Draft Order MLS: 2018 MLS Draft Order Round 2: 24. LAFC (Expansion Team), 25. Colorado Rapids (from Los Angeles Galaxy) 8-18-8 32 points, 26. Vancouver Whitecaps (from D.C. United) 9-20-5 32 points, 27. Colorado Rapids 9-19-6 33 points, 28. Minnesota United F.C. 10-18-6 36 points, 29. F.C. Dallas (from Orlando City S.C.) 10-15-9 39 points, 30. San Jose Earthquakes (from Montreal Impact) 11-17-6 39 points, 31. New York Red Bulls (from Philadelphia Union) 11-14-9 42 points, 32. Columbus Crew S.C. (from New England Revolution) 13-15-6 45 points, 33. Real Salt Lake 13-15-6 45 points, 34. F.C. Dallas 11-10-13 46 points, 35. San Jose Earthquakes 13-14-7 46 points, 36. Atlanta United F.C. (from Sporting Kansas City) 12-9-13 49 points, 37. Montreal Impact (from Atlanta United F.C.) 15-9-10 55 points, 38. Chicago Fire 16-11-7 55 points, 39. New York Red Bulls 14-12-8 50 points, 40. Los Angeles Galaxy (from Vancouver Whitecaps) 15-12-8 52 points, 41. Minnesota United F.C. (from Portland Timbers) 15-11-8 53 points, 42. New York City F.C. 16-9-9 57 points, 43. Houston Dynamo 13-10-11 50 points, 44. Columbus Crew S.C. 16-12-6 54 points, 45. Seattle Sounders 14-9-11 53 points, 46. Toronto F.C. 20-5-9 69 points

2018 MLS Mock Draft: Final Mock 3 Rounds

Round 2

Chris Ransom follow @DraftUtopia Last Updated: January 19, 2017.

  1. LAFC: Oliver Shannon, M, Clemson

    LAFC gets a defensive midfielder for depth to start the second round. Oliver Shannon is a 6-0 170 lb defensive midfielder and has two years of experience as a team captain with Clemson.

    Previous Pick: Drew Skundrich, M, Stanford

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  2. Colorado Rapids: Gordon Wild, F, Maryland

    The Colorado Rapids got this pick from the Los Angeles Galaxy in the Jermaine Jones trade. The Rapids can double up at striker with this pick and then their next pick at 27. Gordon Wild is the only Generation Adidas player that didn't get picked in the first round. He struggled on days 1 and 3 of the 2018 MLS Combine, but did well on day 2 showing flashes of big play ability. Each of the last three Super Drafts had a GA prospect fall to the second round.

    Wild played for South Carolina Upstate back in 2015 where he had 15 goals as a true freshman before transferring to Maryland in 2016 where he had 14 goals, 3 assists, and 31 points in 2016. Wild is a special talent who probably will take a Generation Adidas offer in 2018 since Abu Danladi did the same thing where he turned down the chance to go top 5 in 2016 before entering the 2017 MLS Super Draft where he was selected first overall.

    Gordon Wild had 5 goals in 2017, all of which came in September of 2017. He went the entire months of October and November without scoring a goal and that's the biggest reason Wild dropped from a top 5 prospect to someone outside my top 15. Commands double teams and triple teams which takes a lot of pressure on his teammates. I'd like to see Wild improve his decision making when passing. It's not something that can be consider a weakness though. The speed, kicking power, kicking accuracy, and the ability to garner attention from opposing defenders is there on tape which is a huge reason why scouts loved Wild heading into 2017 before he struggled this past season.

    Previous Pick: Mohamed Thiaw, F, Louisville

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  3. Vancouver Whitecaps: Lucas Stauffer, D, Creighton

    Vancouver takes the best player on the board. The 5-6 160 lb Lucas Stauffer belongs in the first round. I couldn't find a team that needed an outside back. Stauffer is versatile enough to play left back or right back. He needs to come off the board here though after dominating the 2018 MLS Combine. I know MLS Soccer had him going to D.C. United at 3 overall during their MLS Combine Mock Draft, but that just isn't happening.

