Draft Order MLS: 2022 MLS Draft Order Round 2: 29. Charlotte FC: Kyle Holcolmb, F, Wake Forest, 30. FC Cincinnati: Nick Markanich, F, Northern Illinois, 31. Toronto F.C.: Luka Gavran, G, St. John's, 32. Houston Dynamo F.C.: Paulo Lima, M, Providence, 33. Chicago Fire F.C. (from Austin FC): Charlie Ostrem, D, Washington, 34. New York City F.C. (from F.C. Dallas): Kevin O'Toole, M, Princeton, 35. Austin FC (from Chicago Fire F.C.): Charlie Asensio, D, Clemson, 36. San Jose Earthquakes: Sofiane Djeffal, M, Oregon State, 37. Inter Miami CF: Lucas Meek, M, Washington, 38. Nashville S.C. (from LAFC): Will Meyer, G, Akron, 39. Houston Dynamo F.C. (from CF Montreal): Arturo Ordonez, D, Pittsburgh, 40. Columbus Crew S.C.: Jacob Erlandson, D, Bowling Green, 41. D.C. United: Alex Nagy, M, Vermont, 42. Los Angeles Galaxy: Callum Johnson, M, Clemson, 43. New York Red Bulls: Achille Robin, D, Washington, 44. Vancouver Whitecaps: Luis Felipe Fernandez-Salvador, M, Clemson, 45. Colorado Rapids (from Minnesota United F.C.): Roberto Molina, F, UC Irvine, 46. Orlando City S.C.: Nathan Dossantos, D, Marshall, 47. Atlanta United F.C.: Tristan Trager, F, Air Force, 48. Inter Miami C.F. (from Seattle Sounders): Justin Ingram, M, Loyola Maryland, 49. Vancouver Whitecaps (from Nashville S.C.): Giovanni Aguilar, M, Cal State Northridge, 50. Sporting Kansas City: Brett St. Martin, D, Maryland, 51. Colorado Rapids: Passed, 52. New England Revolution: Ben Reveno, D, UCLA, 53. Real Salt Lake: Pedro Fonseca, F, Louisville, 54. Inter Miami CF (from Philadelphia Union): Tyler Bagley, M, Cornell, 55. Portland Timbers: Julian Bravo, D, Santa Clara, 56. New York City F.C.: Kingsford Adeji, M, Dayton, Round 1: 1. Charlotte FC: Ben Bender, M, Maryland, 2. FC Cincinnati: Roman Celentano, G, Indiana, 3. F.C. Dallas (from Toronto F.C.): Isaiah Parker, M, Saint Louis, 4. Houston Dynamo F.C.: Thorleifur Ulfarsson, F, Duke, 5. Austin FC: Kipp Keller, M, Saint Louis, 6. F.C. Dallas: Lucas Bartlett, D, St. John's, 7. New York Red Bulls (from Chicago Fire F.C.): Matt Nocita, D, Navy, 8. San Jose Earthquakes: Ousseni Bouda, F, Stanford, 9. Inter Miami CF: Ryan Sailor, D, Washington, 10. Nashville S.C. (from LAFC): Ahmed Longmire, D, UCLA, 11. Chicago Fire F.C. (from CF Montreal): Kendall Burks, D, Washington, 12. Columbus Crew S.C.: Patrick Schulte, G, Saint Louis, 13. San Jose Earthquakes (from D.C. United): Oskar Agren, D, Clemson, 14. FC Cincinnati (from Los Angeles Galaxy): Ian Murphy, D, Duke, 15. CF Montreal (from New York Red Bulls): Jojea Kwizera, M, Utah Valley, 16. Vancouver Whitecaps: Simon Becher, F, Saint Louis, 17. Minnesota United F.C.: Tani Oluwaseyi, F, St. John's, 18. Orlando City S.C.: Jack Lynn, F, Notre Dame, 19. Atlanta United F.C.: Erik Centeno, D, Pacific, 20. New York Red Buls (from Seattle Sounders): O'Vonte Mullings, F, Florida Gulf Coast, 21. Los Angeles Galaxy (from Nashville S.C.): Farai Mutatu, F, Michigan State, 22. Sporting Kansas City: Esai Easley, D, Grand Canyon, 23. Colorado Rapids: Mohamed Omar, M, Notre Dame, 24. New England Revolution: Jacob Jackson, G, Loyola Marymount, 25. Columbus Crew S.C. (from Real Salt Lake): Phillip Quinton, D, Notre Dame, 26. Colorado Rapids (from Philadelphia Union): Anthony Markanich, D, Northern Illinois, 27. Portland Timbers: Justin Rasmussen, M, Grand Canyon, 28. F.C. Dallas (from New York City F.C.): Tsiki Ntsabeleng, M, Oregon State

2022 MLS Super Draft Results

Round 2

Wake Forest striker Kyle Holcolmb was a top 10 talent. Find out who got him in the second round.

