Draft Order MLS: 2019 MLS Draft Order Round 2: 25. F.C. Cincinnati (Expansion Team), 26. San Jose Earthquakes 4-21-9 21 points, 27. Orlando City S.C. 8-22-4 28 points, 28. Colorado Rapids 8-19-7 31 points, 29. F.C. Cincinnati (from Chicago Fire) 8-18-8 32 points, 30. F.C. Cincinnati (from Toronto F.C.) 10-18-6 36 points, 31. Minnesota United F.C. 11-20-3 36 points, 32. Chicago Fire (from Houston Dynamo) 10-16-8 38 points, 33. New England Revolution 10-13-11 41 points, 34. Montreal Impact 14-16-4 46 points, 35. Vancouver Whitecaps 13-13-8 47 points, 36. Los Angeles Galaxy 13-12-9 48 points, 37. F.C. Cincinnati (from Philadelphia Union) 15-14-9 50 points, 38. Orlando City S.C. (from D.C. United) 14-11-9 51 points, 39. Toronto F.C. (from F.C. Dallas) 16-9-9 57 points, 40. LAFC 16-9-9 57 points, 41. Real Salt Lake 14-13-7 49 points, 42. Colorado Rapids (from Columbus Crew S.C.) 14-11-9 51 points, 43. New York City F.C. 16-10-8 56 points, 44. Seattle Sounders 18-11-5 59 points, 45. Sporting Kansas City 18-8-8 62 points, 46. San Jose Earthquakes (from New York Red Bulls) 22-7-5 71 points, 47. Portland Timbers 15-10-9 54 points, 48. Atlanta United F.C. 21-7-6 69 points,

2019 MLS Mock Draft: Final Mock 2 Rounds

Round 2

Chris Ransom follow @DraftUtopia Last Updated: January 11, 2018.

  1. F.C. Cincinnati: Andrew Samuels, D, Maryland

    F.C. Cincinnati gets Maryland's left back and team captain at 25. The 5-9 150 lb Andrew Samuels has experience at defensive midfield, left back, and right back. Samuels projects best as a left back who helped Maryland get 13 shutouts in 2018 as a team captain for Maryland.

    Previous Pick: Abdou Thiam, F, Connecticut

  2. San Jose Earthquakes: Alex Comsia, D, North Carolina

    San Jose drafts a defensive chess piece for their back line at 26. Alex Comsia is a player that I have seen mocked as high as third overall.

    Previous Pick: Brendan McDonough, D, Georgetown

  3. Orlando City S.C.: Francesco Moore, D, Indiana

    Orlando City S.C. gets another defender. The 5-10 168 lb defensive midfielder can play defensive midfielder, left back, center back, or right back with his versatility and helped Indiana record 12 shutouts in 2018.

    Previous Pick: Rece Buckmaster, D, Indiana

  4. Colorado Rapids: Ben Lundt, G, Akron

    Colorado can take a goalie for competition here. The 6-6 220 lb Ben Lundt had 25 goals allowed, a 1.11 Goals Against Average, 71 saves, a .740 save percentage, a 14-6-2 record, and 7 shutouts in 2018. Lundt showed why he is the second best goalie behind Dayne St. Clair.

    Previous Pick: Rashid Nuhu, G, Fordham

  5. F.C. Cincinnati: Brad Dunwell, M, Wake Forest

    F.C. Cincinnati drafts a defensive midfielder for depth. Brad Dunwell struggled in the games I saw of him on tape.

    Previous Pick: Amar Sejdic, M, Maryland

  6. F.C. Cincinnati: Abdou Thiam, F, Connecticut
    F.C. Cincinnati gets a striker for depth. Abdou Thiam would most likely be a first rounder if he wasn't potentially listed at 27-years-old. Thiam is a proven goal scoring striker with fantastic speed. Thiam had 14 goals, 7 assists, and 35 points in 2018.

    Previous Pick: Camden Riley, M, Pacific

  7. Minnesota United F.C.: Brendan McDonough, D, Georgetown

    Minnesota drafts a defensive chess piece for their back line at 31. Brendan McDonough is a 6-2 190 lb prospect that can play either defensive midfielder or center back.

    Previous Pick: Ben Lundt, G, Akron

  8. Chicago Fire: Camden Riley, M, Pacific

    Chicago stashes another midfielder. Some have Camden Riley getting drafted ahead of his teammate Wouter Verstraaten who I have a first round grade on.

    Previous Pick: Alex Comsia, D, North Carolina

  9. New England Revoultion: Jimmy Hague, G, Michigan State

    New England gets a developmental goalie. The best available player at 33 is Michigan State goalie Jimmy Hague who looked awful on ESPN U with his 5 goals allowed versus Akron.

