Draft Order NFL: 2017 NFL Draft Order 185. Cleveland Browns 1-15-0, 186. Baltimore Ravens (from San Francisco 49ers) 2-14-0, 187. Jacksonville Jaguars 3-13-0, 188. Cleveland Browns (from Chicago Bears) 3-13-0, 189. Los Angeles Rams 4-12-0, 190. Los Angeles Chargers 5-11-0, 191. New York Jets 5-11-0, 192. Carolina Panthers 6-10-0, 193. Cincinnati Bengals 6-9-1, 194. Philadelphia Eagles 7-9-0, 195. Buffalo Bills 7-9-0, 196. New Orleans Saints 7-9-0, 197. Arizona Cardinals 7-8-1, 198. San Francisco 49ers (from Baltimore Ravens) 8-8-0, 199. Minnesota Vikings 8-8-0, 200. New England Patriots (from Indianapolis Colts) 8-8-0, 201. Washington Redskins 8-7-1, 202. San Francisco 49ers (from Denver Broncos) 9-7-0, 203. Denver Broncos (from Tennessee Titans) 9-7-0, 204. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9-7-0, 205. Detroit Lions 9-7-0, 206. Los Angeles Rams (from Miami Dolphins) 10-6-0, 207. New York Giants 11-5-0, 208. Oakland Raiders 12-4-0, 209. Washington Redskins from (Houston Texans) 9-7-0, 210. Seattle Seahawks 10-5-1, 211. Dallas Cowboys 13-3-0, 212. Green Bay Packers 10-6-0, 213. Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5-0, 214. Tennessee Titans from (Atlanta Falcons) 11-5-0, 215. Detroit Lions from (New England Patriots) 14-2-0, 216. Kansas City Chiefs (Compensation Pick), 217. Cincinnati Bengals (Compensation Pick), 218. Kansas City Chiefs (Compensation Pick)

2017 NFL Mock Draft: 7 Rounds

Round 6

Chris Ransom follow @DraftUtopia Last Updated: March 21, 2017 with updates every Tuesday leading up to Draft Day.

  1. Cleveland Browns: Dede Westbrook, WR, Oklahoma

    Cleveland drafts the 6-0 175 lb Dede Westbrook here. Dede Westbrook has 74 receptions, 1,465 receiving yards, and 16 receiving touchdowns. Westbrook was the secondary receiver across from Sterling Shephard last season, but Westbrook could become a possible slot receiver on the Cleveland Browns. Westbrook met with the Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears, and New York Jets after dominating Oklahoma's Pro Day with a 4.34 40-time while displaying NFL level route running. It's hard to see Cleveland passing on Westbrook here even if he has some off the field concerns because the value with Westbrook is too good at this point.

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  2. Baltimore Ravens: Marquel Lee, 3-4 MLB, Wake Forest

    The Ravens get someone to challenge Correa for the 3-4 middle linebacker job. Marquel Lee fits that description pretty well at this point.

    Previous Pick: Avery Moss, RE, Youngstown State

    Other Baltimore Ravens Selections

  3. Jacksonville Jaguars: Will Holden, LT, Vanderbilt

    Jacksonville drafts a left tackle for depth hoping they don't miss here because Branden Albert is injury prone. Will Holden is a quality addition at this point.

    Previous Pick: Roderick Johnson, LT, Florida State

    Other Jacksonville Jaguars Selections

  4. Cleveland Browns: Zach Banner, RT, USC

    Cleveland has Spencer Drango and Shon Coleman competing for the starting right tackle job. Zach Banner provides good depth at this spot though.

    Previous Pick: Pharoah Brown, TE, Oregon

    Other Cleveland Browns Selections

  5. Los Angeles Rams: Jeremy Sprinkle, TE, Arkansas

    Jeremy Sprinkle gives the Rams a replacement to Lance Kendricks. That is something the Rams need with Kendricks on the Packers now.

