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2016 MLS Mock Draft: Final Mock 4 Rounds

Round 3

Posted By: Chris Ransom Last Updated: January 13, 2016

  1. Los Angeles Galaxy: Sven Lissek, G, Furman

    Sven Lissek had a 0.70 GAA, .729 save percentage, and 7 shutouts in 2015. Lissek will be the starting goalie for Team X in the 2016 MLS Combine. Team X is the current favorite to win the 2016 MLS Combine as Lissek will play with first round picks like Brandon Vincent, Dennis Castillo, and Michael Gamble. Team X is loaded with outside backs and defensive midfielder, but is sort of thin at center back which makes me wonder if they move some of the left backs like Vincent and Castillo over to center back.

    I'm gonna be interviewing Lissek next Wednesday on Draft Utopia's podcast. Lissek has tremendous tape and has he has excellent reflexes and soft hands that allow him to save anything coming his way. Lissek may have the best reflexes of any goalie in the draft. His tape is just that good.

    Lissek had 9 shutouts in 2013 while posting a 0.64 GAA, 9 shutouts, and a 11-3-2 record as a true sophomore becoming the leader of the Furman Paladins once Walker Zimmerman went pro in the 2013 MLS Super Draft. Lissek did even better in 2014 with a 0.59 GAA and 12 shutouts.

    Lissek is a pretty consistent keeper that the Los Angeles Galaxy should take a flyer on. With the Colorado Rapids and Los Angeles Galaxy both needing goalies and both picking at the top of th third round, it's hard to argue against Lissek going here. It's really gonna come down to whether Wade Hamilton of Cal Poly or Lissek gets more minutes during the 2016 MLS Combine since both are on Team X. I like Lissek a lot better on tape so he's the pick here.

  2. Colorado Rapids: Zach Bennett, G, Michigan State

    The 6-3 194 lb Zach Bennett is the top goalie left. Bennett did not have his best season in 2015. His imposing size should make him a highly coveted prospect and you can argue that Bennett will be a top 5 goalie drafted when you consider that he plays for a big school like Michigan State. I've seen Bennett in the second round of some mocks, so he should be a top 5 goalie drafted in 2016.

  3. Philadelphia Union: Dennis Castillo, D, Virginia Commonwealth

    Philadelphia has to grab an outside back at right back. Dennis Castillo has the versatility to play both left back and right back making him a great pick here.

    Previous Pick: Jamie Luchini, F, Lehigh

  4. F.C. Dallas: Tsubasa Endoh, M, Maryland

    Tsubasa Endoh is the best player available. F.C. Dallas takes him here.

    Previous Pick: Paul Clowes, M, Clemson

  5. Real Salt Lake: Ivan Magalhaes, D, Maryland

    Maryland center back Ivan Magalhaes weighs 6-1 187 lbs. Magalhaes has the versatility to play left back, center back, right back, or defensive midfielder despite only being a junior redshirt with a degree. That makes him a highly coveted prospect who should be selected in the third round.

    Previous Pick: Walker Hume, D, North Carolina

  6. Houston Dynamo: Taylor Washington, D, George Mason

    Houston traded Corey Ashe who was an injury prone outside back. George Mason defenseman Taylor Washington is an outside back with the versatility to play left back or right back.

  7. Orlando City S.C.: Holden Fender, D, North Carolina State

    Holden Fender is a great defensive midfielder. He missed the 2014 season, and transferred from UCLA to North Carolina State in 2013. Fender would challenge his former teammate Conor Donovan for a starting job.

  8. San Jose Earthquakes: Larry Ndjock, F, UCLA

    San Jose gets a forward. UCLA's Larry Ndjock is a local product that's a good fit at this point.

  9. Vancouver Whitecaps: Ivan Militar, F, Old Dominion

    Vancouver adds one more forward for depth. Ivan Militar is the top forward left at this point plus he also has the versatility to play midfield as well as forward.

