NFL Wild Card Recaps 2019 NFL Wild Card Game Recaps: Indianapolis Colts 11-6-0 21 VS Houston Texans 11-6-0 7 Final, Seattle Seahawks 10-7-0 22 VS Dallas Cowboys 11-6-0 24 Final, Los Angeles Chargers 13-4-0 23 VS Baltimore Ravens 10-7-0 17 Final, Philadelphia Eagles 10-7-0 16 VS Chicago Bears 12-5-0 15 Final

2019 NFL Wild Card Game Recaps

Indianapolis and Houston split during the regular season. Find out who would win the playoff game that mattered.

Chris Ransom Last Updated: January 5, 2019.

6. Indianapolis Colts 11-6-0
3. Houston Texans 11-6-0

Game Recap: HOUSTON-Andrew Luck was more fueled to lead the Indianapolis Colts to victory then Houston. Luck mentioned in the pregame show how he wanted to make a statement in his hometown on how the Indianapolis Colts are meant to play in January.

Indianapolis took up 4 minutes and 28 seconds on their first drive. Houston hijacked the Colts’ offensive line on second down after both Jadeveon Clowney and J.J. Watt anticipated a blitz on a running play. A third down conversion where Andrew Luck threw a third down conversion to T.Y. Hilton kept the Colts opening drive alive.

Jonathan Joseph dropped a potential interception that Andrew Luck recklessesly fired into coverage. Andrew Luck would redeem himself with a touchdown pass to Eric Ebron. Ebron would haul in the touchdown while picking apart rookie free safety Justin Reid in coverage. Indianapolis made the extra point and took a 7-0 lead in Houston.

Houston went three and out on their opening drive. Indianapolis made a defensive stop and decided to torture Houston Texans fans on their opening series in hopes of silencing the crowd. Andrew Luck‘s pregame speech about how he expects the Colts to be here in January really seems to be motivating the team to put a bounty on the crowd.

Indianapolis began this game 2/2 on third down conversions. Thanks to a neutral zone infraction by Whitney Mercilus where he lined up at 3-4 right outside linebacker instead of his usual position at 3-4 left outside linebacker, he blitzed early and was caught offsides. That set up third and one and allowed the Colts to capitalize on an easy first round.

Marlon Mack finished the second drive for the Indinapolis Colts after getting a third down conversion. Mack countered into the end zone for a rushing touchdown. Indianapolis doubled up on Houston and took a 14-0 lead.

Anthony Castonzo at left tackle and rookie left guard Quinton Nelson attacked the line of scrimmage. As a result, Indianapolis was able to execute. Center Ryan Kelly, right guard Mark Glowinski, and right tackle Braden Smith did well on the first two drives for Indianapolis.

Houston got the ball back. Without Will Fuller or Demaryius Thomas, Deshaun Watson would have his hands full. Luckily for Watson, 4-3 right outside linebacker Darius Leonard andfree safety Mlik Hooker are the only players on this Colts defense Watson had to worry about.

One of the wide receivers on the Texans dropped a pass on second down. Indianapolis made a defensive stop on third down, but that did not stop Houston from going for it on fourth and four. Kenny Moore decides to torture the Houston Texans with more defensive stops get it. Kenny Moore intercepted Deshaun Watson on fourth down.

Indianapolis brought a nickel defense and played cover 2 here. Kenny Moore lined up in the nickel playing zone coverage out of the cover 2 scheme only to anticipate the pass by Deshaun Watson.

The most pathetic aspect about the call by head coach Bill O Brien was to go for it on fourth down and it resulted in an interception. Poor coaching by Bill O Brien and even lousier execution by Deshaun Watson with a clean pocket by the Texans’ offensive line on that fourth down led to an interception by Kenny Moore allowing Indianapolis to add insult to injury in Houston.

Indianapolis led 14-0 after one quarter of play. Indianapolis had the football for 10 minutes and 16 seconds in the first quarter. Houston only had the football for 4 minutes and 44 seconds in the first quarter.

J.J. Watt volleys for a serve from Andrew Luck. Brandon Dunn intercepted Andrew Luck. Deshaun Watson went three and out once again in the second quarter. J.J. Watt had a worriesome look on his face as he was summoned to return to the gridiron in hopes of getting another defensive stop.

Jadeveon Clowney got a head injury. T.Y. Hilton got a third down conversion. Justin Reid got even with Eric Ebron for getting the first score on Houston. Unfortunately for Houston, Reid got injured on the play.

Andrew Luck threw a touchdown pass to Dontrelle Inman. Indianapolis led 21-0. Indianapolis began this game 5/5 on third down conversions.

Houston made a play on third down. Indianapolis calls a timeout on fourth down. Deshaun Watson threw into coverage on fourth down. Indianapolis made another defensive stop as Indianapolis maintained their 21-0 lead.

Indianapolis had a chance to expand their lead before Houston got the ball in the second half ahead by three touchdowns. However, the bigger storyline involved DeAndre Hopkins the star wide receiver on the Houston Texans heading into the locker room for examination.

