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2015 NFL Big Brother Week 1 HOH

Posted By: Chris Ransom on 7/30/2015

Julie Chen: Welcome to NFL Big Brother. My Name is Julie Chen and I'll be hosting NFL Big Brother where 32 NFL Teams compete against each other for the right to be HOH in order to play for the Big Brother Bowl. Even though the NFL season is 2 months away, training camp is underway which is why the first HOH episode will air today.

Week 1 begins with a special double eviction show during kick off week to get us down to 30 teams. Each week will begin with a Head Of Household game on CBS Thursday Night Football to determine the HOH. If a team playing on thursday night football is already evicted from the game, the other team playing against them that week will be named HOH by default. If you manage to evict both teams playing that week, the team that evicted both teams will be the HOH again as long as they were not the HOH the previous week.

The New England Patriots were going to be our first Head Of Household. Thanks to deflate gate we thought we should punish them as well here at Big Brother. The Pittsburgh Steelers will be the Head Of Household instead of the New England Patriots and the Patriots will be the have nots of the week as they give counseling to Aaron Hernandez.

The Rooneys began the season giving each other high fives for winning the first HOH in NFL Big Brother history before handing out the contracts to GM Kevin Colbert, HC Mike Tomlin, and QB Ben Roethlisberger that guaranteed their stay in Pittsburgh until 2018.

Rob Kraft: I would like to appeal the Steelers HOH victory. The Patriots are the Super Bowl champions so we should be HOH first.

Julie Chen: Too bad Rob Kraft. As a have not you will eat slop this week instead of your usual Arbys or Boston Market meals with Kraft Mac & Cheese.

Rob Kraft: You're killing me Julie. Why do you have to be a bigger pain in the ass than Roger Goodell.

Bill Belichick: Calm down Krafty! This is fantastic. We are the have nots of the week. Are you serious.

Tom Brady: Chill out coach. Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison are coming with us to visit Aaron Hernandez.

Belichick: That's supposed to make me feel real better Tom.

Belichick and Brady headed to prison where they met up with Dungy and Harrison. Now the Mannings are taking a photo in the Big Brother House meaning Archie’s kids are up to no good.

Peyton Manning and Eli Manning formed a Final 8 Alliance called the Super Manning Bros featuring the AFC West and NFC East teams in an alliance to get to the end. The two brothers posed for the camera in the Big Brother will do whatever it takes to make sure their 8 teams get to the end.

At the same time, the Pittsburgh Steelers entered the HOH room with the 6 Lombardi Trophies up in their bedroom for everyone to see. They also had photos of the Rooney family along with the Tomin family who was leading the Steelers on Big Brother. The best thing about the HOH room was the 6 1970's Fathead posters of Steeler greats like Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Lynn Swann, Joe Greene, Jack Lambert, and Mel Blount. Coach Tomlin and the Steelers had 6 different Black and Gold Beds in one big room. Then they invited the guests up to their room by showing off their 6 Super Bowl trophies.

When Peyton Manning saw the trophies he wondered why he didn’t have half of these trophies he got a wise remark from the current Steelers quarterback.

Ben Roethlisberger: How come I hoisted this trophy twice and you only hoisted it once Peyton?

Peyton Manning: We've both played in 3 Super Bowls and I have all the passing records for the regular season. So Up Yours Roethlisberger. I've got to head to Prison and work my shift as the Sheriff. Manning left to go to prison with DeMarcus Ware, Von Miller, and Shane Ray as his personal bodyguards.

Meanwhile the Coach Belichick and Tom Brady finally meet up with Rodney Harrison and Tony Dungy at the Prison cell. Rob Kraft escaped the house, but decided to bail on visiting Aaron Hernandez only to go to Dunkin Donuts.

Rodney Harrison: Man I cannot wait to see Aaron Hernandez. If Aaron tries to shoot me my guards Coach Belichick and Coach Dungy will protect me.

Belichick: His name is Tony and he's a bobble head on Pro Football Talk.

Tony Dungy: That's Coach Dungy, the Bobble Head that defeated you in the 2007 AFC Championship.

