Draft Order MLS: 2019 MLS Draft Order Round 1: 1. F.C. Cincinnati (Expansion Team), 2. San Jose Earthquakes 4-21-9 21 points, 3. Orlando City S.C. 8-22-4 28 points, 4. F.C. Dallas (from Colorado Rapids) 8-19-7 31 points, 5. Chicago Fire 8-18-8 32 points, 6. Toronto F.C. 10-18-6 36 points, 7. Minnesota United F.C. 11-20-3 36 points, 8. Houston Dynamo 10-16-8 38 points, 9. New England Revolution 10-13-11 41 points, 10. F.C. Dallas (from Montreal Impact) 14-16-4 46 points, 11. New England Revolution (from Vancouver Whitecaps) 13-13-8 47 points, 12. Los Angeles Galaxy 13-12-9 48 points, 13. F.C. Cincinnati (from Philadelphia Union) 15-14-9 50 points, 14. D.C. United 14-11-9 51 points, 15. Colorado Rapids (from F.C. Dallas) 16-9-9 57 points, 16. F.C. Cincinnati (from LAFC) 16-9-9 57 points, 17. Real Salt Lake 14-13-7 49 points, 18. Columbus Crew S.C. 14-11-9 51 points, 19. New York City F.C. 16-10-8 56 points, 20. Seattle Sounders 18-11-5 59 points, 21. Sporting Kansas City 18-8-8 62 points, 22. New York Red Bulls 22-7-5 71 points, 23. Portland Timbers 15-10-9 54 points, 24. Atlanta United F.C. 21-7-6 69 points

2019 MLS Mock Draft: Final Mock 2 Rounds

Round 1 Picks 13-24

Chris Ransom follow @DraftUtopia Last Updated: January 11, 2018.

  1. F.C. Cincinnati: Tucker Bone, M, Air Force

    The Philadelphia Union seceded all of their draft picks to F.C. Cincinnati. F.C. Cincinnati gets the best player on their board at 13. Tucker Bone out of Air Force had 13 goals, 6 assists, and 32 points in 2018. Bone likes to skateboard as a hobby too. He's only 5-11 160 lbs. You can argue he's undersized, but he's a threat to score everytime he touches the ball due to his speed, touch, and dribbling. He will make the right play happen either by scoring or getting teammates involved. Bone is one of the best attacking midfielders in this class that you can line up in the middle.

    Previous Pick: Marcello Borges, D, Michigan

  2. D.C. United: Dayne St. Clair, G, Maryland

    D.C. United has talent at forward, midfielder, and defense. They have a good starting goalie in Bill Hamid as well so they can take the best player on the board. Dayne St. Clair could have been a top pick had he not surrendered 4 goals in the 2019 MLS Combine. He had four shutouts in a row in the 2018 College Cup, and still has too much talent to fall past this pick.

    The 6-3 165 lb Dayne St. Clair started all 23 games for Maryland in 2018. Dayne St. Clair had 0.66 Goals Against Average, a .833 save percentage, 13 shutouts, and recorded 81 saves. Dayne St. Clair did not give up a goal for the final 500 minutes of the season.

    Dayne St. Clair did not give up a goal during the 2018 College Cup for Maryland. He also majored in Psychology and reminds me a lot of Andre Blake coming out of Connecticut.

    Previous Pick: Jimmy Hague, G, Michigan State

  3. Colorado Rapids: Amir Bashti, F, Stanford

    The 5-9 150 lb offensive playmaker can play striker, secondary striker, left wing, attacking midfielder, central midfielder, playmaker, or right wing. Bashti had 7 goals, 6 assists, and 20 points in 2018. Bashti addresses Colorado's major need for improving at the forward position.

    Previous Pick: Logan Gdula, D, Wake Forest

  4. F.C. Cincinnati: Wouter Verstraaten, D, Pacific

    F.C. Cincinnati adds another defender for depth here as they take the best player on the board. The 6-1 171 lb Wouter Verstraaten is versatile enough to play center back, right back, or left back. Pacific had 8 shutouts in 2018 thanks to Verstraaten. That versatility will intrigue someone to draft him.

  5. Real Salt Lake: Amar Sejdic, M, Maryland

    Real Salt Lake drafts the best player on the board in the 5-10 168 lb Amar Sejdic. Amar Sejdic can play striker, secondary striker, left wing, right wing, or attacking midfielder. Sejdic also had 8 goals, 1 assist, and 17 points in 2018. Sejdic had a strong first day at the 2019 MLS Combine making him a top 20 player on my board.

    Previous Pick: Tucker Bone, M, Air Force

  6. Columbus Crew S.C.: Abdi Mohamed, M, Akron

    Columbus Crew S.C. can ignore need and take the best playe on their board. Columbus Crew S.C. gets a midfielder who can be used as a left wing, right wing, attacking midfielder, central midfielder, box-to-box midfielder, defensive midfielder, left back, or right back. Abdi Mohamed played at Ohio State for three years before transferring to Akron where he finally stepped up defensively in 2018. The 5-10 151 lb Abdi Mohamed has a great defensive presence and he has the body to move to outside back in the MLS.

    Previous Pick: Javi Perez, M, Pittsburgh

  7. New York City F.C.: Marcello Borges, D, Michigan

    The 5-10 155 lb Marcello Borges is a great dribbler who knows how to use his feet. Borges helped Michigan record 7 shutouts in 2018. New York City F.C. needs some help on defense. Marcello Borges is the best player on the board at 19.

    Previous Pick: Brad Dunwell, M, Wake Forest

  8. Seattle Sounders: Kamal Miller, D, Syracuse

    Seattle grabs a center back at 20. The 6-0 185 lb Kamal Miller is one of the best center backs in the draft. He may get pushed up as a senior due to it being such a weak group after the top 15. Syracuse only had 5 shutouts this year, but Miller was such an effective defender on tape.

  9. Sporting Kansas City: Tommy McCabe, M, Notre Dame

    Sporting Kansas City grabs a midfielder here. The 5-11 174 lb Tommy McCabe is a great defensive midfielder with the passing and vision you want. He helped Notre Dame record 9 shutouts. He has the upside to push for a starting spot, yet he also can be used as a depth player.

  10. New York Red Bulls: Prosper Figbe, D, Virginia

    The New York Red Bulls get a center back for depth at 22. Prosper Figbe did well at the 2019 MLS Combine. He stepped up for Virginia the last two seasons and led Virginia with Sergi Nus injured for most of the season. Figbe has earned late first round consideration.

    Previous Pick: Andrew Samuels, D, Maryland

  11. Portland Timbers: Javi Perez, M, Pittsburgh

    Portland grabs a local here. The 5-9 163 lb team captain of the Pittsburgh Panthers can line up at striker, secondary striker, left wing, right wing, attacking midfielder, defensive midfielder, left back, or right back. Perez had 4 goals, 3 assists, and 11 points in 2018. He can line up in a variety of roles and will help Portland out in terms of contributions.

    Previous Pick: Hassani Dotson, M, Oregon State

  12. Atlanta United F.C.: Rece Buckmaster, D, Indiana

    Atlanta United F.C. has the luxury to ignore need and take the top player on the board. Rece Buckmaster has the versatility to play defensive midfielder, left back, center back, or right back. He lined up at center back at Indiana in 2018 helping the team get 12 shutouts despite having a limited size at 5-8 145 lbs.

    Previous Pick: Janos Loebe, M, Fordham

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