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College Cup Game Recaps

2015 College Cup Game Recaps

Stanford VS Clemson Game Recap

Posted By Chris Ransom on 12/13/2015

Stanford slaughtered Clemson. Forward Jordan Morris scored 2 goals to give Stanford a 2-0 lead. Morris will either sign a home grown deal with Seattle or enter the 2016 MLS Super Draft as a Generation Adidas prospect. Morris is the top player in College Soccer so if he does not sign a homegrown deal, expect him to surpass Joshua Yaro as the top prospect.

Unlike Clemson center back Kyle Fisher, who was woeful, Stanford left back Brandon Vincent dominated. Vincent looks like he could play center back and has incredible versatility in the MLS. Vincent will be a top 5 pick in 2016.

Stanford won 4-0. Stanford simply had a much better team than Clemson. That's all there is to it.

Akron VS Stanford Game Recap

Posted By Chris Ransom on 12/05/2015

Richie Laryea really struggled against Brandon Vincent. Vincent was phenomenal in this game. Vincent showed the versatility to play both right back and center back even though left back is his main position on Stanford. Vincent showing that versatility validates his status as a top 5 pick, he won't get past New York City F.C.

Stanford forward Jordan Morris scored in penalty kicks. This game had 10 rounds of penalty kicks. Stanford had some great play from their midfielders when Eric Verso and Ty Thompson were able to double team Laryea. Laryea is still a top 10 talent, but watching Stanford use their defense and midfield to make Laryea obsolete is why they are a championship caliber team.

Stanford is facing Clemson for the championship. If it wasn't for Oklahoma having 1 loss we'd see these teams in the College Football Playoff.

Syracuse VS Clemson Game Recap

Posted By Chris Ransom on 12/05/2015

Syracuse and Clemson two ACC opponents played each other for the right to go to the championship game. Neither teams scored in regulation.

Clemson and Syracuse went to overtime twice before going to penalty kicks. Clemson scored on every penalty kick to finish Syracuse in 4 rounds.

Kyle Fisher did an awesome job shutting down Syracuse playing every single minute. Fisher is becoming a top 10 prospect with his play.

Senior forward T.J. Casner is another MLS prospect as he has 10 goals with Clemson in 2015. That will make him a first round prospect with a strong MLS Combine. Casner scored the final goal that put Syracuse away. Clemson won 4-1 on penalty kicks after being tied 0-0 through 2 overtimes.

Round of 8 Recaps

Stanford VS Wake Forest Game Recap

Posted By Chris Ransom on 12/05/2015

Stanford faced the top seed Wake Forest for a spot in the final 4. Ian Harkes was the only player to step up for Wake Forest.

Stanford forward Jordan Morris and left back Brandon Vincent were phenomenal in this game. I think Vincent has a chance to go in the top 5 once again with his performance against Wake Forest.

Stanford advanced to the 2015 College Cup Final 4 with a win. Stanford controls their own destiny after defeating Wake Forest.

Creighton VS Akron Game Recap

Posted By Chris Ransom on 12/05/2015

Fabian Herbers got 2 assists and got the best of Richie Laryea in the one on one matchups. Despite this Akron defeated Creighton in double overtime 3-2.

Akron's win over Creighton gets them in the 2015 College Cup. Akron will face Stanford with the winner going to the 2015 College Cup Championship game in the 2015 College Cup Semifinals.

Maryland VS Clemson Game Recap

Posted By Chris Ransom on 12/05/2015

Clemson center back Kyle Fisher only played 72 minutes against Maryland. When he was in Maryland did not score and Clemson led 1-0. Maryland tied the game at 1 seconds after Fisher got pulled.

Clemson and Maryland went to overtime twice before going to penalty kicks. Clemson beat Maryland 3-1 in penalty kicks.

Kyle Fisher did an awesome job shutting down Mael Corboz. Fisher is a top 15 pick. He's not a first round lock, but he played well enough to go in the top 15 and validated why Corboz is a top 10 prospect rather than a top 5 pick.

Clemson advances to the 2015 College Cup in Kansas City. Their next match will be against ACC opponent Syracuse. The winner of that game will face Stanford or Akron in the Championship game. It will be interesting to see what happens at the 2015 College Cup.