Belichick: You won with Jim Mora's Team. Belichick echos this as the gang hears an old janitor yell playoffs!

Dungy: Mora left in 2001. I took over that team in 2002 and turned them into a contender.

Harrison: Coach Belichick and Coach Dungy please stop fighting I want to visit to see Aaron Hernandez.

Brady: Are you really that eager to visit Aaron Hernandez? Even I wasn't this eager to throw to Hernandez when he was on the Patriots.

Harrison: I'd like to see him, but I'd also like Coach Belichick and Coach Dungy to protect me.

Aaron Hernandez: How dare you talk to me like that Tommy Brady. Rodney, his name is not Coach it's Tony and he councils felons.

Dungy: I don't council felons.

Aaron Hernandez: Yes you do. Michael Vick killed dogs and he's a convicted felon.

Brady: Guys we don't have time to fight about this. I think I'll deflate the jail bars and get my star tight end back. Imagine having Gronkowski and Hernandez back.

Peyton Manning AKA the Sheriff sees Tom Brady breaking Aaron Hernandez out of jail and orders DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller to chase after the Patriots. Unfortunately the Patriots escaped with Aaron Hernandez where they met Rob Kraft at Dunkin Donuts.

Dungy: I think the right thing to do would be to turn around and return Aaron to prison.

Harrison: But Coach Dungy.

Belichick: If you call Tony Dungy Coach one more time I’ll have you removed from the Patriots Hall Of Fame Rodney Understand.

Harrison: Yes Coach Belichick.

Kraft: Remember guys I wasn't part of the break Aaron Hernandez out of jail scheme. So if Roger Goodell gives our organization crap for that I'll continue to talk about Tom Brady is a man of high integrity and an ambassador to the game of football.

Brady: That's good to hear Rob Kraft. This is why the New England Patriots are a first class organization Aaron. This organization has integrity because we forgive athletes for their mistakes.

Meanwhile we return to the jail cell. Denver's linebackers are examining Aaron Hernandez's empty jail cell.

DeMarcus Ware: Peyton they got away with Hernandez.

Von Miller: Yeah Shane Ray found some weed in Aaron's Jail cell.

Peyton Manning: Are you kidding me? You guys steal the weed from Shane and use it as motivation to make him your slave since he's your backup. It's called freshman hazing for a reason guys. I've got to film a Papa John's commercial with Eli where we stop Aaron Rodgers and Joe Flacco at Pizza Hut from stealing our Gatorade along with Papa John's secret ingredient since those quarterbacks have endorsement deals with Pizza Hut.

This wasn’t the end of Peyton's rough day. We now return to Big Brother where the Pittsburgh Steelers will now nominate two teams for eviction to play in the Power Of Veto Game.

Mike Tomlin: Thank you Julie. The two teams we will be nominating for double eviction in week 1 are the Baltimore Ravens and the Denver Broncos.

Julie: Alright Baltimore and Denver. You guys will play in the power of veto game on September 13, 2015 and the winner will avoid a double eviction with your starting quarterback keeping his endorsement deal with Pizza Hut or Papa John's. After the Ravens or Broncos wins the Steelers will chose a second 0-1 team to join either the Ravens or Broncos. If the game ends in a tie both Baltimore and Denver will be eliminated.

Joe Flacco: I'm really disappointed we got put up for eviction. We just have to win this one on the road and hope to win HOH soon.

Julie: The Ravens don't play for HOH until Week 4 when they face the Steelers because the Thursday Night Football games for weeks 2-8 on CBS are the HOH games. Good luck in the Power of Veto game Joe.

Peyton Manning: All we have to do is beat Baltimore in week 1. Then in week 2 we can play the Chiefs and if we win the HOH game in week 2 we can put San Francisco and Pittsburgh up for eviction in the Power of Veto game hoping to exact our revenge on the Steelers if the 49ers win.

The Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos are up for eviction in the Power Of Veto game. Who will win and which two teams will get evicted? Tune in on September 15, 2015 to find out who got evicted on NFL Big Brother.

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