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Los Angeles Lakers Exploit Golden State Warriors Weakness

Posted By: Brian Bayless on 3/6/2016

The Lakers won the tip off. Jordan Clarkson dribbled the ball, but the Lakers failed to score on their first series. Both teams were sharp defensively to begin this game. Kobe attempted a 3 pointer, but it resulted in a missed shot.

Small forward Harrison Barnes attacked D’Angelo Russell. Russell did a great job forcing Harrison Barnes to travel. The Lakers blocked a shot from power forward Draymond Green.

Steph Curry gave Golden State 3 points to start the game. Jordan Clarkson scored a 2 pointer on his second attempt and Kobe did the same to give the Lakers a 4-3 lead.

Draymond Green attacked from the opposite site that he usually shoots from. Golden State took a 5-4 lead. Curry hit a layup on a fast break to put Golden State up 7-4.

D’Angelo Russell intercepted a Golden State pass and turned it into a fastbreak. The Lakers now trailed 7-6.

The Lakers got Steph Curry charged with a foul with 7:47 left in the first quarter. That’s what the Lakers need to do. Get Curry to foul again so the Warriors have to take him out of the game. The Lakers made two more free throws thanks to Russell to take an 8-7 lead.

Steph Curry went to the free throw line for one shot. Golden State tied it at 8. Both teams made excellent defensive stops once the game was tied 8-8.

Klay Thompson made it a 10-8 game. Golden State made another effective rebound thanks to power forward Draymond Green. The Lakers looked very good early in this game, but made a questionable decision when burning their first timeout midway through the first quarter. Yes, the Lakers looked sloppy, sure they were undisciplined. It’s not like they allowed Golden State to go on a run, and sometimes calling timeouts works against you when momentum is working in your favor.

Roy Hibbert tied the game at 10. Curry scored again giving him 8 points in the first quarter with 4 minutes left in the first quarter.

Golden State took a 14-10 lead before Marcelo Huertas hit a 2 pointer and a free throw. Andreson Varejao came in for Andrew Bogut at center to put Golden State up 16-13.

Curry had 10 of the Warriors first 18 points in the first quarter. Curry impressed early despite the foul. Jordan Clarkson also impressed with 5 points in the first quarter. The Lakers did a great job limiting Golden State’s 3 pointers in the first quarter as Golden State began the game 1/10 on 3 pointers.

The Lakers did a great job early in this game. It was amazing that they were tied at 18 with the Warriors early in the first quarter.

Kobe went to the bench. Brandon Bass did a great job with the second chance points. That put the Lakers up 20-18 in the first quarter.

Marcelo Huertas broke up a Steph Curry pass. Huertas is a great defensive point guard and someone that can be an effective bench player for the Lakers. Larry Nance Jr. out of Wyoming an undrafted prospect the Lakers took in the first round watched Draymond Green block his shot.

Nick Young fouled Anderson Varejao in the first quarter. Varejao struggled at the free throw line. The Lakers got the rebound with the ball back. The Lakers went on a 9-1 run , but Golden State didn’t burn a timeout. It appeared as if Golden State regained momentum following a missed fastbreak by the Lakers that would have made it a 24-19 game. The Lakers led 22-21 after one quarter thanks to fantastic defense and scoring by their bench players.

The Lakers and Warriors both showed good defense early in the second quarter as it was 24-23 with less than 2 minutes into the second quarter. Shaun Livingston came in and shot both free throws to give Golden State a 25-24 lead. The Lakers also made two free throws.

The Lakers did a great job manipulating the time of possession before scoring at the last second. THen Golden State scored with the Lakers still leading 28-27. Kobe hit a mid range shot to make it a 30-27 game. Brandon Bass did a great job blocking a shot there by Golden State.

D’Angelo Russell hit a three pointer. That made it a 33-27 game. Livingston made a mid range shot which made it 33-29. Russell made another 3. That gave the Lakers a 36-29 lead.

Golden State hit two free throws. D’Angelo Russell hit another 3 pointer. Russell now has 15 points and was 3/4 shooting free throws. Brandon Bass caught a pass from Russell. The Lakers took a 10 point lead over Golden State.

Draymond Green finally hit a second three pointer. Kobe got a mid range shot down. He gave the Lakers a 43-34 lead before Shaun Livingston made it a 43-36 game. Russell attempted another 3, but he missed this shot thanks to great defense by Harrison Barnes.

