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Top 5 Celebrities From The Entourage Movie

Posted By: Brian Thornsburg on 5/29/2015

Top 5 Celebrities From The Entourage Movie

Come relax and enjoy some easy reading with Brian Thornsburg's Top 5 Friday! This week we count down our Top 5 celebrity appearances in the upcoming Entourage movie, and how the movie can best implement them. Enjoy!

5. Ronda Rousey

Capitalizing on the current success of this super athlete is really a smart idea when you think of it. Poised with charming personality, a killer instinct during combat, and a body most men would kill to have their girlfriend look like, Rousey is every movies answer about how to keep a male audience glued to the screen at all times.

The fact that she gets to bring her MMA talents to the silver screen is just a bonus to movie goers, especially during the hilarious trailer scene where she agrees to go out on a date with one of the guys if they can survive in the ring with her for sixty seconds.

4. Pharrell Williams

You can't have a movie without a superstar like Pharrael Williams! The happy singer has appeared in NBA 2K15, The Voice and even commercials, adding something special to each and every role he plays. I don't know exactly what his scenes in the movie will involve, but I really hope he sings happy in that cool hat of his.

3. Bob Saget

It will be nice to see Saget, the man who played Danny Tanner in the show, Full House, get some screen time again. It’s always nice to see his smiling face, even if it’s not accompanied by that sappy music when you know a life lesson is about to be explained. Who knows what his role may be in the movie, but I hope they throw some Full House jokes in their somewhere.

They can also do an Austin Powers: GoldMember scene, where the main actors end up the show Saget used to host, American Home Videos. This would be a funny scene for the ending of the movie, and also allow them to play it off as a joke in the end, also like what they did in Austin Powers: GoldMember.

2. Mark Cuban

Whether making deals in the boardroom in the shark tank, giving hilarious interviews to the media, or pulling off some hilarious stunt during a regular season Mav's game, this man means both business and comedy gold. Funny, direct, a little overbearing at time, the business man will be great for business scenes, especially when the main actors try to convince Cuban to help back their current movie project. The result could be that the guys are forced to take on five members of The Dallas Mav's in a five on five basketball game. That's comedy gold right there!

1. Russell Wilson

Unfortunately for Patriots fans, I have to pass up the four time Super Bowl Winner, and go with Russell Wilson for the number one celebrity appearance in this movie. I mean come on! This is a sports site, right? Wilson has a very humble personality to him, a true underdog story that just makes him a wholesome and lovable guy. Hopefully this gets played in the story somehow.

I will truly be disappointed in both Hollywood and Wilson, if he tries to portray an alternate personality during this role in the film. I know it will most likely be a small role, like most celebrity appearances are. Just take Jimmy Kimmel on an episode of The Middle for Example. Kimmel was only revealed to be a part of the show, after the end credits started playing and it was revealed that Kimmel was Brick's lone listener to his podcast show about computer fonts.

Russell needs to play himself here. Maybe give a Bob Saget type moment from the full house days back in the 80's. Anything else would just seem out of character and forced in the worst way possible. Wilson is an underdog here for many young athletes today, and having him play against that imagine would hurt in the worst way possible.