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New York Knicks Trade For Derrick Rose

Posted By: Morgan Epstein on 6/22/2016

Who the New York Knicks got!

New York Knicks New York got Derrick Rose as a starting point guard when healthy, Justin Holliday as a backup shooting guard for depth, and a 2017 second round pick from the Chicago Bulls.

Who The Chicago Bulls got!

Chicago Bulls The Chicago Bulls got starting center Robin Lopez who would likely take over for Noah, Jerian Grant, the second of the Knicks 2015 first round draft picks, and shooting guard Jose Calderon as a shooting guard for depth behind Grant.

Who won this trade? The New York Knicks won this lopsided trade. To say anything otherwise is complete unjust. The Knicks still have first round picks in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 while the pick the Knicks got from the Bulls is the only second round pick they have until 2022. I'm amazed that the Knicks got such premium value without burning their first round picks in idiotic fashion like they usually do.

Jerian Grant could develop into a future starter. Right now he needs to be a sixth man in Chicago. Robin Lopez isn't a long-term player, but rather a fill in option until his contract expires.

I'm giving the Knicks an A+ grade here and the Bulls an Isaiah Thomas grade. Sorry Chicago, but accepting this trade is an example of a foolish decision that Isaiah Thomas would have made when he was the Knicks GM. Chicago should sue the Knicks for first degree trade rape, but with Rose's injury history, I think they will just take what they can get before entering a brutal rebuilding phase, and I think the Bulls will be a team that possibly finishes with one of the leagues worst records in 2016-2017. Luckily for the Bulls, if the Kings can avoid finishing in the bottom 10, then the Bulls could end up with a second first round pick which is what they will need next season after losing Rose.

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