J.J. Watt volleyed for serve once again. That was the second deflection by J.J. Watt in the first half. Indianapolis led 21-0 at halftime.

Both teams adjusted defensively in the second half. Neither team scored on their first two drives in the third quarter.

Even when Deshaun Watson moves the chains with his feet to avoid a sack and gain a first down, his offensive line still finds a way to screw the Texans over. A holding penalty by center Nick Martin negated what would have been a third down conversion for the Houston Texans. Thanks to that holding penalty, Watson got sacked on the following play by Kenny Moore.

Houston made another defensive stop. Indianapolis was forced to punt with 2:20 left in the third quarter.

Watson threw a pass to Desir who did an awesome job covering DeAndre Hopkins. Watson just shrugged the play off by grinning like a savage. At this point that is all Watson could do after going 0/6 on his last six third down conversion.

Houston opted to go for it on fourth and three after missing a seventh consecutive third down conversion. KeKe Coutee actually catches this pass after having a horrible NFL Playoff for most of the first three quarters. Neither team scored in the third quarter. Indianapolis led 21-0 after three quarters of play.

Deshaun Watson threw a first down to DeAndre Hopkins. Watson threw another completion to KeKe Coutee. Houston is 1-21 when trailing by 21 or more.

Houston finally got a third down conversion after eight attempts. It was KeKe Coutee who scored the touchdown. Watson threw a touchdown pass to Coutee. Indianapolis led 21-7.

Houston did an awesome job keeping T.Y. Hilton in check in the second half. Then Andrew Luck fired a critical third down pass to Hilton. T.Y. Hilton caught the pass for a first down. Hilton even had the audacity to wear a clown mask by stating that Houston is a second home field for the Colts. Jonathan Joseph attempted to interrogate Hilton, but his coverage had no chance against Hilton. Hilton used his savagery to prank the Texans’ cornerbacks like an extra in Killer Clowns From Outer Space before helping the Cots get a first down.

Indianapolis could not get another third down conversion. Houston made a defensive stop. Watson had an opportunity to make this a one score game if he could build on his success from the previous drive.

Deshaun Watson drove Houston downfield swiftly. It looked like Houston would score again, but a sack gave Indianapolis the drive and defensive confidence to seal the Texans fate. Darius Leonard broke up a pass on fourth down. Deshaun Watson threw into coverage on fourth and ten. Kenny Moore did an awesome job with the deflection lining up at field cornerback to make a fourth down stop.

Indianapolis won 21-7. Field cornerback Kenny Moore was my player of the game.

Kenny Moore held DeAndre Hopkins to 5 receptions for 37 receiving yards. Moore even had 1 interception and 2 deflections from pass breakups. Kenny Moore was the reason Hopkins did not lead Houston in receiving yards despite being targeted 10 times by Deshaun Watson. Hopkins only caught half of the passes that were targeted his way.

Another honorable mention goes to Indianapolis Colts running back Marlon Mack. Mack had 24 carries, 148 rushing yards, and 1 rushing touchodwn. Marlon Mack had a strong game performance wise.

5. Seattle Seahawks 10-7-0
4. Dallas Cowboys 11-6-0

Game Recap: DALLAS-Last time these teams met in the playoffs, we saw Matt Hasselbeck beat Tony Romo in Seattle on that botched snap. This time Seattle traveled to Dallas where Russell Wilson would clash with Dak Prescott.

Dallas got a field goal. Dallas led 3-0 after one quarter of play.

Seattle gets two field goals in the second quarter to give Seattle a 6-3 lead thanks to Sebastian Janikowski. Troy Aikman decides to be a dick to his former NFL team by mentioning how Seattle is 7-0 this season when leading at halftime.

Ezekiel Elliott ran a counter to the right. Elliott gained 41-rushing yards on the play. Right guard Zack Martin paved a huge lane for Elliott. Dak Prescott found Michael Gallup wide open. Gallup got by Shaquill Griffin. Dallas got the first touchdown of the game and led 10-6. Dallas led 10-6 at halfitme.

Russell Wilson got a rushing touchdown in the third quarter. Then Seattle got a two point conversion. Seattle led 14-10 after three quarters of play.

Ezekiel Elliott gained the lead for Dallas in the fourth quarter. Dallas led 17-14.

Dallas made a defensive stop. Dak Prescott encountered a third and eight situation. K.J. Wright lined up at 4-3 left outside linebacker instead of his usual 4-3 right outside linebacker role. The NFL officials penalized Wright due to the fact that he lined up in the SAM role, but Wright got penalized for pass interference on Seattle. That led to an automatic first down for the Dallas Cowboys.

Ezekiel Elliott kept pouring rushing yards on this Seattle Seahawks defense. It is also worth noting that Seattle has two timeouts instead of all three. Elliott really took over this game in the fourth quarter.

Dak Prescott scrambled on third down. Left tackle Tyron Smith and left guard Connor Williams helped Prescott scramble on first down. Dallas put Seattle away with that touchdown as they led by two scores and Seattle has no timeouts thanks to the rushing touchdown by Dak Prescott.

