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Chicago Cubs Advance To 2015 NLCS

Posted By: Emily Rosario on 10/13/2015

This contest went back and fourth. The Cubs gave up a 2-0 lead before scoring one run. Javier Baez hit a three run home run to make it a 4-2 Cubs lead.

The Cardinals tied the game at 4. First baseman Anthony Rizzo scored a go ahead home run to make it 5-4. Kyle Schwarber made it a 6-4 game. The Cubs had the bases loaded with 1 out and 2 outs, but the Cardinals were able to escape the bottom of the eighth without giving up a run.

Closer Hector Rendon came in the top of the ninth. He had 2 strikeouts in the top of the ninth. Rendon got a huge save which pushed the Cubs into the NLCS. Chicago wil either face the New York Mets or the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Chicago Cubs did better in the regular season then the Mets and the Dodgers. Being the second wild card may mean the Cubs have to travel to New York or Los Angeles. It will be interesting to see what happens and who the Cubs face. For now the Cubs are in the NLCS for the first time since 2003.

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