Chris Ransom follow @DraftUtopia Last Updated: January 12, 2022

  1. Charlotte FC: Kyle Holcomb, F, Wake Forest A+ Grade

    Charlotte FC takes the best Domestic Player in the entire 2022 MLS Super Draft to start the second round. Kyle Holcolmb is the best domestic striker born in the United States still on the board. Kyle Holcolmb has experience as a 7 at right winger, a 9 at striker, and an 11 at left winger.

    The 6-0 165 lb Kyle Holcolmb had back-to-back seasons with 9 goals for Wake Forest heading into the Fall of 2021. His consistent goal scoring makes him a top 20 pick heading into the season when you consider he led Wake Forest in goals as a true sophomore in 2019 before matching that total with 9 goals again after showcasing his skills in the Fall fo 2020 and the Spring of 2021. Holcomb had 12 goals, 4 assists, and 28 points in the Fall of 2021 showcasing his consistent goal scoring for the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. The 21-year-old Kyle Holcomb gives Charlotte FC a starter at left winger if Ben Bender their first overall pick plays left midfielder instead of left winger.

  2. FC Cincinnati: Nick Markanich, F, Northern Illinois A+ Grade

    FC Cincinnati gets a striker for depth that can play central forward at the 9 to start the second round. Adding the NCAA leading goal scorer Nick Makanich my top ranked player from the MAC Conference in College Soccer is a great decision for FC Cincinnati in the second round.

    The 6-1 160 lb Nick Markanich led the NCAA with 16 goals as a senior. He really impressed me when scouting him in person when Northern Illinois faced the Pittsburgh Panthers in the second round of the 2021 Men's College Cup. The Chicago Fire owned his rights as well as his twin brothers rights and failed to sign either homegrown prospect to a deal. FC Cincinnati did a great job by geting Nick Markanich and drafting him with this pick.

  3. Toronto F.C.: Luka Gavran, G, St. John's A- Grade

    The 6-6 200 lb Luka Gavran is a natural 1 at goalie. Luka Gavran 11-6-3 with 65 saves, a 0.57 goals against average, an .844 save percentage, and 12 shutouts in the Fall of 2021. Toronto F.C. can gamble on Luka Gavran by hoping to develop him for the future while their older goalies play their contracts out since Toronto F.C.'s backup goalie to starter Alex Bono is 35-years-old.

  4. Houston Dynamo F.C.: Paulo Lima, M, Providence B+ Grade

    Houston grabs a defensive midfielder here. This pick won't count as an International roster slot unless he makes Houston Dynamo F.C.'s final roster. My friend Bryan Luis used a fire emoji when describing Paulo Lima's game at Providence. The 23-year-old defensive midfieler is a very good value pick for Houston Dynamo F.C. in the second round.

    The 6-1 170 lb Paulo Lima is a three year starter at defensive midfielder getting Big East first team honors for Providence in the Fall of 2021. Paulo Lima has 4 goals, 4 assists, 12 points, and 6 shutouts for Providence in the Fall of 2021 is a good candidate to be drafted by Houston Dynamo F.C. as a natural 6. He gives Houston more depth at defensive midfielder, plus he's also able to play the 7 at right winger too which gives Houston depth at either defensive midfielder or right winger if Lima end up making the roster.

  5. Chicago Fire F.C.: Charlie Ostrem, D, Washington A+ Grade

    The 22-year-old Charlie Ostrem is the consensus top left back in the 2022 MLS Super Draft. Chicago Fire F.C. is getting a steal in the steal in the second round.

    The 5-8 155 lb Charlie Ostrem is a natural 3 at the left back spot. Charlie Ostrem had 1 goal, 11 assists, and 13 points winning PAC 12 Defensive Player Of The Year in the Spring of 2021 as a junior. Charlie Ostrem had 2 goals, 9 assists, 13 points, and helped Washington record 12 shutouts in the Fall of 2021 as a senior.

