Draft Order NBA: 2017 NBA Draft Order 1. Philadelphia 76ers (from Brooklyn Nets) 20-62, 2. Los Angeles Lakers 26-56, 3. Boston Celtics (from Sacramento Kings) 32-50, 4. Phoenix Suns 24-58, 5. Sacramento Kings (from Philadelphia 76ers) 28-54, 6. Orlando Magic 29-53, 7. Minnesota Timberwolves 31-51, 8. New York Knicks 31-51, 9. Dallas Mavericks 33-49, 10. Sacramento Kings (from New Orleans Pelicans) 34-48, 11. Charlotte Hornets 36-46, 12. Detroit Pistons 37-45, 13. Denver Nuggets 40-42, 14. Miami Heat 41-41, 15. Portland Trail Blazers 41-41, 16. Chicago Bulls 41-41, 17. Milwaukee Bucks 42-40, 18. Indiana Pacers 42-40, 19. Atlanta Hawks 43-39, 20. Portland Trail Blazers (from Memphis Grizzlies) 43-39, 21. Oklahoma City Thunder 47-35, 22. Brooklyn Nets (from Washington Wizards) 49-33, 23. Toronto Raptors 51-31, 24. Utah Jazz 51-31, 25. Orlando Magic (from Los Angeles Clippers) 51-31, 26. Portland Trail Blazers (from Cleveland Cavaliers) 51-31, 27. Los Angeles Lakers (from Boston Celtics) 53-29, 28. Los Angeles Lakers (from Houston Rockets) 55-27, 29. San Antonio Spurs 61-21, 30. Utah Jazz (from Golden State Warriors) 67-15

2017 NBA Mock Draft Final Mock: 2 Rounds

Round 1 Picks 16-30

Chris Ransom follow @DraftUtopia Last Updated: June 22, 2017.

  1. Chicago Bulls: Jawun Evans, PG, Oklahoma State

    Chicago needs a starting point guard. They never replaced Derrick Rose and the Jerian Grant combo with Rondo didn't work versus the Celtics.

    The 6-1 185 lb Jawun Evans averaged 19.2 points per game as a sophomore after averaging 12.9 points per game. He got more points and assists and did a better job getting the offense involved at Oklahoma State. His three point percentage and free throw percentage dropped this season. I said the same thing with Jerian Grant coming out of Notre Dame two years ago which is the one drawback to taking Evans at 16, but he may be an upgrade over Grant long-term.

  2. Milwaukee Bucks: Jarrett Allen, PF, Texas

    The 6-11 235 lb Jarrett Allen is versatile enough to play power forward or center. Allen averaged 13.8 points per game, 8.4 rebounds per game, 0.8 assists per game, a .566 field goal percentage, and a .564 free throw percentage. Allen is perfect to be used in a depth role at power forward or center for Milwaukee.

  3. Indiana Pacers: Luke Kennard, SG, Duke

    The Pacers have a good starting five. I think they ignore need and take the best player on their board. If Jeff Teague leaves in Free Agency, point guard will be an issue in 2018, but if he stays the Pacers can ignore need and take the best player available. Ivan Rabb would be a good pick, but I don't see them going Rabb. I think they will take the top guard on their board in Luke Kennard or Nigel Williams-Goss as a point guard at 18.

    The Pacers have met with the 6-6 202 lb Kennard. Kennard is averaging a mind boggling 19.5 points per game at shooting guard and is too good to pass on at this point.

  4. Atlanta Hawks: Justin Patton, C, Creighton

    Justin Patton is one of the top 2 centers in the 2017 NBA Draft. The 7-0 226 lb center is the best pure center in the 2017 NBA Draft. He's not a power forward/center like the other big men and is a pure center. Patton comes off the board here because Atlanta traded Dwight Howard and 31 to Charlotte for some other role players and 41.

  5. Portland Trail Blazers: Bam Adebayo, C, Kentucky

    The 6-10 260 lb center averaged 13 points per game, 8 rebounds per game, 0.8 assists per game, a .599 field goal percentage, and a .653 free throw percentage. The one year starter did not take a single shot from long-range and relies heavily on his short range ability, but he's an excellent defender to make up for that which is why Adebayo finally cracks my top 20.