    Previous Pick: Michael Roberts, TE, Toledo

    Other Los Angeles Rams Selections

  6. Los Angeles Chargers: Avery Moss, RE, Youngstown State

    The Los Angeles Chargers get a defensive end for depth here. I have a fourth round grade on Youngstown State sack artist Avery Moss so the Chargers draft him in the sixth round.

    Previous Pick: Karter Schult, RE, Northern Iowa

    Other Los Angeles Chargers Selections

  7. New York Jets: Chad Wheeler, LT, USC

    The New York Jets get a left tackle. Chad Wheeler is the best left tackle in the sixth round.

    Previous Pick: Zach Banner, RT, USC

    Other New York Jets Selections

  8. Carolina Panthers: Jalen Myrick, CB, Minnesota

    Carolina drafts a cornerback for depth. Jalen Myrick is an awesome addition at this point.

    Other Carolina Panthers Selections

  9. Cincinnati Bengals: Freddie Stevenson, FB, Florida State

    Cincinnati gets Freddie Stevenson as a fullback here. Stevenson is just the best player on the board at this point.

    Previous Pick: Zane Gonzalez, K, Arizona State

    Other Cincinnati Bengals Selections

  10. Philadelphia Eagles: Amara Darboh, WR, Michigan

    Philadelphia drafts a wide receiver for depth at this point. Amara Darboh provides great value at this point.

    Other Philadelphia Eagles Selections

  11. Buffalo Bills: Jay Guillermo, C, Clemson

    The 6-3 325 lb Jay Guillermo gives the Bills a developmental center to work with in the late rounds just in case Eric Wood gets injured again in 2017. Guillermo may be able to become Taylor's center if he can get stronger and correct his footwork because he has the technique of a starting center just not the strength or footwork.

    Other Buffalo Bills Selections

  12. New Orleans Saints: Chase Allen, MLB, Southern Illinois

    New Orleans gets a middle linebacker for depth. Chase Allen is a steal at this point.

    Other New Orleans Saints Selections

  13. Arizona Cardinals: Kevin Davis, 3-4 MLB, Colorado State

    Arizona gets another 3-4 middle linebacker for depth behind Deonne Buchanan. Kevin Davis is the best player available at middle linebacker.

    Other Arizona Cardinals Selections

  14. San Francisco 49ers: Karter Schult, RE, Northern Iowa

    The 49ers go with a 4-3 right end here. Karter Schult is a guy I have a fourth round grade on and obviously he is a steal in the sixth round as a depth player behind Aaron Lynch.

    Previous Pick: Marquel Lee, 3-4 MLB, Wake Forest

    Other Baltimore Ravens Selections

  15. Minnesota Vikings: Joshua Dobbs, QB, Tennessee

    I doubt Teddy Bridgewater will play in 2017. I have a hard time believing that Sam Bradford can play an entire season again without getting injured so the Vikings draft a quarterback at 199.

    Other Minnesota Vikings Selections

  16. New England Patriots: Keith Kelsey, MLB, Louisville

    New England adds a middle linebacker for depth here. Keith Kelsey is my top middle linebacker on the board.

    Other New England Patriots Selections

  17. Washington Redskins: Kareem Are, LG, Florida State

    Washington will need a left guard at some point in the draft. Kareem Are is a steal at this point.

    Previous Pick: Corey Levin, LG, Chattanooga

    Other Washington Redskins Selections

  18. San Francisco 49ers: Stacy Thomas, MLB, Louisville

    San Francisco grabs a middle linebacker hoping to compliment Malcolm Smith and Navarro Bowman at outside linebacker. Stacy Thomas is an awesome value pick in the sixth round.

    Other San Francisco 49ers Selections

  19. Denver Broncos: Jeremy Sprinkle, TE, Arkansas

    Denver grabs a tight end here. Jeremy Sprinkle is the top tight end available.

