Draft Order MLS: 2019 MLS Draft Order Round 1: 1. F.C. Cincinnati (Expansion Team), 2. San Jose Earthquakes 4-21-9 21 points, 3. Orlando City S.C. 8-22-4 28 points, 4. F.C. Dallas (from Colorado Rapids) 8-19-7 31 points, 5. Chicago Fire 8-18-8 32 points, 6. Toronto F.C. 10-18-6 36 points, 7. Minnesota United F.C. 11-20-3 36 points, 8. Houston Dynamo 10-16-8 38 points, 9. New England Revolution 10-13-11 41 points, 10. F.C. Dallas (from Montreal Impact) 14-16-4 46 points, 11. New England Revolution (from Vancouver Whitecaps) 13-13-8 47 points, 12. Los Angeles Galaxy 13-12-9 48 points, 13. F.C. Cincinnati (from Philadelphia Union) 15-14-9 50 points, 14. D.C. United 14-11-9 51 points, 15. Colorado Rapids (from F.C. Dallas) 16-9-9 57 points, 16. F.C. Cincinnati (from LAFC) 16-9-9 57 points, 17. Real Salt Lake 14-13-7 49 points, 18. Columbus Crew S.C. 14-11-9 51 points, 19. New York City F.C. 16-10-8 56 points, 20. Seattle Sounders 18-11-5 59 points, 21. Sporting Kansas City 18-8-8 62 points, 22. New York Red Bulls 22-7-5 71 points, 23. Portland Timbers 15-10-9 54 points, 24. Atlanta United F.C. 21-7-6 69 points

2019 MLS Mock Draft: Final Mock 2 Rounds

Round 1 Picks 1-12

Now that the Generation Adidas class has been revealed, I will take another crack at a mock.

Chris Ransom follow @DraftUtopia Last Updated: January 11, 2018.

  1. F.C. Cincinnati: Siad Haji, M, Virginia Commonwealth

    F.C. Cincinnati doesn't really have much besides Darren Mattocks and Fenando Adi who can make a solid striker tandem as both Adi and Mattocks are capable of scoring 10 goals per season.

    Dayne St. Clair really struggled allowing 4 goals. Siad Haji is the best overall Generation Adidas prospect in this entire class and it feels like F.C. Cincinnati will go best player available rather then draft for need at 1. He was my top GA prospect in every single mock I did except the pre MLS Combine.

    Siad Haji had 10 shots on goal and 10 passes in day 1 of the 2019 MLS Combine despite a loss. I feel like he is the guy that F.C. Cincinnati will take first overall on Friday. Last year I had five picks correct in the first round, which was the most accurate mock for the MLS Super Draft in 2018. Haji just seems like the player to take at 1 if you want to go BPA over need.

    The 5-8 150 lb Siad Haji had 2 goals, 8 assists, and 12 points in 2017. Haji had 5 goals, 10 assists, and 20 points in 2018 as a sophomore. Haji has game-breaking speed and excellent dribbling. He can play attacking midfielder, be used as a playmaker, line up at left wing, or line up at right wing. He coordinates the ball well and looks like the top Generation Adidas prospect in the 2019 MLS Draft.

    Previous Pick: Dayne St. Clair, G, Maryland

  2. San Jose Earthquakes: Frankie Amaya, M, UCLA

    San Jose has Chris Wondolowski and Danny Hoesen as their two strikers. Vako and Magnus Eriksson are their midfielders. The Earthquakes also added left back Marcos Lopez and a third striker in Christian Espinoza. Judson joins the San Jose Earthquakes as a defensive midfielder too. The only major needs for San Jose is attacking midfielder and center back so this pick will probably be either Frankie Amaya or Callum Montgomery.

    If I ran San Jose, I'd take J.J. Williams at 2 or trade this pick for Allocation Money. However, I believe San Jose will take UCLA attacking midfielder Frankie Amaya at 2 which is why I am mocking him here at 2.

    Amaya missed time for UCLA to play for the US-Under 20 team and he is the fastest player in the class. I like other midfielders more like Tucker Bone and Sergio Rivas from the tape I've seen. Amaya could be great, but I want his tape before I crown him the second best player in the draft not named Haji.

    If the 5-4 145 lb attacking midfielder had more then 2 goals, 2 assists, and 6 points in 14 games, I'd feel more comfortable about taking him. He didn't score or do anything to stand out in day 1 of the 2019 MLS Combine. He also did not stand out in practices like Siad Haji or Tajon Buchanan who were also mocked as early as first overall just like Amaya. Amaya could be just as good as advertised by the media, but he could also be a huge bust with all these questions.

    Regardless of how I feel, Frankie Amaya is probably locked in as the second best player in this class behind Siad Haji on most boards. Perhaps I will be wrong, and Frankie will do well.

    My biggest pet peeve about MLS Draft Twitter is that people are dismissing our opinion without having the tape to backup our claim. The tape tells you how good the player is and I'm more then happy to retract my opinion on Amaya if his tape impresses me. If you have some Amaya tape, email it to me at chris@draftutopia.com or post a link in the comments section.

    Previous Pick: Siad Haji, M, Virginia Commonwealth

  3. Orlando City S.C.: Callum Montgomery, D, Charlotte

    Orlando City S.C. got Benji Michel as a secondary striker thanks to a homegrown deal he signed with Orlando City S.C who is picking at 3. They also got Chris Mueller in the 2018 MLS Super Draft last year. Orlando really needs defense more then they need offense. The drop off between Charlotte center back Callum Montgomery compared to every other center back is pretty massive.