    Previous Pick: Ivan Rabb, PF, California

  6. Oklahoma City Thunder: Ivan Rabb, PF, California

    Ivan Rabb averaged 14 points per game, 10.5 rebounds per game, 1.5 assists per game. His field goal percentage, three point percentage, and free throw percentage are down from last year. Rabb is still a top 20 talent and can develop into a David Lee type of player. Oklahoma City gets Rabb at 21 knowing what a steal he is value wise.

    Previous Pick: Tyler Lydon, SF, Syracuse

  7. Brooklyn Nets: Terrance Ferguson, SG, Adelaide

    The Brooklyn Nets need a shooting guard, small forward, and power forward. Ferguson is the top player on the board at 22 in my mind so I'll keep him here after previously mocking him to Washington. I also strongly considered Anunoby here.

  8. Toronto Raptors: Isaiah Hartenstein, PF, Zalgiris

    His size and power forward possibilities plus the Raptors losing 3 power forwards to Free Agency make him an option for the Raptors at 23. He shows some potential and will be able to help control the boards and dictate the tempo.

  9. Utah Jazz: Alec Peters, PF, Valparaiso

    The Jazz need an upgrade at power forward over Derrick Favors. The 6-9 225 lb Alec Peters averaged 23 points per game and 10.1 rebounds in 2016. Peters seems like someone the Jazz would spend a first round pick on.

  10. Orlando Magic: Semi Ojeleye, SF, SMU

    The Orlando Magic got Evan Fournier at shooting guard despite the loss of Victor Oladipo. I think getting a small forward who can hit the 3 will be a priority here. Semi Ojeleye began his career at Duke and transferred to SMU.

    The 6-7 235 lb Ojeleye averaged 19 points per game, 6.9 rebounds per game, 1.5 assists per game, a .487 field goal percentage, a .424 three point percentage, and a .785 free throw percentage.

    Ojeleye has the short range accuracy, medium range accuracy, and long range accuracy that NBA teams covet on tape. He also has the versatility to play small forward or power forward. This is a player that wowed me on tape and someone who could easily sneak into the late first round after signing with an agent.

    Orlando wants a good 3 point shooter at 25. Ojeleye has an excellent shooting chart. He doesn't just have an excellent shooting chart, he also plays defense well. That is why Ojeleye moves into the first round discussion.

    Previous Pick: OG Anunoby, SF, Indiana

  11. Portland Trail Blazers: Dillon Brooks, SF, Oregon

    The 6-7 225 lb Dillon Brooks was huge for Oregon the last two years. He didn't score as many points this year, but he can get you 16 points per game and he has the leadership you look for when the Playoffs arrive. Portland has worked out Brooks which is why I think he's the pick at 26.

    Previous Pick: Nigel Williams-Goss, PG, Gonzaga

  12. Los Angeles Lakers: Josh Hart, SG, Villanova

    The Lakers use this pick on a shooting guard to be used as a depth player behind Jordan Clarkson. They want to wait until 2018 for a SF, they got two power forwards that are first round picks, and they got Brook Lopez at center plus another international player that can come in and be his backup. The Lakers worked out Josh Hart and he makes total sense at 27. Josh Hart averages 18.7 points per game and was a key piece if not the key piece in Villanova's Championship run.

    Previous Pick: Harry Giles, PF, Duke

  13. Los Angeles Lakers: Tyler Lydon, SF, Syracuse

    The Lakers want to wait until 2018 for a starting small forward. They have depth at every other position and the only position the Lakers would need depth at if they kept 2, 27, and 28 is small forward for depth behind Brandon Ingram. Tyler Lydon would be a good role player behind Brandon Ingram. The 6-10 205 lb Lydon is versatile enough to play small forward or power forward. Lydon needs to do a better job avoiding turnovers though.

    Previous Pick: Jonathan Jeanne, C, Nancy

  14. San Antonio Spurs: Derrick White, SG, Colorado

    The 6-5 200 lb Derrick White averaged 18.3 points per game, 4.1 rebounds per game, 4.4 assists per game, a .507 field goal percentage, a .399 three point percentage, and a .813 free throw percentage for Colorado. He's versatile enough to play point guard or shooting guard plus he defends well making him a great fit for the Spurs as a successor to either Tony Parker or Manu Ginobli. He may do well enough to sneak into the late first round and is a great fit for the Spurs here as we have the Spurs taking White to be a successor to Manu Ginobli.

    Previous Pick: Josh Hart, SG, Villanova

  15. Utah Jazz: Rodions Kurucus, SF, F.C. Barcelona

    Utah drafts the only first round prospect left. Rodions Kurucus is the top player on the board at 30.

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