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2015 NBA Draft Point Guard Rankings

Posted By Chris Ransom

Last Updated: November, 21, 2014 Following Our monthly 2015 NBA Mock Draft

  1. Emmanuel Mudiay: PG, China Projected Round: Top 5 Pick

    Emmanuel Mudiay was a five star recruit in high school. Mudiay weighs 6-foot-5 and 190-pounds. He can hit a shot from short range, mid range, or long range while displaying excellent passing skills and unselfish play by a point guard.

    Mudiay originally turned down a chance to compete with Andrew Harrison for a starting job at Kentucky to play for former Pistons head coach Larry Brown at SMU. Mudiay withdrew from the university and relocated overseas to play ball in China.

    Mudiay is a highly touted prospect. Worst case scenario you are getting a Brandon Jennings type player that wants to play overseas for a year without college hoping to go to the NBA. Best case scenario you get the next John Wall.

    When you watch Mudiay you will have to evaluate everything you see with him solely based on his tape. With no college games or exposure this year, it is harder to get a read on Mudiay. Still you have to believe he is the top point guard and possibly the top overall prospect in the 2015 NBA Draft.

  2. Tyus Jones: PG, Duke Projected Round: Top 10 Pick

    Tyus Jones is the best point guard to play for Duke since Kyrie Irving. Worst case scenario you get a Steve Nash type player and the best case scenario you get a Derrick Rose type player. Jones is an excellent passer and he can get points if you need him to.

    Duke got four five star recruits in the class of 2014. This means Coach K has four freshman to work with. I stated in my previous mock draft that I would take Tyus Jones over Mudiay. Then again I also said a few years ago that Austin Rivers would be better than Kyrie Irving and look how that turned out.

    Duke looked awesome against Michigan State on Tuesday. When Okafor was in foul trouble, Jones stepped up and dominated after failing to score a single point in the first half.

  3. Andrew Harrison: PG, Kentucky Projected Round: Top 10 Pick

    Andrew Harrison has better shooting accuracy with his short range, mid range, and long range shot than Tyus Jones. Harrison was a five star recruit last season and I looked at him as a complete prospect. I see more of the same from Harrison moving forward.

    Worst case scenario you get a guy like Deron Williams and best case scenario you have the next Steph Curry. Lots of NBA Scouts believe Harrison will be an NBA flop much like former Kentucky point guard Marquis Teague. I find that hard to believe and I even compared another point guard in this draft class to Teague.

    Mudiay, Jones, and Harrison will all be quality point guards in the NBA and you would be a fool to pass on any of them if you needed a point guard and had a lottery pick.

  4. Marcus Paige: PG, North Carolina Projected Round: 1st Round

    Marcus Paige is a good passing point guard. His shooting could blossom over time. His defense needs to improve.

    Worst case scenario you are getting the next Raymond Felton. Best case scenario you are looking at a Jeff Teague kind of player. One scout compared Paige to Chris Paul. That is a ridiculous comparison.

  5. Juwan Staten: PG, West Virginia Projected Round: 2nd Round

    Juwan Staten has an excellent long range shot. Hitting three pointers is effortless for the 6-foot point guard. Guess which current NBA player is exactly 6-0 at point guard? Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors. Staten is a second round pick with similar game to Kyle Lowry.

  6. Olivier Hanlan: PG, Boston College Projected Round: 2nd Round

    Oliver Hanlan has the size of a shooting guard and plays point guard. He weighs 6-foot-4 and 188-pounds and will likely play the point unless he bulks up. C.J. McCollum of Lehigh had the same ability. Look for Hanlan to be a backup in the NBA.

    Right now the Boston College starting point guard is averaging 18.3 points per game. I think the Boston College point guard will be on an NBA roster even if he is only a sixth man. This guy is too good to get sent to the NBA D League.

  7. Andre Hollins: PG, Minnesota Projected Round: 2nd Round

    Andre Hollins of Minnesota is raw, but has talent. Reminds me of Isaiah Thomas of the Phoenix Suns. Thomas was drafted in the second round of the NBA Draft yet he outplayed Jimmer Fredette who was drafted in the first round. Hollins has a similar ability and may be a steal even though he is a backup at best long term.

  8. Briante Weber: PG, Virginia Commonwealth Projected Round: 2nd Round

    Briante Weber is raw like Hollins yet he has talent. Weber might be an NBA D League player down the road because his game resembles Myck Cabongo.

  9. Ryan Boatwright: PG, Connecticut Projected Round: 2nd Round

    Boatwright, a senior at Connecticut is this years version of Shabazz Napier. Nothing special about him, but will get drafted. Whether he stays as a backup in the NBA or goes to the NBA D League remains to be seen.

  10. Ryan Harrow: PG, Georgia State Projected Round: 2nd Round

    Ryan Harrow of Georgia State is the guy that reminds me of Marquis Teague. The underrated point guard can be an effective point guard and he may blossom into a decent assist man. You are either looking at a backup in the NBA or possibly an NBA D League player.

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