  6. New York City F.C.: Kevin O'Toole, M, Princeton B+ Grade

    New York City F.C. needs a winger. They lost their left winger to the 2021 MLS Expansion Draft.

    The 5-10 161 lb Kevin O'Toole is a natural 7 at right winger. Kevin O'Toole had 7 goals, 9 assists, and 23 points in the Fall of 2021.

  7. Austin FC: Charlie Asensio, D, Clemson A- Grade

    The 5-9 155 lb Charlie Asensio is a 21-year-old left back on the Clemson Tigers who helped the Clemson Tigers record 10 shutouts including a 2-0 shutout over Washington in the 2021 College Cup Championship Game. Atlanta United F.C. didn't sign him to a homegrown deal, so Austin FC can poach him by drafting Asensio as a left back after not renewing 2021 first round pick Aidan Stanley. It's also worth noting that Asensio is younger than Hermann Trophy Finalist Oskar Agren who happens to be my top graded center back in this draft class.

  8. D.C. United: Sofiane Djeffal, M, Oregon State A+ Grade

    D.C. United gets a midfielder that can be a defensive midfielder at the 6, right winger at the 7, central midfielder at the 8, a striker at the 9, an attacking midfielder at the 10, or a left winger at the 11. Basically you can plug Sofiane Djeffal anywhere at midfielder or forward, but he will require an International roster slot. Sofiane Djeffal would be an upgrade for D.C. United at central midfielder at the 8 and at the very worst he provides nice depth as a backup while you develop his game.

    The 5-10 152 lb Sofiane Djeffal had 5 goals, 7 assists, and 17 points as a true freshman in 2018 before winning PAC 12 Freshman of the Year. Djeffal had 3 goals, 6 assists, and 12 points as a true sophomore in 2019. Sofiane Djeffal played in the 2020 MLS Combine Invitational before having only 4 goals in a shortened 2021 Spring Season.

    Sofiane Djeffal got promoted to team captain the leader after Oregon State lost Hermann Trophy Winner Gloire Amanda who opted to turn Pro. Sofiane Djeffal had 6 goals, 6 assists, and 22 points in the Fall of 2021 during his senior season byy helping Oregon State get the number one seed in the 2021 College Cup using his explosive speed to get separation from opposing defenders. Sofiane Djeffal is now 22-years-old and will count as a senior in the 2022 MLS Super Draft.

  9. Inter Miami C.F.: Lucas Meek, M, Washington C- Grade

    The 6-2 160 lb Lucas Meek can play the 8 at central midfielder or the 10 at attacking midfielder. Meek is a good College player that's probably gonna project as a bench player in the pros.

  10. Nashville S.C.: Will Meyer, G, Akron C+ Grade

    I like Will Meyer, but Nashville S.C. still has their current starting goalie plus 2020 first round pick Elliott Panicco out of Charlotte on their roster. That's why I have a little bit of trouble understanding the thought process behind adding Will Meyer as a third goalie here.

    The 6-2 174 lb Will Meyer is another guy that's generating a lot of first round buzz from the MLS Scouting Community. Most of his six shutouts came against weaker opponents this season. While the 23-year-old goalie impressed me on tape with his reflexes and coordination, his room for development is smaller than every other goalie in the 2022 MLS Super Draft due to his age.

  11. Houston Dynamo F.C.: Arturo Ordonez, D, Pittsburgh A Grade

    A center back tandem of Ethan Bartlow and Arturo Ordonez could be deadly down the road. Houston Dynamo F.C will turn things around if those two center backs can make it on the MLS roster this year.

    Arturo Ordonez nicknamed Airturo Ordonez due to his consistent ability to score on headers from corner kicks is one of the best center backs in the 2022 MLS Super Draft making him a good value pick in the second round of the 2022 MLS Super Draft. Pittsburgh midfielder Valentin Noel praised Arturo Ordonez when I interviewed the Panthers midfielder. Ordonez kicks the ball very far similar to Ethan Bartlow the sixth overall pick in the 2021 MLS Super Draft.

    The 6-2 185 lb Arturo Ordonez had 3 goals, 2 assists, and 8 points in the Fall of 2020 and Spring of 2021. Arturo Ordonez had 3 goals, 1 assists, 7 points, and helped Pittsburgh record 6 shutouts in 2021. He kicks the ball with lots of kicking power and kicking accuracy. His traits on tape are better than his stats indicate. He can play the 4 at center back or the 5 as a center back that acts as a teams sweeper.

