Draft Order NFL: 2021 NFL Draft Order: Round 1: 1. Jacksonville Jaguars: 1-15-0, 2. New York Jets: 2-14-0, 3. Miami Dolphins (from Houston Texans): 4-12-0, 4. Atlanta Falcons: 4-12-0, 5. Cincinnati Bengals: 4-11-1, 6. Philadelphia Eagles: 4-11-1, 7. Detroit Lions: 5-11-0, 8. Carolina Panthers: 5-11-0, 9. Denver Broncos: 5-11-0, 10. Dallas Cowboys: 6-10-0, 11. New York Giants: 6-10-0, 12. San Francisco 49ers: 6-10-0, 13. Los Angeles Chargers: 7-9-0, 14. Minnesota Vikings: 7-9-0, 15. New England Patriots: 7-9-0, 16. Arizona Cardinals: 8-8-0, 17. Las Vegas Raiders: 8-8-0, 18. Miami Dolphins: 10-6-0, 19. Washington Football Team: 7-9-0, 20. Chicago Bears: 8-8-0, 21. Indianapolis Colts: 11-5-0, 22. Tennessee Titans: 11-5-0, 23. New York Jets (from Seattle Seahawks): 12-4-0, 24. Pittsburgh Steelers: 12-4-0, 25. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Los Angeles Rams): 10-6-0, 26. Cleveland Browns: 11-5-0, 27. Baltimore Ravens: 11-5-0, 28. New Orleans Saints: 12-4-0, 29. Green Bay Packers: 13-3-0, 30. Buffalo Bills: 13-3-0, 31. Kansas City Chiefs: 14-2-0, 32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 11-5-0

Mark Sciubba's 2021 NFL Mock Draft: Debut

Round 1 Picks 1-16

For fun NFL draft fun primer and Round 1 Mock.

Mark Sciubba follow @Sciubba Last Updated: March 16, 2021.

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson

    This is one of the easiest picks in NFL draft history. Trevor Lawrence is the complete package and the best QB prospect of all time in my opinion. The Jaguars get to take advantage of awful luck and decision making on the Jet’s part like the Bengals did to the Dolphins last year. Duval gets their guy for the next 10 years.

    Here is a film cut of Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence VS Wake Forest. Lawrence dominated the first half in this road win over Wake Forest.

  2. New York Jets: Zach Wilson, QB, BYU

    Zach Wilson is the latest in a long line of QBs to see their stock soar because they are in a class with a generational talent. Wilson has some great traits and is the type of QB that the NFL is trending toward as a pass first, mobile threat with home run ability in his arm. Still, he has not played against a tenth of NFL talent as Lawrence. I wouldn't touch him in the top 10, but the Jets will fall into the media hype that guys like RGIII and Ryan Leaf had and take him at two. The good news is despite the organizational failure to let Trevor Lawrence fall from their clutches they do have one of the best LTs in football as a building block for Wilson with Mekhi Becton last years first round pick.

    Here is a film cut of BYU quarterback Zach Wilson VS Boise State. Zach dominated this game.

    TRADE Miami trades 3 to Cincinnati for 5, 109, 2022 4th round pick.

  3. Cincinnati Bengals: Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon

    Tne Bengals and Dolphins are in a great spot to make a trade that makes sense for both teams. I don't think Sewell is a generational talent but his floor is a starting NFL Offensive lineman. He improves the offense more than anyone else for Cincy in the draft as he will man the blindside, Jonah Williams can kick inside to be a pro bowl level guard and you can get the most out of the run game. Cincy can also move up for a bargain possibly as Dolphins have so many great options for what they need at 5.

    TRADE ATL trades 4 to Car for 8, 104, 2022 2nd round pick, 2022 7th round pick.

  4. Carolina Panthers: Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State

    Falcons would be another team I think would love to move back a little and target either Kyle Pitts or Micah Parsons as their ideal scenario. A QB could also has been rumored which makes me believe this pick will be traded to the highest bidder on draft night. The team coming up is the mystery. The Panthers make the most sense but are in the same division as Atlanta and would have to pay a premium price and then some. The Bears have a long way up to go and Falcons probably don’t wanna leave the top 15. Does San Francisco really believe Fields or Lance is better than Garoppolo? I think in the end the Panthers win out.

    With Joe Brady on staff Panthers should feel confident to take a QB round 1. The Panthers need to get the QB of the future. Justin Fields is an elite athlete and has shown toughness, ability to make every throw, make home run plays with his arm and legs, and that he’s not afraid of a QB showdown with anybody. The Panthers get their guy and Joe Brady gets a HC job in a year or two.

    Here is a film cut of Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields VS Penn State. Justin Fields picked apart Penn State pretty easily. Micah Parsons didn't play in this game despite Penn State having some talented players on the defensive side of the ball.

  5. Miami Dolphins: Ja'Maar Chase, WR, LSU

    Chase is a blue chip WR prospect. He dominates in every part of the field and can beat just about any coverage thrown at him with athleticism and technique. I think it’s safe to say no one is sold on Tua as the absolute future of the franchise and that winning a few games and missing out on Joe Burrow because the media made fun of your team for tanking is an awful way to run a franchise. Every round 1 pick the dolphins took last year needs to develop still and it showed. Why not take a sure thing here in Jamarr Chase for Tua or whoever is the Dolphins QB in two years.

