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Derek Holland Wins First Start In 2015

Posted By: Emily Rosario on 8/19/2015

Derek Holland missed over 4 months with the Texas Rangers after leaving the 1st inning with shoulder tightness. Holland suffered a knee injury that cause d him to miss most of the season in 2014.

Holland made his second start of the season today against the Seattle Mariners. Holland was 0-1 with a 9.00 ERA in 1 inning heading into his highly anticipated return with the Texas Rangers.

Holland did an outstanding job pitching 4 scoreless innings against the Seattle Mariners. Holland gave up a run in the fifth and sixth innings before getting pulled in the seventh inning with one out.

Texas scored 3 runs in the bottom of the first, plus the bullpen allowed no runs after Holland got pulled. After the seventh inning stretch, Texas stretched their 1 run lead to a 5 run lead scoring four more runs to win 7-2.

Holland can be an excellent #5 starter when healthy, a great #4 starter when healthy, and a decent, but slightly above average #3 guy. Holland cannot be the first or second starter in the Rangers' rotation. Texas doesn't need him to be with Yu Jarvish and Cole Hamels locked up until at least 2018. Yovani Gallardo has the best ERA on the Rangers this season and his contract is up after this season. Colby Lewis who is 13-5 with the Rangers despite a 4.49 ERA also has an expiring deal.

Texas could be back in a year from now if Gallardo and Lewis are retained as #3 and #4 pitchers. At the end of the day, Gallardo has shined as a #2 for years and was the top starter in this rotation until the Rangers' traded for Hamels. Gallardo probably will be one of the bigger signings during the 2016 MLB Free Agency Period. You might be able to say the same for Lewis who is a #3 pitcher, but may get paid to be a #2 pitcher simply because Lewis wins games.

It's fantastic that Holland pitched so well today. He needs to build off this momentum though because there is a chance Holland becomes the #3 pitcher in 2016 with Gallardo and Lewis set to be Free Agency.

Still, today needs to be about Holland getting his first win. Go ahead and soak in that win Texas. Soak it in like the Gatorade that Holland had to soak in after getting his first win of the 2015 Season after missing four months with injuries.

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