    The 6-4 190 lb Jimmy Hague went 14-4-4 in 22 starts with a 0.66 GAA, 9 shutouts, an .840 save percentage, and 79 saves. Hague put together a great regular season, but his game versus Akron takes him from a top 10 pick to a top fifteen pick.

    Previous Pick: Francesco Moore, D, Indiana

  10. Montreal Impact: DeJuan Jones, F, Michigan State

    DeJuan Jones scored the first goal at the 2019 MLS Combine. He looks like he could be a second round pick.

    Previous Pick: Amir Bashti, F, Stanford

  11. Vancouver Whitecaps: Janos Loebe, M, Fordham

    The Vancouver Whitecaps get the top player on the board. The 5-11 165 lb Janos Loebe can play attacking midfielder, be used as a playmaker who gets double digit assists, line up at left wing, or line up at right wing. He's incredibly versatile as a player. He had 7 goals, 11 assists, and 25 points in 2018.

    Previous Pick: Prosper Figbe, D, Virginia

  12. Los Angeles Galaxy: Rashid Nuhu, G, Fordham

    The 6-1 175 lb Rashid Nuhu is the best player on the board. Nuhu had a 7-4-4 record with 6 shutouts, a career low 16 goals allowed, 57 saves, and a .781 save percentage.

    Previous Pick: Sergi Nus, D, Virginia

  13. F.C. Cincinnati: Hassani Dotson, M, Oregon State

    F.C. Cincinnati gets a midfielder with this pick. The 5-11 170 lb Hassani Dotson has outstanding speed. He also helped Oregon State record 5 shutouts as a defensive midfielder in 2018.

    Previous Pick: Abdi Mohamed, M, Akron

  14. Orlando City S.C.: Chase Gasper, D, Maryland

    Chase Gasper played left back at UCLA, but moved to right back when he transferred to Maryland. Orlando City S.C. can add Gasper as a right back for depth who may even push for starting minutes at right back.

  15. Toronto F.C.: Dylan Greenberg, D, Connecticut

    Toronto grabs an outside back here. The 5-6 145 lb Dylan Greenberg can play left back, center back, or right back with his versatility.

  16. LAFC: Jacob Hauser-Ramsey, D, Connecticut

    LAFC has a pretty deep team. The 6-3 190 lb Jacob Hauser-Ramsey played center back at Connecticut. He helped Dylan Greenberg and Connecticut's defense record 7 shutouts in 2018.

  17. Real Salt Lake: Shinya Kadono, F, California

    Real Salt Lake gets another player who can play the wing. Shinya Kadono can play left wing or right wing with his versatility.

  18. Colorado Rapids: Joel Rydstrand, M, Creighton

    Colorado gets Joel Rydstrand here. The 5-9 155 lb Joel Rydstrand only had 5 assists in 2018. He still showed the ability to defend well. He could end up at left wing, attacking midfielder, right wing, defensive midfielder, left back, or right back in the MLS.

  19. New York City F.C.: Don Tchialo, F, Oregon State

    New York City F.C. grabs the best player on the board. At this point, I have to believe that is Don Tchialo who is slightly faster then the next prospect I'll mention.

  20. Seattle Sounders: Simon Enstrom, F, Boston College

    Seattle grabs a forward for depth here. Simon Enstrom had 9 goals, 4 assists, and 22 points in 2017. The 6-1 187 lb team captain on Boston College had 9 goals, 1 assist, and 19 points in 2018. Enstrom isn't as fast or as versatile as Zeiko Lewis, however I'd argue he's more consistent when it comes to scoring goals. Enstrom could creep into the late first round with a strong 2019 MLS Combine.

  21. Sporting Kansas City: Mark Forrest, F, Lehigh

    Sporting Kansas City grabs a forward here. Mark Forrest had 8 goals, 5 assists, and 21 points for Lehigh in 2018.

  22. San Jose Earthquakes: Luis Barraza, G, Marquette

    San Jose gets a developmental goalie here. Luis Barraza was the Big East Goalie Of The Year in 2018 and for good reason. Luis Barraza had a 0.98 Goals Against Average, a .839 save percentage, 78 saves, a 6-6-3 record, and 4 shutouts for Marquette in 2018 despite a shaky defense.

  23. Portland Timbers: Dylan Castenheira, G, Columbia

    Portland grabs a goalie here. Dylan Castenheira is one of the top goalies in the Ivy League and there is a reason he got an invite to the 2019 MLS Combine.

  24. Atlanta United F.C.: Hugo Delhommelle, F, Syracuse

    Atlanta United F.C. has the luxury to ignore need and take the top player on the board. Hugo Delhommelle is the secondary striker on Syracuse and Atlanta United F.C. strictly stashes Hugo Delhommelle for depth here.

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