  6. Philadelphia Eagles: Devonta Smith, WR, Alabama

    The Eagles have made their draft mistakes by trying to be too cute instead of taking who every thinks they should take. Justin Jefferson to them was a no brainer last year but they chased speed instead with Jaelen Reagor. Reagor could be great still, but not without a legitimate number 1 across from him. Smith fills that whole and hopefully gives Eagles a Deandre Hopkins and Will Fuller type WR pairing to build around as they are another team drafting with question marks around the QB position.

  7. Detroit Lions: Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama

    Waddle is a special player. If he ends up as the best offensive weapon in this class outside of Trevor Lawrence it should surprise no one. He's an elite deep threat who has the YAC ability to turn any route into a touchdown. Detroit wants to build a tough identity of a hard nosed football team that will fight and bite you to the death, in the modern NFL that only works when you have a guy like Waddle to score TDs while your defense makes the other team earn every yard.

  8. Atlanta Falcons: Micah Parsons, LB, Penn State

    The Falcons offense is still in a great place. They can really use late round picks and bargain free agents to fill out that side of the ball and still be elite. They just need to get back to playing at least average defense. The Falcons are lacking at almost every level defensively. A lockdown corner or freaky athletic linebacker in the middle is the best way of helping every player on the defense better. The Falcons have some pieces on defense and if Parsons can come in and be what people think he is, the Falcons should be a playoff team next year.

  9. Denver Broncos: Patrick Surtain II, CB, Alabama

    John Elway takes the safest player on the board which is the best thing to do when you’ve been a disaster in the draft. If Peyton Manning didn't come in and recruit all star free agents with him then Elway would have almost zero success as a GM. Surtain is a lockdown corner that will help improve every level of the defense.

  10. Dallas Cowboys: Caleb Farley, CB, Virginia Tech

    The Cowboys are similar to Falcons where the offensive is ready for a Super Bowl, but they just need their defense to be average. Farley is an athletic monster. He has traits that if he gets with the right DB coach he should be a Hall Of Famer when his career is all said and done. He's a perfect fit for what the Cowboys want and need.

  11. New York Giants: Kwity Paye, EDGE, Michigan

    Paye is the best edge player in the class and I think there is a significant drop off after him. He's the only player I think most teams would be comfortable taking round 1 and for that reason he gets pushed up here to 11. Daniel Jones needs help but in this deep WR class Giants can find that later. They won't be able to find a sure starting defensive end outside of Paye.

  12. San Francisco 49ers: Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State

    The 49ers are in a weird spot. They're really just getting a full season of above average QB away and taking the playbook out of Kyle Shannahans hands during halftime of Super Bowls from possibly winning one. They could go a best player available approach but they already have one of the most talented rosters in the NFL. The 49ers take the dynamic QB from the Alabama of the FCS and hope he gets over the hump. I think Garrapolo gets every chance to start and win a Super Bowl next year no matter even if 49ers take a quarterback in round 1.

    Here is a film cut of North Dakota State quarterback Trey Lance VS Central Arkansas. Trey Lance struggled in this game, but delivered when it mattered.

  13. Los Angeles Chargers: Rashawn Slater, OT, Northwestern

    The Chargers sit back and luck out. The Chargers need offensive line help and would probably be comfortable taking a lesser offensive line prospect here but they get a guy some would consider the top one in the draft. The Chargers not only have in place what you need to be good in the NFL for a long time but what you need to win a Super Bowl with a franchise QB, bookend tackle, both on rookie contracts with a scary pass rush and multiple dynamic offensive weapons.

  14. Minnesota Vikings: Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida

    Pitts slide ends here. Kyle Pitts is a perfect fit for the Vikings offense. They run as much two tight end sets as anyone. Now when Pitts comes on the field they have a legitimate threat that will terrorize defensive cordinators who have already been game planning to stop Theilen, Jefferson, and Cook. Pitts also will put doubt in every defensive player's mind when he steps on the field where players are expecting runs. Pitts has been called the best tight end prospect ever. I have my reservations on him though as Florida really did just scheme to get him targets no matter what.

  15. New England Patriots: Kadarius Toney, WR, Florida

    The Patriots need offensive weapons. Bill Bellichick's team looked like they straight up quit on him at points in 2020 when the defense would play hard to just watch the offense do nothing. While they'll return more from the opt out list than anyone it doesn’t change the fact they need dynamic WRs, RBs, TEs, and a QB. Toney is a certified weapon who along with fellow prospects like Tutu Atwell and Rondale Moore are being looked at as teams desperately try to find their own Tyreek Hill. Toney has the speed to be an elite gadget and deep threat for a team that needs playmakers.

  16. Arizona Cardinals: Jaycee Horn, CB, South Carolina

    This draft class is perfect for the Cardinals. They can take their future number 1 CB here and still grab everything else they need in the middle and late rounds. Horn is a solid technician with nfl bloodlines and the athleticism to compete with any WR. Him and Patrick Pederson would form a great duo that will help get the most out of JJ Watt and Chandler Jones a already great pass rushing duo.

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