Round of 16 Recaps

Indiana VS Wake Forest Game Recap

Posted By Chris Ransom on 12/03/2015

Wake Forest defeated Indiana 1-0. Once again Wake Forest did well on defense. The irony is that Jacori Hayes another Generation Adidas candidate showed good ability with aggressive skills to get by defenders. He does have some shooting accuracy issues that need to be corrected.

Ian Harkes had an assist and did a good job stopping Tanner Thompson on defense. Wake Forest has 3 midfielders in Harkes, Hayes, and Harrison with the ability to be MLS midfielders. It's uncertain which player or players will end up with Generation Adidas offers.

Thompson was a Generation Adidas Candidate heading into this game. This game may affect Thompson's chances of being a Generation Adidas candidate.

Ohio State VS Stanford Game Recap

Posted By Chris Ransom on 12/03/2015

Stanford forward Jordan Morris posted 2 goals. The only player on Ohio State's defense that kept Morris in check was Ohio State defenseman Liam Doyle. The 6-4 200 lb Doyle has the versatility to play left back, center back, right back, or defensive midfielder.

Doyle ran to the right and prevented a shot on goal by Morris. Kyle Culbertson only played 61 minutes after his huge game against Dayton.

Brandon Vincent was okay, but not spectacular at left back. He needs to have a statement game against Wake Forest. He's more of a top 10 talent rather than a top 5 talent.

SMU VS Akron Game Recap

Posted By Chris Ransom on 12/03/2015

Akron forward Richie Laryea struggled against SMU. He took 6 shots and only 1 shot on goal. He did a good job passing the ball in this game. Ritchie Laryea is a very accurate shooter with tremendous speed. Even though Ritchie Laryea strugled, he will probably be a Generation Adidas player if he gets an offer in 2016. Akron won 2-1 and will face Creighton. Watching Ritchie go up against Timo Pitter in the quarterfinals will be fun.

Boston College VS Georgetown Game Recap

Posted By Chris Ransom on 12/03/2015

A young Boston College team with no MLS prospects that was unranked knocked off the #3 Georgetown Hoyas. This was the biggest upset of the 2015 College Cup and that's why it is worth mentioning. Georgetown was loaded on defense. Center back Joshua Yaro is expected to graduate in December, and the junior is expected to sign a Generation Adidas offer if he receives one this time around.

Maryland VS Notre Dame Game Recap

Posted By Chris Ransom on 12/03/2015

Maryland midfielder Mael Corboz served another quality opponent at midfielder. Patrick Hodan could not stop Corboz. Corboz had 2 assists against Notre Dame.

Corboz is having a strong season. If Maryland can get past Clemson, then they could beat Syracuse or Boston College and play Wake Forest, Stanford, Akron, or Creighton for the College Cup.

Corboz has cemented his spot in the top 10. To be honest, there is a temptation to put Maryland's midfielder in the top 5, but I want to see what he can do the rest of the way.

Creighton VS North Carolina Game Recap

Posted By Chris Ransom on 11/29/2015

Creighton defeated North Carolina 1-0 to advance to their fourth quarterfinals in five years. Both Creighton and North Carolina have history for being power house teams in College Soccer.

There were two interesting match ups. The first matchup involved Fabian Herbers against this North Carolina defense. The second matchup involved the one on one battle between midfielders Timo Pitter and Omar Holness.

Herbers had his moments against Joshua Yaro and Georgetown, but North Carolina's D was too much for Herbers to handle. Left back Jordan McCrary, center back Jonathan Campbell, center back Walker Hume, and right back Colton Storm shut down Herbers. McCrary and Storm are both outside backs, but both have the versatility to move to center back or play defensive midfield on North Carolina. Still, I expect both players to remain outside backs at the next level. Hume has durability issues that teams should be concerned about. After tonight, there is no question that Jonathan Campbell is the best player on North Carolina's defense. Campbell solidified his top 10 status despite the loss. Even though Campbell played well, failing to beat Creighton along with some other ACC teams is why Campbell will be a top 10 pick rather than a top 5 pick.

Herbers faced a really good North Carolina defense. With a statement game, he could have challenged Georgetown center back Joshua Yaro to be the top pick. Creighton lost to Georgetown twice this season thanks to Yaro's play on defense as a defenseman, and with Herbers struggling against North Carolina, Yaro is practically a lock to go #1 overall to the Chicago Fire now.

