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2016 MLS Mock Draft: Final Mock 4 Rounds

Round 4

Posted By: Chris Ransom Last Updated: January 13, 2015

  1. Chicago Fire: Chase Minter, M, Cal Poly

    Chase Minter had 7 goals, 6 assists, and 20 points in 2015. Minter is a steal for the Chicago Fire in the fourth round.

    Previous Pick: Shane Campbell, D, Louisville

  2. Colorado Rapids: Caleb Postlewait, D, Butler

    I see Dillon Serna as more of a defensive midfielder. Butler left back Caleb Postlewait has the versatility to play both left back and right back so that moves him up in this mock draft after our terrific interview with him.

    Previous Pick: Tsubasa Endoh, M, Maryland

  3. Philadelphia Union: Ben Strong, M, Louisville

    Philadelphia gets a winger here. Louisville midfielder Ben Strong can play left wing or right wing in the MLS.

    Previous Pick: Antonio Matarazzo, M, Columbia

  4. Real Salt Lake: Eric DeJulio, D, Creighton

    Real Salt Lake drafts a second center back. Eric DeJulio is the top player here after being considered an early second round pick at one point.

    Previous Pick: Chase Minter, M, Cal Poly

  5. Real Salt Lake: Mikhail Doholis, M, Oregon State

    Real Salt Lake adds someone with the versatility to play left wing or right wing out wide at midfielder. Mikhail Doholis is the best winger left in the fourth round and would give Real Salt Lake another winger for depth.

  6. D.C. United: Rodrigo Saravia, M, Florida Gulf Coast

    Rodrigo Saravia gives you a player with the versatility to play left wing, central midfielder, right wing, or defensive midfielder. he's a good box-to-box midfielder as well and would be a good fit with the D.C. United.

  7. Orlando City S.C.: Brendan Hines-Ike, D, South Florida

    Former Creighton center back Brendan Hines-Ike did a good job on defense in South Florida's win over Georgetown when Joshua Yaro was injured. If Brendan Hines-Ike makes it to this pick, Orlando City S.C. will draft him as a center back for depth.

    Previous Pick: Ryan James, M, Bowling Green

  8. San Jose Earthquakes: Emmanuel Appaih, M, Cincinnati

    San Jose gets a central midfielder/defensive midfielder in Emmanuel Appaih here. The Earthquakes have the luxury of taking the best player available in Emmanuel Appaih.

  9. Toronto F.C.: Tariq Akeel, M, Brown

    Toronto gets an attacking midfielder with the versatility to play left wing or right wing as well as central midfielder. The 6-1 170 lb player is a good box-to-box player and can play defense. Akeel is very durable. Brown's Ivy League senior may be a project, but he has potential to develop into a guy that gets you 16 goals or 16 assists a year 4 years from now if the team that drafts him remains patient with him until 2020.

  10. Vancouver Whitecaps: Michael Shipp, D, Notre Dame

    Notre Dame right back Michael Shipp gives Vancouver an extra right back for depth. Shipp is a good selection at this point.

    Previous Pick: Keegan Smith, F, San Diego

  11. Sporting Kansas City: Wade Hamilton, G, Cal Poly

    Wade Hamilton is a great addition here. He gives Sporting Kansas City a developmental goalie to groom for the future.

  12. Los Angeles Galaxy: Cole Missimo, M, Northwestern

    The Los Angeles Galaxy get Cole Missimo. Northwestern's right winger gives the Galaxy a depth player out wide with this fourth round pick.

    Previous Pick: Justin Bilyeu, D, SIU Edwardsville

  13. D.C. United: Dan Lynd, G, Pittsburgh

    Dan Lynd has had to carry a mediocre Pittsburgh Panthers College Soccer team with no talent around him. Someone may take a flyer on Dan Lynd as a developmental goalie in the fouth round. Lynd has great tape against Maryland and that's why he may get drafted.

  14. Montreal Impact: Nestor Jaramillo, M, Wofford

    Nestor Jamarillo has the versatility to play left wing or right wing as an attacking midfielder on the outside. Jaramillo is a good pick here.

  15. Seattle Sounders: Max Lachowecki, D, Notre Dame

    Notre Dame left back Max Lachowecki is the top player here. Adding him gives Seattle more depth at left back which is why this is a good pick.

    Previous Pick: Caleb Postlewait, D, Butler

  16. Vancouver Whitecaps: Ryan James, M, Bowling Green

    Vancouver gets a winger here. Bowling Green left winger Ryan James also has the versatility to play right wing and would be a good addition here.

    Previous Pick: Michael Shipp, D, Notre Dame

  17. F.C. Dallas: Alex Kapp, G, Boston College

    Boston College beat Georgetown in penalty kicks. Senior goaltender Alex Kapp was a huge reason why. One of these teams that made the MLS Playoffs has nothing to lose by drafting Kapp and taking him as a developmental goalie with this pick.

  18. New York Red Bulls: Jake Fenlason, G, Akron

    Akron goalie Jake Fenlason had 105 saves in 2015. Fenlason forced Stanford into penalty kicks in the 2015 College Cup before Akron lost in penalty kicks in the 2015 College Cup Semfinals. The New York Red Bulls have the luxury to develop Fenlason.

  19. Toronto F.C.: Evan Panken, M, Notre Dame

    Notre Dame midfielder Evan Panken had 9 assists in 2015. Panken would be a great fit as a late round pick in Toronto.

  20. Portland Timbers: Mitch Lurie, D, Rutgers

    Mitch Lurie is a 6-2 175 lb center back from Rutgers that had 6 assists in 2015. He does well on defense and can generate assists on offense.

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