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2016 MLS Draft Goaltender Rankings

Posted By: Chris Ransom

Last Updated: January 11, 2015 Following Our monthly 2016 MLS Draft

These will be our initial rankings for the goalies in the 2016 MLS Draft. These rankings will be adjusted as the season progresses.

  1. Andrew Tarbell, G, Clemson Projected Round 1st Round Projected Team

    2015 Season Recap The 6-3 194 lb Andrew Tarbell signed a Generation Adidas deal after graduating as a junior redshirt. In 2015, Tarbell had a 0.88 GAA and 9 shutouts in 24 starts as a junior redshirt. Tarbell did that while going 17-3-4 while posting a .792 save percentage. Tarbell is a project, but you can argue he's the top goalie in this years MLS Draft after watching him dominate against Syracuse in the 2015 College Cup.

    Before 2015

    Tarbell redshirted in 2012. In 2013, Tarbell had a 1.01 GAA and 4 shutouts in 7 starts as a freshman redshirt. In 2014, Tarbell had a 0.85 GAA and 5 shutouts in 16 starts as a sophomore redshirt.

  2. Callum Irving, G, Kentucky Projected Round 2nd Round Projected Team

    2015 Season Recap The 6-1 190 lb Callum Irving has a 0.60 GAA and 11 shutouts in 2015. The thing that concerns me with Irving is his .811 save percentage in 2015. That drops him to a second round prospect, but despite that Irving is still the top senior goalie in this years MLS Super Draft.

    Before 2015

    Irving got some starts as true freshman in 2012. Irving won the starting job in 2013 and only allowed 18 goals in 16 games. Irving's 1.09 GAA and 6 shutouts really stood out that year.

    Irving did even more the following year in 2014. Irving had a 0.77 GAA, 10 shutouts, and 65 saves which ranked 9th in the nation in 2014.

  3. Connor Sparrow, G, Creighton Projected Round 2nd Round Projected Team

    2015 Season Recap The 6-2 175 lb Connor Sparrow has a 0.82 GAA and 10 shutouts in 2015. Sparrow went 19-4-0. Creighton did register 10 shutouts, but Sparrow only played one half in one of the games.

    Sparrow had a great first game at the 2016 MLS Combine. He was sloppy in the second game though. Sparrow needs to work on being more consistent.

    Before 2015

    Connor Sparrow transferred from UMKC to Creighton after his freshman season in 2012. Sparrow only had 6 starts in 18 games for Creighton as a sophomore, but he had a 0.39 GAA.

    Sparrow's big breakout year occurred in 2014. Sparrow had a 0.48 GAA and 11 shutouts in 2014. Sparrow did well going 16-3-3 in 2014.

    Sparrow has the tools to be a successful MLS goalie. He needs to continue to dominate without relying so much on his strong supporting cast at Creighton on the back line.

  4. Sven Lissek, G, Furman Projected Round 3rd Round Projected Team

    2015 Season Recap The 6-0 170 lb Sven Lissek may have better reflexes than any goalie int he 2016 MLS Super Draft. Lissek is good at saving with his hands on tape. Sven Lissek had a 0.70 GAA, .729 save percentage, and 7 shutouts in 2015.

    Sven Lissek got to play for Team Ace in the 2016 MLS Combine. Lissek has struggled on a few plays, but he's also had some great saves bringing in a mixed review. I still think Lissek is the #4 overall goalie despite this.

    I'm gonna be interviewing Lissek next Wednesday on Draft Utopia's podcast. Lissek has tremendous tape and has he has excellent reflexes and soft hands that allow him to save anything coming his way. Lissek may have the best reflexes of any goalie in the draft. His tape is just that good.

    Before 2015

    Lissek had 9 shutouts in 2013 while posting a 0.64 GAA, 9 shutouts, and a 11-3-2 record as a true sophomore becoming the leader of the Furman Paladins once Walker Zimmerman went pro in the 2013 MLS Super Draft. Lissek did even better in 2014 with a 0.59 GAA and 12 shutouts.

  5. Zach Bennett, G, Michigan State Projected Round 3rd Round Projected Team

    2015 Season Recap The 6-3 191 lb Zach Bennett struggled as a senior. Bennett had a 1.21 GAA and 6 shutouts in 2015. Bennett went 8-9-2 with a .712 save percentage in 2015.

    Zach Bennett was listed as the #3 goalie in some mock drafts leading up to the 2016 MLS Combine. It will be interesting to see if Zach Bennett remains worthy of that spot. Right now I have Bennett as my #5 goalie.

    Before 2015

    Zach Bennett showed promise as a freshman allowing 10 goals in his first twelve starts in 2012. Bennett improved his 0.89 GAA to 0.70 in 2013. Bennett also recorded 13 shutouts as a sophomore with guys like Jay Chapman and other veteran defenders on Michigan State's back line.

    Bennett didn't dominate with 13 shutouts. He still was pretty amazing with 12 shutouts and a career high 83 saves. Bennett has first round potential if he can put together a strong senior season. Otherwise Bennett will be expendable once he gets to the MLS.

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