Timo Pitter owned Omar Holness. Holness was promising in 2014, but has struggled in 2015. Holness will probably be a 2017 prospect now with Creighton's senior getting the only goal of the game against a stingy defense. Pitter continues to make a case for why he deserves to be a top 15 pick and may go in the top 10 now. Holness probably won't be a Generation Adidas prospect now after entering the preseason as a Generation Adidas prospect to possibly leave school early and go pro.

Creighton goalie Connor Sparrow got a shutout against North Carolina. Sparrow had a statement game and is beginning to make a case for being a late first round pick. I'm moving Sparrow up to my nineteenth best player after telling you he was my top goalie last week.

Creighton is one game away from making the Final 4 in the 2015 College Cup. They will likely play the Akron Zips for the right to go to the Final 4 unless the SMU Mustangs pull off an unlikely upset.

We'll have more game recaps on Sunday night to post. Until then, tip your hat to the Creighton Blue Jays as they hope to continue their successful tournament run.

Round of 32 Game Recaps

Charlotte VS Wake Forest Game Recap

Posted By Chris Ransom on 11/24/2015

Jon Bakero came in at forward for the injured Michael Gamble. Bakero would get the only goal in a 1-0 win for Wake Forest.

Midfielders Ian Harkes, Jack Harrison, and Jacori Hayes all played 90 minutes harkes had the lone assist. Harrison may not have scored or generated an assist, but he did a fantastic job showcasing his blazing speed and dribbling the ball in this game showing he's even more complete than the media realizes. Harrison deserves a GA offer, but the question is will he even get one?

Biko Bradnock-Brennan did well at center back playing all 90 minutes against a Wake Forest team that should have scored twice on Charlotte.

Charlotte senior forward Kyle Parker struggled against freshman center back Sam Raben. Raben was a five star recruit in high school and he's dominated in 2015. Raben could be a 2017 or 2018 Generation Adidas player if he keeps working hard at Wake Forest. While this Wake Forest team is stacked with offensive talent in 2016 and 2017, they have one lone piece that could get drafted in 2018 or 2019 in Sam Raben depending on how long he stays at Wake Forest.

Charlotte exposed a lot of flaws in wake forest without Michael Gamble and that's why I picked Georgetown to beat Wake Forest in my 2015 College Cup bracket.

Rutgers VS Akron Game Recap

Posted By Chris Ransom on 11/24/2015

Akron simply destroyed Rutgers. Sophomore Richie Laryea, a Generation Adidas candidate, had 9 goals and 5 assists in the regular season. Ritchie Laryea had 2 goals and 1 assist in one half against Rutgers as Akron scored five times in the first half before defeating Rutgers 6-1. Ritchie Laryea has excellent kicking power, kicking accuracy, and vision. He has Darlington Ngabe's kicking power along with the accuracy of Darren Mattocks on his kicks.

Andrew Souders has the versatility to play defensive midfielder center back left back or right back. Souders got the best of Rutgers striker Jason wright. Some people who send invites to Generation Adidas prospects may examine that when determining whether or not to send wright an invite. Souders did well at multiple positions on Akron's defense, but he's probably a projected right back in the MLS on the outside of a defense.

This game revealed a lot. It revealed that Richie Laryea not Jack Harrison should be the top midfielder that Generation Adidas targets. This game also showed us that Wright needs to return for his junior season at Rutgers as Wright has some kicking accuracy issues he needs to correct despite an awesome sophomore season where he had more goals than his freshman campaign.

Tulsa VS Notre Dame Game Recap

Posted By Chris Ransom on 11/24/2015

Tulsa center back Bradley Bourgeois played all 110 minutes. He got of to a rough start in the first half but did much better as the game progressed.

Senior midfielder Patrick Hodan scored in penalty kicks and was sound on defense. Hodan's offensive awareness is horrible as he has a tendency to kick passes into coverage without reading the play. Left Back Max Lachowecki had 1 assist right back Michael Ship did an awesome job defending on the outside. Notre dame is stacked with outside backs so if their center backs play well it will be tough to beat this team.

Dayton VS Ohio State Game Recap

Posted By Chris Ransom on 11/23/2015

The chess matchup between Dayton attacking midfielder Amass Amankona and Ohio State defensive midfielder Kyle Culbertson is what stood out. Culbertson won the one on one battles and scored the game winning goal in penalty kicks to advance. Culbertson showed incredible jumping ability. His kicking power and kicking accuracy is excellent and the best part is he's a defensive midfielder with a great soccer IQ. Culbertson was supposed to be strictly a defensive midfielder, but playing well on offense against Dayton may move him into the late first round.

