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2016 MLS Super Draft Generation Adidas Prospects

Posted By: Chris Ransom on January 11, 2016

This is the official list for the 2016 MLS Generation Adidas group. This 2016 MLS Super Draft originally only had 5 underclassmen. Three more players were added including one senior to give this class a total of 8 players.

  1. Joshua Yaro, D, Georgetown

    Joshua Yaro may have gone over Cyle Larin in the 2015 MLS Super Draft. Yaro returned to school to get his degree and still played a high level helping Georgetown 9 shutouts in 2015 despite missing the early portion of the season with some injuries. Yaro has the skill-set of a center back, but the size of a right back at 5-11 165. The most fascinating thing about Yaro is he amazing inside at center back, but struggled at right back in the 2016 MLS Combine.

    Yaro should be the top pick. Twenty GMs were asked who they would take with the top pick. 19 said they would take Yaro first overall and one said they would trade the pick. It's hard to see Yaro not being the top pick in the 2016 MLS Super Draft after having 10, 12, and 9 shutouts on Georgetown with 3 years on the Hoyas.

  2. Jack Harrison, M, Wake Forest

    Jack Harrison was Gatorade High School Player of the year in 2015. He went to the ESPY's before going to Wake Forest after graduating high school. Harrison had 8 goals, 11 assists, 27 points along with the versatility to play let wing, central midfielder, or right wing. Harrison also has tremendous kicking power and kicking accuracy on tape. If this guy stayed all 4 years at Wake Forest he could play in the NFL as a starting kicker. That's how accurate his leg is. Teams that want playmakers need to look no further than Jack Harrison.

  3. Ritchie Laryea, M, Akron

    Ritchie Laryea had 11 goals, 7 assists, and 29 points in 2015. Laryea was a central midfielder at Akron. He's struggled on the wing at the 2016 MLS Combine though. Despite this, I think Laryea could still end up being a top 5 pick and may even go in the top 10.

  4. Julian Buescher, M, Syracuse

    Julian Buescher had 8 goals, 11 assists, and 27 points as a junior in 2015. Buescher is a member of the 2016 Generation Adidas class. Buescher got injured during Day 1 of the 2016 MLS Combine. It will be interesting to see where he ends up in 2016.

  5. Andrew Tarbell, G, Clemson

    Andrew Tarbell is the top goalie prospect in the 2016 MLS Combine. Tarbell got his degree and was the first player to sign a Generation Adidas deal for 2016 in a huge surprise.

  6. Brandon Vincent, D, Stanford

    Brandon Vincent is a senior, but he's already playing with the US Under-23 team. Vincent is a top 4 pick at this point, and he's so highly touted, that GA decided to make him an offer.

  7. Omar Holness, M, North Carolina

    Omar Holness showed up a day late, but still made it in time for the 2016 MLS Combine. Holness can play left wing, right wing, central midfielder, attacking midfielder, or defensive midfielder with his versatility. Holness is in a tight race with his senior teammates Jonathan Campbell and Jordan McCrary to be the first Tar Heel drafted.

  8. Fabian Herbers, F, Creighton

    Fabian Herbers had a mind boggling junior season with 15 goals, 17 assists, and 47 points in 2015. Herbers was one of three finalists and the front runner to win the 2015 Hermann Trophy for the top player in College Soccer before Stanford's Jordan Morris took the award. Herbers showed up to the MLS Combine late and struggled in the second game after missing Day 1.

    Herbers also had trouble with North Carolina's stingy defense. Despite this, many consider him the top forward in the draft. At the same time with Herbers struggling and Ben Polk of Syracuse getting hot at the 2016 MLS Combine, Herbers has to hold off Polk if he wants to be the top forward drafted.

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