    He's extremely durable with 57 career starts in his career with the Pittsburgh Panthers Men's Soccer Team. He also got invited to the 2021 MLS College Showcase.

  12. Columbus Crew: Jacob Earlandson, D, Bowling Green A Grade

    Columbus Crew gets an in state player that can push for minutes at center back. They draft a local in state player by drafting Bowling Green center back Jacob Earlandson who can play the 4 at center back or the 5 at center back as a sweeper. The 22-year-old Jacob Earlandson is my third MAC player to get drafted behind Nick Markanich and Diogo Pacheco.

    The 6-1 175 lb Jacob Earlandson had 6 goals, 4 assists, 16 points, and helped Bowling Green record 9 shutouts. Jacob Earlandson's biggest game was where he led Bowling Green to a Tournament win where Bowling Green defeated Louisville in the first round of the 2021 Men's College Cup. His best game came in a 2-0 win over Detroit Mercy where he had a goal and an asssist for Bowling Green. Other goals came against Northern Illinois, Ohio State, Michigan State, and Georgia State.

    Drafting Jacob Earlandson gives Columbus Crew a duo of Philip Quinton and Jacob Earlandson at center back. This takes care of the back line for now.

  13. D.C. United: Alex Nagy, M, Vermont B- Grade

    D.C. United grabs a winger here. Vermont midfielder Alex Nagy is one of the best wingers in this draft and a nice addition fro D.C. United here.

    The 6-0 165 lb Alex Nagy can play the 8 at central midfielder, the 10 at attacking midfielder, or the 11 at left winger with his versatility. Alex Nagy got Vermont to the America East Championship game where Vermont lost to New Hampshire which is nothing to be ashamed of since New Hampshire was loaded with veterans even after losing Josh Bauer. Alex Nagy started all 20 games for Vermont posting 5 goals, 11 assists, and 21 points in the Fall of 2021.

  14. Los Angeles Galaxy: Callum Johnson, M, Clemson A+ Grade

    Los Angeles gets Callum Johnson with their second round pick. Callum Johnson is a natural 8 that can play central midfielder.

    The 5-9 145 lb Callum Johnson started his career at Boston College before transferring to Clemson where the Clemson Tigers won the 2021 Men's College Cup. Callum Johnson's Championship experience in College could end up helping a team like the Los Angeles Galaxy.

  15. Seattle Sounders: Achille Robin, D, Washington A Grade

    Achille Robin split time with Ryan Sailor and Kendall Burks at center back. Seattle is a team that has a lot of homegrown prospects on Washington. I believe Seattle did their due diligence on Achille Robin who also played center back with Jacob Earlanson at Bowling Green before transferring to Washington for the Fall of 2021.

  16. Vancouver Whitecaps: Luis Feipe Fernandez-Salvador, M, Clemson A+ Grade

    The Vancouver Whitecaps draft the best player on the board in the second round. Luis Felipe Fernandez-Salvador is a really good prospect who is a natural at the 10 at attacking midfielder.

    The 5-10 165 lb Luis Feipe Fernandez-Salvador had 8 goals, 5 points, and 21 points in the Fall of 2021. He's a good addition to a team like the Vancouver Whitecaps.

  17. Colorado Rapids: Roberto Molina, F, UC Irvine A+ Grade

    The 5-9 145 lb Roberto Molina is versatile enough to play the 7 at right winger, the 9 at striker, an the 11 at left winger. He had 3 goals and 3 assists in his lone season at UC Irvine before playing a year in the USL with the Las Vegas Lights USL team. This 20-year-old has USL experience. The Colorado Rapids stash him in MLS Next or the USL until he develops or until an International roster slot opens up.

  18. Orlando City S.C.: Nathan Dossantos, D, Marshall B Grade

    The 5-11 175 lb center back on Marshall can play the 4 or the 5 as a sweeper. Orlando City S.C. could use a center back, but drafting Nathan Dossantos may require Orlando City S.C. to use an International roster slot. Nathan Dossantos helped Marshall record 9 shutouts in the Fall of 2021.