The 6-4 200 lb senior Liam Doyle has the versatility to play center back left back right back and defensive midfielder at the next level. Doyle only played 48 minutes for Ohio state. and as a scout that has to make you wonder how much stamina he has. One thing this guy does is jump real high. If Doyle did the Vertical Jump at the NFL Combine, he would hit about 40 inch vertical.

Virginia VS Maryland Game Recap

Posted By Chris Ransom on 11/24/2015

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Maryland won this defensive game 1-0 thanks to freshman Eryk Williamson who scored a game winning goal once again against Virginia after WIlliamson won the Big 10 for Maryland with a game-winning goal against Ohio State.

Mael Corboz destroyed sophomore Jake Rozhansky in one on one. Rozhansky did well against Abu Danladi as a freshman when guiding Virginia to a college cup but looked much worse against Maryland. Both players dealt with injuries early in the season before recovering for the 2015 College Cup Playoff game. Corboz showed he has the strength to get by other midfielders as an attacking midfielder, but at the same time still needs work against opposing defenses. I expect Rozhansky to return to school for his junior season.

Drake VS Creighton Game Recap

Posted By Chris Ransom on 11/24/2015

Fabian Herbers had 3 assists in Creighton's 5-1 win over Drake. Herbers showed off his speed and did a fantastic job dribbling. HIs soccer IQ allows him to keep the ball away from opponents. Maintaining ball control at times is the only weakness Herbers has on tape at this point.

Drake center back Alec Bartlett was a third round pick but he got a yellow card and looked like a fourth round pick. Bartlett may go undrafted if he doesn't get an invite to the 2016 MLS Combine.

Connor Sparrow was impressive against Drake. Sparrow may move ahead of Callum Irving in my next 2016 MLS Mock Draft.

Round of 48 Recaps

UCLA VS Cal Poly Game Recap

Posted By Chris Ransom on 11/21/2015

UCLA VS Cal Poly was the only game to feature an MLS prospect on each team. UCLA had Generation Adidas candidates in forward Abu Danladi and defenseman Michael Amick. Both teams had senior MLS prospects as well. UCLA has Larry Ndjock as their top senior and Cal Poly has goalie Wade Hamilton as their top senior.

Abu Danladi was the only first round prospect heading into this game. Danladi was single teamed and he struggled to get open throughout the day. Danladi can be an effective playmaker and should succeed as a secondary striker in the MLS, but his biggest issue happens to be ball control when you watch his tape. Ball control was an issue for Danladi once again in the 2015 College Cup.

Michael Amick was a top 5 pick entering the preseason. The captain of UCLA's soccer team fell from third to sixty first on MLS Draft boards dropping from 3 to 61. Amick played all 90 minutes and helped UCLA record a shutout in a win. Amick has moved up 30 spots from 61st as a late third round pick to a mid second round pick at 31. UCLA plays 3 seed Seattle and if the Bruins can pull another upset, then Amick could go in the same draft range as Leo Stolz if Generation Adidas does send him an offer. Right now, we believe Danladi will be the only Bruin with a GA offer after this season, but things could change if Amick ends the season on a strong note.

Larry Ndjock did not do much either. UCLA's second round prospect looked better than Danladi, but he did not do anything substantial to boost his draft stock.

Cal Poly goaltender Wade Hamilton was absolutely awful in UCLA's 2-0 win over Cal Poly. Hamilton finished the game with only 1 save. One freaking save, even a casual sports fan or celebrity that doesn't follow sports extensively like John Oliver would be outraged over Hamilton's performance in 90 minutes of play against UCLA. At one point Hamilton was considered the top goalie prospect expected to challenge Kentucky goalie Callum Irving to be the top goalie drafted in 2016. Now Creighton keeper Connor Sparrow holds that honor.

I had Hamilton graded out as a third round pick and as my 47th best player prior to this game. Now Hamilton is now my 52nd best player after his game against UCLA.

We'll cover a few more games for the Round of 32 next week. Those games include Charlotte VS 1. Wake Forest, Rutgers VS 4. Akron, Tulsa VS 7. Notre Dame, Dayton VS 9. Ohio State, Virginia VS 10. Maryland, and Drake VS 12. Creighton. We covered the 2014 College Cup runner up this week. We will break down the 2014 College Cup Champion Virginia next week as well as these other games with MLS Draft implications.