Green Bay Packers: Dawuane Smoot, EDGE, Illinois

      Packers right now remind me of a team that would go 1-15 if they lost Aaron Rodgers the way the Colts did with Peyton Manning his last year in Indianapolis. They need to add young guys who are ready to be wrecking balls with Clay Mathews. If they can build a top defense and Aaron Rodgers doesn't retire early for Hollywood they could still be a dynasty.

      Previous Pick: Caleb Brantley, DL, Florida

      Other Green Bay Packers Selections

    30. Pittsburgh Steelers: Carl Lawson, EDGE, Auburn

      The Steelers need to add more young pass rushers that can be eventually starters for them. They got one in Bud Dupree but Jarvis Jones never panned out and now he's off the roster.

      Though he may look like he could play another few years James Harrison isn't gonna be around much longer. I think Lawson would be perfect for what the Steelers do on defense.

      Previous Pick: Carlos Watkins, DL, Clemson

      Other Pittsburgh Steelers Selections

    31. Atlanta Falcons: Demarcus Walker, EDGE, Florida State

      Adding a great pass rusher is never a bad idea. Literally never. Walker and Beasley can be the pass rush duo for years to come in Atlanta with this pick.

      Previous Pick: Dan Feeney, OL, Indiana

      Other Atlanta Falcons Selections

    32. Carolina Panthers: Carlos Henderson, WR, Louisiana Tech

      Let's be honest. Other than Kelvin Benjamin and Greg Olsen, Cam Newton's skill players are average to poor at best.

      Henderson would be a vast improvement for them. They can plug him in opposite of Kelvin Benjamin and see how great Cam can be when given better talent around him.

      Previous Pick: Ejuan Price, EDGE, Pittsburgh

      Other Carolina Panthers Selections

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