    The 6-2 170 lb defender can be used as a defensive midfielder or a center back. Montgomery is someone that Orlando City S.C. could use. Charlotte had 13 shutouts in 2018 and Montomgery could easily end up being the first defender drafted in the 2019 MLS Super Draft since center backs tend to get pushed up boards. Also, Montgomery is head and shoulders the clear cut best center back in the 2019 MLS Super Draft. Having Joao Moutinho compete for a left back job should also help shore up this defense.

    Montgomery helped his team get a shutout in day 1 of the 2019 MLS Combine. He's not slipping past Orlando City S.C. and I could even see him going first overall given how weak of a center back class this is.

  4. F.C. Dallas: J.J. Williams, F, Kentucky

    F.C. Dallas takes the best player at 4. The 6-4 200 lb J.J. Williams had 18 goals, 8 assists, and 44 points in 2018. Williams can play striker, secondary striker, left wing, or right wing with his versatility. J.J. Williams team lost day 1 of the 2019 MLS Combine because he missed the combine. That speaks volumes about how lethal Williams is. Also, Williams is the second best player on my 2019 MLS Draft Game.

    Previous Pick: Andre Shinyashiki, F, Denver

  5. Chicago Fire: Tajon Buchanan, F, Syracuse

    The Chicago Fire traded Jon Bakero to Toronto. They get Bakero's replacement here. Mo Adams, who we intereviewed a year ago told me about Tajon Buchanan as a future player to watch at Syracuse. The 6-2 180 lb Tajon Buchanan is faster and bigger then Andre Shinyashiki even though I like Andre better on tape.

    Re-uniting Buchanan with his Syracuse teammate Mo Adams does wonders for team chemistry in Chicago. Also, Tajon Buchanan has been linked as a number one pick in one mock draft so he's probably not escaping the top 5. Tajon Buchanan had 8 goals, 4 assists, and 20 points in 2018.

    Previous Pick: J.J. Williams, F, Kentucky

  6. Toronto F.C.: Griff Dorsey, M, Indiana
    Toronto F.C. needs someone at midfielder. Griff Dorsey scored on Wake Forest defensive midfeidler Brad Dunwell. The 6-0 160 lb speedy dynamo can play left wing, attacking midfielder, or right wing with his versatility. Dorsey is now the fifth of seven Generation Adidas players to get drafted and is the best player on the board for Toronto at 6.

  7. Minnesota United F.C.: John Nelson, D, North Carolina

    Minnesota can take the best player on the board at 7. John Nelson is a 5-9 160 lb sophomore that was once the number one ranked High School recruit in the class of 2017 barely edging out Joao Moutinho who went first overall in 2018. Nelson is now the fifth player in this mock draft with some sort of Generation Adidas status as well as the only sure fire Generation Adidas player on defense. Nelson helped North Carolina get 9 shutouts in 2018. John Nelson has experience at left back, center back, and right back giving him incredible versatility for a defender.

  8. Houston Dynamo: Santiago Patino, F, Florida International

    Houston grabs the best player on the board at 8. The 6-1 192 lb Santiago Patino had 12 goals, 2 assists, and 26 points in 2018. Patino has a lot of strong traits like his goal scoring, assists, passing, attacking, defense, dribbling, and speed. Patino is a top 10 pick in my opinion because he possesses so many strong traits on tape.

    Santiago Patino had a goal in the first game of the MLS Combine. I even interviewed Patino prior to the 2019 MLS Combine, on our podcast. He was extremely humble and greatful. He has an awesome attitude and can score from the 9 at forward, plus he's versatile enough to play striker, secondary striker, left wing, right wing, or attacking midfielder.

    Santiago Patino seems faster then Andre Shinyashiki. The other reason I moved him up on my board is because he appears to be more versatile on tape.

  9. New England Revoultion: Andre Shinyashiki, F, Denver

    New England gets a forward at 9. The 5-9 150 lb Andre Shinyashiki had 28 goals, 4 assists, and 60 points in 2018 which is just historic. I still believe, Shinyahsiki is a top 5 player in this class. However, I do believe he will drop to a team rounding out the top 10. The New England Revolution are a team that could consider Shinyahiki here. He's too talented to slip out of the top 10 based on what I have seen.

    Previous Pick: Tajon Buchanan, F, Syracuse

  10. F.C. Dallas: Akeem Ward, D, Creighton

    F.C. Dallas gets a defender at 10. The 5-7 150 lb Akeem Ward has experience at left back, center back, and right back. His versatility makes Ward a great outside back in the MLS. Ward helped Creighton get 7 shutouts in 2018. Akeem Ward has continued to dominate the 2019 MLS Combine. He may end up jumping Shinyahiki getting drafted as early as ninth overall.

  11. New England Revoultion: Logan Gdula, D, Wake Forest

    The Revolution get Logan Gdula at right back. New England grabs a right back with the speed and dribbling to play effective on defense. The 5-11 160 lb Logan Gdula is one of the top right backs in College Soccer. Gdula helped Wake Forest record 7 shutouts in 2018. He showed the versatility to play left back at the 2019 MLS Combine and really excelled defensively. I believe Gdula is the tenth best player in the class so New England gets a steal at 11.

    Previous Pick: Sergio Rivas, M, Seattle

  12. Los Angeles Galaxy: Sergio Rivas, M, Seattle

    The Galaxy are set at most positions. They get the best player on the board at 12. The 5-11 170 lb Sergio Rivas had 4 goals, 11 assists, and 19 points in 20 starts this season. Rivas is one of the better playmakers in this draft with outstanding speed.

    Previous Pick: Frankie Amaya, M, UCLA

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