Draft Order MLS: 2022 MLS Draft Order Round 1: 1. Charlotte FC: Ben Bender, M, Maryland, 2. FC Cincinnati: Roman Celentano, G, Indiana, 3. F.C. Dallas (from Toronto F.C.): Isaiah Parker, M, Saint Louis, 4. Houston Dynamo F.C.: Thorleifur Ulfarsson, F, Duke, 5. Austin FC: Kipp Keller, M, Saint Louis, 6. F.C. Dallas: Lucas Bartlett, D, St. John's, 7. New York Red Bulls (from Chicago Fire F.C.): Matt Nocita, D, Navy, 8. San Jose Earthquakes: Ousseni Bouda, F, Stanford, 9. Inter Miami CF: Ryan Sailor, D, Washington, 10. Nashville S.C. (from LAFC): Ahmed Longmire, D, UCLA, 11. Chicago Fire F.C. (from CF Montreal): Kendall Burks, D, Washington, 12. Columbus Crew S.C.: Patrick Schulte, G, Saint Louis, 13. San Jose Earthquakes (from D.C. United): Oskar Agren, D, Clemson, 14. FC Cincinnati (from Los Angeles Galaxy): Ian Murphy, D, Duke, 15. CF Montreal (from New York Red Bulls): Jojea Kwizera, M, Utah Valley, 16. Vancouver Whitecaps: Simon Becher, F, Saint Louis, 17. Minnesota United F.C.: Tani Oluwaseyi, F, St. John's, 18. Orlando City S.C.: Jack Lynn, F, Notre Dame, 19. Atlanta United F.C.: Erik Centeno, D, Pacific, 20. New York Red Buls (from Seattle Sounders): O'Vonte Mullings, F, Florida Gulf Coast, 21. Los Angeles Galaxy (from Nashville S.C.): Farai Mutatu, F, Michigan State, 22. Sporting Kansas City: Esai Easley, D, Grand Canyon, 23. Colorado Rapids: Mohamed Omar, M, Notre Dame, 24. New England Revolution: Jacob Jackson, G, Loyola Marymount, 25. Columbus Crew S.C. (from Real Salt Lake): Phillip Quinton, D, Notre Dame, 26. Colorado Rapids (from Philadelphia Union): Anthony Markanich, D, Northern Illinois, 27. Portland Timbers: Justin Rasmussen, M, Grand Canyon, 28. F.C. Dallas (from New York City F.C.): Tsiki Ntsabeleng, M, Oregon State

2022 MLS Super Draft Results

Round 1 Picks 15-28

Farai Mutatu fell to the back half of the first round. Find out where he went.

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  1. CF Montreal: Jojea Kwizera, M, Utah Valley B- Grade

    CF Montreal gets Jojea Kwizera as a midfielder for depth here. Kwizera is one of the best value picks on the board for CF Montreal at 15

    The 5-9 165 lb Jojea Kwizera had 3 goals, 8 assists, and 14 points in the Spring of 2021. He improved on that with 5 goals, 11 assists, and 21 points in the Fall of 2021. Utah Valley's head coach Greg Maas praised Kwizera just as much as he praised former Utah Valley center back Ahmed Longmire.

  2. Vancouver Whitecaps: Simon Becher, F, Saint Louis A+ Grade

    The 6-1 187 lb Simon Becher is a natural 9 at striker for the Saint Louis Billikens. Simon Becher had 14 goals, 10 assists, and 34 points in the Fall of 2021. He can definitely come in and push David Egbo last years 2021 first round pick for some minutes right out of the gate.

  3. Minnesota United F.C.: Tani Oluwaseyi, F, St. John's C+ Grade

    The 6-2 170 lb Tani Oluwaseyi is versatile enough to play the 7 at right winger, the 9 at striker, or the 11 at left winger. He's generating a lot of first round buzz from the mainstream media despite only playing 2 games and having 0 starts this Fall. His speed, versatility, and leadership as a team captain at St. John's is the biggest reason why some having him go as early in the first round.