  19. Atlanta United F.C.: Tristan Trager, F, Air Force A+ Grade

    Either way, Tristan Trager out of Air Force fits what Atlanta United F.C. is looking for. Tristan Trager is a natural at the 7 at right wing, the 8 at central midfielder, the 9 at striker, the 10 at attacking midfielder, and the 11 at left winger. In fact you could make an argument that Trager is more versatile than former Air Force first round pick Tucker Bone.

    Tristan Trager played left wing and striker as a sophomore in 2019, but he was used more as a striker and right winger this year during his senior season. @MLSGoneWild has him as a candidate going fifteenth overall and even took the time to post a scouting report of him. Like @FrenchCollegeSoccer, @MLSGoneWild is a must follow for College Soccer and MLS fans on Twitter.

    The 5-11 155 lb Tristan Trager took over as the leader on Air Force as a sophomore in 2019 when he had 13 goals right after the Seattle Sounders drafted Trager's teammate Tucker Bone in the first round of the 2019 MLS Super Draft. Bone skateboarded to improve his eye hand coordination. That's one of the things Tucker told me when I interviewed him in that draft in Chicago.

    Trsitan Trager didn't have the same impact in the Spring of 2021. He's regained that dominant form he had two years ago in 2019. Tristan Trager had 13 goals, 7 assists, and 33 points in the Fall of 2021.

    Trsitan Trager may not have been at the 2021 MLS College Showcase. You have to look past that since his tape speaks for itself. I really cannot fault a team if they take Tristan Trager in the first round since he could end up haivng a better pro career than Tucker Bone. Trager gives Atlanta United F.C. a future starter at either left winger, striker, or right winger.

  20. Inter Miami C.F.: Justin Ingram, M, Loyola Maryland A+ Grade

    Inter Miami C.F. grabs a midfielder who can be a 6 at defensive midfielder, an 8 at central midfielder or a 10 at attacking midfielder with his versatility.

    The 5-8 153 lb midfielder has superb vision. His offensive awareness, defensive awareness, and soccer IQ is through the roof. H's also got the engine, stamine, leadership, and swagger to anchor a midfield regardless of what role you plug him into. @MLSGoneWild called him an expert at creating and exploiting angles to receive the ball from teammates.

    The two time Patriot League player of the year who won Patriot League player in the Spring of 2021 and the Fall of 2021 is a dark horse to creep into the first round after having 7 goals, 10 assists, and 24 points in the Fall of 2021. He's a superb value pick in the second round and Inter Miami C.F. simply doesn't have the luxury of passing on this domestic prospect whose hometown is Indianapolis, Indiana.

  21. Vancouver Whitecaps: Giovanni Aguilar, M, Cal State Northridge A Grade

    Giovanni Aguilar could go anywhere between the first and third round. He has first round traits on tape, but third round stats.

    The 6-0 170 lb central midfielder is a natural 8, but he's also versatile ennoug to play the 10 at attacking midfielder. He's a good defender that may be able to play the 6 at defensive midfielder as his defense is better than most midfielders in this class.

    He knows how to create angles. Guys that can create angles in soccer are like route runners in football which is a very valuable skill to have. He had 3 goals, 3 asissts, and 9 points, but his traits are too good for Vancouer to overlook at this point in the second round.

  22. Sporting Kansas City: Brett St. Martin, D, Maryland A+ Grade

    Sporting Kansas City grabs a center back here, doubling up at the position in the draft with both of their starting center backs in their thirties. Now I'm giving them Maryland center back Brett St. Martin to pair with Esai Easley on the back line.

    The 6-0 170 lb Brett St. Martin is a four year starter for Maryland at center back. He's also the last starter from Maryland's 2018 Championship Team that's still on the roster. Brett St. Martin finally earned a promotion to captain last year in the Spring of 2021. With Matt Di Rosa and Ben Di Rosa gone at outside back, all the focus will be on Brett St. Martin who only had 1 assist despite leading Maryland to 8 shutouts in the Fall of 2021.

  23. Colorado Rapids: Passed F Grade

    I can't stand it when teams pass on draft picks. Luckily this year only one team passed on their second round pick. Pedro Dollabella the Marshall player that I had a first round grade on, that I mocked to Colorado at 23 went undrafted because Colorado passed on this pick. The Conference USA Player of the year with 10 goals, 6 assists, and 26 points went undrafted because a team like the Colorado Rapids chose to pass on this pick. I'm happy that everyone in my top 24 overall got drafted, it's a huge improvement by the scouting departments compared to previous MLS Super Drafts, but Pedro Dollabella was my twenty fifth best overall player and he went undrafted because Colorado passed on this pick. Colorado still needs to be held accountable for passing on their pick.