Seattle got a rushing touchdown. They even went for a two point conversion. Dallas led 24-22. Seattle overkicked the onside kick by whiffing it. Dallas recovered and won 24-22.

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott was my player of the game. Ezekiel Elliott had 26 carries, 137 rushing yards, 4 receptions, 32 receiving yards, 30 touches, 169 total yards, and 1 rushing touchdown. Elliott balled out today.

Quarterback Dak Prescott also deserves an honorable mention for the Dallas Cowboys. He became the first quarterback to have a rushing touchdown and passing touchdown in the same NFL Playoff game for the Dallas Cowboys.

5. Los Angeles Chargers 13-4-0
4. Baltimore Ravens 10-7-0

Game Recap: BALTIMORE-Los Angeles lost to Baltimore at home back in week 16. Now the Los Angeles Chargers were looking for revenge in this wild card game.

Both defenses dominated in the first quarter. The Los Angeles Chargers got two field goals and led 6-0 after one quarter of play.

Terrell Suggs made a defensive stop by pressuring Philip Rivers. Baltimore had another opportunity to gain the lead.

The Los Angeles Chargers made another defensive stop. Philip Rivers drove Los Angeles downfield. The Los Angeles Chargers made a 40-yard field goal. Los Angeles led 9-0.

Los Angeles made another defensive stop. Philip Rivers threw a third down conversion to tight end Antonio Gates. Baltimore gave up another penalty. The Los Angeles Chargers were not penalized once in the first half.

The Los Angeles Chargers waited until there were 15 seconds left in the first half to call their first timeout. Los Angeles called another running play and the Los Angeles Chargers ran it to the Baltimore 16-yard line. Los Angeles called a second timeout with 4 seconds left in the first half. Los Angeles kicked a field goal and led 12-0 at halftime without giving Balitmore any points and without giving up any points.

Baltimore got a field goal in the third quarter. Los Angeles led Baltimore 12-3 after three quarters of play.

The third quarter ended with a challenge review where it appeared that fullback Derek Watt caught a touchdown. Jim Nantz stated that the game would rewind to the third quarter even though the fourth quarter is underway. Tony Romo and Jim Nantz need to stop ruining this playoff game with their Back To The Future NFL bullshit. I am glad the officials kept the call as stands.

Philip Rivers began the fourth quarter with a fourth and goal situation. Melvin Gordon fumbled it on third and goal in the end zone. Baltimore recovered a fumble. It looked like Melvin Gordon scored a touchdown. These NFL officials screwed Derek Watt out of a touchdown, but enabled Melvin Gordon to score a rushing touchdown. I am literally asking myself if these NFl officials are in a top secret NFL Playoff Fantasy Football league.

The Melvin Gordon touchdown got overturned. Then Melvin Gordon was like screw you NFL officials I am getting a rushing touchdown on fourth and goal. These replacement refs who need to be replaced can kiss my ass. Melvin Gordon put Los Angeles ahead 18-3. Rivers threw a two point conversion to Mike Williams. Los Angeles led 20-3.

The Los Angeles Chargers made another defensive stop. Los Angeles maintained their 20-3 lead and after sacking Baltimore on third down, Baltimore was at -2 passing yards.

Lamar Jackson threw two passing touchdowns to Michael Crabtree. Los Angeles won 23-17.

Melvin Ingram was my player of the game. The 4-3 defensive end can play 4-3 right end or 4-3 left end. Ingram had 7 solo tackles, 2 sacks, 2 tackles for a loss, and 1 forced fumble. Ingram stepped up and helped the Chargers win.

6. Philadelphia Eagles 10-7-0
3. Chicago Bears 12-5-0

Game Recap: CHICAGO-Howie Long watched his kids play in Chicago. Chris Long played for the Philadelphia Eagles while Kyle Long played for the Chicago Bears.

Philadelpia kicked a field goal. Philadelphia led 3-0 after one quarter of play.

Cody Parkey kicked two field goals in the second quarter. Chicago led 6-3 at halftime.

Nick Foles threw a 10-yard touchdown pass to Dallas Goedert in the third quarter. Philadelphia led 10-6 after three quarters of play.

Cody Parkey kicked a field goal in the fourth quarter. Philadelphia still led 10-9. Chicago gained the lead when Mitchell Trubisky threw a touchdown to Allen Robinson on a 22-yard touchdown pass. Chicago led 15-10 after Chicago missed a two point conversion.

Nick Foles threw a touchdown pass to Golden Tate. Philadelphia took a 16-15 lead.

Mitchell Trubisky drove downfield to put Chicago in position to get a field goal. Cody Parkey attempted the field goal. It hit the post and then shanked downward. Philadelphia won 16-15 as a result.

Left tackle Jason Peters was my player of the game. Peters did a phenomenal job keeping Khalil Mack in check. Keeping Mack in check allowed the defending Super Bowl Champions to keep their title alive for one more week.

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