  4. Orlando City S.C.: Jack Lynn, F, Notre Dame B Grade

    The 6-2 188 lb Jack Lynn is an ideal 9 at striker. Jack Lynn led Notre Dame in goals for three years in a row now dating back to his sophomore year. Jack Lynn had 10 goals, 1 assist, and 21 points in 2019 as a sophomore. Jack Lynn had 8 goals and 16 points in 2020 as a junior. Jack Lynn had 9 goals, 4 assists, and 22 points so far in 2021 during his senior season. He really impressed me in person when scouting him against Pittsburgh. He didn't impress me as much in the College Cup, but Orlando City S.C. is hoping he can come in and fill the void Dike left.

  5. Atlanta United F.C.: Erik Centeno, D, Pacific A+ Grade

    The 5-8 141 lb Erik Centeno is a 19-year-old prospect that can literally play anywhere on the pitch. He can play the 2 at right back, the 6 at defensive midfielder, the 7 at right winger, the 8 at central midfielder, the 9 at striker, and the 11 at left winger. Centano is extremely versatile even though right back and right wing are his projected main positions in MLS.

    Erik Centeno had 6 goals, 5 assists, and 19 points as a true freshman before standing out in a big way at the 2021 MLS College Showcase. Erik Centeno was so impressive at MLS College Showcase, that he received a Generation Adidas offer becoming the first member of the Pacific Tigers to ever get a Generation Adidas offer. Erik's brother, Omar Centeno had nothing but positive things to say about his brother.

    Tristan Blackmon got drafted third overall out of Pacific in 2018. I don't see Centeno going that high, but his speed and upper body strength is better than people think despite his size. He really impressed me on film with his dribbling and technique when watching his highlights so Atlanta United F.C. is getting a good right back and right winger for depth here.

  6. New York Red Bulls: O'Vonte Mullings, F, Florida Gulf Coast B- Grade

    The New York Red Bulls may have to use an International roster slot on Canadian striker O'Vonte Mullings. The 5-9 149 lb O'Vonte Mullings, a native of Canada, may be the striker that plays the 9 on Florida Gulf Coast. He probably moves to the 7 at right winger or the 11 at left winger if he gets drafted by an MLS team though. O'Vonte Mullings had 7 goals, 1 assist, and 15 points in the Fall of 2021. Mullings scored 7 goals in 3 of his four seasons at Florida Gulf Coast. Putting him at right wing on the New York Red Bulls could work itself out.

  7. Los Angeles Galaxy: Farai Mutatu, F, Michigan State A+ Grade

    The Los Angeles Galaxy get a huge steal on the board at 21. Farai Mutatu is the second best domestic striker born in the United States still on the board. He's the most versatile domestic striker still on the board since he can move to a winger role if you need him to.

    Farai Mutatu was born in Zimbabwe, but his hometown is Haslett, Michigan. The 22-year-old Michigan State forward is a domestic player in the 2022 MLS Super Draft which means he will probably get picked in the top 10 in wake of this news.

    The 5-9 165 lb Farai Mutatu led Michigan State in shot attempts with 21 and goals with 10 in the Spring of 2021. His speed, kicking power, and kicking accuracy is amazing despite being smaller than 5-10. He's also one of the fastest players in College Soccer and I'd argue he is the fastest player in this draft. Farai Mutatu had 7 goals, 3 assists, and 17 points in the Fall of 2021. He's versatile enough to play the 7 at right winger, the 9 at striker, and the 11 at left winger.

  8. Sporting Kansas City: Esai Easley, D, Grand Canyon A Grade

    The 6-0 160 lb Esai Easley was the WAC Defensive Player Of The Year. His coaches described him as a hard worker with a positive attitude. The only reason I didn't put him in my mock until now was because I thought he had an Academy deal with the Seattle Sounders and wondered if that would affect his draft status. He's draft eligible and is a domestic player in this class.

