Draft Order NBA: 2018 NBA Draft Order: Round 1: 1. Phoenix Suns: 21-61, 2. Sacramento Kings: 27-55, 3. Atlanta Hawks: 24-58, 4. Memphis Grizzlies: 22-60, 5. Dallas Mavericks: 24-58, 6. Orlando Magic: 25-57, 7. Chicago Bulls: 27-55, 8. Cleveland Cavaliers (from Brooklyn Nets): 28-54, 9. New York Knicks: 29-53, 10. Philadelphia 76ers (from Los Angeles Lakers): 35-47, 11. Charlotte Hornets: 36-46, 12. Los Angeles Clippers (from Detroit Pistons): 39-43, 13. Los Angeles Clippers: 42-40, 14. Denver Nuggets: 46-36, 15. Washington Wizards: 43-39, 16. Phoenix Suns (from Miami Heat): 44-38, 17. Milwaukee Bucks: 44-38, 18. San Antonio Spurs: 47-35, 19. Atlanta Hawks (from Minnesota Timberwolves): 47-35, 20. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Oklahoma City Thunder): 48-34, 21. Utah Jazz: 48-34, 22. Chicago Bulls (from New Orleans Pelicans): 48-34, 23. Indiana Pacers: 48-34, 24. Portland Trailblazers: 49-33, 25. Los Angeles Lakers (from Cleveland Cavaliers): 50-32, 26. Philadelphia 76ers: 52-30, 27. Boston Celtics: 55-27, 28. Golden State Warriors: 58-24, 29. Brooklyn Nets (from Toronto Raptors): 59-23, 30. Atlanta Hawks (from Houston Rockets): 65-17

Brian Bayless 2018 NBA Mock Draft

Round 1 Picks 16-30

Brian Bayless Last Updated: June 14, 2018.

  1. Phoenix Suns: Anfernee Simmons, SG, IMG Academy

    The Phoenix Suns get a shooting guard at 16. Anfernee Simmons was a consistent scorer at IMG Academy and the more I watch him on tape the more I believe the Suns or any team in the top 20 has the luxury to draft Anfernee Simmons as a player to take a flyer on as a potential starter.

  2. Milwaukee Bucks: Lonnie Walker IV, SG, Miami FL

    Lonnie Walker gives the Bucks the shooting guard to round out their starting five. He's a great value pick for the Bucks at 18 and a best case scenario for the Bucks at 18.

  3. San Antonio Spurs: Dzanan Musa, SF, Cedevita

    The San Antonio Spurs draft a small forward in case they lose Kawhi Leonard to Free Agency. Dzanan Musa can play point guard, shooting guard, or small forward, plus the International Player can start right away if Leonard leaves.

  4. Atlanta Hawks: Malik Newman, SG, Kansas

    The Atlanta Hawks get a shooting guard for depth at 19. Malik Newman is someone who worked out with the Hawks and he's someone most people have a first round grade on.

  5. Minnesota Timberwolves: Josh Okogie, SG, Georgia Tech

    Minnesota gets a shooting guard for depth here. Josh Okogie is someone who worked out with Minnesota. The Timberwolves need a plan B in case Jimmy Butler gets injured again.

  6. Utah Jazz: Jalen Brunson, PG, Villanova

    The Jazz worked out Jalen Brunson. They lost Jeff Teague to the Timberwolves and Brunson is a fantastic value pick here.

  7. Chicago Bulls: Chandler Hutchinson, SG, Boise State

    The Bulls are looking at Chandler Hutchinson out of Boise State. He makes a lot of sense for the Bulls here.

  8. Indiana Pacers: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, PG, Kentucky

    The Pacers get a point guard for depth here. Many have a lottery grade on Shai Gilgeous-Alexander here making him a huge steal for the Indiana Pacers.

  9. Portland Trail Blazers: Melvin Frazier, SF, Tulane

    Portland takes the best player on the board at 24. Melvin Frazier has been linked to Portland and worked out with the Trail Blazers.

  10. Los Angeles Lakers: Kevin Heurter, SG, Maryland

    Kevin Heurter wowed Lakers Head Coach Luke Walton making 15 three point shots in a row a the 2018 NBA Combine. I feel like the Lakers are torn on both Mitchell Robinson and Kevin Heurter, but will take one or the other if either falls to 25. If Heurter falls to 25, he's the pick simply due to being more experienced.

  11. Philadelphia 76ers: Khyri Thomas, SG, Creighton

    Philadelphia gets a shooting guard to put in their starting lineup. Taking Khyri Thomas out of Creighton makes a lot of sense here.

  12. Boston Celtics: Grayson Allen, SG, Duke

    The Celtics can take the best player on the board. Getting Grayson Allen for depth is something I can see the Boston Celtics doing here considering they have worked him out. He seems like someone Danny Ainge would rave about.

  13. Golden State Warriors: Jerome Robinson, SG, Boston College

    Golden State gets a shooting guard for depth to groom behind Klay Thompson for a year. Jerome Robinson averaged over 20 points per game and he also had a .409 three point percentage which is just superb. He fits right in with Golden State. Even though Troy Brown out of Oregon is a steal, he's a terrible three point shooter and doesn't fit what Golden State does quite as well as Gary Trent Jr. out of Duke or Jerome Robinson out of Boston College who is my pick for Golden State at 28.

  14. Brooklyn Nets: Moritz Wagner, PF, Michigan

    Moritz Wagner is a great fit for the Brooklyn Nets at 29. He gives the Nets a starting power forward.

  15. Atlanta Hawks: Troy Brown, SF, Oregon

    Atlanta takes the best player on the board. While a center like Mitchell Robinson or Brandon McCoy would help, you cannot pass on a premium value pick like Troy Brown for depth this late in the first round considering he was once a lottery pick.

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