    Other Denver Broncos Selections

  20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Matt Milano, LOLB, Boston College

    Tampa Bay goes with another left outside linebacker here for their 4-3 defense for depth. Matt Milano is the top player on the board.

    Other Tampa Bay Buccaneers Selections

  21. Detroit Lions: Channing Stribling, CB, Michigan

    The Lions take a hometown corner. Channing Stribling is still on the board.

    Other Detroit Lions Selections

  22. Los Angeles Rams: Keionta Davis, 3-4 LE, Chattanooga

    The Rams addressed all of their needs. They can draft Keionta Davis for depth here.

    Other Los Angeles Rams Selections

  23. New York Giants: Lee Crosby, SS, New Mexico

    The Giants draft a developmental safety here. Lee Crosby is a late round gem that the Giants should bring in for a private workout.

    Previous Pick: Chad Wheeler, LT, USC

    Other New York Giants Selections

  24. Oakland Raiders: Jalen Robinette, WR, Air Force

    The Raiders can draft a wide receiver for depth here. Robinette provides awesome value at this spot.

    Other Oakland Raiders Selections

  25. Washington Redskins: Malachi Dupre, WR, LSU

    Washington drafts another receiver for depth receiver here. Malachi Dupre provides great value at this point.

    Other Washington Redskins Selections

  26. Seattle Seahawks: Scott Orndoff, TE, Pittsburgh

    Seattle adds another tight end for depth. Scott Orndoff could be a great tight end for depth.

    Other Seattle Seahawks Selections

  27. Dallas Cowboys: Kenny Golloday, WR, Northern Illinois

    Dallas gets a receiver for depth here. Kenny Golloday is a 6-4 218 lb beast at wide receiver.

    Other Dallas Cowboys Selections

  28. Green Bay Packers: Krishawn Hogan, WR, Marian

    The Packers add a wide receiver for depth. The 6-3 222 lb Krishawn Hogan may be a sleeper at this point.

    Other Green Bay Packers Selections

  29. Pittsburgh Steelers: Devine Redding, RB, Indiana

    The Pittsburgh Steelers get a running back. Devine Redding is a steal at this point.

    Other Pittsburgh Steelers Selections

  30. Tennessee Titans: Ricky Seals-Jones, WR, Texas A&M

    Tennessee gets another receiver. Ricky Seals-Jones makes sense here with his freakish size at 6-6 235 lbs.

    Other Tennessee Titans Selections

  31. Detroit Lions: Jehu Chesson, WR, Michigan

    Detroit takes the top Wolverine here. I have a sixth round grade on Jehu Chesson.

    Other Detroit Lions Selections

  32. Kansas City Chiefs: Jeremy Clark, CB, Michigan

    Kansas City gets the 216th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft as a compensation pick. They get this pick because the Arizona Cardinals signed cornerback Tyvon Branch in the 2016 NFL Free Agency Period after Branch became a Free Agent in 2016.

    The Chiefs interviewed Jeremy Clark at the 2017 NFL Combine. I'm giving the Chiefs Clark here.

    Other Kansas City Chiefs Selections

  33. Cincinnati Bengals: Speedy Noil, WR, Texas A&M

    Cincinnati gets the 217th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft as a compensation pick. They get this pick because the Oakland Raiders signed free safety Reggie Nelson in the 2016 NFL Free Agency Period after Nelson became a Free Agent in 2016.

    The Bengals get wide receiver depth. Speedy Noil is an excellent value pick here.

    Other Cincinnati Bengals Selections

  34. Kansas City Chiefs: Nick DeLuca, 3-4 MLB, North Dakota State

    Kansas City gets the 218th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft as a compensation pick. They get this pick because the Denver Broncos signed right tackle Donald Stephenson in the 2016 NFL Free Agency Period after Stephenson became a Free Agent in 2016.

    Nick DeLuca is a third to fourth round talent. The Chiefs have looked at DeLuca though and you can argue he's the best player on the board at this point.

    Other Kansas City Chiefs Selections

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