    The only question is whether Esai Easley would be groomed as a center back with Portland or start right away. There's no question Esai Easley is a first round talent. It's just I got guys like Oskar Agren, Lucas Bartlett, and Philip Quinton ranked ahead of him as far as center backs go if you exclude a midfielder that's transitioning to center back like Kipp Keller. Oskar Agren and Lucas Bartlett were gone.

  9. Colorado Rapids: Mohamed Omar, M, Notre Dame A Grade

    The 6-3 182 lb Mohamed Omar is the defensive midfielder on the Notre Dame Men's Soccer Team. Omar came back from a season ending injury in the Spring. Omar had 4 goals, 1 assist, 9 points, and helped Notre Dame record 13 shutouts in the Fall of 2021. He's a natural 6 at defensive midfielder.

    Mohamed Omar is from Canada so if he goes to Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver he won't occupy an International roster slot, where as if he goes to an American team he will occupy an International roster slot. Colorado gets an A+ grade here with Mohamed Omar having one of the more inspirational stories leading up to the 2022 MLS Super Draft.

  10. New England Revoultion: Jacob Jackson, G, Loyola Marymount C Grade

    The 6-2 205 lb Jacob Jackson would be an ideal goalie to groom for the future if you are an MLS team. The 21-year-old Loyola Marymount goalie Jacob Jackson went 11-4-2 in the Fall of 2021 with 50 saves, a 0.67 goals against average, a .806 save percentage, and 8 shutouts leading up to the 2022 MLS Super Draft. He's not a bad pick, but there were certainly better goalies, better value picks, as well as positions of need.

  11. Columbus Crew: Phillip Quinton, D, Notre Dame A+ Grade

    Phillip Quinton is taller than both center backs on Columbus Crew S.C. Caleb Porter is gonna have a lot of fun coaching Quinton and fitting him into the Columbus back line if he makes it to MLS.

    he 6-6 205 lb Phillip Quinton had 2 goals and helped Notre Dame record 13 shutouts in the Fall of 2021. Phillip Quinton has 54 career starts at center back for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish making him an extremely durable center back. His play at center back helped Notre Dame get the only road win at Ambrose Urbanic Field when I saw him in person against Pittsburgh. This road win was also a game where Pitt had 0 goals in front of their home crowd.

  12. Colorado Rapids: Anthony Markanich, D, Northern Illinois A Grade

    The 6-1 165 lb Anthony Markanich was a natural 2 at left back on Northern Illinois giving Colorado good depth at left back. Him and his twin brother Nick Markanich both impressed in person when I saw the Pitt Men's Soccer Team at the 2021 College Cup. Even though Pittsburgh dominated the match, Northern Illinois played well enough to get a 1-0 lead on Pittsburgh in a cold game where there was lots of snow. Markanich should be able to handle the altitude in Colorado as he transitions to MLS.

  13. Portland Timbers: Justin Rasmussen, M, Grand Canyon A+ Grade

    New England is loaded on the back line with Matt Polster at defensive midfielder, DeJuan Jones at left back, Andrew Farrell at center back, Henry Kessler at center back, and Brandon Bye at right back. New England has everyone on this back line locked up for the next three years. Getting a central midfielder, attacking midfielder, and right fielder.

    The 6-1 190 lb Justin Rasmussen has 9 goals, 6 assists, and 24 points with Grand Canyon this season. Justin Rasmussen can play the 2 at right back, the 3 at left back, the 6 at defensive midfielder, 7 at right winger, 8 at central midfielder, 10 at attacking midfielder, or the 11 at left winger. Being versatile enough to play on offense or defense allows New England to draft him as an attacking midifielder since that's one area of the team he can improve. You can also add Rasmussen for depth on the back line as well.

  14. F.C. Dallas: Tsiki Ntsabeleng, M, Oregon State C- Grade

    Oregon State got to the final 8 in the College Cup. Tsiki Ntsabeleng can compliment Isaiah Parker at right winger as a natural 7.

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