    Previous Pick: Carter Manley, D, Duke

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  4. Colorado Rapids: Danny Musovski, F, UNLV

    Colorado finally gets their other striker. Danny Musovski had 15 goals, 6 assists, and 36 points in 2017. Colorado can take him with this pick.

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  5. Minnesota United F.C.: Cory Brown, D, Xavier

    Minnesota can finally address defense with this pick. The 5-9 165 lb Cory Brown had 1 goal, 3 assists, and 5 points in 2017 while helping Xavier record 7 shutouts. Brown could be a solid outside back for Minnesota United F.C. Brown also showed the versatility to play left back, center back, and right back at the 2018 MLS Combine.

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  6. F.C. Dallas: Alex Roldan, M, Seattle

    F.C. Dallas takes the best player on the board with Orlando City S.C.'s second round pick. At this point, that's easily Alex Roldan the younger brother of Christian Roldan. I believe Roldan has an outside shot at the first round just like the rest of the players picked above him.

    Previous Pick: Christopher Lema, M, Georgetown

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  7. San Jose Earthquakes: Marcelo Acuna, F, Virginia Tech

    San Jose boosts grabs Marcelo Acuna to groom for the future. Acuna was a goal scoring striker in College. All he did during the 2018 MLS Combine was shoot. The decision making wasn't there and all he did was shoot the ball at the 2018 MLS Combine. His kicking accuracy was off.

    Previous Pick: Jimmy Fiscus, D, Michigan State

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  8. New York Red Bulls: Ricky Lopez-Espin, F, Creighton

    New York feels like a team that can ignore need and take the best player on the board. Ricky Lopez-Espin had 10 goals in 2016 before having 12 goals and 3 assists in 2017. Ricky Lopez-Espin is the best overall player that I do not have a first round grade on. I have thirty prospects with first round grades, but only twenty three players get picked in the first round.

    Previous Pick: Franzdy Pierrot, F, Coastal Carolina

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  9. Columbus Crew S.C.: Pau Belena, M, Akron

    Columbus Crew S.C. can ignore need and take the best player on the board. Pau Belena is a midfielder that plays smart and with a good MLS Combine he could be a pick here in the second round.

    Previous Pick: Oliver Shannon, M, Clemson

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  10. Real Salt Lake: Arthur Bosua, F, Columbia

    Real Salt Lake got Christopher Mueller on the wing in the first round. Now they double up at forward and get a true striker in the second round.

    Arthur Bosua won Ivy League Player of the year for the second year in a row in 2017. Columbia's striker had 12 goals, 5 assists, and 29 points in 2017.

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  11. F.C. Dallas: Markus Fjortoft, D, Duke

    F.C. Dallas takes a defender to replace Walker Zimmerman. The 6-5 205 lb Markus Fjortoft is the son fo a former Premier League player. He's a big body who can bolster the back line for F.C. Dallas down the road.

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  12. San Jose Earthquakes: Ben White, D, Gonzaga

    San Jose goes with another defender in the second round. The 6-1 165 lb Ben White is versatile enough to play left back or right back. He's also a great passer and facilitator when dribbling.

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  13. Atlanta United F.C.: Harry Cooksley, F, St. John's

    Atlanta goes best player available. The 6-3 200 lb Harry Cooksley had 4 goals, 8 assists, and 16 points in 2017. He played forward at St. John's, but projects as a box-to-box midfielder.

    Previous Pick: Ricky Lopez-Espin, F, Creighton

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  14. Montreal Impact: Jose Carrera-Garcia, M, California

    Montreal gets the best player on the board with all the defenders that are second round talents gone. The 5-6 135 lb Jose Carrera-Garcia had 4 goals, 9 assists, and 17 points in 2017. He's a good developmental player for Montreal at this point.

    Previous Pick: Brandon Bye, M, Western Michigan

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  15. Chicago Fire: Afonso Pinheiro, F, Albany

    The Chicago Fire are set everywhere now thanks to the signing of Nemanja Nikolic who leads the MLS in goals. They even got good goalie play so here they take the best player available to develop. The 6-2 190 lb striker had 7 goals, assists, and 16 points as a true freshman in 2014. Pinheiro had 11 goals, 4 assists, and 26 points as a sophomore in 2015. Pinheiro 13 goals, 5 assists, and 31 points as a junior in 2016. Pinheiro had 7 goals, 4 assists, and 18 points in 2017 and finished on a down note after being re-assigned to the bench.

