Draft Order MLB: 2018 MLB Draft Order Round 1: 1. Detroit Tigers: 64-98, 2. San Francisco Giants: 64-98, 3. Philadelphia Phillies: 66-96, 4. Chicago White Sox: 67-95, 5. Cincinnati Reds: 68-94, 6. New York Mets: 70-92, 7. San Diego Padres: 71-91, 8. Atlanta Braves: 72-90, 9. Oakland Athletics: 75-87, 10. Pittsburgh Pirates: 75-87, 11. Baltimore Orioles: 75-87, 12. Toronto Blue Jays: 76-86, 13. Miami Marlins: 77-85, 14. Seattle Mariners: 78-84, 15. Texas Rangers: 78-84, 16. Tampa Bay Rays: 80-82, 17. Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim: 80-82, 18. Kansas City Royals: 80-82, 19. St. Louis Cardinals: 83-79, 20. Minnesota Twins: 85-77, 21. Milwaukee Brewers: 86-76, 22. Colorado Rockies: 87-75, 23. New York Yankees: 91-71, 24. Chicago Cubs: 92-70, 25. Arizona Diamondbacks: 93-69, 26. Boston Red Sox: 93-69, 27. Washington Nationals: 97-65, 28. Houston Astros: 101-61, 29. Cleveland Indians: 102-60, 30. Los Angeles Dodgers: 104-58, 31. Tampa Bay Rays (Compensation Pick), 32. Tampa Bay Rays (Compensation Pick), 33. Kansas City Royals (Compensation Pick), 34. Kansas City Royals (Compensation Pick), 35. Cleveland Indians (Compensation Pick), 36. Pittsburgh Pirates (Compensation Pick), 37. Baltimore Orioles (Compensation Pick), 38. San Diego Padres (Compensation Pick), 39. Arizona Diamondbacks (Compensation Pick), 40. Kansas City Royals (Compensation Pick), 41. Cleveland Indians (Compensation Pick), 42. Colorado Rockies (Compensation Pick), 43. St. Louis Cardinals (Compensation Pick)

2018 MLB Mock Draft: Final Mock Draft

Round 1 Picks 31-43

Chris Ransom follow @DraftUtopia Last Updated: June 4, 2018.

  1. Tampa Bay Rays: Kris Bubic, P, Stanford

    Kris Bubic is the best pitcher on the board. Tampa Bay grabs him here at 31.

    Previous Pick: Adam Kloffenstein, P, Magnolia HS (TX)

  2. Tampa Bay Rays: Luke Bartnicki, P, Walton HS (GA)

    The Rays get another arm here. Luke Bartnicki is the top pitcher on the board at this point.

    Previous Pick: Kris Bubic, P, Stanford

  3. Kansas City Royals: Jason Bilous, P, Coastal Carolina

    The Royals get another pitcher here. Jason Bilous was the final College pitcher that made the cut in my top 10 College Pitcher Rankings. He's the ace of a Coastal Carolina underdog squad that won the 2016 College World Series.

    Previous Pick: Luke Bartnicki, P, Walton HS (GA)

  4. Kansas City Royals: Luken Baker, 1B, TCU

    The Royals will need a replacement to Eric Hosmer at some point. Luken Baker is the top bat on the board and he's batting .319 hitting 9 home runs with TCU in 2018. On the flip side he had back-to-back season ending injuries so he could slide to the second round.

  5. Cleveland Indians: Will Banfield, C, Brookwood HS (GA)

    The Tribe are set at most positions. They get a catcher for depth and the top batter on the board in Will Banfield out of Brookwood who knocked off top 10 pick Ethan Hankins in Georgia's State Playoffs.

  6. Pittsburgh Pirates: Cole Winn, P, Orange Lutheran HS (CA)

    The Pittsburgh Pirates are looking at Cole Winn at 10. I'm sure they'd be exstatic if he fell to 36. Pittsburgh getting Logan Gilbert a College arm out of Stetson and Cole Winn a High School pitcher that they considered at 10 would be a huge way for the Buccos to kick this draft off with a bang.

    Previous Pick: Jason Bilous, P, Coastal Carolina

  7. Baltimore Orioles: Jeremy Eierman, SS, Missouri State

    The Orioles get a batter for depth at shortstop to develop. Jeremy Eierman blasted 23 home runs in 2017. He's got a .302 batting average and 9 home runs in 2018. He was better as a home run hitter last season, but is more consistent with his batting average and getting on base now.

  8. San Diego Padres: Matt Mercer, P, Oregon

    The Padres get the best pitcher on the board. Matt Mercer is 5-5 with a 3.42 ERA in 13 starts. Those are not great numbers, but this is who the Padres get stuck with since he's the best pitcher left on my board.

  9. Arizona Diamondbacks: Grayson Rodriguez, SP, Central Heights HS (TX)

    Arizona grabs another pitcher to develop here. Grayson Rodriguez is the top pitcher on the board this late in the first round.

    Previous Pick: Cole Winn, P, Orange Lutheran HS (CA)

  10. Kansas City Royals: Blaine Knight, P, Arkansas

    The Royals get a relief pitcher here. Blaine Knight is one of the top relievers in this class.

  11. Cleveland Indians: Parker Meadows, CF, Grayson HS

    The Indians are set at most positions. The Tribe grabs the best batter on the board. Parker Meadows is the younger brother of Auston Meadows who the Pittsburgh Pirates took in the top 10 back in 2013.

  12. Colorado Rockies: Mike Siani, CF, Penn Charter HS (PA)

    Colorado gets a developmental batter here. Mike Siani is my top batter on the board here as well as the top High School Batter in Pennsylvania.

  13. St. Louis Cardinals: Bryan Hoeing, P, Louisville

    St. Louis has plenty of good prospects. Bryan Hoeing is the best pitcher available at this point.

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