Draymond Green was called with a foul on Kobe Bryant. Kobe went to the free throw line.

Kobe made both free throws to take a 45-38 lead. The Lakers were 4/10 with their 3 pointsers while Golden State was 2/13. That was one of the biggest focus points in this game.

Klay Thompson made a layup. He also got a free throw to make it a 45-41 game. Thompson struggled with the 3 pointer going 0/4 with 3 point shots in the first half.

Golden State hit a 3 point shot to make it a 47-44 game. Julius Randle attacked Andrew Bogut, but got no points. The Lakers called a timeout. Golden State had 9 turnovers in the first half to the Lakers one. Taking away their 3 pointers and forcing turnovers is how you beat the Warriors.

The Lakers led 52-44 over Golden State. Julius Randle scored over Bogut to give the Lakers a 10 point lead up 54-44. D’Angelo Russell with a fast break. The Lakers got their 8th steal and put a fast break to take a 12 point lead as Golden State called a timeout.

Golden State got a fast break with a shot. Kobe got fouled on a three point shot. That gave the Lakers a chance to expand their lead. Kobe made two free throws to put the Lakers up 58-46. The Lakers got another turnover which made it a 60-46 game.

Golden State had 11 turnovers that led to 15 Laker points. The Warriors were 3/15 in the first half shooting free throws.

Jordan Clarkson gave the Lakers a 3 pointer. The Lakers led 63-49. Draymond Green had 4 fouls heading into the third quarter. With Green in foul trouble, things didn’t look good for Golden State. The Warriors kept Green in the game despite the fact that he was in foul trouble. The Warriors had 13 turnovers following a turnover in the third quarter.

Kobe got an easy bucket. That gave the Lakers a 65-51 lead. Julius Randle watched Draymond Green pick him apart on defense.

Klay Thompson hit a 2 pointer. The Lakers still led by 12 in the third quarter. The Lakers had 3 more turnovers in the third quarter after having only one in the first half. Golden State only trailed by 10. Curry made an excellent read intercepting a pass that made it a 65-55 game. Klay Thompson made it an 8 point game. Byron Scott made a wise decision to call a timeout up by 8 in the third quarter.

Jordan Clarkson hit another 3 pointer. Clarkson improved to 3/3 on the three pointer and had 20 points in the third quarter.

Steph Curry made a few free throw. Julius Randle had a great play. Golden State had 15.2 turnovers heading into today. Today the Warriors had 15 turnovers in one game trailing 70-58 as Klay Thompson headed to the bench.

One thing the Lakers did well was trap Curry. The Lakers led 75-64 up by 11 with 3 minutes left in the third quarter.

The Lakers led 84-70 with 30 seconds left in the third quarter. The Lakers led 84-73 up by 11 after 3 quarters.

Neither team scored in the first minute of play in the fourth quarter. Brandon Bass hit 1/2 free throws to make it a 85-73 game after 3 quarters.

Anderson Varejao made it a 10 point game. Nick Young hit a three to make it 88-75. D’Angelo Russell returned to the game for the Lakers. Golden State missed another three pointer. Golden State was 3/25 today with three pointers. The Lakers hit another 3 pointer to take a 91-75 lead.

Steph Curry was 1/10 today. Klay Thompson was 0/8 today and Harrison Barnes was 0/4 with 3 pointers today. Draymond Green struggled with his 3 pointers as well. Nobody on Golden State stepped up with their 3 pointers and the Lakers may have revealed the game plan to defeating Golden State in the 2016 NBA Playoffs.

The Lakers led 99-81 up by 18 points. Draymond Green picked up his fifth foul of the game. The Lakers won this game 112-95 making a statement today holding Golden State to under 100 points for the fifth time this season. The Lakers became the first team with a sub .200 winning percentage to defeat the a team with a plus .900 winning percentage in NBA History.

Jordan Clarkson had 25 points going 4-6 from 3 point range. D’Angelo Russell scored 21 points and also had 5 assists and 3 defensive rebounds. Power forward Julius Randle posted a double double with 12 points and 14 rebounds. Even Kobe Bryant had 12 points despite siting out half of the game with the injury.

The Lakers go from 12-51 to 13-51. Golden State is now 55-6 instead of 55-5, but the Warriors are still unbeaten at home as they are now 25-6 on the road and 30-0 at home in the 2015-2016 NBA Regular Season.

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