Draft Order MLB: 2018 MLB Draft Order Round 1: 1. Philadelphia Phillies 39-64, 2. San Francisco Giants 40-67, 3. Chicago White Sox 41-62, 4. Cincinnati Reds 42-63, 5. Oakland Athletics 47-59, 6. San Diego Padres 47-58, 7. Detroit Tigers 47-57, 8. Atlanta Braves 48-56, 9. Toronto Blue Jays 49-57, 10. New York Mets 48-55, 11. Miami Marlins 49-55, 12. Texas Rangers 50-55, 13. Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim 51-55, 14. Minnesota Twins 50-53, 15. Baltimore Orioles 51-54, 16. Pittsburgh Pirates 51-54, 17. St. Louis Cardinals 52-53, 18. Tampa Bay Rays 54-53, 19. Seattle Mariners 54-53, 20. Milwaukee Brewers 55-52, 21. Kansas City Royals 55-49, 22. Chicago Cubs 56-48, 23. Boston Red Sox 93-69, 24. New York Yankees 57-47, 25. Cleveland Indians 57-47, 26. Colorado Rockies 60-46, 27. Arizona Diamondbacks 60-45, 28. Washington Nationals 63-41, 29. Houston Astros 69-36, 30. Los Angeles Dodgers 74-31

2018 MLB Mock Draft: Debut

Round 1 Picks 16-30

Chris Ransom follow @DraftUtopia Last Updated: August 1, 2017.

  1. Pittsburgh Pirates: Konnor Pilkington, P, Mississippi State

    The 6-3 210 lb Konnor Pilkington was a #1 starter for Mississippi State. Pilkington went 8-5 with a 3.08 ERA and has a 96-mile per hour 4-seam fastball and a 95-mile per hour 2-seam fastball. Pilkington is a top 10 pick in some mocks. I really am impressed with his tape, but didn't know much about him until halfway through this mock so expect us to move him up in our next mock.

  2. St. Louis Cardinals: Luken Baker, 1B, TCU

    St. Louis has a lot of good prospects with Flaherty, Weaver, and Hudson all in AAA dominating as starting pitchers along with a stable bullpen, so they can ignore pitcher and take the best batter on the board which is Luken Baker who would probably be a top 10 pick if it wasn't for a broken arm where he suffered a broken forearm on his left arm in 2017. The other thing to consider is that there is no minor league first baseman on the Cardinals' farm system to groom behind the 31-year-old Matt Carpenter. The 6-4 265 lb Luken Baker is probably the most consistent power hitter in the NCAA outside of Seth Beer when healthy.

  3. Tampa Bay Rays: Jimmy Glowenke, SS, Marcus HS (TX)

    Tampa Bay does not have a starting shortstop. I know the Rays already got five shortstops in their system, but they just traded the underwhelming Tim Beckham, so they grab one more here.

  4. Seattle Mariners: Nick Sprengel, P, San Diego

    Seattle could use another starting pitcher to develop. The 6-1 185 lb Sprengel went 9-1 with a 3.27 ERA as a sophomore in 2017.

  5. Milwaukee Brewers: Dallas Woolfork, P, Ole Miss

    The 6-2 225 lb Dallas Woolfork ahd a 2.15 ERA and 12 saves in 2017. Teams shied away from taking relief pitchers in the top 10 during the last two drafts, but Woolfork is an exceptional prospect who is going to warrant top 10 consideration if he dominates again in 2018. Milwaukee has a lot of good prospects, so they can ignore need and take the best player on the board which is clearly Woolfork at this point.

  6. Kansas City Royals: Trevor Larnach, DH, Oregon State

    The Royals need someone behind Brandon Moss to develop at designated hitter. Larnach is a natural DH, and the best player on the board at this point. Kansas City does need pitching, but they also need bats too since they lose so many good players to Free Agency.

  7. Chicago Cubs: Brennan Breaux, CF, LSU

    Brennan Breaux didn't even start this year for LSU. One MLB scout told us that Breaux may emerge into a top 5 pick in 2018 with a dominant season at LSU. Breaux was an excellent situational bat when called upon though so he's someone the Cubs could consider here.

  8. Boston Red Sox: Chayce Bryant, 1B, Redan HS (GA)

    I feel like Boston could still use a first baseman. Maybe Chayce Bryant could be the answer here.

  9. New York Yankees: Justin Hooper, P, UCLA

    The Yankees traded James Kapriellian out of UCLA to Oakland in the Sonny Gray deal. New York grabs another Bruin here to represent the Bronx.

  10. Cleveland Indians: Jason Bilous, P, Coastal Carolina

    The Tribe are set at most positions. The Cleveland Indians can just take the best player on the board here and at this point that player is Coastal Carolina ace Jason Bilous, who some consider a top 15 pick.

  11. Colorado Rockies: Bryan Hoeing, P, Louisville

    Colorado gets a developmental pitcher here. Bryan Hoeing is the best pitcher available at this point.

  12. Arizona Diamondbacks: Ethan Hankins, P, Forsyth Central HS (GA)

    The 6-6 210 lb Ethan Hankins has a 97-mile per hour 4-seam fastball and a 92-mile per hour 2-seam fastball. Hankins went 5-2 with a 0.90 ERA in 9 starts. Hankins is also dominating Summer Showcase games as well with a lot of strikeouts. I really loved what I saw on tape from Hankins and would not be one bit surprised if he surged into the top 5 like MacKenzie Gore did this past season. This is probably the one player in the back-half that moves into the top half in my next MLB Mock Draft.

  13. Washington Nationals: Will Banfield, C, Brookwood HS (GA)

    Washington can take the best player on the board here and ignore need. Will Banfield is the top catcher in this class so the Nationals can grab him for depth by developing him here.

  14. Houston Astros: Josh Stowers, LF, Louisville

    The Houston Astros hae a pretty complete team for the most part. The left field position is probably the one area they could upgrade. Josh Stowers is a first round prospect and the best player available. Stowers batted .303 as a true freshman. He batted .313 in 2017 which was third highest on Louisville, plus he also stole 22 bases last season. He's fast and can take off on any play if he gets on base. Louisville will look to Stowers to be their lead bat after Tampa Bay took Brendan McKay.

  15. Los Angeles Dodgers: Owen Meaney, P, St. Thomas HS (TX)

    The 6-5 215 lb Owen Meaney had a complete game shutout where he pitched 13 strikeouts in 7 innings. He could go as early as the teens to the Angels and could fall to the Dodgers worst case scenario. Regardless of where he lands, he's a first round talent, perhaps even a future ace in the making.

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