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  16. New York Red Bulls: Andre Morrison, D, Hartford

    The New York Red Bulls get a player who can be an outside back. He's versatile enough to play either outside back role at 5-6 168 lbs. Stauffer is my top ranked outside back at this point in the second round.

    Previous Pick: Lucas Stauffer, D, Creighton

    Other New Yok Red Bulls Selections

  17. Los Angeles Galaxy: Jeff Caldwell, G, Virginia

    The Los Angeles Galaxy lost Clement Diop to the Montreal Impact in the 2017 MLS Waiver Draft. Backup goalie Brian Rowe has a new home in Westchester. Jon Kempin the third string goalie is on Columbus Crew S.C.

    Not only do the Los Angeles Galaxy need a starting goalie they also need a backup goalie, maybe multiple backups if they want 3 goalies like 2017. With Ben Lundgaard getting pushed up to the first round, Jeff Caldwell is now the top goalie available in the second round. At this point, the 6-3 187 lb Jeff Caldwell out of Virginia who had 7 shutouts in 2017 is the best overall goalie on the board.

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  18. Minnesota United F.C.: Mark Segbers, F, Wisconsin

    Minnesota gets the best player on the board. The 5-9 158 lb Mark Segbers had 5 goals, 7 assists, and 17 points as a third forward on the wing for Wisconsin in 2017. Segbers is a great defender with a lot of stamina who can play a lot of minutes as well. Segbers is a player who can play both right wing and right back with his versatility.

    Previous Pick: Jose Carrera-Garcia, M, California

    Other Minnesota United F.C. Selections

  19. New York City F.C.: Tom Barlow, F, Wisconsin

    New York City grabs the best player on the board. The 6-2 185 lb Tom Barlow had 10 goals, 5 assists, and 25 points in 2017. Barlow is the first senior in this mock draft that doesn't have an invite to the 2018 MLS Combine, but he is a sleeper worth keeping an eye on.

    Previous Pick: Pablo Aguilar, M, Virginia

    Other New York City F.C. Selections

  20. Houston Dynamo: Ben Lundgaard, G, Virginia Tech

    The 6-5 200 lb Ben Lundgaard is a perfect fit for the Houston Dynamo here though. Lundgaard had a 1.70 GAA and a .761 save percentage in 2017. Lundgaard dominated as a junior, but only had 6 shutouts instead of 8 in 2017. I saw him on tape and his tape is awesome so you have to look past his stats. One more thing I'd like to add is that Lundgaard has more composure then any goalie in this class.

    Previous Pick: Tom Barlow, F, Wisconsin

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  21. Columbus Crew S.C.: Mauro Cichero, F, SMU

    The 6-3 175 lb forward had 9 goals, 7 assists, and 25 points in 2017 before suffering a torn ACL in October. Cichero was not one of the players invited to 2018 MLS Combine, but Columbus can gamble on Cichero at this point because they have a starting 11. Cichero also had issues with kicking accuracy when watching his 2016 tape. If a team can make sure he stays healthy and finds a way to improve his kicking accuracy they could be a getting a steal and a guy who was once projected as a first round pick before injuries.

    Previous Pick: Mark Segbers, F, Wisconsin

    Other Columbus Crew S.C. Selections

  22. Seattle Sounders: Eric Dick, G, Butler

    The Seattle Sounders lost their backup goalie to LAFC. Some believe Eric Dick may end up being the top goalie in the 2018 MLS Super Draft. The 6-5 205 lb goalie had 9 shutouts in 2017 which was more then the 6 shutouts Ben Lundgaard had at Virginia Tech or the 7 shutouts Jeff Caldwell had at Virginia.

    Other Seattle Sounders Selections

  23. Toronto F.C.: Drew Skundrich, M, Stanford

    Drew Skundrich has the versatility to play left back, right back, or defensive midfielder. Toronto F.C. has the luxury to ignore need and take the best available player on the board.

    Previous Pick: Diego Campos, F, Clemson

    Other Toronto F.C. Selections

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