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Top 5 2015 E3 Moments

Posted By: Brian Thornsburg on 6/19/2015

Top 5 2015 E3 Moments

Sit back, relax and read my Top Five moments from E3 this past week. Warning, I am a huge Nintendo fan boy and will have more than one Nintendo entry on this list. With that being said, enjoy!

5. Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Dreams do come true! Finally gamers with the next gen console will be able to play games from The Xbox 360 days. While the complete catalog won't be available all at once, this is a great step forward by Xbox, especially with the great games that will be added by time the holiday season arrives. Some might see this as not a big deal, but as a gamer who always wanted to play The NASCAR games from The Xbox 360 days, I can't wait for this update to happen!

4. Mario Maker

All these Nintendo haters must be crazy, because I am absolutely going crazy over the announcements that the gaming giant made at E3 this week! Especially the hands on demo of Mario Maker. The game will allow players to select levels, create monsters and even upload their creations online for others to try. Not only that, Nintendo actually announced that the Amiboo figurines will be compatible with the game as well. This means that gamers can run around Mario levels as a variety of different characters! I personally can’t wait to play as Link!

3. South Park The Fractured But Whole

Love South Park: Stick Of Truth? Then you'll probably love the fact that Ubisoft announced South Park the Fractured but Whole is in development. The game promises to put more of a super hero spin on The Stick Of Truth, with Eric Cartmen reprising his role as The Coon and taking on the criminal underbelly of South Park. Yes, Mysterion, Mintberry Crunch and others will be joining Cartmen as well. With all that being said, why wouldn't you want to go on down to South Park and have yourself a time with this new video game installment!

2. Legend Of Zelda

Tri Force Hero's Adding online co-op to Legend of Zelda is an interesting concept to say the least. That doesn't mean that I'm in love with it, but it's definitely going to help breath new and exciting life into the popular game franchise. The only downside is that some levels and puzzles will require up to two other players to help complete. Doing this seems a little eccentric and might just blow up in Nintendo’s face, but it’s nice to see that their trying something new here!

1. Nintendo World Championships 2015

I absolutely geeked out when I heard that Nintendo was holding their first championship tournament in 25 years at E3. Sure, this may have been a calculated move by Nintendo to hide the fact that they didn't have too much to offer fans this year, but Nostalgia is always a safe bet! John Goldberg ultimately won the event, and was even presented a crown for his victory by none other than Shigero Miyamoto, who actually was the creator behind the Mario Brothers games. What a freaking honor!