  10. New England Revolution: Zach Mathers, M, Duke

    New England goes with a midfielder. Zach Mathers went to Duke, the alma matter of New England Revolution head coach Jay Heaps.

    Mathers was a second round pick entering the 2016 MLS Combine. Mathers struggled at the 2016 MLS Combine and now goes to New England in the third round.

    Previous Pick: Thomas Sanner, F, Princeton

  11. Sporting Kansas City: Josh Turnley, D, Georgetown

    Georgetown left back Josh Turnley is the top player left. Sporting Kansas City grabs him as a left back for depth.

  12. Los Angeles Galaxy: Trevor Morley, D, Cal State Northridge

    Los Angeles gets another center back after losing Omar Gonzalez. The 6-2 175 lb Trevor Morley is the top center back left.

  13. Seattle Sounders: Ryan Herman, G, Washington

    Stefan Frei was brilliant in the 2015 regular season, but awful in the 2015 MLS Playoffs. Tyler Miller out of Northwestern was drafted in the second round of the 2015 MLS Super Draft, but he signed a deal with Germany.

    The 6-7 230 lb Ryan Herman is the successor to Spencer Richey who was drafted by the Vancouver Whitecaps in the third round of the 2015 MLS Super Draft. Herman had 8 shutouts in 2013 when coming in for an injured Richey. Herman had 9 shutouts in 2015 after he replaced Richey.

    Ryan Herman also posted a 0.67 GAA in 2015. Herman practiced with the Sounders Under 23 team who signed him. Herman could play with that Sounders U-23 team before Seattle brings him up as a backup in a few years.

  14. Montreal Impact: Kyle Culbertson, D, Ohio State

    The Montreal Impact are in the market for a defensive midfielder. One defensive midfielder they could look at is Kyle Culbertson who had 6 goals, 5 assists, and 17 points in 2015.

    Culbertson is a defensive midfielder at Ohio State. Culbertson also has the versatility to play left back, center back, or right back. Cultbertson is expceted to be an outside back in the MLS at left back or right back at the next level.

    The Montreal Impact need a guy like this. Culbertson falls to the third round because he did not play in the 2016 MLS Combine.

    Previous Pick: Faik Hajderovic, F, Saint Louis

  15. Toronto F.C.: Vincent Keller, D, Creighton

    Toronto F.C. gets a defensive midfielder. Vincent Keller has the versatility to play defensive midfielder, left back, center back, or right back in the MLS. Toronto grabs Keller here knowing this.

    Previous Pick: Tyler David, D, Saint Louis

  16. Chicago Fire: Ty Thompson, M, Stanford

    Stanford defensive midfielder Ty Thompson comes off the board here. Thompson is a great box-to-box midfielder that knows how to play quality defense.

  17. F.C. Dallas: Colin Phillips, F, Duquesne

    Colin Phillips had 13 goals as the main striker on Duquesne in 2015. Phillips posted 13 goals in 2015.

  18. Toronto F.C.: Josh Heard, M, Washington

    Toronto gets a left winger here since they already took a defensive midfielder. Instead of taking Columbia defensive midfielder Antonio Matarazzo, Toronto F.C. pursues Washington Huskies left winger Josh Heard.

  19. Columbus Crew S.C.: Antonio Matarazzo, M, Columbia

    Columbus continues to bolster their defense by adding Columbia defensive midfielder Antonio Matarazzo. Matarazzo weighs 6-4 195 lbs, and surprisingly projects just as well at center back as he does at defensive midfielder. I got Matarazzo going to Columbus as a defensive midfielder.

    Previous Pick: Max Lachowecki, D, Notre Dame

  20. Portland Timbers: Andrew Souders, D, Akron

    Right back Andrew Souders is the top defender left. Souders makes a lot of sense as a depth player for the Timbers as Portland's GM drafts a former Zip for former Akron head coach Caleb Porter to develop.

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