  24. New England Revoultion: Ben Reveno, D, UCLA C Grade

    The 6-1 170 lb Ben Reveno isn't as athletic or as dominant as his teammate Ahemd Longmire. He makes up for this by being more durable than Longmire. He also provides depth at left back for teh New England Revolution.

    If New England had gone after midfielders that could help this team win now in the Super Draft, this would be my favorite to win the Eastern Conference in 2022. That's one reason why I gave the New England Revolution a second consecutive C grade.

  25. Real Salt Lake: Pedro Fonseca, F, Louisville B Grade

    The 5-8 165 lb Pedro Fonseca is one of of the oldest players in the 2022 MLS Super Draft. He's already 24-years-old and he turns 25 in May. Also he's going to require a team with an International slot to draft him. His age and International status is why he fell to Real Salt Lake in the second round, but he's too talented to go undrafted.

    Pedro Fonseca can play the 8 at central midfielder, 9 at striker, 10 at attacking midfielder, or 11 at left winger with his versatility. Pedro Fonseca had 4 goals, 4 assists, and 12 points in the Spring of 2021. Fonseca had 8 goals, 8 assists, and 24 points so far in the Fall of 2021.

  26. Inter Miami C.F.: Tyler Bagley, M, Cornell A+ Grade

    Tyler Bagley out of Cornell is a first round talent on tape, but he didn't get an invite to the 2021 MLS College Showcase meaning he could fall to round 2 and possibly be a steal for the Inter Miami C.F. Honestly, I'm more impressed by Bagley's film than former 2018 first round pick Wyatt Omsberg who went fifteenth overall out of Dartmouth.

    The Ivy League midfielder Tyler Bagley checks all of the boxes on tape as far as passing, shooting, running, and defending effectively on film. I mocked Tyler Bagley as high as ninth overall to Inter Miami C.F. at one point. It's pretty clear that Inter Miami C.F. read that mock draft back in November. All kidding aside, Bagley is a great fit for Inter Miami C.F. here.

    The 5-6 170 lb Tyler Bagley has dominated this year. Tyler Bagley had 14 goals, 7 assists, and 35 points in the Fall of 2021. Tyler Bagley is versatile enough to play the 6 at defensive midfielder, the 7 at right wnger, the 8 at central midfielder, the 9 at striker, the 10 at attacking midfielder, and the 11 at left winger. You could argue that these traits make Tyler Bagley the most versatile player in the entire 2022 MLS Super Draft.

  27. Portland Timbers: Julian Bravo, D, Santa Clara C+ Grade

    The 6-2 170 lb Julian Bravo gives Portland depth on the back line. Julian Bravo can play the 2 at right back, the 3 at left back, the 4 at center back, or the 5 at center back as a sweeper with his versatility. This is a very good value pick for the Portland Timbers.

  28. New York City F.C.: Kingsford Adeji, M, Dayton B Grade

    The 5-5 160 lb Kingsford Adeji can play the 7 at right winger, 8 at central midfielder, the 9 at striker, the 10 at attacking midfielder, and the 11 at left winger. I've seen Adeji listed as high as the first round and his tape is good. There are so many good International players in this draft that someone was bound to fall.

    New York City F.C. gambles on Kingsford Adeji, who would be a sure fire top 15 pick if he reclassified for the 2023 MLS Super Draft with one year of College Soccer eligibility left. His best year was in 2019 before Covid-19 when he had 11 goals, 3 assists, and 25 points. Kingsfor Adeji hasn't matched his point total since 2019 despite showing amazing versatility, speed, and vision on tape. Adeji only had 5 goals, 4 assists, and 14 poins in the Spring of 2021. Adeji only had 5 goals, 3 assists, and 13 points in the Fall of 2021 so it's easy to fall in love with his highlights without looking at the big picture.

    If teams are willing to look past the fact that he hasn't improved since 2019 because they only watched his highlights then he could go early in this draft like the first round. He's also capable of falling to the third or fourth round. I won't bash a team for taking Kingsford Adeji early because he's a soccer player with elite traits as well as a member of the Right To Dream Academy. New York City F.C. took him at the end of hte second round which is right where he should go. This pick gets a B grade.

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